Me personally? I put a lot of points in Intelligence and Charisma.


"After that I hooked up with the Followers of the Apocalypse and that was when shit started getting really weird and annoying and...hey, you ok? Why are you crying?"

Hannah stared at the scarred woman before her for a few moments, then stood, and wrapped her arms around her.

Kneeling down to fully embrace Taylor she leaned her head down to whisper into her ear, "I'm so sorry no one was there for you."

Taylor froze stiffly, then relaxed, and then returned the hug while muttering out, "Yeah... me too."

Hannah let her grip loosen as she leaned back and grasped Taylor's shoulders with an honest grin, "But you survived."

The woman before her went rigid, then graced her with a curt nod, "Yeah. I'm a survivor. It's what I'm good at beautiful, getting the job done, and surviving to collect my pay. So many people are surprised that I come back with the bounty in hand and demanding what I'm owed.. Ain't that just a kick in the head?"

They sat in uncomfortable silence for a time when Taylor eventually spoke up, "So...umm...did anything happen to the bitches three for you know them attempting to murder me and all? Cause you know... I need to be made aware of whether or not I need to hunt them down and murder them and all if justice hasn't been served."

Hannah stepped back wide eyed while gasping out, "You can't do that!"

Taylor blinked at her in honest confusion as she nodded slowly, "Yes, I can. I'm the Warlord of the Mojave, Death's Herald, The Courier Six. If I want those cunts dead, they're dead, simple as that; if I can't do it, I'll find someone who will for the proper price, and if I throw in a pack of smokes they'll take pictures."

Hannah stared at Taylor for a time and then muttered, "What is wrong with you?"

The tanned woman stuck a cigarette in her mouth, flicked a zippo that had appeared in her hand in a snap of blue light, lit up, tossed the now vanishing lighter without a care, and met Hannah's gaze evenly as she puffed out a cloud of smoke.

"A lot."


When my walking teenage wet dream left the room I knew things were going to get stupid, so I finished my smoke, rubbed it out on the table, and crashed on the shitty bed waiting for everyone to go to sleep.

As always, the idiot authorities let their guard down as the lights went out, was it any wonder the villains in this city didn't take the PRT seriously despite the fact they were led by a competent hardass? Seriously none of these ground level idiots did their jobs; for instance they had left me with my hella modified Pipboy. Which honestly? Kinda earned them execution status in my opnion, because leaving 'The Warlord' with her favorite toy was just...asking for so much trouble.

Whatever, it is what it is.

Tapping a few keys and turning a couple dials I was soon wearing my favorite gear, Desert Ranger duster, desert camo BDU's, combat armor and boots, along with...Randall Clark's dog tags...

I took in a deep sigh as I reached down and rubbed the thin slips of steel between my fingers, then dropped them to my chest while briefly crossing myself, "Peace amidst War brother, may you find more of the former, than the latter. Amen."

Approaching the door I began hacking the intranet and couldn't help giggling to myself at how easy it was; even with the altered histories, they were only children.

Breaking through the lockdown without really acknowledging it I finally found a terminal that had access to information I wanted.

Finding what I needed I couldn't help grinning with wry amusement, and after a few moments all of the security cameras and doors leading to my goal deactivated.

Oh...Gosh Darn!

Throwing the doors aside I eventually meandered my way to my target, who was sound asleep, whimpering out swears into her blanket. Now wasn't that cute?

Smirking I slammed my fist against the two inch thick polycarbonate window causing the six by six cells only occupant to roll out of bed in a panic as she met my gaze in confusion.

My smirk then became a grin as I hit the two way speakers broadcast button, "Sup Sophia. You and I? We've got some shit to discuss."

I stared at the brat as she stumbled off of her cot, feet tangling in the sheer blanket wrapped around her before finally divesting herself of it. Standing tall she turned to face me, then paused as honest confusion crossed her face.

"Who the fuck are you?"

I wasn't offended, honestly I may be a hop and skip away from being completely insane but I was still rational, so I replied in kind.

"Someone you tortured and broke to the point she made physics her personal bitch, went to hell, conquered it, got bored, and came back to this shithole for something new to do."

Sophia stared at me a few moments then muttered, "What?"

I nodded, "Precisely."

Opening the door I entered the room, swept past Sophia, and sat down on her cot while crossing my arms and throwing my leg over my knee while staring at her in bland interest.

She looked unsettled after a few moments, which was the intention really, and eventually she leaned against the wall and stared at me in genuine confusion.

Understandable, really, as much as I may dislike the little bitch she had no context to operate on and even Cass hella deep in her cups would point out that I was just being a vindictive bitch at this point.

I sighed, thought briefly on how Veronica would view me at the moment, inwardly cringed, then spoke up, "I'm Taylor Hebert, the girl you tortured for a year and a half and shoved into a locker filled with toxic waste. I triggered, became a Tinker, and ended up making a teleportation device out of garbage that sent me two hundred years into the future where I have spent the past decade trying to survive. By the by? The future sucks, it's a radioactive wasteland filled with mutants, marauders, cannibals, and politicians..."

Sophia stared at me blankly for a time, clearly bluescreening as she tried to process that. I just shrugged as I carried on, "I got shot in the head and got better afterwards, conquered the Mojave, made it my personal bitch, and then got bored. Really really bored. So I came home... And I'll be honest here... I really, really want to hate you..."

Sophia finally spoke up, "I...wouldn't be surprised if you did...Hebert..."

I nodded, then shrugged, "That being said...I don't hate you, really I don't."

Sophia scoffed, "Bullshit."

I shrugged lightly, "For real, I don't. I don't like you, I don't respect you, but I get you. You don't survive the wastes without gaining some insight on desperation and survival instincts. Either you embrace the madness or you let it consume you, no ifs ands or buts about it. So, while the PRT and Protectorate are running around like mentally deficient geckos trying to figure me out and failing hilariously, I'm here to make you a more efficient, happier human being, Shadow Stalker. So no strings attached, no hate, no bias, what are you feeling right now?"

Sophia stared at me for a time, brow furrowing, then eventually she glanced away and muttered, "Confused...very confused..."

I just nodded and sat in silence, eventually she sighed, kicked off the wall, then sat beside me. I remained silent as she glared at the floor, eventually she spoke.

"I hate being a Ward. mom doesn't choose good men to hook up with...I don't even know who my father is... It's been an issue for me for years."

I nodded at that, "Yeah...I know my father but he hasn't been doing the job ever since mom died, so while I don't fully understand living it, I get it."

Sophia was quiet for a time, then continued, " of the guys she was dating tried to rape me when I was thirteen."

I glanced at her, she wasn't tearing up, she looked angry more than anything.

Good for her.

Sighing she continued on, "I Triggered, I got away, and decided I was going to make the assholes bleeding out this city pay to...I don't know...make my pain worth something? I targeted the Nazis at first because, well..."

"They're Nazis, who gives a fuck?"

"Precisely. I got too aggressive though, got the PRT's attention, they caught me, and gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. Either become a Ward, or go to jail, so I took the obvious I'm a Ward, or I was until the locker...fucking hell is that a mess, should have listened to Madison..."

She was silent for a time, then eventually muttered, "I'm sorry..."

I stared at her, then threw an arm around her shoulders pulling her close, and I was startled when she dropped her head on my shoulder when I muttered, "Yeah, we all do stupid shit as kids...I forgive you...just don't do it again, ok?"

There was more silence, after a time she finally muttered out, "Ok..."

That was when the PRT troopers rushed into the room and the containment foam began spraying both of us.

As I sat there, arm frozen around Sophia's shoulders, I couldn't help but think one thing.

How exactly was I going to make the personal responsible for this insult die, and how embarassing was it going to be?

I felt Sophia shaking as she was cursing and trying to shift through the parahuman proof foam bullshit, and then I smiled lightly, since that was all I could do being currently foamed and all.

I'd ask my new companion for advice on how to get revenge, raging bitches were good for that sort of thing, Cass was proof and testament to that, and if I can get her to settle down a bit I'm sure Veronica would take Sophia on as an apprentice. Sure shooting assholes was different then punching assholes, but I honestly think they'd bond over causing physical violence to those that deserve it.

What the hell was that sound? Oh, as green gunk sloughed off my head in a wave of acrid cold fluid I pulled the diluted containment foam sludge from my face and glared at the unamused looking Hero standing before me.

"Your beard looks ridiculous."

Armsmaster just glared at me, then I was hit with a stun gun from behind.