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[System online]

[Welcome to the Pride and Accomplishment system]

Pride and Accomplishment system?

He opened his eyes and saw that he was no longer watching his ex-wife take everything he had ever earned.

That bitch.

He looked around and was stunned to see a shiny version of the Eiffel Tower before him.

Suddenly he heard.

"Mommy, why is that homeless man staring at the tower?" Said a child.

"I'll tell you when your older," said the mother. "If you ever run into him, don't take anything he gives you"

He turned around and was offended, he knew they were talking about him.

He may not have glanced down but he could smell his own breath, feel how untrimmed the hairs on his chin was and smell how bad his clothes were.

He looked at the system and saw an avatar version of himself.

He had brown shaggy brown hair, a beard that clearly hadn't been washed, a dirty and baggy shirt, trousers, shoes and a hat.

He indeed was homeless.

But if this was indeed a system, where was the quests? Where was the daily spin? Where was the starting off balance?

Was he supposed to make his own adventure?

If that's the case, he wanted to have such accomplishments that nobody would be able to take it away from him.

Maybe be a King?


Even a King disappear if a country disappears.

Undisputed Ruler?

A Ruler of Earth?

He thought about it but then saw the dead bodies and fire in his mind eye because there was no way he could take over Earth peacefully.

What about...

Another planet?

The Ruler of another planet?

Nobody had that title and who can come for his stuff if it's on another planet?

But first, he needed a task to do, because he looked crazy just standing here.

Maybe go to the library and see if he can pick up skills?

He began to look around the place looking for a library, thankfully there was a map of Paris everywhere due to its huge tourism.

He found a small library and entered it, however, when he did he got looks immediately but this was a public place, they couldn't ban him from the library.

He went searching through the shelves, he wondered what he should try to read first.

What would generally be useful for him right now?

He needed to earn money the honest way.

He found something and read. "How to copy voices." And "Self defence for dummies"

The first book was short, the problem was the second one since he had to memories and put it into practice.

His stomach let him know he was still human.

He stood up and headed out.

He went in search for food but still had no money so he took free samples from shops instead, no matter how he was looked at.

When he had finished eating, he found that there was indeed two skills in his system now, both of them were level 0.

He began walking around the neighbourhood, listening in on people and trying his best to copy their voices at a safe distance where they couldn't hear and be freaked out about.

But this skill was no joke, his voice was hoarse in 30 minutes.


No money, he smelled and looked bad and now he had lost his voice.

He wandered around until he found a homeless shelter, thankfully there was room still left and he sat on the painfully tiny blue bed with a very thin cover to keep him warm.

He then proceeded to have the worst night sleep of his life.

Why was his system like this? Shouldn't he be in a castle or mansion by now, living it up?

Instead, he was in a homeless shelter with nothing but the clothes on his back.

When he woke up, his back let him know how dissatisfied it was with his decision and he woke up to see people we're awake, he checked his voice and saw that it was now okay.

Suddenly he yelled.

"Step right up! Step right up!" he said, getting people attention. "For only 10 cents. I will copy your voice or any voice you want as long as you have a recording of it. Don't believe me? The first person gets to try me out for free!"

There was silence.

And then people came, it wasn't exactly Paris comfortable living people but it was something.

He needed money to brush his teeth.

The first person told him to imitate his voice, he heard it and then he played it back to them but said completely different words leaving everybody shocked to the core.

"Anyone, else?" He said. "For a limited time offer now only 10 cents!"

People came forward and began paying to hear their own voice or a celebrity voice, some even made special requests about what he should say, for an extra 5 cents of course.

When he lost his voice again, he closed shop and counted enough to get toothpaste, a brush and some stationary.

He then went to the shop, the staff were watching him as he grabbed the stuff he wanted and then headed to the counter and paid for it.

He then found a drain and began to brush and spit and curse his system as he did so.

He washed his mouth and toothbrush with the bottled water he purchased, then he put the empty bottled water in the bin and then proceeded to make a sign on a street corner.

It read 'Any celebrity voice, I'll do. As long as you got the recording, I'll say anything in that voice for a minute. Only 1 euro'

Hallelujah, for tourism.

His first customer appeared within minutes and read the sign, they looked sceptical about the claim but it was only one euro.

They asked him to imitate a recording of Jaggered Stone, he got the man personality down from that recording and said in the man voice. "Thanks for the dollar, love. A dollar may seem like nothing to you but it put food in this guy's stomach"

The woman eyes were huge.

He smiled and said. "Anything else?" waving his hat around to gesture for her to put more in.

Thus his client base began.

He realised rather quickly that teenage girls seemed to be obsessed with this 'Adrien Agreste' guy because they all requested that he tell them, in that voice that he loves them.

It was kind of scary actually, how many requested for this guy.

When he lost his voice again, he took the euros he had, found the cheapest clothing store and brought himself bargain-bin clothes, shoes, underwater and bag before blowing the rest on a terrible Paris bed and breakfast and soap.

However the night was indeed better for him this time around, nothing like the terrible first night he was here but it still wasn't glamorous because the walls were thick and everybody could hear everyone so no privacy whats so ever unless you had headphones.

The breakfast was godly compared to the samples he took and then he hit the street again to do his job, he saw that his skill had levelled up to 14.

The young voices really pushed on his vocal cords and advanced his skill level.

He continued to do voices for money and then when he thought it was enough, he went to the library in a desperate search for a more perminate living situation.

He had no passport or documents, he couldn't even move into a shared apartment.

But he did, in fact, find something, 'Hypnosis' and 'A Stronger Mind'.

He sat down and read them, he then brought a male pet mouse and slept in the train station because his time was up at the hotel.

He used the night to try and control the mouse but it just looked at him like he was crazy until it fell asleep.

The mouse's reaction was pride hurting but he saw that the skill was indeed there and already levelled up.

He just had to keep trying.

And try he did, while doing the mental exercises and voice work, because he had to survive since his system was the worst.

Thank God, he didn't come here as a child.

However, when his hypnosis levelled up to 6, he found that his mouse suddenly did what he was hypnotised to do.

He continued to do so only to feel bad because he could tell, the little guy was dizzy afterwards.

So he spaced the tests out and did more research on the home mind, he discovered the mental signals marketing people used to get people to buy more stuff or be more generous than they normally would have.

Surely, he could have a person hypnotised without the person being aware of it.

And of course, he couldn't do this on a mouse, it was too small for that kind of thing.

However he did have a customer base who could help him with that, after all, he could say whatever he wanted as long it was in the voice he was paid to do for them.

So his secret test's began.

He would never forget the day when he slipped in the word "jump" and a grown woman jumped.

When she realised what she had done she looked embarrassed and just paid and left.

It was finally clicking.

He observed that the mentally weak we're very quick to fall under the influence while those mentally stronger took far longer to do so.


And then he was at the right moment at the right time, because he saw the superhero Caraspace and Rena Rogue de-transform in the very alleyway he was in.

Apparently, they were convinced that they were alone so they de-transformed and he saw the two heroes were just kids.

He hid in the shadows a Ladybug left and then the two of them left.

He followed them out of the alleyway and then he split before they could get suspicious.

However now he knew their faces and had realised that he had seen one of their faces before and went to the library just to confirm it.

He logged into the system as a guest and typed in 'Ladybug Blog'.

It took him to the main page and he instantly saw the girl who was Rena Rogue, and the glasses kid was her boyfriend.

"Well, isn't this interesting," he said. "I wonder who is the weaker of the two when faced with a subtle mental attack?"

He was going to find out.

Through the blog, he found out they both went to school and their full names, from there he found out who they were related to.

This was the exact scenario, every superhero feared.

The more he looked into their backgrounds, the more he realised it was a lot safer for him to go after Nino Lahiffe family then Alya own, the girl had a fricken female wrestler as an older sister, he didn't have the skills to go up against that.

Well, not yet anyway.

So he followed both preteens separately and then approached them both, he printed a photo and told the girl he was a huge fan of hers and wanted a signature.

She barely reacted to the signs he gave and signed the photo that had her and Ladybug on it.

He then approached the boy and asked for directions, he now purposely looked like a tourist, camera and all.

While they were talking, he subtle started it.


While the boy tried to help, he saw that the teen's eyes gradually became glazed over, when they were glazed enough and before the boy's behaviour could attract attention, he said. "Just write your home address, where your mom works and where your little brother goes to school on this piece of paper and I'll find it"

And as a testament to just how under the boy was, the boy wrote it all down on the pieces of paper.

He then said. "Thanks" he walked away while the boy came out of it believing he had just drawn a map instead of given out horrifying information.

With the information in hand, the next step for him was to quickly infiltrate the preschool just to get to a certain child, with hypnosis the children and the teachers believed he had been hired to show them a fun voice time.

They didn't notice anything weird.


Then he waited for Nino mother to come out of her guarded workplace and 'accidentally' bumped into her carrying books he had purchased for this task alone.

The woman helped him pick it up, while he sent started the mental attack.

The woman stood up after helping him get the books and he saw that her eyes were completely glazed over.


He said thanks and continued to walk.

He then gave all three of them a day, before making his way to the house at night, he was to his homeless bum self.

He rang the doorbell and waited, the door then opened and he saw Mrs Lahiffe at the door.

She was stunned, as she saw the bag and cage, he looked like he was moving in and said. "Wait, aren't you-"

"Activate," he said.

Her eyes glazed over completely.

He then passed her and closed the door slowly.

He found the kids and said the same thing to them.

He now had three glassy-eyed people.

He said. "Let's not rush this. I have the whole night to get to know each and every one of you on a very deep level. Congratulations, you three have been chosen to be my first civilians."

He then turned to Nino Lahiffe and said. "Now, then Nino. Tell me about your persona Caraspace from the very beginning."

And Nino said, under a trance. "Yes, Master."

The boy began to spill everything with no hint of hesitation, including the identities he knew about, the miraculous items he knew about and that he also suspected Cat Noir and Ladybug had Kwamis too.

It was a long night for him and he eventually took the guest bedroom at 2 in the morning.

All three of them were now completely loyal to him and was convinced the reason why he looked homeless was because he was gathering data on the lower class of humanity.

Now, what should he call himself since he didn't exist here?


Yes, Fabu.

However, depending on how you look at it, his timing may be awful or great.

The day he allowed himself to sleep on, was the day shit went down.

The day of the Miracle Queen.

With a mental change came surprises all around.