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4 months in space.

The most productive 4 months in history.

Once he rolled out those builder robots, he found that they were god sent to him.

After all, why go to a potentially dangerous place yourself when you can just send a robot to take the fall for you?

Buildings were built slower but it was more than one project at a time.

Bots were being built and cloaked as hot people.

The robots replicated the material ray and improved on it.

The robots even looked into the greatest civilisation and what made them raise and what ended them so they didn't make the same mistake.

They even looked into the movies we're the robots turned evil so they can see what not to do.

However, even though the bots did all the work, he did not just sit and relax, he took his protection shots and did so for his mouse.

His very human blood sample was always available so he used it to test out what could kill him in a very controlled environment and develop a vacation for it.

Yes, he had gotten used to always doing something so doing nothing had become unnatural to him.

And between each vaccination, he had the brain capacity to allow some time to pass between each one.

He was putting a lot of not yet documented elements, inside his body and several of them made him feel like he was on his death bed.

After a while, he noted that his blood did start to mutate and change colour along with his aged mouse.

When he began heading to Earth he received news that everybody on the station and living on Earth had been vaccinated to a much lesser degree.

But one of the vaccinations stopped diseases from a dead body from invading so who knows how their body mutated from within.

He arrived on Earth in the afternoon and was met with the mother of all surprises.

He had walked right into Paris's 'Alien Welcome Festival', apparently the world had noticed the ships going in and out of Paris.

This was Earths way of saying they were friendly.

He blinked owlishly seeing the green alien theme merchandise, people cosplaying as one, he heard the techno music in the background.

Then his disposal phone beeped and he looked and saw that he couldn't even enjoy the festival.

It was time to earn some money.

#Another part of the Festival#

"Nerds. Nerds. Nerds everywhere" said, Chloe Bourgeois.

"Well, this is an alien festival," said Sabrina Raincomprix.

"Well, it doesn't excuse no hottie's being here," said Chloe, before she said. "Why does my precious Adrien-kins have to be locked away in his mansion?"

And that's when they saw the greatest sight that had ever come to smoothen both their eyes.

Two older males appeared before them.

One had long black shiny hair done in a ponytail, but he made up for it in his face and exposed six-pack chest that he opened his redshirt up to expose, he also wore a pale cardigan wrapped around his waist and under it were dark green jeans, shoes and lighting skateboard.

Beside him, was a blond who was hotter and looked more sophisticated them Adrien.

Behind them was a legion of girls and women following them.

"So hot!" Said one of them.

"Are their foreigners?"

"They're two types of Gorgeous!"

"They have got to be supermodels"

"I'm so glad, I came!"

The squad behind them was quite something but they were so good looking that Chloe actually blushed.

They walked passed the two girls.

Meanwhile, in another part of the festival, two gorgeous women were smoothing the eyes of the males around them.

Alix Kubdel, reached out to grab an alien-themed magazine only to touch a dark-skinned male hand instead.

She turned around and her eyes met with the most beautiful pair of dark blue eyes on a guy her age face, she had ever seen.

He was wearing skates just like her!

"Sorry," he said with an accent, drawback.

"N-No, you take it," she said.

Please take it.

"Oh, alright then," he said, before he said, noticing her skates. "Oh, you skate. I thought I was the only who came on skates. Do you want to race to the nearby fountain?"

"Ur, sure," she said, wondering how she became soft so fast.

Then he bolted away and she skated after him and for the first time she didn't mind staying in second place.

"Where did all these attractive people suddenly come from?" Said Alya Cesaire loudly, as she and the whole crowd noticed the shocking sudden stream of super attractive people coming in.

Nino, her boyfriend was silent as he streamed the festival for his bro Adrien.

Was the whole station here?

Well, this was a welcome Alien festival.

The whole festival was currently trending worldwide because of these sudden new arrivals with many people kicking themselves on why they didn't get a ticket when they had the chance.

Adrian was silent as he saw them stream in, it was probably the first time the guy had seen guys around his age who were more attractive then he was, in his 14 years of life.

And they didn't know it but because of the publicity, people from the surrounding city's and towns we're entering Paris too.

This was no longer a Festival but the IT festival.

The number one Festival this year.

The Mayor of Paris didn't know where these attractive people were coming from, but he saw how the products flew off the shelf and welcomed them with a smile.

And somewhere in the mix, Luka Couffaine was jamming with a red and white shirt, and jeans guy with an acoustic guitar who knew more then he did about music which was a welcoming first.

And the guy's looks had gathered a small crowd around them.

Indeed, everybody was encountering unbelievable people.

You would have never guessed that originally, these people were ignored by the world and the homeless.

The afternoon progressed beautifully into the night, with many pictures taken with them appearing to smoothen the internet eyes.

The fireworks went off.

Adrien Agreste managed to bribe his bodyguard into letting him go to the festival even if it was only for half an hour.

When he arrived, a band from the space station took over the music and they were incredible and good looking and a food booth opened up, serving Pizza, good looks and playful personalities.

Popular was even a word to describe the length of the line.

"Dude!" Said Nino seeing Adrien.

They fist-bumped.

"There was no way, I would miss this," said Adrien. "This sounds and looks incredible."

Even celebrities in the city that said they would wait for this one out, were coming out to join the festival.

If you're not here, you're missing out.

Everybody had a wonderful time, even Adrien before he was forced to leave.

The hype train did die when those people revealed that even they still needed sleep and checked into every hotel they could, regardless of price.

For the first, even the top hotel in Paris was booked solid and the manager was extremely nice to the new arrivals.

The festival was a two-day thing so the next day, these good looking people we're still here and took the time to interact with the population.

Marriage proposals, requests to date and modelling invites came flooding in.

That and a ton of stalking.

Each one of them had a small group stalking them at all times.

Some of them actually did the modelling jobs and got paid upfront.

They also showed the world that crop tops look fantastic on the right body and age.

However, despite the creepiness of having a small crowd follow you, all of them were shown to be confident and easy to talk to.

They entered party mode at night and teleported away when they heard people trying to break into their room in the middle of the night.

However, those who stayed in hotels with high enough security left in expensive vehicles, while people clung to their feet begging them not to go and then vanishing when it was safe enough to do so.

The people who made the festival so renowned vanished without a trace but their first names and an email address were left behind.

If they left more, their new stalkers were convinced that they could find where they live and show up like only creepy and obsessed people could.

However, with the email address, the population got new friends that they could contact and hopefully video chat with.

Fabu laughed when he heard how taken these people were to what used to be the very bottom of Earths Society.

He was happy, that being in space had helped them clear up their lives.

He checked up on the new planet and realised that it was still going to take him time for the planet to be fully livable, so he walked out of Paris and began his work as a handyman to the surrounding areas.

When he did get the notification that society was fully operational, he had been in this reality for almost 2 years.

His mouse was miraculously still alive, much to his surprise since he had read that they only survive a year.

But maybe this was unforeseen side-effect of the mutation the mouse went through?9

By this time, the Lahiffe eldest son had graduated and was a freshman in High school.

Fabu thought that since the planet was done that the family could see this too and contacted the space station about this, in a different voice.

24 hours later, he was stunned to be informed that the Lahiffe family wanted to move 'back to their home planet'.


What, happened?

Didn't they love Earth?


Despite having their house bills being paid, things hadn't been good for the Lahiffe family while coming into the new school year.

For the mom, she had a new supervisor who was younger than her, got paid more and was constantly blaming her for her mistakes.

Any day now, she could sense that a firing was heading her way.

The little boy Chris, entered into an age group were children stop playing with just any child they meet and begin to pick up on the popularity system.

He was at the bottom, so yeah...

As for Nino, he was dropped by everybody he knew when he entered high school.

He went to a regular high school, while everybody else got into their dream schools and filled their schedules with nothing but their apprenticeships and hanging out with their new cliches.

Alya had ghosted him.

He truly realised how he no longer fit into her world when they broke up and she didn't even notice because she still sent him that cookie-cutter good morning every morning.

He was alone because it turns out there weren't many teens in the school who are fine with looking average in high school level Paris, so they were constantly buying expensive stuff, judging people and name dropping.

Him being fine with his t-shirt and jeans was apparently social suicide.

Plus, he still had to keep his looks hidden so they had no idea that he was actually handsome.

Which meant he knew fully well, that if he went raw with his looks, his treatment would do a complete one-eighty which made it worse.

Truly, there was nothing here for them anymore.

And they lived in a city plagued with Akumatisations.

With Hawk Moth growing madness, somebody will eventually die because somehow Paris still hasn't found this man.

So, it was one early morning when the mansion and them, were transported off the Earth and into their new environment.

An environment that did not have the misfortune of having trashy people live in the same environment as decent people.

And it wasn't just them who journeyed to this planet.

The whole space station travelled there and landed after being in space for months, for some much-needed vacation time.

Fabu looked out of the window at his Utopia, with his mutated mouse on his shoulder.

He felt so proud of what he accomplished.

It received Earth transmissions like channels and stuff, but stuff like comments and the option to contact will never be seen and work again.

Never again, will they be burden by humanity.

Never again, will he see a bill.

All his civilians we're nowhere and out of any danger.

There was no reason to go to Earth anymore.

He did not think there was anything in the universe that can force him to truly think about Earth again.

Now, to pamper himself and finally shave this beard.

As Ruler of the Planet Chromostone, it would reflect poorly if he continued to look homeless.