Excavation: London

By Aria Breuer

Disclaimers: All material from The Lord of the Rings trilogy belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien. All material from "Alvin and the Chipmunks" belongs to Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. Any and all material from 101 Dalmatians belongs to Dodie Smith; any material from the 1996 live-action film, with the same title, belongs to Stephen Herek. Any original material (characters, places, and items) belong to the author of this fan fiction one-shot chapter story.

Full-Length Summary: Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, after running away from Dave Seville's house, fall into a sewer vent, bringing them inside a forest filled with enchanted books. Not knowing what will happen next, the chipmunk trio arrives in London, England, where they meet Cruella DeVil at her manor. As the three chipmunks become acquainted with Cruella, Simon and Theodore's instincts suspect Cruella is up to something suspicious. Will the two brothers convince Alvin that Cruella is crueler than she seems? Will the trio escape the DeVil Manor with their lives? And what will these three chipmunks discover from The Lord of the Rings trilogy?

This prequel one-shot chapter story tells the back story behind Alvin, Simon, and Theodore's brawl with Cruella DeVil, from the story titled Case of the Missing Chipmunks. This story also explains how Cruella first met the chipmunks. With that, this prequel story crosses the 2007 live-action film "Alvin and the Chipmunks" with the 1996 live-action film "101 Dalmatians", and then triple crosses with The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Runaways, One-Shot

The evening air in Los Angeles, California was crisp and warm. Despite their human parental figure, or so they called Dave Seville, losing his date for the night, the chipmunks Alvin, Simon, and Theodore knew they wanted to make it up to him. Although this would not be easy, the chipmunk brothers knew they needed to do something right. Besides, the chipmunk trio was having a better time with Dave than living in the forest, searching for nuts and singing about their typical bad day.

Of course, after leaving Dave's house, their next task would be to find Ian Hawk, Dave's friend from college, as well as the executive and music producer at JETT records. Even though Alvin, Simon, and Theodore may have spent the past two days with Dave and still not received any clothes, they felt determination on their side. Their fur was brown with stripes of black and white, while their tails were bushy and soft. Since Theodore was the youngest, he was chubby but he never gave up being innocent, no matter what decisions his older brothers made that got them all in trouble. Alvin seemed to be the big brother on everything, but there were times when Simon protected Theodore from Alvin's schemes.

Once they reached the next street, Alvin slid to a halt, leaving his two younger brothers to do the same. At once, Alvin admitted, "Okay, so where do we go from here?" Turning at once to his middle brother, Alvin asked in confusion, "Simon, do you have any ideas?"

Thinking, Simon muttered aloud, "Well, a better idea would be to find a phone book or call a cab, and then ask the cab driver where Ian Hawke's house is located!"

Rubbing his ear, Alvin told him, "Jeez, you don't need to shout."

"I suggest we follow this road until…"

Alvin interrupted, "Wait, when did you become the leader?"

Simon stated, logically, "Alvin, my brains and your schemes would make me…"

Interrupting, Alvin told him, "Simon, your big brains are not going to help us find Ian! We need to return home before Dave catches us!"

"And I thought you didn't trust Dave, Alvin," said Simon, growing suspicious.

While Alvin and Simon argued for over five minutes, Theodore wandered off. As he fled underneath a parked red sports car, Theodore looked around, as he heard a large dog bark loudly at the moon. Unsure what to do, Theodore smelt dust and right away he sneezed three times. Realizing he had his brothers' attentions, Theodore faced a large sewer vent, carved into the stone below the sidewalk.

Just as his brothers fled under the red sports car, Theodore announced, "Hey guys, I found a…" His voice dropped as he screamed and fell through the opening in the sewer vent.

Worriedly, Alvin and Simon cried in unison, "Theodore!" as they saw their youngest brother disappear into the darkness of the tunnel, which exited into the large sewer pipes. However, they did not hear any water splash from where they stood.

Nervously, Alvin turned to Simon and cried, "Simon, we have to save Theodore!" Shouting into the dark entrance, Alvin called in haste, "Don't worry, Theo! I'll save you!" He paused briefly, before jumping into the tunnel. "Here I come…" His voice dropped as he screamed, disappearing into the depths of the tunnel, which exited into the sewers.

Reluctantly looking this way and that, Simon pretended Dave was standing before him as he spoke, "What was I supposed to do? Theodore disappeared down a tunnel and Alvin jumped in to save him." He added, quizzically, "All I can say is we're sorry, Dave, for ruining your career and making you lose both your jobs this afternoon…" Frustrated, Simon turned to the opening in the sewer's vent. In regret, he told himself, "Oh well." Aloud, he shouted, "I'm coming Alvin, Theodore! Don't worry about me…" His voice carried on as he screamed, seconds into vanishing through a very bright, pale light with a golden-brown hue.