Case of the Missing Chipmunks

By Aria Breuer

Disclaimers: All material from The Lord of the Rings trilogy belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien. All material from Alvin and the Chipmunks belongs to Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. "The Chipettes" belong to Janice Karman. Any and all material from 101 Dalmatians belongs to Dodie Smith; any material from the 1996 film, with the same title, belongs to Stephen Herek. Any material not related to The Lord of the Rings, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and 101 Dalmatians (other books, movies, television shows, and games) belongs to those authors, directors, producers, and screenwriters. Any original material (characters, places, and items) belong to the author of this fan fiction story.

Summary: After Bilbo Baggins' disappearance from his own party, Frodo Baggins couldn't imagine his life being sabotaged by three talking chipmunks and a black-and-white haired, cruel woman after these chipmunks for their fur. Now on a mission to free his new found animal friends from the clutches of Cruella DeVil, Frodo will have to travel to our world to find the three chipmunks and their fatherly owner before it is too late. A triple crossover is about to take place, and not every character is ready for the mayhem.

This is an Alternate Reality story set before the Quest/War of the Ring in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, during the Alvin and the Chipmunks 2007 live-action film, and a year before the 1996 live-action film 101 Dalmatians. This is another one of my attempts at a triple crossover story (first time to be posted). Also, this story is a story-within-a-story to my item-insertion parody titled Reader's Retribution. It was early in the first few chapters that I realized there was a connection with this story and the item-insertion parody, which is ironic since I have done stories in the past, which won't be posted, where stories connect with other stories.

Both animal stories have nagged me every once in a while to be told. We'll see how this one works out.

Chapter One:

Rodent Troubles

Frodo Baggins looked around in the marketplace at Bywater. The fall harvest had come to the Shire for another year, which meant the market was crowded by hobbits. While in the market, Frodo overheard Lotho Sackville-Baggins talking about him amongst a few young hobbit children, including the rascal Sancho Proudfoot. Although he wanted to simply walk away and leave the matter alone, Frodo had heard enough.

Frodo appeared taller and fairer than most hobbits, with curly brown hair, bright eyes, and cleft in the chin. Five years had passed since his uncle, Bilbo Baggins, vanished from his own birthday party. Frodo had kept quiet about Bilbo's "magic" ring from everyone in the Shire, including his gardener Samwise Gamgee and cousins, Merry Brandybuck and Peregrin Took, who was more used to being called Pippin.

A moment after Frodo shooed Sancho Proudfoot away, he turned to Lotho and told him, "You had better show me some respect, Lotho Sackville-Baggins. Next time, don't mouth off to Sancho Proudfoot. Unless you have something to say, you had better tell me now."

Lotho, now taken aback, told Frodo in a wicked tone "Is that right? Then maybe you can explain to all the hobbit folk here at Bywater why you have invited wizards and dwarves to your beloved hobbit-hole? I've noticed you're acting more like your uncle Bilbo these days. I'm surprised Mother hasn't taken Bag End from right under your feet."

Frodo glared at Lotho. He heard enough of this, but didn't dare fight Lotho with a sly remark about him and his mother Lobelia. As Frodo walked away from the market, carrying his basket full of some of the freshest crops from the harvest, Lotho called out to him, "Yes, Mr. Baggins, just walk away like you know what's good for you! You won't last two more days up at Bag End! I'll guarantee that when Mother and I come up tomorrow to see how things are suiting you, without that wizard hanging on your every word!" While Lotho laughed loudly in delight, Frodo ignored him and made his way down the road back to the Bridge to Bywater.

Upon crossing the bridge and entering the village called Hobbiton, Frodo heard a rustling sound from a nearby tree. Ignoring the noise, Frodo made his way up the Hill towards Bagshot Row and Bag End. He had just reached the gate when he heard a small patter of feet coming from inside his basket. Frodo stared down at the basket but found nothing inside, not even rodents. Momentarily suspicious, Frodo climbed up the stone steps towards the front green door.

After closing the front door and making his way through the parlor, Frodo entered the dining room, where he set the basket down on along, wooden table. As he entered the kitchen to make some tea, Frodo peered out into the dining room and found the basket spinning around a few times on the table, before it landed in the same position it was a few moments ago. He returned to the dining room and searched through the basket twice to see if anything had come inside the house, when he wasn't paying attention. Noticing there wasn't anyone around except for him, Frodo shrugged and re-entered the kitchen.

As he poured some tea into a clean kettle, Frodo heard the pantry doors above the counter close behind him. Despite his confusion, Frodo grabbed a ladle out from the nearest drawer and checked the pantries to see if any pests had entered the hobbit-hole. When he reached the last pantry, Frodo found one chipmunk in a green sweater and a second wearing a red sweater, with a yellow letter "A" sewed on the front. The chipmunk with the letter "A" sewed onto his sweater put up a good fight with the hobbit. Moments passed before Frodo grabbed the chipmunk, but was thrown off-guard when the feisty chipmunk bit his thumb. As Frodo released the chipmunk in the red sweater, he glanced up with a stunned expression as a third chipmunk, wearing a blue sweater, knocked him unconscious with a large, ceramic, green-striped bowl.

Hours passed before Frodo came to and heard little, squeaky, high-pitched voices talking amongst themselves. Just as the chipmunk wearing the blue sweater stopped the chipmunk wearing the red sweater, Frodo opened his eyes and saw the same three chipmunks staring at him with wide, curious eyes.

"Please tell me this is a dream. Chipmunks wearing clothes…" He chuckled humorously at this thought, "…that isn't possible."

"Sir, are you okay?" asked the third, pudgy chipmunk in a childish, polite voice.

After forcing the three chipmunks to move off him, Frodo sat up and slid backwards towards the closed cabinets. Frightened, he told the three chipmunks, "Chipmunks can't talk! No!"

The chipmunk with the blue sweater and black-framed glasses spoke logically, "Well, our lips are moving and words are coming out. Sir, if you won't need any bandages or…"

The second chipmunk with the letter "A" red sweater whispered to the second chipmunk coyly, "I think he's taking this well, Simon."

Frodo stood up. Still afraid of the chipmunks, he declared, "If you three don't mean any harm, then I would like you all to leave."

"Hey Mac, this is our territory too, since we don't have a home anymore," said the chipmunk, with the yellow letter "A" on the front of his sweater, defensively.

As the three chipmunks leaped from a nearby chair to the nearby counter, the chipmunk wearing the blue sweater said politely to Frodo, "I think we've been getting off on the wrong foot. Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Simon, the smart one." In a few seconds, the chipmunk wearing the red sweater zipped across the counter in front of Simon, forcing Simon to introduce him right away, "This is Alvin…"

"The awesomest one," said the chipmunk with the red sweater coolly.

"And I'm Theodore," said the chipmunk in a squeaky, child-like voice and wearing the green sweater. "Who might you be, sir?"

"Oh, no one you three would want to know. Now get out of my home!" shouted Frodo, pointing towards the front green door.

In confusion, Theodore admitted politely and hesitantly, "But… we talk."

"That's the main reason why I want you out of my smial. I don't like surprises, especially this one where three chipmunks can talk," said Frodo in a petrified, tense voice.

Quietly, Alvin whispered to his chipmunk brothers, "I liked him better when he was unconscious. He wouldn't act like Dave if he…"

Frodo placed a round, ceramic bowl on top of the three chipmunks, as well as a large cutting board underneath their feet and the bowl. He then walked towards the front green door, opened it, and threw the talking chipmunks outside. Hastily, Frodo closed the front door before Alvin, Simon, and Theodore could re-enter his hobbit-hole. Just as the three chipmunks climbed up onto the kitchen's window ledge, Frodo slammed the wooden shades and locked them tight.

Frodo had almost finished cleaning up after the mess made in the kitchen, from his incident with the three talking chipmunks. Before he could put the broom away in one of the pantries, Frodo heard the three chipmunks singing in almost perfect harmony. Upon opening the kitchen window shades, Frodo found the three chipmunks singing a sad song, which only meant they wanted to be let back inside the smial. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore abruptly stopped singing, thinking they had bothered Frodo, but Frodo asked them encouragingly if they could indeed sing. At once, the three chipmunks broke into another song, in a modern-day tune that was unfamiliar to Frodo. The hobbit listened intently, before telling the chipmunks to quietly come inside.

Once the three chipmunks were sitting on the dining room table, Frodo found an empty chair to sit on, before telling them the rules. "All right, here's the plan: as long as you three promise not to show yourselves in public, I'll let you sleep in my home."

Alvin thought sharply about this, and then answered fast, "No – wait! Is breakfast included?"

Frodo stared suspiciously at Alvin, before he replied, "Maybe. As long as you three behave, I might consider preparing that for you."

"You still haven't told us your name, sir," said Theodore, in a truthful voice.

"I'm Frodo Baggins and…"

"Frodo," interrupted Alvin, before giving his brothers quizzical looks. "What's a Frodo?"

"Me," snapped Frodo in a serious tone. "And I don't want you three making wise jokes about my name."

"It's a done deal, Frodo, as is our agreement," said Simon.

"Fine, but don't let any of your other animal friends come snooping around in here. I don't want to clean up after any of you rodents," admitted Frodo in a demanding voice, while the three chipmunks gave each other high fives.

Alvin noticed something out-of-place in the parlor. "Say, where's the television, Frodo?"

"Yeah!" said Theodore, in a demanding tone.

"Don't you know what a television is?" asked Simon to the hobbits, as he and his brothers moved closer towards Frodo.

"No, I don't. What is a television?" asked Frodo, confused at the same time.

"Don't you have a mate?" asked Alvin cheekily, completely ignoring Frodo's question.

"No," said Frodo, more confused than he had been a moment ago.

"Children?" asked Simon, adding on to Alvin's first question.

"No," said Frodo, thinking the question was too easy.

"A dog?" asked Theodore, causing his two brothers to glare at him.

"And no," admitted Frodo, much to his relief.

"Jeez Frodo, what is wrong with you?" asked Alvin sternly.

At once, Frodo pointed to Alvin and his two brothers, in a stern voice, "Right now, it's you three I'm more worried about messing up my home again."

"At least we no longer have to worry about that woman with the black-and-white hair," announced Theodore in relief.

Frodo turned to Theodore with a confused look on his face, "What are you talking about, Theodore?"

"What he means to say is there is this woman called Cruella DeVil, but I'm positive Cruella means more trouble than her wealth," explained Simon.

"Yeah, Cruella almost nailed us on our way out of her building. What was its name again?" asked Theodore to his brothers, thinking hard.

"Don't think too hard, Theodore," said Simon, telling his youngest brother in a calm tone.

Alvin waited, before blurting loudly and dramatically to Frodo, "It was the House of De Vil and Cruella was planning on turning us chipmunks into hats. We ran from her, but then we came across this book titled The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. All we know is that someone dropped it off in the garbage dump. So Simon, Theodore, and I ran towards the book and we entered your little countryside called the Shire. I believe we stopped at the second page of Chapter 2 when..."

Frodo interrupted him, while moving into a standing position, "Wait a second, you three chipmunks fell into a book? That isn't possible, lads."

"Tell that to whoever wrote the book and made it enchanted," said Simon in a stern voice.

"So, you three have no leads on this woman?" asked Frodo, now concerned.

"We left in a hurry, Frodo. There was no telling what that DeVil woman would have done to us," admitted Simon worriedly.

In excitement, Theodore admitted happily to the hobbit, "We did read about this world is called Middle-earth, unlike our home back on Earth. Of course, this place is supposed to be full of excitement and has lots of adventures in store!"

"I wish, but I'm not prepared to go on adventures right now. I should be more concerned about bringing you three back to your home, your world called..."

"Earth!" said the three chipmunks in unison.

Frodo hesitantly replied, "Right," before telling Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, "Find somewhere to sleep out here. I'm sorry the accommodations aren't suitable to your... tastes, but don't disturb me when I'm trying to sleep."

"Ooh, I was wondering if I could sleep with you tonight, in case I have nightmares," said Theodore in a childish voice.

He shook his head. "That's not my problem, Theodore. Good night, you three," he then muttered in a groaning voice, "and good luck with my part."

Frodo walked through the main hallway in silence, before turning into his bedroom and closing the door after him. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore stopped in front of the bedroom door for a few moments. Once they realized Frodo wouldn't let them inside the room, the three chipmunks scuttled off in search of a bed, inside one of the guest rooms. They found the nearest guest room next to Frodo's bedroom and slept soundly on a bed. All the while, Frodo overheard the three chipmunks hum their famous Christmas song, while they dreamt about Dave Seville, their owner and humanly parental figure.