The Passing Years

For the next six months, Jasper and Horace Badun were in the hospital, recovering from the cruelty and abuse that the animals – both from the London Zoo and the forest nearby the DeVil Mansion – had done to them. Eventually, Jasper overheard one of the nurses say that Mr. Skinner had made an excellent recovery; however, the man was scarred badly on the neck, after the incident with the Airedale terrier. Jasper waited to tell Horace about Mr. Skinner's condition until a year later, when Cruella ordered the two brothers to collect the Siberian tiger's fur coat from Mr. Skinner.

The following year, Cruella DeVil became more interested in spots for her new fashion line. No longer taking an interest in stripes, Cruella ordered her three henchmen to steal 99 Dalmatian puppies, which they managed to do by that December. However, the Dalmatian puppies escaped with Roger and Anita Deary's adult Dalmatian dogs, Pongo and Perdita or Perdy for short. After finding Cruella at a barn, the British police arrested Cruella on charges for kidnapping Dalmatian puppies and attempting to skin them, in order to make a fur coat.

Inside the prison, Cruella overheard from a nearby television set Alvin and the Chipmunks' debut song, "Witch Doctor". Cruella announced at once, "I know those voices. I recognized those chipmunks! They escaped me." Now enraged, Cruella warned in a hush tone, "I will get back at those pesky rats, if it's the last thing I do…"

"Miss DeVil, that is enough," said one of the police guards, who advanced towards her table. He added in a stern tone, "Time's up anyway. Come with me."

"I haven't finished eating lunch, officer," said Cruella.

"Now, Miss DeVil," ordered the police guard.

Appalled, Cruella addressed him, "Well, you needn't be so rude." She stood up seconds later, in which she was escorted by the police guard back to her cell.

A moment after Dave unlocked the front door to his house, the chipmunk trio fled towards Ian Hawke's house, where they sang for Ian and launched theirs and Dave's careers. Despite listening to Ian and becoming convinced that Dave did not want them Alvin, Simon, and Theodore enjoyed the life of a rock star until they felt the need to return home to Dave, where they truly felt like they had a family. After a rivalry with Ian and his bodyguards on the night of one of their tours, the chipmunk trio escaped from the cat cage Ian put them inside and returned to Dave's car. To their great surprise, Dave used the word "family" on them that made Simon, Theodore, and eventually Alvin admit they loved him too. Although they were happy to be back with Dave, the three chipmunks wondered what had happened to their friend Frodo and the woman that had kidnapped them and the hobbit: Cruella DeVil.

A year passed before Dave and the three chipmunks received an unexpected phone call from Noelle, who had quickly become known as Ginger Snaps. Dave picked up the phone and answered it, only to gain enough information from Noelle about an alarming situation. After thirty minutes flew by, Dave hung up the phone and faced the chipmunk trio.

Simon asked in confusion, "Uh… Dave, was that Noelle?"

"Yes it was, Simon," answered Dave.

"What did she want?" asked Theodore, confused and alarmed by the news.

Alvin asked immediately, "Is it about Cruella?"

"Boys, Cruella is in prison. She stole 99 Dalmatian puppies. However, Noelle informed me that we're not supposed to tell anyone about our incident with Cruella."

The three chipmunks asked in unison, "Why not?"

Dave explained in a calm tone, "Well, Noelle and the British police want to keep our story a secret from the public. If word got out what happened a year ago, then we might not…"

"We know, Dave. Just as we have kept what we experienced with Frodo a secret, we'll also keep our incident with Cruella quiet," said Alvin in a confident tone.

"Why do we have a hard time believing you?" asked Simon, warningly.

Changing the subject, Dave told the three chipmunks, "Speaking of Frodo, I was wondering if you all want to keep these copies." He then placed the three volumes of The Lord of the Rings before the chipmunks' feet.

Confused, Alvin asked him, "Why?"

"Alvin, manners," snapped Simon to his eldest brother, giving him a warning look.

"Thank you, Dave," groaned Alvin.

"Yeah, thanks Dave," said Theodore in excitement.

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore then watched Dave as he retreated down the hallway, towards his bedroom. After their fatherly figure had left them alone with the three volumes, the chipmunk trio began pouring over the pages of the books with curious eyes.

Inside Caras Galadhon, Frodo spent much of his time around him companions. While he missed Gandalf to a great extent, Frodo nonetheless looked into the Mirror of Galadriel and saw a figure of Gandalf clothed in white, instead of grey. After a short time, another vision appeared before his very eyes of Alvin, Simon, and Theodore who appeared to be singing on stage, in front of a large audience. He was stunned to see the chipettes – Brittany, Eleanor, and Jeanette – in the vision as well, as if they were part of a family with the three chipmunks.

Then the vision changed to Cruella locked inside a bolted, white cell, laughing merrily, while holding onto a number of Dalmatian puppies. This confused him as he had thought that Cruella had always been a wicked person. He was surprised to find her kind and caring to animals, which he figured she detested about anything. Then the vision changed to that of the fiery, lidless Eye that appeared to be searching long and hard for the One Ring. Frodo managed to pull his eyes away from the Mirror of Galadriel, but as his vision returned to the starry night sky and Galadriel's glen in Caras Galadhon, Frodo soon realized the chipmunks were safe and Cruella was soon to be set free. However, he knew then his journey to Mordor had yet to continue with the Fellowship.

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