Screen Title: #GroovySmoothie

The episode starts off at Sam & Cat's apartment. Cat has a week off from school and they are binge watching Drake & Josh

Sam: I love this show.

Cat: Me too. Drake is so hot.

All of a sudden, Sam's phone starts ringing

Sam: Hello this is Samantha.

Freddie: Sam it's me.

Sam: Oh hey Freddie. What's up?

Freddie: Just chilling. What about you?

Sam: Watching Drake & Josh with Cat.

Freddie: Nice. Hey guess what?

Cat: Chicken butt.

Freddie: No Cat this ain't a joke.

Sam: What's up?

Freddie: I just got a job.

Sam: You have a job?

Freddie: Yes and it's not the Pear Store.

Sam: I figured that. Where did you get a job at?

Freddie: I got a job at the Groovy Smoothie.

Sam: That's so awesome.

Cat: Congratulations.

Freddie: Thanks guys.

Sam: Hey since Cat has a week off from school, how about we come pay you a visit?

Cat: Yay! Road trip.

Freddie: Yeah I'll like that.

Sam: Okay. See you soon baby.

Freddie: Bye cupcake.

Call Ends

Sam: Alright Cat you ready to head to the Groovy Smoothie?

Cat: Yes.

Sam: Alrighty. Let's roll.

Sam and Cat gets on Sam's motorcycle and heads out to Seattle

We now cut to the Groovy Smoothie in Seattle

T-Bo: So Freddie are you liking your first day on the job?

Freddie: Yes I am. I told Sam about it so she and her roommate are coming from Seattle to pay me a visit.

T-Bo: I haven't seen Sam since you guys ended the show back in 2012.

Freddie: Been awhile.

T-Bo: I heard you and her got back together. Is that right?

Freddie: Yes it is.

T-Bo: I always knew you would end up together.

Freddie: Really?

T-Bo: Yeah it was pretty obvious. And it looks like you got over your crush on Carly once you two got together.

Freddie: Well I knew she was never going to like me that way. We did date for a bit. But that was because I saved her from that taco truck.

Sam and Cat walk in

Sam: This is the place.

Cat: Cool.

Freddie: Sam. Good to see you.

Sam: You too baby.

Cat: Hola Freddie.

Freddie: Hola, Cat. Como estas?

Cat: I'm doing well.

T-Bo: Samantha you haven't changed much.

Sam: Neither have you. This is my roommate.

Cat: Hi I'm Cat Valentine.

T-Bo: Hi Cat. I'm T-Bo.

Sam: Congrats on the job Freddie.

Freddie: Thanks.

Freddie's mom walks in

Mrs. Benson: There's my working man.

Freddie: Mom.

Mrs. Benson: Sam? You're back?

Sam: Relax Marissa, we're just here to visit Freddie.

T-Bo: You on your way to work Mrs. B?

Mrs. Benson: Yes. Freddie get me a wild cherry smoothie.

Freddie: Okay, mom.

Cat: Where do you work at?

Mrs. Benson: I'm a nurse.

Sam: You're a nurse?

Mrs. Benson: Yes.

Sam: But you hate sick and sticky stuff.

Mrs. Benson: I wear protective gear.

Cat: So gloves, and a face mask?

Mrs. Benson: Who is this girl?

Sam: My roommate.

Mrs. Benson: So you're the girl Freddie told me about.

Sam: You told her about Cat?

Freddie: Yeah. When you called me about those negative reviews on your babysitter website.

Mrs. Benson: So you're Cat?

Cat: Yes. Cat Valentine.

T-Bo: I love your red hair.

Cat: Aw thanks Mr. Bo.

Freddie hands his mom her smoothie

Freddie: There you go, mom.

Mrs. Benson: Thanks Freddie. Don't forget to shower when you get home.

Freddie: I know what to do.

Missy barges in

Missy: Nobody move!

Sam: You?

Missy: Yeah I'm back blonde.

Freddie: Why are you here?

Missy: To rob you. Give me all the money! Now!

Mrs. Benson: Sam do something.

Missy: What's she going to do? She's just a dumb blonde girl.

Sam runs up to Missy and starts beating her up. She pulls out a knife and stabs her which kills her

Sam: That's for giving me poison chocolate and for trying to steal Carly from me.

Cat: Wow you killed her.

Sam: T-Bo.

T-Bo: What?

Sam: Take that body to the dumpster and don't say anything.

T-Bo: On it.

Freddie: I never thought I'd see you kill someone.

Sam: Really?

Mrs. Benson: You've known her for a long time.

Freddie: I was joking.

Cat: I'm confused?

Sam: That girl is named Missy. She used to be Carly's best friend before me.

Freddie: She moved away before Sam and Carly became best friends.

Sam: But then she returned and tried to get rid of me so she can be Carly's best friend again.

Freddie: Luckily I got rid of her by making it look like she won a School at Sea contest.

Mrs. Benson: So that's why you didn't win the School at Sea contest.

Sam: Don't you got to go to work?

Mrs. Benson: Crud you're right. Bye Freddie.

Mrs. Benson walks out as T-Bo walks back in

T-Bo: Body's gone.

Sam: Good.

Freddie: She got what she deserved.

Sam: You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do that.

Freddie: Here have a free smoothie. If that's okay T-Bo?

T-Bo: I'm fine with it.

Freddie hands Sam her free smoothie

Sam: Thanks.

Freddie: Here's one for you too, Cat.

Freddie hands Cat a smoothie

Cat: Aw thanks Freddie.

Freddie: De nada.

Sam: Well congrats on the job Freddie.

Cat: We're all proud of you.

Freddie: Thanks guys. That means a lot.

Cat: No problem.

Sam: Don't mention it Fredward.

Freddie: I missed you.

Sam: Missed you too.

Freddie and Sam kiss for 10 seconds

T-Bo and Cat: Aw.

Cat: That's so cute.

The End