~Gate Room, Destiny~

The people who came through the wormhole all began to take stock of a few odd things. First, Colonel Sheppard and his team were supposed to be on Atlantis. They had been on some routine supply mission with one of their trading partners. Colonel Mitchell and the motley crew of SG-1 had been headed to the Alpha Site to meet with some members of a resistance within the Lucian Alliance. As for General O'Neill and Colonel Carter, they were last in two different places: Colonel Carter was aboard the U.S.S. George Hammond, and General O'Neill had returned to earth through a nearby gate a few minutes (as the Hammond flies) away on some unpopulated planet. Yet, for some reason, all the people who had been in the SGC at some point in their past and were not assigned to Icarus base were stumped as to their sudden relocation. Neither flash of light, nor evidence of any kind of transporter beam was present to explain the extra eleven people.

Getting his bearings like a true military trained man, General O'Neill approached Lt. Scott, and told him to let him do the talking, as he was ranking officer.

"Hello there! My name is Jonathon O'Neill, Lt. General of the United States Air Force, though you can call me Jack if you'd like. Sorry to barge in here, from what I understand there was a slight issue with the planet we had a base on back in the good old Milky Way, and now we are here, if we could establish some kind of dialogue, perhaps a way to become friends, I think that would be swell!"

Albus and Harry had a muffled conversation with Hermione, while Dobby, invisible, began to plan out a large buffet for all the newcomers. After a few moments, Hermione was elected to respond to the General.

"General O'Neill and the rest of you, welcome to Destiny. My name is Hermione Granger, and next to me are Harry Potter, and Albus Dumbledore. Before we can consider friendship, I must ask that you have your officers relinquish any and all weapons for now. This is non negotiable. While it is just the three of us, we are not using any kind of technology to keep this barrier up."

Colonel Carter, as well as several of the other really smart people (even McKay) could not fathom just how the barrier was in place if there was no technology involved. Being the fine conversationalist that he is, Meredith Rodney McKay had to open his big mouth.

"No technology? What a crock! And why should we surrender our weapons? We outnumber you 30 to 1!"

Dr. Keller felt a need to speak up, "McKay, quit being an ass! We don't know the situation here and it may benefit us to listen to our new hosts. I don't see a DHD anywhere, and just because something doesn't fit in your world as having to be technology, sometimes, like with that Ancient with the space weapon, things aren't always quantifiable to you."

McKay was about to respond to his girlfriend, when something happened that made that rather difficult. Hermione had placed a few spells in the ward scheme that could take a small suggestion and act on it. In place of where he was standing, a donkey appeared. It was rather rotund, and had distinct markings along its coat that matched the outfit Rodney had been wearing.

"The Hell!?" Master Sergeant Ronald Greer exclaimed.

"Oh, that did work. I have to say, it was interesting to see that in a Defense textbook written by your godfather Harry." Hermione mused.

General O'Neill looked over at the donkey which bore a strong resemblance to Dr. McKay, then over to Hermione, and had to ask a question, "Ms. Granger, just what happened to McKay? I know he can be annoying a lot of the time, and he has a complex, but where did he go?"

"He is currently that donkey General. I guess we'll have to explain a bit. Harry, Professor Dumbledore, and I are magical. We can cast spells and brew potions. The barrier is a collection of spells and protective wards that Harry and I placed around the astria porta several months after we arrived here. Professor Dumbledore added a few things when he got here just before the portal opened."

"Magic? There is no such thing as magic." Colonel Carter argued.

"Would you like to test that statement Colonel Carter?" Harry asked. He knew various ranks from a Muggle fiction novel he had read, and could read her name tag.

"Test how? I've seen numerous aliens with the ability to mess with people's minds. For all I know, McKay is just in some kind of holographic system."

"Are you a scientist then, Colonel Carter?" Dumbledore asked.

"Yes, I study several fields, including astrophysics."

"Are you familiar with Schrödinger's Cat?"

"Yes, that is a theory that something can't be viewed without a possibility of changing the outcome. Why do you ask?"

"I'd like to offer a demonstration to you. You say magic is not real, yet, my two students and I are able to perform magic in many ways. So, are you a dog person or a cat person?" Dumbledore spoke in his normal caring voice.

"Um, cats are more my favorite."

"Big cats? Or house cats?"


In answer, Dumbledore sent a little spell through the barrier, and in her place, Colonel Samantha Carter became a panther. Said panther began to prowl around the space inside the barrier, and sought out a certain General. Of course, panthers have a very strong sense of smell, and she could tell that Jack had been wearing that after shave she really liked. So, naturally, she began to get friendly with General O'Neill. She was doing things that most felines do when trying to initiate a mating.

Clearing his throat, General O'Neill said, "Um, Colonel Carter! This is neither the time nor the place! At ease!"

If a panther could give a pout, well, Colonel Samantha Carter was rather convincing as a panther.

Moments later, Carter was restored to her normal self. McKay still was a donkey, and he was braying quite a bit.

"Well, I don't know that I like your way of proving me wrong, but thanks for a few laughs. What about McKay?"

"Does he have any allergies?" Hermione asked.

"Citrus" Dr. Keller responded.

Hermione summoned and sent a lemon into the area where McKay was trotting out his nerves. Once the lemon was in range of his nostrils, he jumped a few feet into the air and backed away.

"That's McKay alright." Colonel Sheppard laughed.

"Why hasn't he changed back yet?" Dr. Keller asked. While seeing her boyfriend walk around as a donkey was rather interesting, she did want him back to being human. For some things, you know.

"Oh, he has to be released by the person who gave the ward the suggestion." Hermione answered.

"I see. Well then, Meredith Rodney McKay! You should learn to think a little before you speak. Come back to me?" Dr. Keller said.

And lo, in the place of the braying donkey, a Canadian multiple PhD was suddenly standing, looking rather anxious.

"Okay, I'm sorry. I still would like to know why you want us all to surrender our weapons. If you can wave a stick and turn people into animals, what do you have to worry about?" McKay asked.

"Simply put, until we can get better acquainted, we would rather not have anyone with a weapon. Our wands are rather powerful, and for Harry's and mine, they are blood linked to each of us, so anyone who tries to hold them and isn't either Harry or me will have a rather nasty shock. Please, the sooner the weapons are surrendered, the sooner we can get to sit down to a meal and learn more about each other."

Ronon Dex, despite all his years of Satedan training, took the plasma gun off his hip, and set it on the ground. His many knives also were pulled out and placed on the ground. The moment they touched the ground, Dobby took them away to a safe place. Teal'c was only geared up in a traditional Tactical vest and only had the P90 as his main weapon, though he did have the Zat'ni'katel sidearm. He surrendered his weapons, as he knew these magical beings had real power. Dobby also took his weapons away.

"Alright, this is a direct order to all SGC personnel: surrender ALL weapons now!" O'Neill ordered, "I'm hungry!"

Soon, all military and those civilians who were entrusted with weapons relinquished them.

Albus Dumbledore conferred with Harry and Hermione, and once they were satisfied with the disarming of the newcomers, lowered the barrier he had placed, while Harry and Hermione put the ward scheme back to stand by mode.

"Thank you General O'Neill. To the rest of you, I know this is a lot to take in, and we can go into plenty of detail later on. For now, we have enough food to feed all who are hungry. We'll be going to an area of the ship that Harry and I had decided in our first week on board would be great for a dining hall. Oh, Lady Destiny, if you could set up a hologram in the dining hall with the current flight path, and the power status, that would be appreciated." Hermione said.

"Certainly Hermione, I've already begun to calculate possible ways to conserve the food supplies you and Harry brought. As for power, that may become an issue once I finish calculating the needed shield strength for the void." Lady Destiny answered, and appeared to them in the gate room.

"This ship has an AI? That is so cool!" Eli Wallace exclaimed.

"You and your computers...just don't spend too much time with a flying ship when I'm free." Chloe Armstrong said, while poking Eli in the stomach with her pinky finger.

As the group was walking through the corridors to the dining hall, Fawkes flew over them, singing a song to uplift their spirits. After a few passes, he decided to land on the shoulder of Lt. Tamara Johansen.

Seeing the unusual bird fly around was one thing. Having it land on your shoulder was another, and rather bizarre at first. "Um, Mr. Dumbledore, why is your bird on my shoulder?" TJ asked.

"Fawkes is a Phoenix. A Creature of Light. I can only guess that he wants to ride on your shoulder. If that bothers you, I can ask him to come back to me." Dumbledore knew a few more things about Phoenixes, though chose not to mention them at the moment.

"It's just something I've never experienced. What do you mean, Creature of Light?"

"In our world, there are forces of Light, and forces of Darkness. Fawkes is firmly on the Light, as I have been for over 100 years."

"Your world? Does that mean you don't come from earth?" Dr. Nicholas Rush began to put a few pieces together. Their accents placed them as being in his neck of the woods, at least, London or thereabouts. Yet, surely magic was something that could have been rather difficult to hide. He also thought it strange that this wizard said the other two were students of his; the age difference alone was staggering.

"Oh we come from earth. There is a very strong possibility that our earth and your earth are not the same earth." Dumbledore amusedly answered.

"That clears things up considerably." Rush scoffed.

"Well, I'm sure we can get to know each other in time. I've only been on board for a few days, while Harry and Hermione have been here for a little while longer. Merlin must have had a truly spectacular vision to have foreseen this."

"Merlin? So you have one also? We came across someone who for a time in our earth's history, was known as Merlin. We learned he was part of the race of people that built the Stargate system. You know, I think he could have helped design this ship also." Dr. Jackson contributed.

"We can compare notes in a little while. For now, let us eat." Dumbledore said. They had arrived at the dining hall, and Dobby had already laid out enough food to feed an army. He had to borrow some magic from both Harry and Hermione to provide enough for all the newcomers, though he knew they would recover after a meal.

"Oh, to anyone who has food allergies, if there is something you would like to eat, and if you are concerned about what it may have, you can ask Dobby to make the dish safe for you. It may take a few extra minutes, so please be kind. We only have one House Elf who helps us." Harry spoke, once the group was seated. "Also, Dobby is a loyal Friend to Hermione and me, please do not try to get on his bad side."

And so with all the food laid out, the group had a pleasant meal. Only a few people were allergic to some minor things, and Dobby was quite capable of helping them. Fawkes never left Lt. Johansen's shoulder the entire night.