Harry, Hermione, Eli, and Chloe were seated in a small room away from the rest of the ship, as the discussion they were having was a little bit sensitive.

"So, because we both had that golden glow, what does that actually mean for us?" Eli asked.

"Based on the design of the spell, it was to identify the two most compatible people to help in this part of the ritual," Hermione began to answer, "and the golden aura was the best possible outcome, indicating the individual was both a virgin soul, and also had all the right qualities that will help the ritual succeed."

"Is there any way to keep the rest of the crew in the dark about what we would do to help, should we agree to?" Chloe inquired.

"Oh, yes. We can create a special memory charm that locks the portion you two would help with to only your brains, if you'd like. There is also a modified version of a Fidelius, that would lock the knowledge away behind a Secret Keeper. Without that Secret Keeper divulging the Secret, no one would be able to know exactly what you two would do." Harry answered.

"There's more to it than that. If you two want to have even more privacy, we can create a special charmed sheet of parchment that will prevent you from even speaking to anyone aside from each other about how the event takes place, and what happened during it. No matter what option you two choose, again, if you agree to help for this portion of the ritual, we will make sure to honor your wishes." Hermione supplied.

"Okay, setting aside the secrecy part for now, can you tell us more about what Eli and I would need to do, specifically, for the ritual?" Chloe curiously asked.

"Of course. According to the book Merlin left in his vault, there is a potion that needs to be absorbed by the pair–" Here, Hermione paused, referencing said book, "–umm, I'm going to quote this, as I know you can't see it as you don't have magic, erm, sorry, but this part may make you both a tad more uncomfortable.

"The witch and wizard helping this portion of the ritual to be completed have a few tasks that need to be carried out: first) the wizard will take the potion bottle meant for the female participant, and rub the potion into her chest, nearest to the heart as possible; second) the witch will take the potion bottle meant for the male participant, and rub the potion into his chest, nearest to the heart as possible; third) during the ceremony while the two virgin souls are consummating their love for each other, the witch and wizard will circle the pair and chant the following phrase Beannaich an aonadh seo, beannaich na com-pàirtichean, beannaich an àm ri teachd! at an equidistant spacing, no less than forty-two times; fourth) the male and female participants should achieve a minimum of seven climaxes combined–"

"Seven!" Eli choked out.

"Yes, it is a magically powerful number–" Hermione began to answer.

"What about that potion that has to be absorbed into our chests? Why does it have to be the witch helping the male, and the wizard helping the female?" Chloe asked, somewhat shy about the prospect of the green-eyed wizard using his hands to rub a potion into her chest. She and Eli had only been hanging out for a few days prior to getting to Icarus Base, and while she liked him a lot, she was not sure if she was ready to become his wife. Her Father would likely not allow anything unless Eli was officially her husband before the consummation would take place. Though, technically, she was 22 years old. Eli was 25, so…

"I can only theorize that the potion needs to be applied by the opposite sex for some special reason. I promise you, Harry and I would not do this without you two both being on board with it. There are a few other candidates we could do this ritual with, if we need to discuss it with them."

"For the sake of the decision we face, what happens after, the um, minimum seven climaxes combined?" Eli asked, trying not to laugh. He knew deep in his heart that it might take him a while to make Chloe happy enough to make even 2 petite mort happen, let alone 7 combined between them.

"Of course, Eli. According to the book, after the two participants complete the minimum seven climaxes, the potion can be extracted. The two halves are then placed into a special cauldron, one that is 'spaced a yard and a half apart, two yards deep, forged from molten gold bathed in the light of a new moon' … it also mentions some runes that would need to be carved during the forging of the cauldron. Once the two halves of the potion are in the cauldron, it has to stew for 14 days on a medium fire, with no human eyes laid across it during that time. This would allow the potion to thicken, and multiply in quantity to coat the inner surfaces of the six panels that will make up the habitat outer walls."

"Does that mean parts of the habitat will have our DNA? Like would any of the wild animals look like us?" Eli asked.

"No, the DNA chains aren't saved in the potion. From what I can tell, the book mentions that the potion is set to absorb the 'life-giving abundance of familial bonding' basically, the mother nature aspect of the world. Life begets life and all that." Hermione answered.

For a few hours, the four continued the discussion. Unfortunately, the details of the remainder of that conversation were placed behind a Knowledge Fidelius, and thus, cannot be transcribed.

~Destiny Gate Room~

Several scientists were present, trying to come up with an alternative to the idea of making a mini planet inside a seven foot cubed magic box. The only problem? Lady Destiny knew all forms of science that mankind had mastered, thanks to her ability to absorb information from an active computer. With over a dozen laptops open and being used by the aforementioned scientists, her information access was superb. Also, unlocking her master code required something none of the scientists had the ability to decode: the answer to what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Mankind had always been divided on this topic. A chicken has to hatch from an egg, that is a fixed truth. An egg has to be laid by a chicken, also a fixed truth. Yet, was the first chicken laid by some other being? Or was it Spoken into existence by a Supreme Being, like the Alpha and Omega? Science was all about hard truths, while faith was just acceptance of some things that couldn't be explained with science. (Note, it is the opinion of the Author that some things can't be explained with science, and some things you just need faith to understand and believe in.)

One such scientist, who back when the whole group arrived in this very Gate Room, had been temporarily turned into an actual donkey (no, he was not hallucinating, nor was the transformation possible without magic), was having a heated discussion with another scientist regarding a way home.

"Okay, let's ignore the laws of physics entirely! You want to design a power plant to then power a stargate inside of the habitat? Do you have any idea how many ways that could go wrong? If we look at a ZPM, which contains an artificial pocket of subspace, as an example of your theory, what would happen if a micro wormhole were to form from inside that pocket of subspace to a point outside the pocket? Nothing good, I can tell you. Quit this line of thinking, if you have any desire to stay alive. You'd sooner kill us all by trying to make a stargate inside the habitat. As Harry and Hermione explained, they spent almost a year trying to repair the power systems, and had no luck. They could repair shield emitters, life support system components, even parts of the hull where there had been breaches, but they couldn't increase the power storage of the ship with all their spells! I once had my own doubts about magic, up until you were an ass for almost 10 minutes. I've seen them duplicate food right in front of me. I've seen them break something into a thousand pieces, only to wave their wands, and the item is repaired like it was brand new. I'd suggest you focus more on decoding the AI's automatic pilot program. If we can unlock it, we stand a better chance of turning the ship around, or slowing it down." Dr. Rush was getting a niggling feeling of asking one of the magicals to force Meredith Rodney McKay back into his subjectively better form: a donkey.

"Rush! You need to understand, I've seen many things myself, and I assure you, my math is correct, the power requirements are completely possible to achieve with the right materials, and tunneling through the habitat to another point in space is not an issue, as my algorithm is perfect! It will bypass the habitat entirely, and the wormhole will just connect. I figure we can have a working Pegasus model stargate inside of six months, and be back in our own area of space in seven months." McKay reasoned.

"McKay! You happen to be forgetting something. The last time you claimed your math was perfect, and that nothing would go wrong, you blew up three quarters of a solar system!" Carter provided.

"Five-sixths! And, that wasn't entirely my fault. The Ancients had some of the materials and math wrong."

"Meredith Rodney McKay! You are not the smartest in the room, and if you continue to try this stupid idea of making a stargate inside the habitat, I'll make you sleep alone for the whole time we are in that habitat!" Jennifer Keller spoke.

Oh, no, the dreaded 'sleep on the couch' argument. For McKay, he enjoyed what he and Jennifer got up to.

"Fine, I'll drop that line of planning. I still think we should try to find other ways home."

"What other ways are there? The ship doesn't have enough power to dial any galaxy visible to the naked eye from earth, we can't turn the ship around, and we don't have the materials on hand to build a hyperspace engine capable of intergalactic flight." Carter spoke again.

"You have a point Sam. Wait, what if we can build the Pegasus model here on the ship, and power it using something from the habitat?" Rodney was not quite ready to let his idea go.

"For that to work, wouldn't it need cables or something to connect the two? I can't see it working unless you can make it small enough to carry out by hand. Also, wouldn't it just make more sense to wait until the ship reaches the new galaxy? Sure, it could be almost six years, but I think it would be better to try using a gate on a planet, instead of one on an automated ship." Dr. Park supplied.

More ideas were bounced back and forth amongst all the scientists, and some of their partners. Lady Destiny was observing silently, and wished she had a physical form to laugh at some of the more outlandish ideas.

~Elsewhere on Destiny~

Ronon Dex, Teal'c, Sgt. Greer, Colonel Sheppard, Teyla, Colonel Mitchell, Vala, and Dr. Jackson were all in a large room, exchanging stories, and in general, having a great time. Card games were played out. Books were exchanged. Bantu sticks were formed, and sparred with. Some of the following conversations are not entirely relevant to this story, though, which ones they are, you'll have to guess.

"She was mighty peeved at what he did with her poem collection."

"Knight to F6!"


"Everybody's fine."

"My grandma always said…"

"The great mythical tutenzamechisothylogope was a medieval device…"

His left eyebrow twitched a few millimeters upward, while his eyes bore into the other person's very soul. "Queen's pawn to E5!"

"Oh wherefore art all the treasure? Not a single jewel, trinket, or anything of value here."

"How would you gain anything from any of those things? Whom would you trade with?"

"Oh, it isn't about trading. It's the principle of the matter. I can't have a good adventure without some treasure."

"For Atlantis!"

"For Narnia!"

"For–" what that person was going to say we will never know, as a large lemon meringue pie was thrust into their person, from off screen. They will never desire to speak of it again. Getting lemon meringue out of some places required a long soak in a bath. Other areas could have been wiped off, had they not been so hairy.