~ you pressed your mouth on mine (and fed me a star) ~

After being hit with Cure Sunshine's purifying attack, Sasorina was listless and weak, having lost a significant amount of her heart's darkness.

At first, Kumojacky assumed she would recover on her own, and did nothing more than occasionally check on her. Days passed, and her condition did not improve.

He hated the spaced-out expression on her face, and seeing her poke at a flowering cactus with a dopey smile was the last straw. He missed the laser-focused hatred that used to radiate from her, and he was determined to bring it back.

Kumojacky didn't like the idea of doing anything to weaken himself, but after several other methods failed to produce any change in her, he finally decided that he was willing to sacrifice some of his own dark energy to undo the damage the Precure had dealt to Sasorina.

She stared up at him uncomprehendingly as he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him. His hand cupped her cheek and gently tilted her head up.

"What-" she started to ask, but that was as much of the question as she managed to get out.

He leaned down and pressed his mouth to hers.

After her initial shock, she yielded to him, parting her lips. Although the transfer was not physical, she swallowed as he fed her dark energy. He could feel her strength returning, and slowed the flow of energy between them as her body went tense and she braced her hands against his chest.

He lifted his head and asked, "Feeling better now?"

His name fell from her lips in a tone he'd never heard her use before, soft and uncertain.


Then her gaze sharpened with resolve and, rather than push him away as he'd expected, she fisted her hands in the fabric of his coat and pulled him down so that their mouths could meet once again.

This time it was only a kiss, and there was nothing soft or uncertain about it.