Harry Potter Unlimited

Chapter 1

"My lord, is there something wrong?" Narcissa said looking up at Harry Potter, the lord of her house. She had been expertly giving her lover a titjob along with her sister Bellatrix when she noticed that Harry sighed. All three of them were in the middle of the Potter Manor's living room with Harry standing in front of the Black sisters. "Are we not satisfying you enough?"

Lord Harry Potter-Black, victor of the Second Wizarding War, the one who defeated Voldemort and his Death Eaters, and the most powerful Lord in the Wizengamot, sighed again. Even though he was being pleased by these two ladies of House Black, Harry felt extremely bored. Now in his mid-twenties, Harry had done everything he ever wanted to do in his life: he had single handedly changed the entire Wizengamot to include elections for districts in Magical England, along with abolishing all marriage contracts that young witches had been forced into because of family upbringings. Of course, the majority of the Wizengamot was still controlled by the lords of ancient Houses, but now Muggleborns and Halfbloods had more of a voice. Also, with marriage contracts being dissolved, both Narcissa and Bellatrix were allowed to divorce their husbands and become Blacks once more.

That didn't mean that he was glad that things were looking better and better, it just meant that there was very little for Harry to do anymore. Sure, he had his fun with his bevy of sexy witches like Hermione, Fleur, Tonks, Bellatrix, and Narcissa, but there wasn't anyone left to challenge him, nor were there any opportunities to take advantage. Harry wanted an adventure, an opportunity to present itself, and perhaps some lewd encounters with females he had yet to meet.

However, he looked down at both Narcissa and Bellatrix, their D size tits engulfing Harry's ten inch long cock and couldn't help but to smile. This eased Narcissa's mind about not pleasing her lord and pressed her tits harder against Bellatrix's bosom. Both Black sisters smiled lustfully and used their tits and bobbed their huge breasts up and down against Harry's shaft, and within moments, Harry groaned loudly and shot his load all over Bellatrix's and Narcissa's faces and tits.

Pulling his dick away from the ladies of House Black, Harry pulled his jeans back up and as he looked at both Bellatrix and Narcissa licking the cum off of each other's faces, he felt two gentle hands touch each of his shoulders. One hand belonged to his first wife, Hermione Potter, while the other was his other wife, Nymphadora Black. Both of them then kissed each side of Harry's face, with each of their free hands grabbing Harry's cock between the jeans.

"I hope that you still have plenty more to give us, my love," Hermione said, smiling lustfully. Nymphadora began to unbutton Harry's jeans again, but at that moment, a loud boom echoed around the house and the force of a massive explosion through all five of them across the room. Harry looked wide-eyed as he landed on his ass along with Hermione and Nymphadora and saw a blueish energy swirly circle appear. Bellatrix and Narcissa were closer to this strange energy and they were the first to see this portal open wider to reveal another place entirely.

"What magic is this, Cissy?" Bellatrix looked with eyes wide at the blueish energy swirl.

Narcissa shook her head, but pulled her wand out and prepared herself for whatever happened next. Harry got up to his feet pretty quick after that and readied his wand while Hermione, Nymphadora, and Bellatrix followed suit. However, all of a sudden, the vortex destabilized and began to pull all five of them towards the portal. Harry tried to grab something, as did his girls, but as the vortex began to collapse, the force of the power dissolving was just too fast and powerful that all five of them got sucked through the portal. Harry felt himself land hard and roll across a cold cement floor. He could also sense that the magic around him was very different than where he was just moments before.

"Is this the one you sensed, Tala?" A feminene voice asked. Harry then felt a gloved hand slide up and down his right arm. "He's very muscular. I wouldn't mind a taste just to see what he's made of."

Harry focused his eyes and after he looked around, he noticed and his girls were in some sort of abandoned warehouse. He first looked around for Hermione, Nymphadora, Bellatrix, and Narcissa, and thankfully saw that all of them were alright. He then got to his feet and looked for the person who spoke and touched his arm. However, he saw three different women, all of them looked like they were in their mid twenties to early thirties. However, each one of them was vastly different from one another.

The one on the left had long, purple hair with transparent blue eyes. She was tall, about Harry's size, very thin with C cup tits and a sultry swagger about her. She had a tattoo at the base of her neck, it looked like some sort of runic symbol, but Harry couldn't place it. She also wore a long, dark purple dress that showed off her cleavage and her tight ass. Harry could sense a strong magical aura surrounding her.

The one next to the purple hair woman looked at Harry unimpressed at him. She was only a half-inch shorter than the woman on her left, wearing a female version of a butler suit. She had light brown hair that could look like red if the light was right, brown eyes, a slim but muscular figure, and B cup breasts. She had her arms crossed and stared directly at Harry like she was aiming daggers at him.

The last female had a big, sultry smile on her face. She was about the same height as Harry, perhaps slightly taller, with black hair that was pinned up with two metal pins. She had blue eyes and wore small sunglasses that were positioned on the lower part of her nose. She wore a tight red dress that showed a lot of her skin, and with good reason. She had a slim figure, with B cup tits, but that wasn't what drew Harry's attention. What drew his attention was a very large tattoo that looked like it covered half of her entire body. The tattoo looked like a green snake, but Harry really couldn't tell from the lighting of the place.

Hermione, Nymphadora, Narcissa, and Bellatrix had all gotten to their feet by that point and had their wands readied at the three women standing about fifteen feet away. However, after all four witches sensed that the magic around was very different, the purple hair smiled at them.

"Hmmm, it looks like they just figured out that they're not in their world anymore," The purple-haired woman said, smiling confidently. She then looked directly at Harry and said, "The magic here is very different from what you are used to in your world. Your wands will not work here, at least not yet anyway."

Harry stepped cautiously forward, keeping his wand pointed at the three strange women. "Forgive me for not believing you, but I don't trust anyone I don't know and haven't earned it."

"Well, you sure seem confident enough, but you should take us at our word," The butler-dressed lady said, uncrossing her arms and taking a judo position. "Besides, you may look like you can handle yourself in a fight, but your lady friends sure don't. Even though you have a slight number advantage, neither of the three of us should be underestimated."

"Perhaps you should introduce yourselves before you try to attack us," Hermione said, trying to sound calm but her voice was rather shaky at the moment. "Also, it might be a good idea for one of you to explain what brought us here and why."

"Fair enough, but first let me say that we had only meant to bring him here," The black-haired female frowned and stepped forward. "I am Roulette, my compatriot in the butler outfit is Mercy Graves, and the purple-haired one is the witch called Tala. We brought you here because we are desperate for your help."

"My help?" Harry curiously asked. "What's so wrong in this world that you need my help?"

"We're criminals," Mercy answered. "Not hardcore villains per se, but not lower class bad guys either. All of us were sort of employed by Lex Luthor, a multi billionaire philanthropist and high-level genius. Although, after what happened to him, I'm beginning to doubt the genius part."

Harry lowered his wand a bit, but he and his witches stayed on the defensive as he looked at Mercy to explain further. However, it was Tala who began to explain Luthor's fate.

"Lex was killed by Grodd, a genius level gorilla banished from his home Ape City long ago," Tala said, tearfully mourning her fallen beloved. "Right after Lex was released from prison, Grod lured Lex to an abandoned facility here in the city. You see, Lex was possessed with getting pieces of alien technology that was once part of an Artificial Intelligence named Brainiac, and Grodd so happened to have the last piece to exist on the planet."

"Really?" Hermione asked, very much interested in hearing more about this A.I. "What happened to this Brainiac?"

"Lex and Brainiac had merged with one another and tried to assimilate all of known knowledge in our universe, making a digital copy of everyone and everything before destroying the living representation of it," Roulette answered, shaking her head at such an idea. "Something none of us would have appreciated if it happened. Thankfully, the Justice League stopped them and destroyed every piece of alien technology that was inside of Lex."

"Back to what happened to Lex," Mercy glared at Roulette. "We accompanied Lex to the abandoned facility to discuss the terms of whatever trade Grodd was interested in for the Brainiac piece. Lex suspected that the meeting was going to be a trap, and as soon as we arrived, he found out how right he was. When we entered the facility, the door immediately closed behind us and mercenaries surrounded us just as quickly and aimed their weapons at Lex's head. We were then disarmed and taken to the lowest underground floor of the facility. Lex walked with a confident smile as we were escorted, as he had prepared for this very event. However, what he didn't expect was what happened next.

"Usually whenever Grodd and Lex are in the same room they usually just verbally banter with each other trying to prove one is vastly more intelligent than the other. However, as soon as we were led to where Grodd was, the gorilla jumped on Lex from a scaffold ten feet above our heads. Lex was obviously unprepared by Grod manhandling him like this, and we could do nothing as the mercenaries had their guns trained on us preventing us from assisting Lex. Lex tried to fight off Grodd, but it was too little, too late. Within that very moment, Grodd had snapped Lex's neck and ripped his head off of his body."

Hermione and Nymphadora winced at hearing about how Lex died, horrified that something like that could happen. Narcissa looked at Mercy with a tad bit of fascination and asked, "Why didn't Lex suspect that was going to happen? I mean if he was such a genius, why did he agree to meet Grodd at all? Why didn't he use a go-between to oversee the trade?"

"Good questions, Cissy," Bellatrix smiled but kept her eyes locked on Tala, Mercy, and Roulette. "I have one more: why did this Gorilla Grodd leave you three alive. I used to work for a very evil wizard, and he was smart enough to not leave witnesses. He would have either killed you, or forced you three to work for him."

Harry looked over at Bellatrix and gave her a slight nod of understanding. He remembered Voldemort and his cruelty to his enemies. The Dark Lord was feared by all, even his own Death Eaters, so Bellatrix was right about what Voldemort would have done in that situation.

"Grodd only acted like an animal when he was completely enraged," Tala responded to the Black sisters. "That and the fact that Lex was almost possessed with obtaining any Brainiac tech he could, even if it led to his own demise. After Grodd killed Lex, he held Lex's head in the air like a trophy and told all three of us that we were now working for him. Grodd told us that we were to do the same thing that Lex had us doing and to stay out of his way until he had a need for us. Also, for Roulette and Mercy, they had to give him a twenty-five percent cut of their revenue from their businesses. As for me, Grodd wants me to continue to use my magic towards his ultimate goal: turning everyone on the planet into apes."

Harry looked at all three of them and asked, "So, I take it that is something you three want, but what do you want with me?"

"Well, Lex named me CEO of his company: Lexcorp," Mercy said to Harry, smiling weakly. "However, the position wa's only temporary as Lex only did it so he could control his company while he was running his criminal organization. Unfortunately, after Lex's death was announced, the board of directors were not too happy with having me as the CEO without Lex supporting me. Thankfully, Lex was smart enough to leave me with a special emergency power to make anyone I want as a permanent replacement. I have no intention of allowing Grodd or Lexcorp's board of directors to have control over Lexcorp, so I need someone to act in my stead to keep both Grod and the board satisfied."

"I run an underground fighting club here in Metropolis," Roulette answered. "Technically, there's nothing illegal about it, but because of the Justice League, I haven't had any customers, nor any worthwhile entertainment for the shows. I need a business partner who can help me turn a profit and keep Grodd from taking my business away and killing me."

"Justice League?" Hermione raised her eyebrow and asked. "I assume that they're some kind of superhero group. Why don't they take care of Grod?"

"Because they don't know where he's hiding," Tala answered her. "Before you ask, we don't know where he is either. Grod has been keeping his whereabouts secret from us. The only time he's not hiding is when he calls us for a meeting. If we alert the League about where to find Grod, he would quickly learn that we betrayed him, and if he escapes capture, Grod would surely hunt all three of us down."

"Really? Then what do you call this?" Narcissa asked, waving her wand at Harry and her fellow compatriots. "You apparently summoned us using magic, and if this Grodd is a genius, then I assume that he would already know what you were doing, or will soon find out."

"We already took care of that," Mercy explained. "In our last meeting with Grod, Tala told Grod about an experiment that Lex had her on for several weeks that involved opening a portal into another dimension. Grod was less than enthusiastic about this, but he was intrigued enough to allow it to continue."

"What Mercy said is partly true, as Lex did know about this experiment," Tala said. "However, he was less than supportive of me trying such an experiment. However, he did obtain the key piece that I needed to open a portal into your world."

Tala motioned to something that was under Harry's right shoe. Harry lifted it and saw a reddish feather that Harry believed he recognized. Picking it up, he showed it to Hermione and Nymphadora, both who nodded and looked at Tala, with Nymphadora asking, "This is a phoenix feather, isn't it?"

"It is, though we have no idea how such a feather got here," Tala answered. "There are items that exist that are not native to our world. These items are native to either other worlds, or other Earths. I cannot explain how this is, but it is how I was able to bring you here."

Harry nodded, but put the phoenix feather in his pocket. "So, are you able to return us back to our world?" He asked her.

"Yes, but not for a while." Tala frowned, suspecting that Harry might want to go home. "My magic has been depleted from opening the portal. I will also require materials to create a magic circle that is needed for the portal. It will take some time before I can be ready to send you back."

Harry looked at Tala for a long moment to see if she was lying, but Harry unfortunately couldn't tell if she was or not. Looking at his witches, he said to them, "It looks like we're stuck here for the time being. We might as well make the most of it."

Hermione, Nymphadora, Bellatrix, and Narcissa all nodded their understanding. Harry then walked up to Mercy, Tala, and Roulette and said to them, "Just so you know, we don't trust you, not yet anyway. We'll take a look at your world and see if we can help, I am interested to see this world though. It may be more interesting than ours, though I doubt it."

Harry and the witches put away their wands and left with Mercy, Tala, and Roulette leading them out of the warehouse and into the city where their new adventures would be.


A week later

Harry had to admit, this world was far more interesting than his own. In the week since he and his witches have been here, Mercy successfully named Harry as Lexcorp's new CEO, convincing the entire board that Harry had run the London branch of Lexcorp. Of course, Harry was the CEO in name only, as Mercy was going to run the day-to-day operations at Lexcorp. However, it did take both Narcissa and Bellatrix using the Imperius Curse on every board member, and modifying their memories so they would not question why Harry was in charge of the company. This did leave Bellatrix wanting to play with these men's minds, also making them believe that they secretly served Bellatrix's and Narcissa's sexual appetites. Harry didn't mind this at all, mainly because he was definitely not a saint, and on occasion used magic to have a little fun himself. From time to time, that is.

Speaking about magic, Harry and his witches were able to use their magic again after only a few days of being in this universe. They also found that they all had a much easier time casting spells and curses, which Tala was very much eager to learn about. Hermione stayed close to the purple-haired witch, at first to keep an eye on her, but after a while, Hermione was very much eager to learn about how Tala casted her magic. For one, Tala used a vast collection of books and runes to cast magic, and while there were some spells that Tala could cast quickly and with little effort, there were more serious and powerful spells that could tax the purple-haired sorceress greatly, as those spells could draw magic directly from Tala's lifeforce. Harry was also very interested to learn more about Tala and her magical powers and abilities, but he had other things to pay attention to.

This led Harry to finally take a look at Roulette's business. The place she had been using looked more like a rundown strip club than a battle arena. Harry stood at the entrance of the place, which had the weird logo of 'Glamour Slam' emblazoned on a neon sign just above the door outside of the establishment. Next to him stood Nymphadora, who had the same frown as Harry with her arms crossed in a frustrated manner. Roulette was standing in the middle of the place with her left hand on her hip and a slight smile on her face.

"I'm sorry for misleading you a bit," Roulette said to Harry. "I did run an underground fighting club, but the Justice League destroyed the place after Lex's last attempt to boost our shows."

"What did that involve?" Harry asked as he began walking around the room.

"Lex had created devices that allowed us to mentally control several of the Justice League's heroines, and at night we used them to compete against each other in my arena," Roulette answered like she was extremely proud of having done it. "We drew in thousands of dollars on a nightly basis, and no one was aware that we were usings actual heroines for the fights, as they all believed that they were cosplayers. Unfortunately, one heroine who wasn't part of the League figured out what we were doing, and because of that, she managed to free the other heroines and they defeated my henchmen and destroyed my battle arena. Fortunately, I did manage to escape, but with Grodd taking his monthly cut, I just barely had enough to buy this property and maybe hire some bartenders and waitresses. We'll still need some form of entertainment, not to mention some hired hands to fix this place up."

"Well, let's focus on not trying to convert this place into another battle arena," Harry said to Roulette with a raised eyebrow. "My best thought is to use this place as an underground strip club. After all, ask anybody with half a brain what sells better, they'll choose sex over fighting every time,"

"I must admit I was already thinking about doing this, but that still leaves us to wonder where we are going to obtain our dancers," Roulette said with a slutty smile. "I could ask Cheetah and Giganta if they're interested, but if they go for it, I'm worried about what they'll do to our customers if they get too handsy for their own good."

Harry nodded at this, having already visited the Legion of Doom's hideout in Metropolis two days ago and met four of their members: Cheetah, Giganta, Slade, and Atomic Skull. Both Cheetah and Giganta were very attractive, with the former completely naked except for the fact that she was covered with yellow fur with spots. The other villainess, Giganta, was a very large woman, standing nearly fifteen feet in height, with a very toned body and large breasts that fit her size. She had long red hair and sparkling blue eyes, wearing a pink singlet and gold jewelry on her neck, waist, and ears. Both women were very seductive, but without major financial compensation, and would more than likely scare potential customers away if they harm even one of them. So, Harry immediately knew that was a bad idea until he earned their trust a little more, and guaranteed that the customers wouldn't try anything with them.

"Hang on, didn't you say that you had devices that you used to control superheroes, well why not use these devices to have them dance here?" Nymphadora chimed in, fully aware that her husband had more than a few bordellos he owned and used several witches and Muggle women to work there, with Harry using the Imperius Curse on the more reluctant ones. Heck, Nymphadora knew that Harry's mother and aunt were the star attractions in London.

"That would be a very good idea, except for the fact that the Justice League destroyed every device," Roulette frowned a bit. "There might be some scraps of those devices hidden in one of Lex's labs way underneath Lexcorp, but only Mercy might know where those labs are."

Harry sighed and nodded. "I'll head over back to Lexcorp and ask Mercy about it. Nymphadora, you stay here and help Roulette fix this place up. I want to have this place up and running in a couple of days," Harry said to them. "Roulette, find us some young talent with loose morals who like to dance. After all, we can't have these superheroines be the star attractions without having opening acts."

Roulette smiled at this, giving Harry a seductive wink, saying, "I might be able to find some young talent at the nearby colleges who might want to dance for us, but the best I can promise is maybe two or three a night at best."

"Are we just going to focus on female superheroes, love?" Nymphadora asked Harry, swaying her hips seductively. "You might consider using a few male superheroes once a week here for a 'Girls' Night'. Just think of how many women would love seeing these guys strip and dance sexy for them. I know both Aunt Cissy and Aunt Bella would love to see their merchandise, so-to-speak."

Roulette smiled wider, showing how much she loved this idea. "Oh yes, I can just imagine seeing the Bat stripping off his cape and shirt for the ladies," Roulette said as she closed her eyes and imagined that picture in her head. "Or even Supes himself, hmm now that's a sexy treat. However, I don't think we'll be able to get many of them right away. Most of the Justice League are spread out throughout the world, using bases at capital cities and remote locations alike. It's a good idea, and once we really start making money here, I would love to see that happen."

"Let's take this one step at a time, and let's not tell Bella and Cissy about the Girls' Night idea," Harry responded. "For now, let's focus on the heroes that we can get, without raising their suspicions."

Both Nymphadora and Roulette nodded, and began getting to work on fixing the place up, with Nymphadora using her wand to magically clean and repair the place, and Roulette calling people on her cellphone to hire the staff she needed to run the place.

Outside of the Glamour Slam, Harry walked up to a large black limo that was leased by Lexcorp for Harry and his witches. Standing next to the rear driver side door was Mercy, no longer dressed in the female butler outfit that Harry first saw her in, but a more fitting business suit, a grey jacket, and medium length skirt, black high heels, and a white silk shirt that was concealed behind Mercy's jacket. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that Harry knew that Mercy had a silk shirt on underneath, he would have thought she just had a jacket on, showing her ample cleavage.

"I take it that Roulette sold you on the idea of having the female Justice League members become strippers," Mercy said somewhat coldly, but she did bear the hint of a smile on her face. "I also take it that she told you how Lex managed to control them back when Roulette had them fight each other in her battle arena. Well, before you commit any of Lexcorp's resources to this plan, I would like to remind you that while it may work for a while, sooner or later you will have the Justice League breathing down our necks."

Harry nodded at this, understanding that Mercy, Tala, and Roulette all had good reason to want to avoid confrontation with any one Justice League member, as getting involved with one usually meant you might have to deal with more. As Harry and Mercy entered the back of the limo, Harry asked her, "Where do you think Lex went wrong with trying to control these superheroines?"

Mercy was slightly taken aback with Harry asking her opinion, as Lex had often ignored Mercy whenever she voiced her opinion. Although, Harry did allow her to control Lexcorp as CEO, even though Harry took the title. Fortunately, Mercy enjoyed working at Lexcorp more with Harry than she ever did with Lex. For one thing, in the week that Harry had been in this world, he hadn't treated her as inferior to him. In fact, Mercy felt like Harry actually listened to her, especially when it came to her advice on dealing with most of Lex's dealings with the Legion of Doom.

"Lex's and Roulette's main mistake was that they were too aggressive with trying to get as many superheroines as they could," Mercy answered as the limo began driving back to Lexcorp. "That, and they didn't bother with doing a better job with keeping an eye on the specific females during their day-to-day activities. I think if they took it slow, maybe with one or two at a time, and hired some small-time goons to keep an eye on them during the daytime, they would've had a better chance at not getting caught."

"Interesting, but how would we know where to find these heroines?" Harry asked, noticing that Bellatrix and Narcissa were going through papers on the opposite side of the limo.

"Lex kept detailed files on every member of the Justice League," Mercy said, glancing over at the Black sisters. "He actually knew many of their secret identities, including his most hated adversary, Superman. While he never revealed this information to me or any member of the Legion of Doom, he was smart enough to keep tabs on their daily activities. Of course, I don't think he planned for his death at the hands of Grodd, nor what he wanted to do with this information if he died. However, I like to plan ahead, so I gave both Bellatrix and Narcissa those files in preparation for what you might need."

"Thank you Mercy, I appreciate you thinking ahead," Harry smiled at her and gave her a slight nod. He then turned to Bellatrix and Narcissa and asked, "Is there anything we can use right now?"

"It'll depend on what you want to do with them, my Lord," Bellatrix flipped through several pages of papers. "Many of these heroes are susceptible to magic, so we could easily torture many of them. However, they will have a high tolerance for pain, so it will be a long time before we can break them. I can assume that killing them isn't an option, as that will make it harder to control others that supported these heroes."

"That leaves the Imperius then," Narcissa said, putting the files she had down on her lap. "The only problem I see with this is that these heroes will have some kind of mental defence protecting them from mental manipulation."

"We don't need to defeat the Justice League, we might need them in the future to help us deal with Grodd," Harry said matter-of-factly. "We can still use them for what we need to keep Grodd off of Mercy's, Tala's, and Roulette's backs. Roulette told me about devices Lex used to control superheroines last time, but they were destroyed. Is there anything we can still use from them?"

"There are several well hidden facilities underneath Lexcorp," Mercy answered. "One of them is shielded by a layer of lead and equipped with a defence grid, a personal treasure room, several more rooms designed as bedrooms with little to no imagination to them, and of course a massive lab where Lex kept most of his tech. I can't understand half of what was in that lab, but most of those devices that Roulette mentioned would still be there. Don't know if they'll work though; with most of them being broken, and with the timeframe we have to get things up and running, I don't know if you'll be able to get them to work in time."

"We don't need them to work, Mercy," Harry smiled at the redhead. "We just need them as a diversion so we can use our magic to control a few of them. At least for now anyway, we don't understand enough about your world's technology to work it just yet. For now, we'll rely on our wands and magic and wait for our moment to strike. We'll take it one step at a time, and one heroine at a time until we have what we need to get Grodd off of your backs. Right now, we'll focus on the most vulnerable members of the Justice League. Do you know who would be best for what we need, Mercy?"

"There are three heroines in the area that best suit our parameters: Batgirl, Huntress, and Black Canary." Mercy said, allowing herself a warm smile to show. She then looked over at both Bellatrix and Narcissa to indicate that Harry will need the information on those three. "All three women are considered expert martial artists, though I can easily take any of them in a fight. They are all highly intelligent, and are very athletic. Capturing any one of these three will present some difficulty, with Batgirl and Huntress carrying specialized weapons, and Black Canary possessing the ability of a sonic scream."

Harry smiled as he took a moment to process the information Mercy gave before turning his head towards Bellatrix and Narcissa, with Bella holding two files in her hand while Cissy had one. Bella was the first one to talk, as both Black sisters knew that their Lord was very keen at learning about these heroines. "Batgirl's real name is Barbara Gordon." Bellatrix looked at Harry and said. "She's a recent graduate of Gotham University, with a major in forensics sciences. She's also the daughter of Commissioner James Gordon of the Gotham City Police Department. Other than notes describing her weapons and abilities, there isn't much else to say."

Bellatrix handed over Batgirl's file to Harry while Narcissa read her one file to him. "I have Huntress' file," She said to Harry. "Her real name is Helena Bertinelli, the daughter of a deceased mafia boss. She is an expert with a crossbow and a bo staff, and is an expert martial artist. There is also a special notation about her being responsible for disrupting one of his minor plans."

"Black Canary's name is Dinah Lance," Bellatrix read the last file. "There's not much about her in this file except to mention that she's an expert martial artist and has the ability to emit a sonic shout known as the Canary Cry. Oh, sorry for not mentioning this earlier my lord, but there are some photos in each of these files that might interest you."

Harry took Black Canary's file from Bellatrix, but opened Batgirl's file first. After he opened it, Harry saw exactly what Bellatrix was talking about. Batgirl, or Barbara Gordon, was a tall, slender redhead with blue eyes and B size tits. Lex had apparently taken photos of her both as Batgirl and as Barbara, with some of them being extremely revealing, as they showed her wearing nothing but black colored bra and panties.

Harry opened Huntress' file and saw much of the same, as Huntress was also a very tall woman, but with black hair, black eyes, and B size breasts, if not smaller. Still she looked hot in a red bra and a tiny pair of red panties.

Black Canary had more pictures, which made Harry wonder why this was. Black Canary had blonde hair and blue eyes, tall and slender with C cup tits. Lex apparently had Black Canary followed, as most of these pictures had her in some very revealing positions, some of them with a blonde haired man with a goatee. All this told Harry was Lex was definitely a pervert. Harry now understood what Bellatrix meant by "intersting" where some of those pictures display the couple in various sex acts.

"We'll need to do some surveillance of our own for at least a couple of days before we capture one of these women," Harry said, handing the files over to Mercy. "The three of us will each take one of these three superheroines and tail them until we are ready to capture them. Narcissa, I want to follow Huntress. Bellatrix, you'll take Black Canary. I'll follow Batgirl. Mercy, while this is happening, I want you in the labs and find one of those devices. When Roulette and Nymphadora tell you that they are ready, you will rendezvous with one of us, and we will strike as you will provide a diversion and one of us will use our magic to capture the superheroine."

"It's a good idea, Harry." Mercy said, smiling a little wider. Harry returned the smile indicating that he didn't mind that she called him by his first name. "However, who will we capture first?"

Harry smiled even wider and looked forward as if he was looking at someone who wasn't there. He then said very simply, "I'll leave that to you."