Three Years Later.

"I'm still surprised Rose graduated with honours. I mean, you acted like you were drowning in your classes," Mia said as he nibbled on a piece of fruit, smirking at me. I rolled my eyes and threw a blueberry at her.

"Shut it, Mia, I was busy. Lissa is the main reason why I got through it. I watched our lectures at night sometimes. And don't get me started on my study partner, he's a real ass," I joked, laughing with my friends at my jab at Dimitri.

I thought studying with Dimitri would be like in the movies where the study sessions would end up being hot and steamy. I mean, it did happen, but not as often as I would have liked. He was a hardass on me, but in the end, I appreciated it. I got caught up enough to get through the courses with Lissa.

"But he has a nice ass, so that makes up for it, right?" Claire joked, making me choke on my mimosa. Lissa squealed in laughter and nodded her head, opening her mouth to unleash one of the many stories about Dimitri when I stuffed a piece of strawberry in her mouth.

"I'd like to remind you all that my mother and future mother-law, as well as my sisters-in-law, are at this table," I interjected, trying to stop any further conversation that may embarrass me.

"I still can't believe you're getting married next week," Lissa cooed happily, sharing a smile with me. She was privy to Dimitri's proposal for months and learned to effectively keep it hidden from me.

"I can, Dimitri is practically bursting with excitement," I said with a smile. I knew he was excited, but I'm excited too. I tend to keep my excitement more composed though. I perked up when I saw food approaching our table and sat up straighter. The quicker we got through our brunch, the quicker I could open my gift and then go to sleep.

I could tell that Lissa was in charge of the menu because it was realtivly healthy, with finger sandwiches, fruit tarts, fruit, pastries, and salads. But it was perfect for the event, light enough that we could enjoy it, and easy to eat.

Once the last of the food was cleared away Lissa got up and started bringing over colourfully wrapped gifts, setting them around me on the table. I didn't want much gift wise, but I was grateful for all of them. Olena and Dimitri's sisters gave me a wooden box filled with family recipes, Lissa gifted me a wedding day emergency kit with hair pins, needle and thread, mini bottles of tequila and gin, and miniature cosmetics that matched the supplies I had purchased for the wedding. Mom set a large box in front of me and I knitted my brows together. She had told me she wanted to give me her gift in private.

I looked at the tag on the box and smiled softly. It was from Alberta. I had invited her to both my bridal shower and wedding, but she wasn't able to make it to the shower. She would be flying the night before the wedding and then flying back to St. Vladimir's after the reception. I lifted the lid on the box and found a leather covered scrapbook inside, with Dimitri and I's initials and wedding date on the front. I smiled and opened it to see what the layout was like on the inside only to freeze. The first few pages had photos in them.

I looked up and caught Mom's eye over the table. "Did you know about this?" I asked.

Mom nodded. "Yeah, she had some photos that were taken on campus, one that was taken at graduation, a few from your exams. Lissa sent Alberta a few photos she could find of your trip to Bora Bora. She wanted you to be able to photograph your lives together."

I chuckled and flipped through the pages, tilting it so my friends and family the photos inside. Claire leaned in and looked at the picture of Dimitri and I at graduation, a coy smirk on her face.

"Started dating after graduation, huh?" she joked. I rolled my eyes and elbowed her playfully. Mia was chomping at the bit for me to open my gift, and she practically threw it at me from her place at the table.

I rolled my eyes and tipped the bag so I could peer into it before reaching in. I felt soft fabric and started to pull it out, only to stop when I saw what it was.


"What?! At least one of us had to buy you some!"

"I'm not opening this in front of my mother," I grumbled, letting the silky material flutter back into the bag.

"Ok, it's actually not as bad as you think it is. It's very tasteful."

I narrowed my eyes at her before I slowly pulled out the fabric, unfolding it in my lap to inspect it before showing everyone at the table. It's one thing for my friends to see lingerie, it's another for my mother and in-laws.

I had to admit, it was actually really tasteful. White silk slip with lace at the top. Decent plunge in the neckline, but still concealed enough that I could wear it to sleep if I wanted to. I smirked at Mia and held it up for inspection. Mia looked impressed with herself and smiled at me. The girls made comments, Mom going as far as to say that it was pretty.

Lissa wrote down on her pad of paper what Mia gifted me as I carefully put it back into the bag and set it on the table behind me.

Tasha got up and walked around the table holding two bags. "This one you can open here," she said handing me the biggest bag, "Do not open this until you are home alone. It is for your honeymoon."

I laughed and tucked the carefully sealed bag with my other gifts and opened the bigger bag, smirking as I pulled it out.

"I have been looking for these everywhere!" I exclaimed, admiring the satin-like bed sheets. Lissa bought me pillowcases for Christmas a few years back after I complained about my curls getting matted in my sleep. I fell in love with them and wanted a set of sheets to go with them, but couldn't find them anywhere.

Tasha smirked and tipped her glass back. "I know. You haven't shut up about it for the last four months."

I snickered and set the sheet set with the last of the gifts, coming to the end of the gifts.

Or so I thought.

Mom slid a box across the table to me. "Your father was a little put out that he wasn't allowed to come to the bridal shower, so he sent me with this."

I stretched across the table and took the small box in my hands, shrugging at Lissa. I opened it and found a pair of sapphire earrings.

"Your father wanted to make sure you had 'all your bobbles' on your wedding day. It was that or a red belt."

"Red belt?"

Mom's cheeks flushed and laughed quietly. "He could have gone with a Turkish tradition and given you a maidenhood belt that you're supposed to wear on your wedding day."

My eyes widened as my friends laughed, Dimitri's sisters laughing the loudest of the bunch. I covered my face with my hands and laughed behind them. Thank God he didn't do that.

"I'll call him when we're done and thank him for not embarrassing me," I laughed and closed the box.

I stared down at the object in my hand as my other hand came up to my mouth. How the hell did this happen. I set it down and picked up an identical one off the counter and looked at it. My stomach dropping. This can't be happening!

"Roza? Are you ok? You've been there for a while," Dimitri called through the door, knocking on it gently. I took a deep breath and swallowed.

"I'm fine," I called out while keeping my voice calm, "I'll be out in a minute!"

Dimitri's steps retreated away from the door and I leaned back against the bathtub. I picked up my stuff and stuffed them into the bottom of my purse, pulling out my phone. I scrolled through my contacts until landing on the one I wanted.

I listened to the tone as I waited for the call to connect.

"Springman's Clinic, Claire speaking."

"Claire? It's Rose. I need a favour. An urgent favour," I said, keeping my voice low enough so not to alert Dimitri. Asking very few questions, Claire was able to get me into the clinic that afternoon and said she would do the appointment herself.

"You were right. You're pregnant, you look like you're about seven weeks," Claire said, pulling the ultrasound tool away from me and adjusting the blanket over my legs. I sighed and scrubbed my hands over my face.

"I take it that this isn't good news?" Claire spoke, taking her gloves off as she rolled her stool towards me.

"No. I just don't know how this happened," I said, pulling my hands away from my face. I turned my head to look at Claire as she affectionately brushed my hair back from my face. Claire gave me a soft look before squeezing my hand.

"If I'm seven weeks then…"

"You conceived on your honeymoon," Claire finished, nodding her head. I played with my fingers as they rested over my stomach, rubbing my wedding band and going over every possible moment of our honeymoon that could have caused the conception.

I mean, it was our honeymoon. In Santorini. We had a lot of sex.

I sat up and tucked the blanket around my hips, swinging my legs around on the table so I could face Claire.

"There are a lot of people who have been told they can't have children, only to find themselves pregnant. It happens," Claire said softly, trying to calm me. Claire didn't know that I was a dhampir, but we had spoken about the fact that Dimitri and I couldn't have children while we were in school.

"And the baby? It's healthy?" I asked quietly.

Claire nodded. "Baby looks good. I would need to book you for an initial appointment, but with what I saw on the ultrasound, the baby looks good," Claire soothed, standing up to type information into my file. I pulled my pants back on as she had her back to me and looked at my phone, noticing that I had a missed call from Lissa.

"You mentioned that you went off your birth control right after graduation? That was six months ago?"

"Yes," I said tucking my shirt in, "I figured I might as well go off now that I was done school. I was using it to regulate my period then."

Claire nodded and turned to the cabinet on the wall, pulling a few things out of the printer. Claire handed them to me, and I realized they were sonogram photos.

"Dr. Springfield is going to write you a script. Let me know how Dimitri reacts, 'kay?" Claire said as we walked out of the examination room. I nodded and pulled her in for a quick hug, taking the moment to ground myself a bit more.

I was curled up on the couch watching a movie when Dimitri got home. I lifted my head up from the pillow and smiled at him. I sat up enough that Dimitri could join me on the couch.

"Hey, how was coffee with Claire?" Dimitri asked as he leaned over to give me a kiss. I leaned into his kiss before pulling away.

"Good, good. She says hi," I said relaxing back into the couch. Dimitri smiled and lifted my feet into his lap, running his hand over my blanket-covered feet. I watched him out of the corner of my eyes for a while before the emotion got the best of me and I paused the movie, sitting up.

"Ok, I need to talk to you," I said, flicking on the lamp. Dimitri regarded me curiously but nodded, matching my body language and faced me. I was already starting to fidget so I stood up and paced a little. Dimitri already knew something was wrong, so why hide it further?

"Remember when I decided to go off the pill when I graduated," I voiced.

"Yeah, why?"

I was quiet for a moment before Dimitri spoke again. "Roza, what it is?"

"I'm pregnant," I said quietly, biting my lower lip.

I had expected for him to get angry, to become accusation or confrontational, but instead, he was quiet. Silent really.

"I'm seven weeks," I offered up, hoping that it would make him respond.

"That's why you had coffee with Claire," Dimitri said quietly, his eyes flicking over my face before resting on my stomach, almost like he was trying to look through me to the baby.

"Yes. I wanted to be sure. I took two home pregnancy tests earlier."

Dimitri caught my hand as I paced by him, lacing his fingers with mine and squeezing my hand gently. I took this as a good sign.

"How are you feeling? I mean, you must have symptoms if you thought of taking a pregnancy test," Dimitri said softly, pulling me towards him so I was standing between his legs.

"I'm ok, I guess. I've had a bit of morning sickness and my boobs hurt, but other than that I'm ok. You?"

Dimitri cracked a smile and chuckled. "Me?"

"I mean how are you feeling? About this," I said gesturing to my stomach.

"How do you feel about being pregnant?" he asked instead, deflecting the question.

I let my eyes linger on him for a moment before I spoke. "Now that the shock has worn off, a little excited maybe. Happy?" I said, unsure of what kind of answer he was looking for. A ghost of a smile was on Dimitri's lips when he let go of my head and stood up, cupping my cheeks softly.

"We're having a baby," Dimitri said quietly, a bit of excitement breaking through. It took me a split second to realize what he said before I laughed and nodded my head between his hands. Dimitri started laughing too as he pressed his lips over mine, despite that I was still laughing. After a moment my laughter tapered off and I kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his waist.

I pulled away to breathe and rested my forehead against his, enjoying the moment between us.

"You're not mad?"

A hearty chuckled rumbled through his throat. "Why would you think I'd be mad?"

I shrugged. "I just don't know how this happened."

Dimitri kissed the tip of my nose before slipping his arms around my waist and pulling me up into his arms.

"We can figure that out later. But right now, I just want to celebrate with you," he said, kissing my lips again. I smiled against his lips before hitching my legs around his waist, sinking into his embrace. I felt like Atlas when I walked into this conversation, but now I feel light like a feather. Dimitri sat back onto the couch, holding me to him gently.

"Oh!" I exclaimed a moment later, climbing out of Dimitri's lap and going over to my purse. I pulled the sonogram photo out and brought it back to him, sitting down in his lap again and handed it to him. He took it from my fingers and looked at it, and I watched a smile cross his face again.

Six Years Later

I leaned against the doorframe and watched the slow rise and fall of her breathing. I could watch her sleep every night. Sprawled out on her back with her arms behind her head, foot thrown on top of the covers. A tell-tale sign that she was in fact asleep was the little twitch in her toes, making the sparkling nail polish flash in the light of the hallway.

I chewed on my lip as I watched the cup of water lift off the bedside table. This was what I worried about since my last month of pregnancy. What if she was like me? Like Dad?

A set of hands slipped around my waist and a chin rested on my shoulder, hair tickling my neck.

"You're tense," Dimitri whispered.

I nodded my head and pointed to the cup. Dimitri wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him, rubbing my abdomen.

"She's much older than you were when you started to display your abilities. You were a toddler, Mila is turning six next month. I think she'll be ok," Dimitri soothed, rubbing circles over my shirt and kissed my temple.

"I'm just worried. I called Dad the other night to find out if it was better that it waited this long to show," I explained quietly, smiling softly at the small smile that graced Mila's face in her sleep. Dimitri nodded against my shoulder.

"Do you still want to tell her tomorrow?"

I turned my head and looked at him. "Yeah. I think telling her that she's going to a big sister would be good."

I slipped from his arms and slowly crept into the room, gently putting my hand over the top of the glass and setting it back down on the nightstand. I kneeled down beside the bed and brushed Mila's hair out of her face. She was a perfect mix of me and Dimitri. My nose, eyes, and skin tone, while she had his hair and lips. She was tall like him too, sprouting like a bean pole. She also shared Dimitri's love for books. All books, princess books, superhero books. She loved them all.

Mila loved animals too, and surprisingly they loved her. We ended up getting a dog a few months back that followed her around all day long. I looked to the end of the bed and scratched our loveable Australian Sheppard, Roscoe's head.

Roscoe lifted his head up enough to be scratched before putting it back down on his paws, sighing heavily as his eyes stayed on Mila. I chuckled quietly and kissed Mila's head before getting up and heading back to Dimitri.

"Let's go to bed, we have a fun day ahead of us tomorrow," I said, taking Dimitri's hand and pulling him with me. Dimitri stopped me as I pulled him along, pressing his lips to mine for a few moments before kissing my forehead.

"It's going to be a good day," he said, tucking my hair behind my ear.

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