Hey guys! Welcome back to another Marvel Fanfic! I am so sorry that I haven't been updating on my other stories. College is making me lose my fetching mind, and it's hard to find the motivation to write. But when I thought of this idea, I simply had to do it! AU where Nat and Tony survived and Steve never went back in time. Basically, all the Endgame heartache is gone - you're welcome:-)

A loud explosion brought the boy out of his slumber. He frowned, for he was having a particularly good dream. Where was the guard who was usually standing near his door? The boy really didn't understand why he had to have a guard in the first place. He was perfectly content where he was, and he had never tried to escape. Well, as far as he could remember. The boy brushed his shaggy brown hair out of his face and looked to the left. Through the darkness, he could see a figure lying stomach down on the concrete. That was odd.

Another explosion made him jump up onto his feet. He automatically positioned himself in a fighting stance as his trainers had taught him. He hadn't expected something as strange as this to happen today, and he definitely wasn't expecting anyone to try and break down the metal door.

Confused as to why someone would want to get in so badly, the boy inched back against the wall. He wasn't afraid, of course. Just being prepared. Soon enough, the door and the wall surrounding it came crashing down inches from his feet. Personages with bright clothes came running in before coming to a halt at the sight of the boy.

One of them wore a tight outfit that curved neatly around her figure. She was carrying a gun and had the brightest red hair the boy had ever laid eyes on. Another was carrying an object with a star painted on the center, and the person holding it was tall and had broad shoulders. The last one was wearing a maroon dress and had some type of fire substance shooting out of her hands.

The boy was confused beyond comprehension. Nothing like this had ever happened in training. The tall man looked at the boy for a minute before shouting a name into the blackness behind him. A couple of seconds later, the sound of repulsors was heard and a red android of some sort came into view.


"Hey Tony, I think you should get over here!" Tony heard Steve shout. The billionaire groaned and signaled to Thor that he would be right back. The god just shrugged and went back to slamming agents into the ground with Mjolnir.

Tony didn't know what Steve had found, but he sounded worried, so he fired up the Iron-Man suit and headed over to the others. What he found made his heart fall into his metal boots.

In a small room held a boy. Not just a boy, but a familiar boy. One that caught his eye on YouTube almost 10 years ago. One that helped him prepare to become a father someday. One that died in his arms only to return 5 years later. It was him. He was here.


1 year earlier

"Kid, web em' up!" Captain America shouted over the comms. The Avengers were currently fighting an army of HYDRA agents who had infiltrated the compound. To be honest, Steve was getting tired of HYDRA. It was the same threat every time, and they never seemed to go away.

"Already on it!" Spider-Man replied. He was excited to be back out fighting crime. It had been almost 4 months since Thanos was defeated, and Tony was still healing from when he wielded the infinity gauntlet. Even though he was nearly bedridden, Tony still made sure that Peter was safe and checked up on him after every patrol. Because of this, Peter hadn't been going out as Spider-Man as often. He needed some time to catch up on everything he had missed after the snap, anyway.

Peter was pulled out of his thoughts by a strong sensation telling him to move right. He did this milliseconds before a bullet came shooting past his left side. Thank you, Spider-Sense. A HYDRA agent was below him, trying to knock him down, but Peter easily overthrew him and webbed him to the ground. One more down.

"Incoming Call from Tony Stark." Karen piped up from inside his suit. Since there was no use trying to hang up (Tony would find a way to hack the systems) Peter answered it.

"Pete, why does it say that you are in your suit? I didn't clear you to go out today!" Iron-Man scolded the teenager.

"I'm sorry Mr. Stark, but Captain America said that he needed my help at the compound and I just couldn't say no! I'll be fine, we're almost done anyway."

"Done with what?"

"Um, some HYDRA agents might have snuck into the compound."

"What?! Why did no one tell me? I'll be there in 5."

"No way. Dr. Banner made me promise that I wouldn't let you come out and fight until he clears you in a couple of weeks."

"Screw that. I'm coming."

"Mr. Stark! Please, just stay at home! I'll be back any minute."

Tony continued to ignore Peter's pleas, and the spider had to sit down on a rock to talk to him clearly.

"Fine, Pete. I'll stay at home. But you better be back in 20 minutes!"

"Of course, Mr. Stark. I'll see y-"

Peter didn't get the chance to finish his sentence before he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head and then jet darkness.