Peter coughed and inhaled the smoke surrounding him. He slowly pulled himself up from where he was glued to the floor and looked around. The warehouse was in ruins. The area where he had fallen unconscious was completely broken down, and Peter even had pieces of wood stuck in his hair. He looked around for any sign of Killian and took in a shallow breath when he saw him lying near the entrance. Peter wanted to go over and see if he was alive, but he secretly already knew, since the only beating heartbeat in the area he could hear was his.

He then looked around for his Clone, which was nowhere to be seen. Either he was blown to shreds, or someone picked him up. Oh, crap. Tony must have picked him up. He had to find him.


A few hours earlier

Peter's eyes widened a little and his fists curled up into fists. Before Aldrich could comprehend what was happening, A fist was in his face and he was on the ground. Aldrich groaned and held his broken nose. He sat up to find that his experiment was no where to be seen. Groaning, he stood up and looked around. "C'mon Peter, there was no need to make this hard!"

From behind a slab of wood, Peter sighed. This was not going to be easy. He grabbed a rock and slid it to the other side of the room. Killian instantly turned towards the bushel of movement and ran over to the diversion. Peter took this as an opportunity to slip into the Clone chamber. Thank goodness Alrdich's massive ego was good for something.

The machine hurt like a buttcheek on a stick, but Peter pushed on until in front of him, stood himself. He looked identical to him. Peter stifled a laugh as he pushed his clone out into the open. Sorry Peter #2, but this was the only way.

Well, that's a wrap! Not for this arc of course, but for this story. I recently decided that I wanted to make this a series. I don't know what the title for the next story will be, but look out for it! I'd like to thank all of you who have stayed with me through my inconsistent updates. You guys are the reason I keep writing! (That and I'm obsessed with fanfiction). See you next time!