Anger Management

Chapter One

Teenagers were drinking heavily in Lakewood, Virginia some twenty miles from Washington, D.C. It was late at night for a Friday evening. When they heard two gunshots from behind them in the park.

A young teenager named John Martin a student in communications and his girlfriend decided to check it out telling the other three groups to stay and enjoy themselves. However John takes hold of his girlfriend Jamey age 19 years of age.

When they had reach the sound of the gun shots. Since they were carrying flash lights on them to see where they were going with the temperatures in the high seventies for the middle of September.

There was a body of some sort of a man with two bullet wounds in his head and chest just below the heart. John bent down to check for a pulse. Looking up at his girlfriend Jamey, he said the following..."He's dead! We need to call for 911 and the police letting them know the exact spot. No way will we be staying." He cried out with his words to scare her.

"Do you realize what can happen if we stayed? Our parents are going to find out about us being together and witnessing someone that might of been murdered. "Jamey will have said with being scared as hell.

John pulled out his cell phone to call 911 and the police.


Gibbs house

Currently Special Agent Gibbs was down in his basement with his wife Loreile working on a newer version of the Chickadee Two to sail in. Though she had found out about his secret on how did he get the previous boats out of the basement through an underground tunnel.

Loreile was enjoying herself with sanding the wood that was used to begin with. While her husband was screwing in the bolts having worked up a sweat during the past two hours. She had to be careful having to be in her seventh month of pregnancy.

Both her and Gibbs phone were lift on a small table along with a bottle of bourbon and a bottle of diet Pepsi to drink. And both were almost gone.

All of a sudden hearing Gibbs ringtone. He sounded disappointed thinking that no one would bother him after working all day on boring paperwork. "Gibbs here. How can I help you?" It was Timothy McGee at the crime scene.

"What happened McGee?" He asked calmly looking over at his wife stopping her work.

"A Marine officer named Kendall Lorenzo two shots to the head and chest. I will send you the text Special Agent Gibbs for the address."

"Thanks I will be there as soon as possible." He ended the call to place down his tool for the boat and telling his wife to relax and with getting off her feet.

"Please be careful Jethro with the investigation. Especially involving another marine being murdered." She stated with some anger and with following him up the stairs slowly holding on.

While Special Agent Gibbs had grabbed his wallet, I.D. Badge and most of all his weapon. He placed on his grey jacket while outside making sure his trunk still had the vest and other elements for the crime scene. He had placed on his NCIS cap to drive over to the park taking twenty minutes using the GPS directions.


Special Agent McGee had arrived first to the crime scene just prior to the Lakewood police having called NCIS since the body was a marine. He was just about ready to interview the witnesses when Special Agent Gibbs had arrived parking his truck across the street from the entrance of the park.

He walked under the yellow banner telling him that it was to keep the public out of the way. He found his senior field agent waiting for him. "Has Doctor Palmer been called to the scene?" Gibbs needed to asked with seeing Torres and Bishop walking the perimeter for any type of evidence on the ground.

"He's going to be late a few moments having called him visiting his father-in-law at a restaurant in Alexandra." McGee have to say with turning to face Gibbs. He was looking down at the body...

He was having flashbacks to ten years ago with Gibbs and another agent working a special assignment.

"Gunnery you're not going to be finding the shooter. He or she won't be back to the scene killing other marines on assignment.

Special agent Gibbs and his friend Corporal Kendall Lorenzo were in the very same park searching for a very special breed "Snipers". There had been five others over the space of three years with the shootings.

"Believe me Kendall I will be able to catch the bastard. Believe me I know having to be a long range sniper myself.

The vision goes back to normal time ...With Special Agent Gibbs telling Timothy McGee. "I know this man Tim. We worked on a private case asked by the DOD having taken a few days leave time to try and catch a shooter and it looks like he's back."

"How do you know this sir?" Tim needed to asked when Torres came up to them with finding something in a evidence bag.

"Look what we have found in the grass Gibbs?" Nick Torres and Bishop had found a key card as part of the sniper's signature.

"He or she since we had never found out on whether or was a man or woman always will leave some sort of a clue for us to follow. I suggest I take this and bring it back to Kasie at the Naval yards and have you and Bishop check out the motel listed on the back of the key card."

"Of course. And what the heck Gibbs are we supposed to be searching for?" Bishop needed to asked with being slightly cranky after being awoke from a sound sleep.