Anger Management

Chapter 27th

It had felt wonderful to be holding Shane in his arms and remembering the times when he had arrived home from his deployment with missing out on Kelly's delivering. Loreile was able to see the pain and happiness in his face. As Doctor Silvers was sewing up Loreile down below having to cut her slightly with the hard delivery of Shane Jackson Gibbs.

"This is amazing Loreile. I have never thought this day was going to arrive with having to been distracted with the job and Hernandez." He said with the nurse taking him and placing him into the incubator and the nursery.

"Special Agent Gibbs, you will be able to check on your son later as with your wife. She will be placed into a private room on this same floor. I will be sure she gets a proper meal before going to sleep." She said with having to be on duty almost 16 hours and will be going home soon once that she knew that her patient was settled and with ordering her food tray. "Agent Gibbs I can order you a tray as well and eat with your wife?"

"That sounds good." He said with moving over to his wife before moving out of the berthing room. He kisses her on her cheek and saying in her ear..."I love you." He said softly and emotionally in his tone of voice.

She smiled with the two technicians moving her out while Leroy Jethro Gibbs went to speak with his NCIS friends in the waiting area. He had cigars to be handed out to his co-workers along with winning the weight contest on Shane.

Inside the waiting room sleeping was Torres, McGee, Bishop, Kasie and Leon Vance getting up when they saw Gibbs come back out to say...

"Shane weighed 7 pounds 16 ounces and I won the pool on the contest everyone." He handed out the special Cuba cigars he brought from a friend of his mailed to him from Mexico.

"Congratulations Gibbs. Now you can relax now that the baby is born and you finally go after Hernandez?" Director Leon Vance had to say to his friend and supervisor agent for his team.

"As long as things are quiet. When do you think we find out from the DOD Leon?" Gibbs needed to asked being concerned for himself, Shane and his wife. She's afraid for the most part with the fact that next time her husband will not be coming back alive at the hands of Hernandez.

"Why knows Gibbs? I will have to put a fire under them and see if a mission will get ready to go after the regime, his weapons, drugs and most of all Hernandez and his second-in-command."


DOD Chambers Senator STEVEN HILL in chambers was reading the endless reports on the different operations throughout the globe. However he was waiting on an agent working undercover in Somalia, Paraguay. His name is Gordy Garcia age 42 had been running back and forth from Hernandez new base camp and the Marines base with sending messages to the states and other officials.

However using his phone using the international number. Gordy Placed the call to Steven Hill in Washington, D.C. to let him know about the new shipments are arriving in a few days into Somalia for the regime.

Dialing the number and with the connection going through. Senator Hill's phone started to ring for which he left in his black coat jacket. He had reached for the phone to answer it right away. "Hello this is Senator Hill of the DOD how can I help you?"

"Senator Hill this is Gordy in Somalia I need to be quick with this call. I wanted to let you know that Jose Juan Hernandez has moved all of his regime soldiers into the new base camp along with the weapons and drugs."

"How long do you think Hernandez will be staying in the new base camp?" Hill needed to asked with letting NCIS and the marines to get ready for an operation.

"Hernandez is not going anywhere. He wants his revenge against Special Agent Gibbs and he's hoping that he does come to Somalia, Paraguay." Gordy said before ending the call.

"Very well Gordy be careful with getting back into the camp. I will call everyone and send a transport over to the country." He hangs up the phone with Gordy turning to face his new friend Jose Juan Hernandez handing him an envelope filled with money.

Speaking in Spanish..."Thank you, I can't wait to get my hands on Gibbs again." Hernandez said with anger in his gut and demeanor.

They headed in the jeep in the direction of the base camp.


After speaking with a number of members on the hill. Senator Steven Hill decided to call Director Leon Vance to cause quite a fire fight with his team members in including Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Pulling out his cell phone to call the director that evening at his house reading in his living room finishing up the last of his pizza. When his cell phone sitting on the table began to go off...He had gotten up to grab the phone to answer it to see the senator's name on the screen.

In a cryptic tone of his voice he said the following..."Don't tell me you heard something Senator?"

"I did. Hernandez and his regime has gone back to the base camp in Somalia with his regime moving in with all new shipments of the weapons and drugs in a few days. My source tells me that this terrorist member is not going anywhere for now and the fact there are hostages of slave woman and including a woman named Maria.." He said to peak Vance's curiosity.

"Damn! Gibbs mention this woman to me when he came back alive the last time. I will have to make mention to him when I call him and start an interesting fight between him and his wife."

"He has a job that needs to be done Leon. Don't you think?" Senator Hill had to say with having many battles with the director over the years.