Chapter 1

Out we go

"Marcus get out of there now! There is no more time to spare, we have to go!"

"We will need that food when we will get out here, hold tight!" Marcus shouted back while scavenging some leftover canned beef from a store shelf

Alex stood there looking in the cart, inspecting if they had everything they needed to survive a few weeks. "Canned beef, check. Water, check-" his counting was interrupted by a man in a ski mask.

The man didn't seem to be very happy with Marcus taking all the food. "Oi mate, spare some!" he shouted while taking a knife out from his jeans pocket.

Alex noticed the knife and a lot of apocalypse movies came to his mind. It was a pretty default apocalypse for a movie but once he felt that it all was for real and it will not end with end credits featuring some general actors he started pushing the cart ahead of him as fast as he could. He wanted to escape, he didn't want to think about what was happening now. The last thing that Alex wanted right now is him or his friends getting hurt.

It has barely been thirty minutes since the broadcast but all of the city just felt like it was being ripped apart and terrorized by the news. Everyone fighting for their lives trying to scavenge everything and anything they could. Some were trying to rob shops for easy goods, some were understanding that stealing a tv or new iPod won't save them in long term so they were getting in teams and stocking up on food and things that will help them to live long term.

A thought ran somewhere deep inside Alex. Why is all of that happening? Will I ever be at peace? he neared the exit when Marcus caught up pushing him on the shoulder and running toward their car to unlock it.

Marcus started fiddling with his key in the car door trying to get it opened. It wasn't easy getting it in just because of all the stress and adrenaline that he was experiencing. Once the locks were unlocked he sprinted to the trunk and got it open quickly. His hands were shaking as he started unloading the cart together with Alex.

The two looked back at the shop entrance, it was a complete mess. People were running, fighting and doing all the inhumane things possible. Just some hours ago this was a civilized place, but now it was like the epicenter of hell.

"Close call there pal. Seems like we might actually make it out alive." Alex said while jumping in the passenger seat.

Marcus ran around the car closing the trunk shut and hopping in the driver's seat. With a quick turn of the key, the car was started. "Call Sarah. Tell her that we will pick them up in ten minutes near her house." Marcus stepped on the accelerator and they drove off as fast as they could hoping that the roads were still intact for them to drive on. They had no idea where they would go. Marcus tried to stay optimistic as he always did in hard situations in his life.