Chapter 2

Conviction to change

As they were on the road, Alex immediately began to dial Rachel's number while Marcus was driving at a very fast rate. Alex wasn't focusing on whether or not this was the speed limit they should be at, that didn't matter. The virus was spreading and they couldn't get affected by it at all. It would all be too bad if they caught that virus.

When he dialed Rachel's number the phone began to ring and Alex placed the phone near his ear getting a little agitated but he was trying to remain calm. "Come on, Rachel. Pick up."

Rachel spent last week hiding at home. Since she read the news in some magazine she felt an urge to just hide. Hide and hope that it all will go away soon. She had no skills of survival in the wild and there was no real chance to escape as they were stranded on a relatively small island for such amounts of people. She had no car which lessened her survival chance even more. All she could do is hide in her small flat and hope for the best as that emergency broadcast an hour ago spooked her beyond imaginable forcing her to stay home.

The phone rang. She sprinted towards it as she heard the ringtone play on the kitchen table. "Hello." She picked the phone up without hesitation to see who it could be calling. A call could be good news. News that it is all over. Rachel did not want to think about anything else, she just wanted it all to be over.

It was a relief when Alex heard Rachel's voice on the phone. He didn't have the time though to relax. "Rachel, it's Alex. You alright? Marcus and I got everything we need and we'll be at the house in 10 minutes."

Rachel was speechless. Only a short time ago she heard that the whole of London is being infected and that there are people dying on the streets and now there are two friends wanting to come into her house from the outside? "What?" She asked weakly. She was just in too much stress to think properly as she just pushed the earpiece to her hoping to just get a slight insight on what was happening and why they would be at her house.

"Rachel, we need you to be ready, we'll be by soon. We didn't get infected by the virus and we got all the supplies we need to survive. Are you alright, did something happen?" Alex could hear Rachel's frightened voice and hoped that she was alright and nothing bad happened.

"News happened Alex. Have you seen what they say? It is all over the place!" Rachel was freaking out as the fear was just pushing against her throat. She wanted to hide and just be safe inside her house. Nothing more. She was usually up for things but now it felt like Alex was crazy with his idea to escape.

"Rachel, calm down," Alex said the calmest he could. "Just keep inside the house until we get there." He then covered the phone and looked at Marcus. "Hurry up, we need to get to Rachel's house fast."

Marcus drove fast but he tried his best to be careful. They were lucky to not drive into some dead traffic or a roadblock organized by the army. He shook his head slightly "You want to get there in one piece? If you do keep quiet. I'm trying my best." He spoke calmly as they were driving down the highway about to leave London as Rachel lived just outside the suburban zone.

Rachel was breathing in the earpiece trying to keep it all in herself. When she heard some rumbling on the phone she thought that something bad has happened to them and without even realizing it started to panic. "Alex! Alex!" She exclaimed.

Alex heard Rachel panicking on the phone and he placed it near his ear once more. "I'm still here, Rachel. Keep calm, we're almost there." He was trying to keep Rachel calmed down some and even as this whole virus was scary to say the least he didn't want Rachel to have a panic attack. "Just keep calm."

"What do you mean keep calm? what is it even all about?" Rachel kept asking questions in a panicking manner.

Marcus took the phone out from Alex's hand and closed it shut. He was trying to concentrate on the driving but instead was listening to screaming Rachel and talking Alex. "We're almost there. No much use of words if she's panicking." He spoke calmly and turned off the highway entering a small neighborhood.

When Rachel heard the silence she felt two things at the same time. Fear and Anger. She realized that someone stopped the call but she wasn't entirely sure and she was just hoping that the two were fine. She did not know what was up so she just sat on the floor with the earpiece in her hands and closed her eyes.

Alex snatched his phone back from Marcus annoyed by what he did. He then started to breathe calmly as now wasn't a good time to argue with Marcus. "Just focus on getting to Rachel's house." He then rubbed his temples and hoped to be out of this madness soon.

"I'm trying to do just that." Marcus spoke with a slight tone of annoyance because he was really trying and Alex's and Rachel's racket was distracting him. They arrived near Rachel's house. It was a pretty old two story house with four flats in it. Marcus bobbed his head back and forth to see if anyone was around here. Lucky enough the streets were empty.

"I'm calling her," Alex said and started to dial Rachel's number and it started to ring. He waited for Rachel to pick up so he could tell her that they had to get going.

However, what Alex didn't know was that Rachel was holding the phone in her hands and that meant that no calls could go through the line. Rachel at that time still sat on the floor with her back against the wall, she wasn't waiting for anything or anybody. She just sat and hoped for all this to end.

Marcus turned off the engine and a complete silence dropped in. The car engine still ticked from the warmth as it was a pretty warm and clear summer day. Not too hot, just the right temperature to feel good. A news forecast assumed that a strong cyclone would be approaching them overnight as it held a western course. However, it was not troubling Marcus as he simply did not remember it.

It reached to voicemail and Alex cursed and closed his phone shut. He then looked to the door and had to go with plan B. He took his seatbelt off and started to get out of the car. "I'm going up there." When Alex got out of the car he started to make his way to the porch as fast as he could. As soon as he got to the door he pounded on it. "Rachel, you in there? Come on, we need to go."

Rachel heard someone knocking on her door. She placed the earpiece on the ground and stood up quietly. She approached the door and used the peephole to check who was there. She was relieved but stressed at the same time. She tried her best to avoid this virus at all costs but now potentially he could have it. A disaster really. She spoke back. "I'm not going anywhere with you. You could be infected!" She spoke paranoid.

Alex was now getting annoyed now but he could understand Rachel's worry at the moment. "Rachel, we don't have time for this, we need to go. We're not infected by it, you gotta believe me. Alright, at least put something on to cover your mouth and nose at least if you're that worried about getting infected. But we need to go."

Rachel felt two strong feelings at the same time, the crazy urge to just get out of here as quickly as she could and staying here for as long as all the madness would last. But one second she just realized. Why not spend her last days living and not just sitting in a flat waiting for good, good does not come on its own. She spoke then "Alright. Give me a minute." She then jogged back to the living room and took a respirator that she stole from the science Lab just some days before all the madness occurred. She placed it on and the breathing got harder. Rachel, however, would pay that price for her safety. She then got back to the door and opened it.

When Alex saw that Rachel was ready he nodded. "Alright, let's go." He then started to make his way to the car and when he did he looked at Marcus. "Marcus, start the car, Rachel's ready to go with us."

Rachel shook her head. What she was about to go into was just crazy. She spoke to Alex angrily "Do you even have a damn plan?" She then expected Alex to answer while she was running back and forth trying to get as many things packed into her backpack as it was possible.

"Of course I got a plan," Alex exclaimed to Rachel. "Just hurry up and we'll explain to you the plan on the way." He was hoping at least the plan they had would work and if not then then they would need a plan B, at least try to have a plan B if they didn't want to die from this virus.

"God, at least you have a plan, that's unusual but I'm glad you do." Rachel spoke sarcastically while still trying to fit as much as possible into the backpack. She had no idea what the plan was and they had no time to discuss so she was just assuming what things they might need. She thought that a med kit will be vital in such trip so she tried fitting it in. It was huge and it made her sacrifice most of the space in the backpack in favor of the med kit. In a couple of minutes she was ready. Rachel panicked a lot about this trip, this was the most dangerous and unsettling idea that she ever had, to join in for such adventure. With her backpack full she moved out from the main door, she placed the backpack on the floor to try and find the keys in the overpacked bag. Her hands shook as she was digging inside the backpack trying to find the keys to lock the door while she was away.

Alex was already in the car by then while Rachel was trying to find her keys in her backpack so she could lock the door. They couldn't waste time and if they did it might be too late by then. "Rachel, hurry up!" He didn't like to yell at someone but if he had to it was for good reasons.

Rachel hummed something when she decided to ditch the idea to lock the door. She closed her backpack shut and stood up. She spoke annoyed, her voice muffled due to the respirator that she had on. "Alright, Let's go!" She got the bag comfortably on her back and was ready to leave the whole life behind and run. She hoped that it was a right thing to make. It didn't really matter at this point.

Alex waited for Marcus to start the car so he could explain to Rachel the plan they had. They were getting out of here no matter what and Alex hoped that the plan that he had would work. He didn't say anything to Rachel after she said what she said but he did roll his eyes annoyed. They really didn't have the time to argue as they needed to get out of here, asap.

Rachel jumped in the back seat throwing her bag in first. She Then sat behind Alex and gave Marcus a curious look. "Hey, you said you had a plan. I'm listening, If you don't I'm out. I still feel like staying alive.

Marcus decided that it would be easier if he did not listen or explain himself right here so he started the car and they left. He wasn't really caring if Rachel was going to be upset now as they really had no plan but he thought that they could come up with something. Together.

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