Chapter 3

The Thoroughfare

Marcus hadn't shared his thoughts yet but he had an idea. He had a friend who worked in some wildlife rehabilitation center just outside of London, he was a pretty wise friend and a close one to Marcus so he decided that trying to pick him up too would be a good idea. Without taking his eyes off the road he pulled out his phone and gave it to Alex in the passenger seat. "Could you find Connor Wildlife in the contacts, and call him? Put him on the loudspeaker so that I can talk to him. It's regarding the plan of ours." Marcus spoke calmly with a tense intonation on the end of the sentence.

Alex nodded without asking any questions and started to look for who Marcus said to look for. He searched carefully for the name Marcus spoke of and when he found it he started to call that name and while it was ringing he put in on the loudspeaker. He wasn't sure who this Connor Wildlife was but he assumed that it was a friend of Marcus's. As the phone was ringing, Alex wanted to look at Rachel to see if she was alright but judging from what happened back at the house it was pretty clear that she was freaking out about this virus spreading.

After a couple more rings, he heard someone pick up on the other end. "Connor speaking."

Rachel sat quietly in the back of the car with her respirator on, she had no idea what these two were up to, they just seemed crazy to her at the moment. They had no protection on them and now there would be someone else? Even more at risk to get infected. She regretted getting into this all. She could be at home, drinking tea or whatever. Feeling calm. Just now Rachel understood that back home she felt calm, it was now that she felt anxious and completely out from a safe spot. She remained quiet.

Marcus spoke while keeping his hands on the steering wheel. "Hey, Connor. It's Mark. I'm with Alex and another friend of mine. We escaped from London. How's the situation at your place?" Marcus spoke friendly yet agitated as they still had no plan.

"Oh, hey Marcus," Connor spoke on the other end as calmly as he could with a little fear in it. "It's good you managed to escape. I heard that the virus was spreading to everyone there now very fast. Things are not looking too good here at the moment and I'm trying not to get infected by the virus. I had a plan in mind though, where are you guys anyway?"

"I'm telling you, just left London, about thirty-five minutes away from you. If nothing unexpected comes up of course. Tell me about the plan." Marcus spoke calmly, he was kind of relieved that at least Connor had a plan in mind. It was a good sign at least.

It was silent for a few seconds but luckily Connor's voice was heard once again. "Alright, the plan I had in mind was that we would escape to another country, Sweden was what I was thinking because the virus hasn't spread there. Taking a plane or a train would not be the best idea, but a boat would be beneficial enough to take. That's the plan as far as it goes anyways."

Alex listened silently as he was on "phone duty" but he listened carefully to what Connor was saying. What he was saying sounded like a plan that they could all work with. He did have some questions though but he didn't ask any of the questions he had in mind. He decided to ask Connor these questions when they got to where Connor was.

Marcus thought about it for a couple of seconds. "Alright, at least we're clear on that. And how are you so sure about Sweden?" Marcus then stopped talking as he felt that his pessimism was getting too invasive. "Alright. Can you elaborate on the plan? We don't have a boat. Or not one that I know of. But all the borders are closed, so boat really is the only option if we want to leave." Marcus spoke curiously. He was thinking hard as he was trying to think of a safe way to execute it all.

Rachel remained quiet. She was in too much of a shock to even think straight. She was just looking outside her window, forest was flying by on the left. She felt like the whole world collapsed for her. Life as it used to be will never be back.

Connor said on the other end. "We just need to find one as I don't have one. If you heard the news more the virus hasn't spread to where Sweden is so that's how sure I am and I made sure to check very carefully if I was right or not and so far it's correct as far as it goes."

"You don't have a boat?" Alex said, now talking.

"No, unfortunately I don't but I do think we can get a boat somehow. It's going to be risky but it might be worth it in the end, at least that's what I'm hoping."

Alex looked at Marcus to see what he thought of this. So many thoughts were on his mind at the moment as he processed what Connor just said. Would this plan even work if they went through with it?

Marcus shook his head. "Get a boat. That sounds simple enough." he spoke sarcastically. "You're not thinking of stealing a boat? Who will even steer it? Connor. Your plan is mad, I don't know how you think that it's going to work." Then some realization hit Marcus's head. "There is no other way." he spoke slowly in the phone. Such a crazy plan could be their only opportunity to survive. Marcus remained quiet as he was imagining things now. Getting a boat. How would they even get a boat?

Connor sighed on the other end. "It's really the only way, Marcus. As much as I wish there was another way this is pretty much our only option at this point. I can do the steering once we find a boat and we'll have to be careful when we try to get one. I even know a place we can get one."

Marcus spoke with a quiet grumble. "Alright. We're underway. Pack your things or whatever. We'll have to be quick." He wasn't sure where they would get a boat but this is the closest they got to a plan. Marcus tried his best to conceal his fear but somewhere deep inside it was getting him. All he knew was that he needed to stay brave and fight until the end