Chapter 4


In a while the group made their way out from the city, the countryside could be seen in both directions. They were about to get to Connor.

Marcus opened all windows, the air was fresh, they escaped the hot concrete city and were driving on a cool countryside road, trees providing them with shade from the sun as they neared to their destination. Marcus had a small smile on his face as the drive relaxed him a bit, he hasn't seen any people on the roads and it felt like they were all alone on the roads. "Alright, we're almost there. You ready Alex? We'll go in and will help Connor. Hopefully we'll be quick.

Rachel remained quiet throughout the whole journey, she too felt calmer when they left the city as no people were nearby meaning that they were safe. Her brain however was telling her to not take the respirator off at any cost. She could not explain it she decided to not doubt her feelings. So she kept it on.

Alex was busy just looking at the scenery and so far he was very much relaxed as no people could be seen on this day. Who knew where they were by now? He didn't think too much about it as he was mainly focused on wanting to get out of this country and he hoped that there was no virus in Sweden like Connor said. He kept on trying to relax and maybe if they had a rocket and could travel to the moon with it that would've been a good option as well, only problem was there was no way in hell that was even possible as there was no oxygen there, there was no water there, no food there, not even a civilization! Maybe aliens lived there but did they really?

Alex sighed as he felt like he's been reading too many science fiction books recently. "Yeah, sure. I'm ready."

The car drove up to an even narrower road and in a couple of minutes driving on it they pulled up at the dead end. They were faced against a wall, the sign on the wall stated "Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre 'Hope.' " Marcus shut the car off and he looked at Alex. "Let's go. In and out, we're on a time limit." he spoke quicker than usual, his voice sounded slightly agitated as he was excited to see what their next step would be.

Alex nodded and he started to get out of the car with Marcus and when they were out of the car they started to head inside to go get Connor. In and out was all that they needed to do.

Inside the building, a guy wearing some casual clothes and a pair of specs was in a rush. He was hurrying along trying to do something. He wanted to leave but he didn't want the animals that he cared for to be harmed in any way possible. He was going to each aviaries, quickly trying to feed the animals so they had the strength. Time was ticking as he was doing things the fastest he could.

Connor was trying to think if he missed any aviaries as far as feeding these animals went. "Let's see… What am I missing…?" He was checking off the animals he managed to feed in his head and then he came to one animal in particular and when he did his eyes widened in anxiety. "Bloody hell, the owls!" He then ran to where they kept the owls at so he could feed them as quickly as he could.

Marcus was navigating by the sounds that Connor was making. It was clear that he was in a rush. It was pretty loud here but Connor's sadness was louder. In a couple of minutes Marcus and Alex found Connor inside one of the aviaries. He decided that it would be best if they would wait for him outside as Connor seemed to be getting pretty intimate with the owl inside. It was a pleasant thing to see as Connor loved his job. It was great to see him at work.

After Connor felt like he fed all the owls he started to think again if he missed feeding any animals and he was muttering under his breath what animals he fed. He didn't notice Marcus and Alex as he was thinking and in his thoughts. Connor did not like to leave any animals unfed and if they were unfed he felt terrible about himself. He very much so cared about these animals as they had feelings like a human being does.

The group was in a sort of rush to escape so Marcus thought that it would be good to try and hurry Connor to leave, he knew that it was hard for him but they could not afford to lose time. He knocked on the glass window to the aviary door trying to get Connor's attention. He just hoped that he would not take too long as leaving before dark would be essential as they had no place to sleep. Marcus tried to stay calm as he tried to find Connor in the window.

Connor got out of his thoughts when he heard tapping against the window and he looked to see two guys standing near the window. He recognized one of them to be Marcus. Without wasting a moment, Connor started to make his way out and as he did he made sure to shut the door carefully so none of the owls got out. When it was shut all the way he then looked at Marcus. "Marcus, hey…" He then looked at Alex and slightly nodded at him. "Alex I presume?"

Alex nodded when Marcus guessed correctly. "Guilty as charged."

Marcus smiled a bit. "Hey Connor" He spoke calmly. He tried to act without drawing any suspicion from Connor. "How are the owls of yours?" He asked to break the ice as the silence was pushing on him a bit. He wanted to try to not upset Connor because as he believed it would be difficult for Connor to let go of such precious creatures as once they left there would be nobody on this earth to feed them.

Connor pushed his specs up his nose and then sighed as leaving these animals here was unbearable for him. "They're doing great, it's sad that I'll have to leave them and the other animals here…" He then rubbed his eyes with two of his fingers and after he did he looked back at Marcus. "Marcus, I don't know if I even want to leave them or any of the other animals here… I don't know if I can even live with that. It's like a child not wanting to abandon a puppy on the streets…"

Marcus nodded understandingly. He knew what such pain could feel like as love was a strong feeling and Connor was definitely attached to the animals here. "I know... I know…" He spoke sadly. "But Connor. As tough as the decision may have to be we have to leave. Friend." He approached Connor and placed his hand on his shoulder. "You did everything you could for them. You can't help them anymore." He added making a dull face as it was painful for him too. "It will be a miracle if we will find a way to help ourselves." Marcus spoke in a calmer tone.

Alex could see that Connor looked like he really did care for these animals, it could all be seen in his vacant brown eyes. He remained quiet as Marcus spoke to his friend and wasn't sure what to say. But it seemed like it was all very painful for Connor as he would be leaving all these animals behind.

As Connor thought about what Marcus said an then idea formed in his head. It might have been a stupid idea but right now he didn't care. "Well… I may not be able to care for them anymore but I can't let them stay here like this… They need to have their freedom into the wild. I can at least help them go to where they really do belong."

With that, Connor went to the aviary the owls were in and opened the door so they could fly out and when he did he went to other aviaries and started to open those doors as well so the other animals could get out and as he did many of the animals were flying out of their aviaries. Connor made sure to open every entrance possible for the animals to fly out of so they could go back to the wild. They were wild animals and not prisoners after all.

If it was a usual day Marcus would think that Connor has lost his mind. These animals here were for a reason due to injuries and some would never be able to survive in the wild. It pained Marcus to see them leave as he knew what faith awaited them on the outside. However it was Connor's choice as their caregiver. They would die either way and it would make Connor feel easier if it happened in the wild while they were flying rather than in a locked aviary. He watched the birds leave in silence.

Alex too watched the birds leave in silence. He wasn't sure if these birds would make it out there as some of them were still injured but it was Connor's choice and not theirs. He had to admit that Connor really did have a love for these guys.

After Connor did what he did after a lot of running and opening doors and windows he then whispered. "Good bye…" He did everything he could not to cry and he started to breathe steadily. After a moment he then walked back over to the two with that sad expression still on his face. He then nodded slowly. "I'm ready to go.."

Marcus nodded in agreement. It was hard for Connor for sure. He gave him a pat on the back to comfort him. "You did your best." He then waited for Connor to proceed as he would not be pushing on him. It was a difficult choice he had to make and he held on great.

Connor nodded sadly as it would be difficult for him. Perhaps he would one day care for animals again, as of now though getting out of this country was their main priority. "I'll go get my things.." He then quickly went to go grab what he was taking with him on the trip.

Marcus waited with Alex, he looked at him while Connor was gone. He spoke quietly. "Poor guy. He is making a great sacrifice." He really hated the decision that Connor had to make but with them fleeing without turning back they were in the same danger as those poor animals that were released into the wild unprepared.

Alex nodded in agreement. "Yeah, he really is… Looks like he really did care for those animals. We all have something to lose at some points though, even in the most difficult of times"

Marcus started walking back and forth in the hallway waiting for Connor. He was waiting patiently as he was sure that Connor would try his best to be quick. He looked at Alex for a hot second but then pulled his gaze away as he had nothing to say. He felt kind of lost in his own head from everything that has happened in the past couple of hours.

Some minutes later, Connor came back with a duffel bag and a couple backpacks with the necessary items he needed and as he walked towards them he nodded slowly. "Alright… ready whenever you two are…"

Marcus nodded without saying anything. He looked at the bags that Connor had on him and took one of the backpacks on his shoulder. He then spoke. "Let's get this show on the road. Shall We?" The group then started walking towards the car.

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