Characters for Order of Merlin

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Monseigneur Regulus Brown - born Regulus Black, brother of Sirius Black

Knight Commander Sir Romano Chariton

Gertrude Wagner - Sister Gisele - resistance fighter before taking her orders, she works as a contract employee from time to time for Gringotts to help the Order, mentored several knights and orphans, and performs other duties for the Order of Merlin as needed.

Sir Charles Hector - Knight of the Order, mentors several squires and apprentices, is Harry Potter's knight for Harry's training.

'Rock' Chatham aka Sir Rodney Chatham - Knight of the Order, teacher and mentor

Dame Rebecca Flores - studied at Hogwarts, teaches charms and transfiguration as part of her mentoring, is Squire Hermione's knight.

Sir Jerome Kerveil - French knight, distant cousin to Delacour, High Council, child of a Veela princess when she was sixteen. Dedicated to the Order, not abandoned like some of the others by his grandparents. He was told that his father was killed and his mother incapable of taking care of him.

Joseph Kerveil - son of the same princess - in the same training as Harry Potter, and is of a similar age, raised in Rome by the sweet (and occasionally sour) sisters.

Kyle Rosier - Squib but doesn't want to admit it. Rescued by Remus Lupin when his mother sold him to become a werewolf and soldier for the Dark Lord

Sir Gerard Arsenau - High Council

James Matheson - born in Surrey. Muggleborn. Works as French auror

Edward Long - spy serving Queen Elenore

Briokz - goblin lawyer position called Dharma


Her Majesty Queen Elenore of Spain, 89 when Harry is 14

Queen Ifeoma - Veela Queen

Jean-Gabriel - King of France