~ Baby Roach Drabbles ~

Jaskier had made a little picture book full of pictures of all kinds of horses (both the regular kind and magical creatures) and was now showing it to the child for the first time.

The first picture was a brown horse that looked a lot like big Roach.

Baby Roach pointed to the picture and said, "Roach!"

"Yes, that's Roach."

Jaskier turned the page. On this one was a small black horse.

"Baby Roach!" said Baby Roach.

"Yep, there you are." Jaskier turned the page. "And who's this?"

"... white Roach."

And so the pattern continued, and Jaskier realized that the baby kelpie thought all horses were named Roach. Of course, he knew exactly why she thought that. He was going to have to have words with Geralt about that at some point...

Then they arrived at the pages on which the magical creatures were drawn.

"And what's this?"


Baby Roach frowned down at the picture of a horse that had wings.

"Flying Roach?"

"It's a pegasus," Jaskier told her.

He turned the page to a picture of a unicorn.

"And what's this one?"

"Hmm... horny Roach."