"Booyah!" Cyborg exclaimed, hands in the air, as Beastboy groaned in defeat.

The heroes were enjoying an all-to-rare quiet evening, the boys playing video games while Raven read and Starfire worked on a paper quill picture of the five friends - the latest of a long list of abandoned hobbies.

"Alright, my turn Beastboy." Robin said, reaching for the controller.

"Dude, you must be cheating somehow with that hardwired brain of yours." The green boy complained as he tossed the controller to Robin.

"Just accept defeat graciously for once." Cyborg countered, grinning.

"Raven, you'll back me up, right?" He asked, turning to the violet haired girl curled up beside him on the large sectional. "Can't you sense him using mechanical advantages while he's playing?"

"I'm an empath, Beastboy," Raven reminded her friend for what must have been the thousandth time, "I sense emotions, not 'mechanical advantages.'"

"You might want to roll your eyes a little harder Rae, I can still see pupils." Beastboy replied, shifting to face her on the couch.

"Too bad you couldn't see that oil spill Cy left for you." Raven said, her face characteristically blank.

"Fine, so I suck at video games. I totally took out Cardiac last night." He shot back, stretching an arm across the couch behind her.

"If you want to brag about taking down a villain, Cardiac isn't the best option." She replied, flipping a page.

"Well, if he's so easy why didn't you finish him off, Rae?" Beastboy asked, leaning towards her.

"Maybe I like watching you flounder, Gar." Flip.

"If you want to see me flex my muscles, Rae, you just need to ask." He said, stretching a muscular arm out in front of her.

"If that was flexing, Adonis wouldn't need a robo-suit." Flip.

"I've taken Adonis out like four times!"

"Again, not the best option for bragging." Flip.

"You're just scared you'll have to push through all my adoring fans to get any Beastie time, you know chick's dig the ears." Beastboy said, his ears wagging at Raven a hands-length from her face.

"Riiight, green, pointy ears, every girl's fantasy."

"You know it!"

"It's right up there with claws, fangs and the name Garfield." Flip.

Raven finally looked up from her book at the unexpected silence. Beastboy was looking at her, his ears drooping, lips pressed together whitely. He stood abruptly and strode from the room without a word.

Raven followed her friend immediately, her book falling to the floor. He had made it to the roof before she caught up to him, the cool evening air enveloping her.

"Beastboy, I'm sorry. I should have noticed it was getting to you, and I should've left the name alone." She said softly, stopping behind him.

"It's not the name, Raven, " He said, hands gripping the railing, "I like our banter, it's just…"

She placed a hand on his arm and pulled him around to face her. "Just what?"

He sighed, leaning back on the railing and fidgeting with the edge of her cloak. "Usually there's some positive stuff too. I guess it's just been awhile since I've gotten any affirmation from you."

Beastboy glanced up at Raven and furrowed an eyebrow at the small smirk she wore.

"You want affirmation?" She asked, her own eyebrow raised and her voice dipping ominously.

"Uh, yes?" He replied, bracing his hands on the railing to lean further back as she stepped up toe-to-toe with him. Despite being friends - best friends - for years she still regularly caught him off guard. His pulse raced in proportion to his whirring thoughts as her small hands rested on his chest and she slowly leaned against him.

She pressed up on tiptoes, smirk fading as her eyelids fell. Her lips met his firmly; cool and tasting of tea. His whirring thoughts stopped, her kiss demanding his full attention.

His hands had just settled on the small of her back when she straightened enough to look at him again, the smirk back in place.

"Is that enough affirmation, Garfield?" She asked in the same low voice, only it no longer sounded ominous.

"I think I could use a bit more." He replied dizzily as he pressed his lips against hers again.