Summary: Do you believe in Destiny? A teenager had trouble answering that question as he went along with the monotony of his day to day life. He wanted to understand his purpose in life and to feel accomplished. Was he destined to just die an average man, or was he destined for Greatness? As if hearing his prayer, he was reborn in a universe with dragons, devils, gods, fallen angels, and... busty anime girls? Well, it looks like Jeffrey is going to have to embark on a journey with many different stumbles and roadblocks. But hey, it's definitely better than having to live in the real world! And even better, his life is now a Video Game! SI/OC Gamer Fic

I: The Day of Fate

What is the meaning of life?

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

What is my Destiny?

These were questions that I always asked myself. These were life's "biggest questions." A lot of people would generally ask them from time to time. But I always noticed that while we asked these questions sometimes, we never really put in the effort to actually try to answer them.

Most people would just say, "We will probably never find the answer, so why worry about it?"

I was not like most people.

Far from it, actually. People would always tell me that I was a very weird guy, whether in a good or bad way.

To me, these are very important questions. If you're willing to ask a question, why wouldn't you want it answered? What was the point of life if you were just going to live doing the same boring shit over and over?

And for this reason, I always felt isolated from the rest of my peers. Of course I had friends, great friends even, but even they would sometimes look at me weird for the way I think, the way I act, or some of my beliefs or strong opinions.

But what was so weird about that?

What's so weird about wanting to know your purpose? Or your destiny? Do people just think that we're put here on this Earth for no real reason? That we were not meant to really achieve anything? Just living life for the sake of living it?

Well I didn't want to be like most people. I wanted to find the answers to these questions. I refused to waste my life away day by day, just going with the flow of a monotonous life with no real end goal. What was the point in putting so much effort in life if there was no real purpose? Something without purpose is meaningless in my eyes and if I don't know what my purpose is then life isn't worth living anyway.

So I was going to figure that purpose out no matter what it takes.

But I guess it wasn't meant to be…

Do people realize just how fragile life is? How valuable it is?

At any, and I mean any moment, it could end.

And you wouldn't even know it.

I had to learn this the hard way.

Traffic lights exist for a reason. It's very simple really. When the light is red, the drivers must stop their car in order to give pedestrians the chance to walk across the street. Then once it goes to green, the drivers can continue driving and the pedestrians have to stand and wait until it is their turn to walk again.

Simple right?

You would think people would understand this extremely easy concept and follow the rules. In a perfect world, everyone would abide by this and there would be no chaos and no accidents or tragedies.

But this is not a perfect world.

I think it was around 10 P.M.. I had just gotten back from a college trip. It was my senior year of high school and we were visiting colleges that we were interested in applying to. And the one I was just coming back from seemed like it was going to be my number 1 choice. My friends and I had a lot of fun as it was a week-long overnight trip. I believe we were all planning on going to that college. I was looking forward to it since you know, we were not going to be separated once we graduated and I was looking forward to the experience.

Fate had different plans though.

The traffic light signals that it was now our turn to talk. The cars were stopped as they should be. As I'm walking, I notice a car that was going a little too fast and the way it was slightly turning seemed like the driver was intoxicated. I was about to get out of the way when I noticed a girl, who looked to be around my age, had her head looking down on her phone with AirPods on probably at max volume so she couldn't really hear the people who were screaming at her to stop and get out of the way.

Time slowed down. At least for me. It's hard to explain but you know those video games where you have to make important choices and those choices impact the story and what will happen in the future? The games that were made by TellTale. There we go, now you can probably understand what I felt if you played those games.

From where I was, I could run and throw the girl aside making sure she was out of range of the drunk driver. That was my first choice. My second choice was I could just get out of the way and let her get hit by the car and hope that she makes it out alive.

I saw how fast that car was going. She was also looking down and completely unaware of what was about to happen to her. So there was no way that she could prepare herself for the impact.

If she got hit… she was not going to survive.

I only really had a split second to make a choice. If I didn't decide now, she was going to die. I had to act fast.

My body moved on its own.

Being a Track Star really helped me out on this occasion. I sprinted as fast as I could and pushed the girl as hard as possible so that she was as far away from the car as possible. She was shocked by the impact and tumbled down to the floor. The bystanders looked at me as if I was crazy but they were also shocked at my apparent bravery.

That's all I really had time to do because as soon as I got her out of the way, I got run over by the drunk driver.

If you've never got hit by a car before or been in some type of accident in a vehicle then you probably will never understand the amount of shock and pain my body felt once the car connected. Immediately I heard something crack. Various things actually. Blood gushed out of my throat as I gasped for air. I felt my cells screaming in pain as they desperately needed oxygen. I couldn't really help them out since it hurt so much to breathe. I could not move. I think my whole body was broken to be very honest.

The witnesses all screamed in panic. I didn't blame them. They saw a young man get trampled. It had to have been a traumatic experience. I know it was for me. I saw them getting their phones to call 911. Others were recording it. Probably to post it on snapchat or send it to their friends. Bastards getting clout off of me getting run over by a car. Instead of helping either me or the girl I saved, they rather post my dying body on social media.

I noticed the girl I saved looked at me in shock and then began to shed tears as she realized what happened. I saw the guilt in her eyes. She rushed over to me to apologize and shouted to the bystanders to call an ambulance.

Even though I was in pain, I was relaxed. I knew I wasn't going to make it. By the time the ambulance got here I would have lost too much blood. The cells would stop functioning after not receiving enough oxygen and all of my organs would cease.

The girl tried to talk to me. My senses were dwindling. My dying body wasn't able to register what was going on around me. All I knew is that I was losing a lot of blood, my bones were most likely broken, I couldn't move, and I was for sure a goner any minute now.

'So this was my purpose? To die to a drunk driving before the age of 20. Was that my fate? My Destiny?' I thought to myself.

The girl was still sitting next to me. She was probably waiting for an ambulance to come. It may have been a scary feeling for her. She was moments away from death. And in her place is a boy her age covered in his own blood.

I didn't know what to do. What can I do? I'm dying. I'm going to die. I will die. There's no going back now. I made the choice. I didn't have to. But I did it. Did I think I was going to survive getting hit by a car going? Could I have avoided it? No. It was either I got hit or she did. She wasn't going to survive. So I took action. Do I regret it? Maybe, but it doesn't matter now. I can't change it. I did what I thought was right. I saved a life. I can Rest In Peace knowing that.

I looked towards the face of the life I saved. She had tears in her eyes. She looked sad, distressed, scared, and guilty. Is this the first time she's seen someone die? Doesn't she know that it's not her fault? Why would she feel guilty. It was the driver's fault if anything. But I didn't have enough energy to get mad or blame anyone. I accepted it for what it is. I wish I could've done so many things before I died. I'm not going to be able to say goodbye to my friends and family. How are they going to take their death? Will they miss me? How long will it take them to grieve? I hope I don't make them sad for very long. I want them to live their life and not be depressed over me.

It was now that I noticed the color of the girl's hair. Red. Crimson just like the blood that was spilled all over me. She had pretty hair. I always had a thing for redheads. It's a good thing I saved her. It would have been a shame if a beauty like her died so young.

With all the strength I had left, I reached to grab her hand which was on my chest. With my mouth full of blood, I smiled at her and gave my last words.

"You have beautiful hair."

I closed my eyes in defeat.

'What a way to go out.'

When the ambulance arrived, it was pretty much too late. By the time I was in the emergency room, there was not much they could do.

I passed away at the age of 17.


[Would you care to give it another shot?]


"Uh what?"

The next time I opened my eyes, I was in a black void. I was naked, my glasses were gone, and the only thing I could see was a bright blue box saying "GAME OVER" and asking me if I would care to give it another shot, with the options of yes or no?

Obviously I was confused. When people talked about near death experiences, they never mentioned a blue box asking them to try again. Was I dreaming? Was this a sick prank? Am I in Hell?

"I'm dead… right?"

[Yes you are dead. Would you like to restart?]

"Restart? Restart what exactly?"

[Would you like to have a second chance at life after your death?]

"Second chance? Me? Why? Is this a prank? Is this just a dream? What's going on here? Where am I?" I asked frantically. I was getting nervous. I had just gone through the worst pain I ever felt in my life and now some bright blue box is telling me that I can start over? What in the Hell-

[You are not in Hell. Trust me, Hell is much worse than this. Since you're wondering what's going on, I'll explain. You died. After your death, your soul leaves your physical body and transcends from the material realm to the spiritual realm. Your soul is currently in limbo between those two realms. Think of it as purgatory. Usually you would just go to Heaven or Hell, but in this special case, you have a choice to try again in life and be reborn. No it is not a dream. No it is not a prank. This is very real. Now what do you choose?]

I widened my eyes in shock at the information I just heard. So right now, I'm supposed to be in either Heaven or Hell, but apparently my soul is stuck in limbo and now I have the choice to be reborn? What? This has to be a joke- no it already said it wasn't.

I looked up and said, "Before I make a decision, I have to ask you two questions. First, can you please tell me what will happen if I choose yes or no?"

[Glad you asked! If you choose to not to be reborn, then you will simply move on to Heaven where the good spirits reside. Since you mostly lived a moral life and sacrificed yourself to save another, then you will be privileged with the most harmonious and tranquil section of Heaven. Something not many have. However it can get really boring since you're going to be there for eternity and nothing really happens since everyone is a good soul so there are no arguments, fights, etc. And since you don't have a physical body, you can't even have sex or eat food.]

"What the- You can't eat food or have sex- Oh wait I guess that makse sense. Those two things are only desires of the flesh and not really of the spirit. You don't have a body so you don't really need food. Damn can I really go an eternity like that?"

[You won't have to if you choose to be reborn. Your soul will take residence in a fresh new body with all of your memories from your past life.]

"That sounds interesting but why would I do that? Starting over seems like a lot of work and what's the point anyway? I'm just gonna die again." I sighed in disappointment.

[Don't you want to know your purpose? You Destiny?]

I raised my eyebrows, "What do you mean?"

[Do you honestly think you were just meant to sacrifice your life to save just one girl from a drunk driver? Don't you believe that you are capable of much more?]

"Well… to be honest even though I did die fairly young, I would still do it all over again if given the chance. Doesn't matter if it was a lame as dying to a drunk driver. If I was able to save one, just one, person's life, then I believe it's worth it. If I didn't think it was worth it, then I would not have made the decision I made."

[You know most people would have saved their own tail and let the girl die, right?]

I smirked as I crossed my arms, "Well, I'm not like most people."

[And that is exactly why I am offering you this proposition. You have much more potential than you believe. If you truly want a life that has meaning and purpose, then this is your only chance to get it. If you truly want to make a difference and an impact, then this is your best bet! So what do you say?]

I pondered over the words of the text in front of me. I began to think of the pros and cons of each decision. If I picked Heaven, then I would be in peace for the rest of eternity. But the con of that would be pretty boring. Yeah, I could probably meet some cool historical people from the past and my ancestors. I would love to see both my grandmother and friend again who just passed away this year. I also get to find out the truth of the afterlife and see which religion got it right.

But on the other hand, I have a special offer that I know I won't ever get again. Another chance at life? I will get another chance to live life. This time with meaning and purpose. I now understand how fragile and valuable life truly was. This time I won't waste a second, and spend every moment to reach my full potential. To walk my highest path and just achieve something. To live and not just exist.

I made my decision.

I sighed, 'Sorry guys… looks like I won't be joining you just yet. I can't pass up this opportunity. Please wait a little longer.'

"Okay but before I accept, I have one more question. Why me? Why are you offering me something so great? Do I really deserve this?" People probably would have accepted already and not questioned it, but I'm the kind of person who feels guilty for accepting something I don't believe I earn. Yeah call me stupid or whatever, but that's just the kind of guy I am. Even if I do really deserve something, I might brush it off and not think too much of it. Most people might not understand. But again, I'm not like most people.

[The fact that you are questioning yourself is kind of funny. Do you realize how many people would have just accepted already? Regardless of whether or not they truly "deserved" it or not. That enough should already tell you that you are a unique person. While being humble is a good thing, you should learn to give yourself more credit. This is how I know you are worthy of this.]

"Wow… that's pretty deep. If I still had a body, I would probably be crying right about now. Heh, how unmanly of me.." I scoffed at myself. Here I am, receiving the opportunity of a lifetime and I was going to cry?

[Nothing unmanly about having human emotions. But that just shows you have a kind heart and care for others. So what will it be? Remember if you decline, you can't have sex in Heaven.]

"Why do you keep bringing that up? You perv!"

[I am not a pervert. I am just not a prude like you.]

"I am not a prude-"

[So what is your choice?]

I stopped mid sentence as I saw the very first blue screen from the beginning. The choices of Yes and No staring me down. It's as if they were looking at my very soul… well technically they were since I didn't have a body anymore. Damn, it's gonna take awhile to get used to being dead.

But that's only if I choose No. If I choose Yes, then I will be alive again. And this time… this time... it will be much better than last time!

This is the most important decision I'll ever get. If I don't make the right one then it will cost me for eternity. Literally. Also think of it this way: If I live a good and righteous life, then when I die again, I'll probably be going to Heaven anyway.

Yeah, Heaven can wait. I still have so much more work to do.

I tapped on Yes… sealing my Fate.

There was a loud beep and then a new box of text appeared.

[Congratulations! You made an excellent choice. You will now be reborn with all of your previous life's memories. Your soul will transfer to a newborn and then your life will start again!]

[Would you like to choose your name or leave it up to your parents?]

[Choose Name/Leave it to parents]

I blinked, "Oh I can choose my own name? That's cool. I guess I might as well. I don't want to be born with a weird or lame name."

I tapped on the Choose Name option and then a keyboard appeared on the screen.

[Type out your first name. You don't need to enter a middle or last name if you don't want to. It is recommended that you only enter a first name since having a different last name from your parents and family will be very odd and will cause suspicion.]

That makes sense. It would be weird if I had a different last name from my new parents. And it does seem sus. I don't need that attention towards me.

I typed out my name on the keyboard. I entered Jeffrey as my name. It was the name my father gave to me and I want to honor him even in death. It meant Divine Peace in German. I liked that about my name. I also will probably never get used to being referred to as anything other than my original name.

[Alrighty then, Jeffrey! Your journey will now begin! Have fun. And remember, never doubt yourself! Achieve your dreams! Fulfil your Destiny!]

That was the last piece of text I saw before the entire world became white and my soul was transported to my brand new life. And oh boy, I did not know what I was getting myself into. I did fulfill my Destiny… but I completely underestimated what that Destiny came out to be.

Once I was able to open my eyes again, they were flashed by bright lights and white ceiling. I heard exasperated panting, and there were a few people around me. One looked like a doctor and I assumed the others were nurses. I had blood all over me and I was completely naked. I was tired of seeing blood. I was so cold but I calmed down once the doctor placed a blanket on me. He then carried me to the person who was panting a lot.

I deduced that I was in the hospital and I was just born from my new mother. The dead give away was that I was small enough to be carried by the doctor as he placed me in my mother's arms.

[You have been officially born into your new life. This is your birth mother.]

I looked at my mother's eyes. I could see the love and devotion she had for me, like any mother usually has for their children. I guess that's what they call the maternal instinct. She held me so tight in her arms, not wanting to let me go. But she was still gentle and caring in the way she held me.

When I got a look at her, she was beautiful. Even though she was still noticeably in pain, I could see how my new birth father would fall in love with her. Long black midnight hair with hazel colored eyes, and a heart shaped face. She was very young. Probably still in her twenties. My original mother had me in her twenties as well. I guess it ain't all that different yet. It was interesting to actually consciously experience your own birth. Majority of people don't remember that early in their life. I certainly didn't.

My mother smiled at me as she stroked my small face and head, "You look just like your father. You have his hair, eyes and face. I can barely see any of myself in you. If I didn't just give birth to you, I don't think people would be able to tell that you were my son." Mom jokingly said as she chuckled. I could feel her in pain. Giving birth is no joke. It is very painful and takes a lot of devotion and willpower. Especially if you do it naturally, which it seems like what my mom did.

She mentioned that I looked just like my father. Well there is no mirror in the room and I can't see myself so I don't know what I look like. It makes me want to meet my father even more as I'm curious as to what I currently look like and how much my appearance has changed from my original life.

My mother then frowned as she kept looking at me suspiciously, "Why aren't you crying?"

I then realized that I didn't make a single sound yet. I was just blankly looking at my mother with an emotionless expression. That was probably creepy for her. Babies are supposed to cry when they are born. But I didn't. Great, I'm already causing suspicion 5 minutes into my new life. Without even trying.

"I don't know. That is odd. Babies usually cry once they exit the womb." The doctor who delivered me replied.

"I guess my son is just special from all of the rest," My mom said with happiness.

Well she wasn't wrong. Babies don't just pop out with 17 years of experience and knowledge.

"What are you going to name him?" One of the nurses asked.

"Jeffrey… Jeffrey… uhh" My mother seemed to be confused on what my last name should be. That's weird. Shouldn't my last name just be my father's last name? Did she not know his last name? Don't tell me they had a one night stand and mom didn't even know what his last name was!

Before I could panic even more at the prospect of having to grow up in a single-parent household, my mother gasped in pain as I could feel her hold over my small body loosen.

"She's lost a lot of blood! Get the baby out of the room while we work." The Doctor ordered as a nurse took me from my mother's hands and rushed me out to the room where they put the babies in right after they are born. I unconsciously put my little arms in front wanting to get back into my mother's arms. It felt unnatural to not be in them. I tried to yell out "Mom", but I literally couldn't. I didn't have any teeth and my vocal cords weren't developed enough.

As I was put into a small bed, I couldn't help but look up at the ceiling in thought. Was my mother going to be okay? The doctor said she had lost a lot of blood. Hopefully it wasn't too much. But she looked like she was in so much pain… Why didn't anyone tell me that childbirth was so painful?

I just laid there, staring at the ceiling. There was nothing much else I could do anyway. Not like I could talk to anyone, walk around or anything. I just sat there doing literally nothing. Me and my thoughts alone. Is this what babies did all day? How do they distract themselves? Nowadays, we could just use our phones whenever. We literally never have to be bored. But now that I don't have access to any of those, I'm just left alone with only my mind. I guess this is how monks meditate all day.

'I guess, I'll take a nap.' I thought as I closed my eyes and allowed myself to fall into slumber.

I found myself in a black void once again. I thought I was back in purgatory, but then I started seeing flashes of my previous life. All going into my skull at the same time. I saw all of the memories from the time I was born to my eventual death. It was like a download file that was bigger than what a computer could handle. My little undeveloped brain could barely handle it. Or at least it shouldn't. It hurt at first, but then I started to calm down and became relatively calm. All of the happy moments, the sad moments, all of the knowledge I learned from my experiences, teachers, media, were all just coming at me full throttle. It was actually amazing how much knowledge I was able to attain in my rather short lifetime. Was I just lucky? Or did everyone attain the same knowledge and they just don't apply it? That really got me thinking into how much time I really wasted and how much more I possibly could have done for the world.

Sure, I was young. The majority of young people have that mindset of where they will just do it when they are older and enjoy life now for as long as they can retain their youth. But as I now know, being young doesn't mean you are exempt from death. I had to learn the hard way. Not even from just myself. I had a friend who passed away young as well. His death caused me to be sad and depressed for a while. That taught me that life was no joke. No matter how old you were. You couldn't take it for granted. All life had meaning and value. Those who don't appreciate its value will suffer the consequences.

That just proves how blessed I am to have received this opportunity. To live again and to start fresh. A second chance to right all of the wrongs in my life. It makes me even more proud of myself for making the decision I made to sacrifice my life for that girl. I hope she's making the most of it.

'Wait a minute… I wonder how my family and friends are doing. I hope they are doing okay. I'm sorry guys. It wasn't my intention to make you all suffer. Please forgive me.' I thought as I gave a silent prayer. The very last memory of my past life downloaded into my new brain, making it complete. I felt like a new man… well technically I was. But not just physically, but spiritually as well. I don't know, there is just something that comes with an enlightenment from all of this. I now have a deep new fondness and care for life and I am going to do everything in my power to meet my purpose, fulfil my Destiny and put a dent in the universe!


[Reach your maximum potential, achieve the highest version of yourself and fulfil your DESTINY! What is your Destiny? You're going to have to figure that out yourself. You can achieve this quest however you want to do it. Whatever strategy you deem it best. It is your own Destiny after all. You will know you have completed this quest in your heart once you feel content with what you have accomplished in this life. You will know when you put a dent in the universe. Become the strongest! Become the greatest! BECOME THE VERY BEST!

Difficulty: MAX- Hardest Quest you will ever receive.

Rewards: Immeasurable XP, True Happiness, Satisfaction in the work you have done, you will be immortalized and your name will never be forgotten for all of time, The Ultimate Power, Becoming the Strongest, No one will be able to stop not even yourself, True Love.

Failure: Death, you will be forgotten as if you never existed, your life would have been meaningless, destruction of the entire world as you know it, your lovers, friends, and family will all be destroyed, pain worse than death.]



'Did I just receive… a quest?'

I reread the text over and over again. I must have read that shit 100 times. I still couldn't believe it at first.

"Okay, first of all! Why am I getting a Quest?! What does that mean?! And if I fail that quest, why is the world going to be destroyed? My lovers, friends, and family are also going to get destroyed? This is crazy?! This is.."

Before I went crazy, I stopped myself. I took a deep breath, another one, another one, and then another one. After taking those breaths, I immediately calmed down. I was able to think clearly and logically and in a stable state of mind to figure things out. I read the text box one more time and was ready to deduce what was going on.

"Okay, so I just received a "Quest." And it has rewards and consequences for if I fail should I accept. Now where have I seen this before?"

The gears in my baby brain began turning and grinding. It didn't take me long to figure out what was going on here.

When I died, I was met with a blue screen and text saying "GAME OVER." It then asked me if I would like to try again. It then continued to keep on giving me information and asked me to type out my name! And if that wasn't weird enough, I just got a "Quest" with whole rewards and difficulty settings.

There was only one explanation…

[Looks like you finally figured it out!]

"Why didn't you tell me from the beginning!?" I yelled.

[But where's the fun in that?]

Fair point.

[The Gamer: The power that makes your life a video game! You have the ability to take quests, level up, increase your stats and attributes, observe the stats of other people and so much more! The power of The Gamer is limitless! It is only bound by the ambition and imagination of the user. This power is unlike no other. With this, anyone can reach their full potential and even far beyond that! With this you can truly become The Very Best!]

Just as I had suspected. So I now had the power of Han Jihan, the original Gamer. This was definitely going to get interesting. I certainly wasn't expecting that but I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited. Growing up, I loved video games. There was a time where I dare say I was even addicted. Me and the boys stayed up past 4, 5, and 6 AM playing and enjoying life. Those were the days. I miss them. I hope my friends are doing alright.

From my memories, I knew that The Gamer ability was ridiculously powerful. The description wasn't lying. It truly was limitless. It was a nerd's dream come true. I don't know why I was blessed with this power, but I'm damn sure going to make the most of it. Anything to help me achieve my goals.

I was surprisingly calm when I heard all of this info. I then realized why as I remembered one of the key perks that automatically comes with being The Gamer.


I heard a loud beep which was just as I had expected.

[The Gamer's Mind: Passive- LVL MAX- This passive skill allows the one with the power of The Gamer to calmly think things through logically and reasonably. Your mind won't be in inner turmoil and you will have much easier control of your thoughts. You are immune from mind control, psychological effects, and insanity.]

[The Gamer's Body: Passive- LVL MAX- This passive skill also comes automatically with the power of The Gamer. It gives the user the ability to have a body that is just like they are living in a video game. You will still feel pain but sleeping or resting should heal your body entirely and get rid of virtually all wounds. Having The Gamer's Body also makes it so that you won't need as much sleep as one normally would. The recommended 8 hours a night notion won't really apply to you in this case. However it is recommended that you at least get some sleep here and there. Even if it's just a 30 minute nap.]

[The Gamer's Spirit: Passive- LVL 1- This passive isn't inherited to all with the power of The Gamer. It is a special trait that only those with pure and sound souls can have and the ones with the most ambition and conviction. Modern times have diminished the importance of your spirit/soul. They only focus on the mind and body, and while yes they are important, the spirit is just as, if not, even more important. It is where true power comes from, and without a spirit, you wouldn't even be alive. You would be a robot with no emotions, ideals, or convictions. It's what gives life to living things. Ancient Sages and Prophets understood this, which is why they were exceptional among other people. If one masters their spirit, there is nothing they can't achieve. Unlike the other two Gamer passives, this one is not automatically maxed out. You're going to have to manually level this up going on a spiritual journey, or via skill books or discs. There are many methods to level this skill up. This includes meditation, praying, reading the Bible and/or other religious texts and practicing them, fasting, lucid dreaming, being in nature, sun gazing, stoicism, not limiting yourself, radiate positive energy, practice breathing, eating healthy/vegetarian diet, manifestation, training, talking to yourself, remaining humble, learning things from others even if they are younger or lower level than you, respecting ALL life (plants, animals, humans, spirits, mythical creatures) etc. The higher your level, the more powerful your spirit/soul will be which will directly correlate to the strength of your life force, aka Chakra, Ki, Chi, whatever you want to call it. This is not the same as your magic/mana. Leveling up this skill will grant the user Senjutsu, which is the ultimate power of your spirit.]

[Lucid Dreaming: Active- LVL 1- Lucid dreaming is when somebody knows that they are in a dream and can control themselves and others within the dream. It takes very spiritual individuals to lucid dream at will. It turns out that everybody dreams every time they sleep. It's just that they don't remember most of them. If you become proficient at lucid dreaming then you will fully remember all of your dreams and could possibly manifest them into reality…]

Well, I was not surprised that text boxes appeared in front of me. I knew of Gamer's Mind and Body. That explained how I was able to relax easily and not become overwhelmed with this flood of information. I then looked at Gamer's Spirit. I have never heard that before. I don't believe that was in the original Gamer story. I guess I get special traits? But it did intrigue me. The concept of spirituality back in my past life was always so interesting to me. I wasn't a guru or anything, but I did take some time to read up about the subject and it was some eye opening stuff. Ancient Knowledge was way ahead of its time. One could make the argument that modern science still has not caught up to it. And leveling up my spirituality will make my chakra and Senjutsu stronger? I'm definitely going to practice those activities in the list.

I also didn't expect to see a Lucid Dreaming skill but then I realized that technically I still am asleep and I am controlling myself in my sleep so that does count as lucid dreaming. Manifest my dreams into reality? I am going to test that out later.

Now onto the big quest. My first initial reaction when reading it was that it was a big joke that someone was playing on me. I gotta stop thinking everything is a prank. This is very real. I have no choice but to accept that. The terms of the quest were daunting. My first quest ever and it's this hard? I had no idea how I was going to go about completing it. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I did say I wanted to fulfil my destiny and purpose in life. That was the entire reason why I took this second chance at life. Seeing the rewards were great, but the consequences of failing could have scared anyone from accepting it. But not me. I came here for a purpose and I wasn't going to get cold feet. Especially not this early in the game.

I clicked on [Accept] and was met with another screen of text.

[You have chosen the path less traveled by! It will be tough and there are going to be times where you want to quit but don't give up! If you believe hard enough then you can do it! Good luck!]

"That was actually pretty motivational...thanks game!" I exclaimed as I felt myself getting pumped. Even though it seemed as though it was going to get dangerous, it didn't matter. Life wouldn't have any meaning or value to it if it didn't have any challenge or hardship in it. That is how we grow as a species.

[WIS stat has gone up by 1! WIS stat has gone up by 1! WIS stat has gone up by 1! WIS stat has gone up by 1! WIS stat has gone up by 1!]

"WIS stat? Oh that's right, my stats! How could I forget to check my own stats. Honestly, that should have been the first thing I did!" I facepalmed. I really should be paying more attention and using my brain more. Well I guess that's kind of ironic, considering my Wisdom just increased by five.

As I was about to check my stats, I heard a deep voice in my head. A voice I never heard before but I know it sounded ancient. It held so much power in its voice alone that it was making me shake in my own dream.

"Follow your dreams Young One. For your dreams is all that you have! Do not allow others to derail you from your path and Destiny. If your spirit is strong, then your mind and body will follow its lead. And then your heart will fall to no one. You will not fall to anyone. Because you create your own reality. Your Destiny has already begun. Make it Legendary."

The voice reverberated all throughout the void. Even though I was dreaming, I still felt a shiver go up my spine. There was so much power and authority in that voice. I wanted to respond to it and ask who it was speaking but I didn't have the guts to do so. I was just so in shock. Call me pussy, but if you were in my shoes you would have felt the same exact way. Trust me.

But there was no malice or ill intent in the voice. Even though I was shaken from its overall power and authority, there was something in me telling me that this voice was not an enemy. But in fact a friend. An ally. Someone who took my best interests at heart and actually wants to see me succeed. How do I know this? I can't really explain. You would have to have been there and feel what I felt, or you wouldn't get it.

"Have no fear, child! Use both the light and dark to change this world! Go above the affiliations and factions! Those hold no meaning to you! What matters is your contribution to the masses!

Fight for your dreams…

And your dreams will fight for you!"

A bright light enveloped my vision and before I could react, my lucid dream was over.

Babies must have a great life. They sleep all day and only ever wake up to eat or play. That's all they knew. They didn't have to worry about responsibilities like school, work, bills, taxes. They didn't need to think about their relationships and how they should have gone about their tough decisions about what they want to be when they grow up. Life as a kid in general was simple. Think about it. Why were you so much happier as a child than as an adult? All of these negative emotions you start to get once you grow up just physically and mentally drain a person. I guess that's why teenagers have such a hard time making it through. Their lives are changing so fast that they just don't know what to do. And if they have no friends or family to help support and guide them through such vulnerable years, there is a chance that they could spiral.

Babies had it good. I fully understood that when I awoke from my nap and felt so rested. I guess the phrase "Slept like a baby" existed for a reason. If only life was always this simple. But that would probably get boring really fast. And I had [The Gamer's Body] so I didn't really need to sleep all that much anymore. Man, my early years in this life are probably going to be really boring. At least until I learned how to walk again. Which should not be too hard. I learned it once, I can learn it again.

I was already thinking of a game plan on what to do once I got out of the hospital, but there was one more thing I had to be sure of…

As I was thinking about all of this, I didn't realize that I was moving. Someone must have picked me up. It was a nurse. She then handed me off to somebody. From the feeling of the chest and arms, it was a man. I tried to take a good look at him, but he was so darn tall. He stroked my head lovingly as he held me close to his arms as he carried me away from the hospital.

"I'm sorry Jeffrey, but I have to do this."

Next thing I knew, there was a flash and we appeared in front of what seemed to be a house. It was late at night. The neighborhood was quiet as everyone was asleep. The house in front of us looked very familiar…. I couldn't quite put a finger on it.

The man holding me set me down gently on the porch in a baby basket.

"I'm sorry, I really wish I didn't have to do this. But you deserve a loving family who will take care and look after you. I simply can't provide that. Please forgive me for my sins. I'll do my best to make it up to you someday."

He kissed my forehead and then smiled, "This family will take care of you well. I'm sure of it. Your mother would want the best for you. And as your father, I can't deny that from you. I'm sorry she isn't going to be able to live and watch you grow up into the great man I know you're going to become. And I'm sorry I'm not gonna be there either. But even if I'm not here physically. Know that I'm always with you in your heart. Follow your dreams, follow your heart. Don't let anyone tell you, you can't do something. Not even me."

He proceeded to ring the doorbell. "Change the world. That is my final message."

He then vanished… as if he was never there in the first place. As if it was all just fake and an imagination. Was that my father? If so, why did he just abandon me and leave me on the porch? What happened to my mom? Is she okay? What the hell was going on? Can someone please explain?

Before I went out of control, [The Gamer's Mind] calmed me down. I did my best to breathe and get my heart rate back to stability. I looked at where my supposed father was last seen standing. I couldn't get a decent look at his face. I didn't even know what he looked like. Why was he leaving me here in front of a random house in the middle of the night? He should be taking care of me, not abandoning me! Who knows who he just left me to. A crazy person could be living in that house and I would be screwed. Damn it! As soon as I learned how to walk again, I was going to find my father and demand answers!

Before I could dwell any more on my daddy issues, the door opened up. I saw a man who appeared to be in his early to mid thirties with glasses and brown hair look down at me with an expression full of shock and concern.

"Mikki, you wouldn't believe it! It's a baby!" The man shouted to what I assumed to be his wife.

"A baby?! What are you talking about?" His wife replied.

"I think someone left him here." He gently picked up my basket, "Hey little guy. What are you doing here? Did your parents leave you on our front porch? Oh there's a note."

The man grabbed the small note and read it out loud, "Please take care of my son. I cannot provide him the life he needs and deserves. Only you, your wife, and your son can. Please accept him into your wonderful family. Treat him as if he were your own and shower him with love and care. That is all I ask. His name is Jeffrey. It means Divine Peace. If you accept him, I can guarantee you that your family will be filled with harmony and love. Please give him your last name. That will show that he is truly a part of your family. Thank you. I will forever be in your debt."

Hearing the note my father left made me a little emotional. It looks like he really cared about me and wanted the best for me. For whatever reason he couldn't raise me, he still wanted me to grow up with a family instead of sending me to an orphanage or something. I at least appreciate that. But I still have questions. And I'm going to get my answers. Sooner or later. One way or another.

"Oh, Gorou! We have to take him in!" She came to see me and I was able to get a good look at her. She was around the same age as her husband. She also had brown hair, with brown eyes with long hair cascading down her back. She was wearing a night robe. They were probably sleeping until they were woken up by the sound of the door bell.

She looked oddly familiar… both she and her husband. But where have I seen them before? For some reason, I just couldn't put my finger on it. But I know that I have seen them. But where?

A baby's crying was heard from inside the house. It made my undeveloped ears hurt at how loud the baby was crying. So they already had a son. Would they really be willing to take me in? It was hard to raise a child, and expensive. Can they afford to adopt me?

"Looks like our son woke up." Gorou sweat dropped as he carried me out of the basket and into his home, "Alright Jeffrey, let's go see what your brother needs."

Brother? They took me in, just like that? I almost couldn't believe that they were this kind and thought that the man was joking. But I sensed no deceit in him.

Gorou took me to the baby's crib where the child was crying his lungs out. It might be because his sleep was interrupted. I feel him. I know I get annoyed or grouchy when people interrupt my sleep. So I understand the little guy's pain.

"Shh calm down. Here, there's someone I want you to meet! You have a brother now!"

Gorou set me down in the crib and put me in front of his son.

"Jeffrey, I want you to meet your new brother Issei. Issei meet Jeffrey!"

'Wait, what?'

I looked at Gorou and then Mikki who came to see us. And then I looked at my brother.

No fucking wonder they looked so familiar…

I've seen their show like how many times?!

I immediately activated [The Gamer's Mind]. I didn't want to have a panic attack. I needed an opportunity to think about what was going on.

So I was reborn, with the power of The Gamer. But not only that but it seems like I was reborn into an entirely different world. Into an anime. And not just any anime…

I then remembered one of the most useful skills that The Gamer gave its user… Something I probably should have been using a while ago but I just seemed to forget about it, due to me not knowing 100% that I had The Gamer power until I took my nap.


Name: Issei Hyoudou

Age: 2 Months

Title(s): Red Dragon Emperor

Level: 1

'Yup, there's my confirmation.'

I was reborn into the world of the anime, High School DxD…

This day just keeps on getting better and better isn't it?

[Congratulations! You have unlocked a new skill!]

[Observe: Active- LVL 1- This skill allows you to see the names, ages, titles, levels, and individual stats of other people. This skill is especially useful for gathering information. It not only gives you access to people, but you can also use Observe on objects as well. The higher you level this skill up, the more info you will receive upon observing someone. Such as, background, affiliation, relatives, reputation, strengths, weaknesses, powers, skills, techniques and even what they think about you! Be mindful though, if a person or object is too many levels above, then observe won't have much of an effect. All it will tell you is their name and everything else will come up as ?. It is recommended you level this skill up as much as possible to make sure you can safely plan for future encounters.]

I nodded internally at the message. Observe is definitely an important skill and may end up saving my ass once or twice in the future. I'm definitely going to need it. Considering now that I know I'm in the High School DxD verse.

[You figured out where you have been reborn! You are currently residing within the High School DxD verse! The Light Novel/Anime where the main protagonist Issei Hyoudou learns of the supernatural and has to deal with fighting demons, fallen angels, monsters, and so much more! This is a very well diversed world with many possible companions and enemies. The beings here are very powerful, so it is recommended that you start leveling up your stats and skills as soon as possible. WARNING: While you are indeed in the world of High School DxD, that does not mean that EVERYTHING is the same from what you remember from watching the Anime or reading the light novel. It is possible that there may be differences in this reality. Some may be minor and small. Some could be DRASTICALLY different from what you know and could change the tides of everything. Just letting you know, so you aren't surprised later.]

[Another thing you should know: While right now you are confined to the world of DxD, that doesn't mean you are stuck in here forever. It is possible to traverse to other realities. But that won't be revealed for now. You must first gain a high enough level.]

Well then…

On one hand it is cool that I am now living in one of my favorite anime. It is a weeb's come true. But on the other hand, this world is very dangerous. And now knowing that not everything is the same as in the original cannon just reinforces the fact that I'm going to have to tread carefully from now on and watch my back.

Issei stopped crying and looked at me strangely. His parents were surprised that he suddenly stopped crying when he saw me. He crawled towards me and began playing with my hair. Naturally, I played with his hair back. He started laughing and then playfully pushed me. Even though I was a newborn, my body wasn't as fragile as it would normally be. I couldn't walk, but I could crawl and I decided to get him back by pushing him as well, but gently. Didn't want to accidentally hurt my new brother.

"Oh well would you look at them already getting along," Gorou, oh wait, I guess I should be calling him Dad now, said as he and Mom watched amusingly us playing with each other.

"Seems like he'll fit right in."

6 months later…

I could finally walk! My parents were surprised when they saw me casually taking my first steps. Honestly it wasn't even that hard to learn again. I just had to wait until my legs were long enough.

Speaking of which, I was growing at a pretty fast rate. Almost double of what a baby should be growing. It probably has something to do with my Gamer ability. My parents didn't think much of it and just assumed that I had good genes.

There wasn't really much of what I could do these past 6 months. I could say basic words like "No", "yes", "dad", "good", "bad", but not enough to form coherent sentences. I could always just read books but it would be too suspicious if a 6 month year old baby was already able to read.

So I just decided to spam my Observe and just wait patiently until I was old enough to do more. Which really sucks but oh well.

All I could really do was lucid dream. It took me a couple tries but I got the hang of it. I was able to level it up a few times.

But tonight I was motivated.

In the description of Lucid Dreaming, it said that I could manifest and turn what I see in dreams into reality.

I was gonna test that out now.

So once nightfall hit, I went to sleep and decided to focus. I had only one image in mind when I started dreaming. Or rather one person.

I entered my Lucid Dream. In the void, I saw a guy with pink spiky hair, and a white scaly scarf with a black gold trimmed vest. I began to think of his power and imagined myself using the same power.

I looked at my small hands and focused. I looked within myself [The Gamer's Spirit] started to do its charm as I felt my life force burning with spectacular heat. I meditated on it for a while until I saw that my hands were ignited with red fire.

[New Skill Acquired!]

[Fire Dragon Slaying Magic: Active- LVL 1- Inspired from Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail, Fire Dragon Slaying Magic is a Lost Magic art that's sole purpose is to slay the mythical mighty beasts known as dragons. This fire is very special and powerful, and only those with a strong spirit can handle this heat. This skill grants immunity to fire, high temperatures, allows you to eat fire to refill mana, extraordinary power and secret arts.

WARNING:This fire has the potential to burn the world. Use it wisely. If let out of control, it can destroy everything.]

[New Skill Acquired]

[Manifestation: Active- LVL 1- "Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve." – Napoleon Hill. You have the power to create your reality. You speak it into existence. Whatever you want to achieve, you can. You can do anything as long as you put your mind to it. Focus on your goal and desire, and it shall come forth to you. This skill allows you to achieve virtually anything so long as you truly believe it in your heart. A good way to use Manifestation is through your dreams. The power of your manifestation is directly correlated to the level of The Gamer's Spirit. Monks and Sages have used this power for ages and now it is in your hands. You can do it! Just say I AM!]

I smirked at my accomplishment. "I was able to use magic for the first time. And it was Fire Dragon Slaying magic! How much better could it get?!"

Oh I had no idea what I was setting myself up for with that statement. This is where my adventure began. This is my story. How I became a Legend.

This is my Destiny.

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