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IV: I got a girlfriend!

'Well that was embarrassing.'

"Haha you fell flat on your ass!"

'Oh shut up, Mufasa!'

"Hey, it's not my fault you reacted like that. You yelled so loud that it hurt my ears. We have sensitive hearing, you know!"

'Yeah, my bad. I didn't mean to do that. I was just shocked.'

"What shocked you anyway? You never told us."

'You're telling me you and Mufasa haven't noticed yet?'

"No?" The Dragon Spirit replied to me with a confused tone.

I sighed as I nudged my head towards what was bothering me, 'Take a closer look at the girl who is sitting right next to me…'

The Dragon and Lion did just that. It took a second for them to understand what I was trying to communicate.

"Oh shit, it's a Fallen Angel!" Mufasa exclaimed.

"But doesn't she know she is in Devil territory? What is she doing here? Does she have a death wish?" Igneel was wondering if she had any awareness at all. It is suicide to come into direct enemy territory, especially without permission.

'That's what I like to know as well…'

I turned my head to face the girl who was the current topic of our discussion. She was sitting in the seat that was directly to the left of mine. The teacher told her to pick any open seat and she just happened to choose the one that was right next to mine. Mind you, I'm sitting all the way at the back of the class with the intention of having some space between me and the other students. But for some reason she wants to negate that.

We made eye contact. She gave me an innocent smile. I knew that was a farce. I know her true identity under that disguise.


Name: Raynare

Age: 700

Title(s): Yuma Amano (Disguise)

Race(s): Fallen Angel

Affiliation(s): Fallen Angel faction, Exorcists

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Level: 75


MP: 22,500,000

STR: 176

DEX: 200

VIT: 80

INT: 156




Background: Raynare is a Fallen Angel who was kicked out of Heaven due to defying God. She had always had a dislike for humans. She believed that God favored them over the Angels. They received so much attention and love from Him that He even began to gift humans with Sacred Gears, with some granting humans enough power to surpass even God Himself. This filled Raynare with anger and envy. She had always lusted for power and to be the strongest. It became too much of a problem, so God decided it was best to cast her out of Heaven. Raynare's friends, Kalawarner, Mittelt, and Dohnaseek believed it was unfair what God was doing to Raynare and defied God as well. God then told them that they didn't have to stay in Heaven if they didn't like the way that He ran things. They took His words to heart and decided that they were going to fall with Raynare because they didn't want her to go down there alone. That is how much they cared for her. Raynare was shocked that her own Creator would kick her out of Heaven but then realized that she shouldn't be surprised at all. Her Father had always favored the humans over her and the rest of the Angels. She tried to be the strongest she could be to make Him proud. But she realized that He didn't seem to care about any of that. She decided that she was going to become the strongest Fallen Angel of them all. The "Supreme Fallen Angel." That will show her Father that He should have never forsaken her. Ever since then she has taken an interest in Sacred Gears. She wanted to gain one for herself. With a powerful enough Sacred Gear, she knew she could become the Supreme Fallen Angel.

Powers: Angel Magic, Light Manipulation, Expert Magician

Strengths: Raynare is an incredibly talented mage. Her ambition and drive to be the Supreme Fallen Angel fuels her to constantly become stronger and stronger. Over the years she has constantly seeked out knowledge on Sacred Gears and how to obtain them. So much to the point, where she learned a ritual on how to forcibly extract a Sacred Gear from someone. She has also studied various forms of magic. She is an expert when it comes to magic. She is so uber talented, that she can learn almost any form of magic and master it. This results in her having a crazy amount of potential. She is also really smart and cunning. She knows how to manipulate people to do what she needs and wants. Raynare is a dangerous individual.

Weaknesses: She suffers from the Sin of Envy and Sin of Lust. Raynare's jealousy and Lust for power is what resulted in God casting her out of Heaven. Even though the Fallen Angel is very smart, she can make some pretty dumb decisons if she lets her head get too big with arrogance. She's willing to do almost anything for power. God recognized this and decided that she was way too dangerous to allow in Heaven. Her desire to serve God and be the strongest she can be led her to her downfall. Her low VIT stat means that her stamina and endurance is low so she would lose in a battle of attrition.

Opinion of Jeffrey: When Raynare laid eyes on Jeffrey, she thought he was the hottest guy she's ever seen. Fallen Angels are very lustful creatures, which means they have a lot of desires of the flesh. She already began thinking about undressing him. Raynare has desired a partner for quite some time. Her nights can get very lonely. She longs for the touch of a man. Raynare senses a strong latent power within Jeffrey. She came here to see if he has a Sacred Gear worth looking into that will help her in her goals and ambitions. Even though she's under orders to eliminate anyone with a dangerous Sacred Gear, she doesn't wish to kill Jeffrey. She hopes to keep him around for some fun.

Reputation: 75/100- Senses a deep latent power within you

Affection: 80/100- Romantically and sexually interested you

Well then… I wasn't expecting that.

First off, holy shit, Raynare is strong. I wasn't expecting her to be this high of a level. She was nowhere near this powerful in the cannon series. She seems like she can give me a good fight. A way better fight than Kuroka at least. Her glaring weakness is her pretty low VIT stat compared to her other stats. But other than that, she has Kuroka beat.

Her background information was interesting. So that's why she wanted Twilight Healing in the original series. Her goal was to be the strongest and stick it to God. I did feel a little sorry for her though. It's unfortunate that she had to get kicked out of Heaven due to her becoming too dangerous. But her intentions were to serve God the best way she could. But it seems like she went too far with it. It made her hate humans. And now she wants a strong Sacred Gear to become the Supreme Fallen Angel.

And apparently she wants to fuck me!? That kinda caught me off guard. It definitely had something to do with that damn [Enhanced Libido] perk! It did say it would attract even dangerous and powerful females, regardless of race or origin. But I wasn't expecting for it to attract one of Highschool DxD's main antagonists! This is definitely going to be a pain to deal with.

Raynare was admittedly hot. Any red blooded male would agree with that. You're a fool if you deny it. And knowing that a sexy and seductive Fallen Angel wanted to get in my pants was flattering. But I didn't know whether to be excited that a smoking hot chick was interested in me or terrified that a sadistic and evil Fallen Angel had her eyes set on me.

Apparently she believed I was holding a Sacred Gear and she came here to investigate. She is really bold to be appearing in Devil territory. Certainly she knows that this school is run by Devils, right? Does she have a death wish? And why me? Isn't she supposed to be after Issei?

Oh shit… Issei's life is in danger!

Even though her status said she's after me specifically and didn't mention my brother, I have no doubt that she will notice Issei is harboring a Sacred Gear. Which may incline her to eliminate him just like how her orders say. She was the one who killed him in the original series after all. I honestly didn't know how to deal with this. Do I take out Raynare before she can take out Issei? I can certainly do it. But I would have to find a suitable time and place. Away from any witnesses. But what would be the backlash? I would certainly be hunted down by her allies and other Fallen Angels. Which would put me and by extension Issei in more danger. Also, Raynare killing Issei was the catalyst for all of the future events of the series. It is how he became a Devil. Do I want to risk changing that?

No, I can't find it within me to let someone kill my brother. His death by Raynare gave him PTSD that would affect him negatively in the long run. I don't want him to go through that. He will have to be introduced to the Supernatural World eventually. But not like that. Not on my watch.

The only choice is just wait and see what Raynare does. I'm going to have to keep a close eye on her. I gotta warn Issei to stay away from her no matter what. That may be difficult considering Issei's perverted nature and Raynare's attractive appearance. I guess I'm just going to have to keep an eye on him too. And I know just the perfect way to do it.

I'm going to have to wait for after school though since I can't do something like that with people watching me.

Class eventually ended. I grabbed my bag and went towards my next class quickly. I didn't want to spend too much time in the same room as Raynare. I noticed the perverted trio checking her out and drooling over her. I shook my head. They really need to find a hobby. If only they knew they ogled at a crazy Fallen Angel who wouldn't hesitate to kill them.

That got me thinking: Does she plan to kill me? Her bio stated that she doesn't wish to do so, but supposedly she is under orders to eliminate any potential threats with powerful Sacred Gears. And one of those potential threats is me. I know just how evil and merciless she can be. She killed Issei without a second thought, and even gloated about it to his face. Who says she wouldn't do the same to me just because she thinks I'm hot?

But then again, this isn't the original timeline. Things ain't gonna play out the exact same as they did in the Highschool DxD of my world. Raynare showing up now is clear proof of that. She wasn't supposed to start making moves until at least a couple more months later. So I can't completely just go by what happened in the anime or light novels.

I'm just going to have to be careful. Especially if she thinks that I have a powerful and dangerous Sacred Gear. Which I have no idea whether I even have or not.

Wait a minute… I have a Sacred Gear?!

[Would you like to scan for a Sacred Gear(s)]



[Because you never asked?]

'How the fuck am I supposed to know that you can do something like that? You're supposed to let me know stuff like that!'

[Well in my defense, you should have thought of the possibility of being the vessel of a Sacred Gear. It is Highschool DxD after all.]

'You… actually have a fair point. I should have thought about that possibility. But STILL, you're an asshole for not letting me know that was an option!'

[Well, I'm asking you now. Do you want to scan for a Sacred Gear(s)? Yes or no?]

I sighed. The Gamer ability is definitely amazing, but I have to put up with Bungie's antics. From its teasing and now withholding very valuable information such as this. It's as if it does it on purpose.

[Sometimes I do. The teasing is mostly me joking but there is truth to it.]

'Yeah yeah, whatever.'

I clicked on [YES.] and then came a long loading screen.

[Scanning for Sacred Gear(s), commencing now.]










As I watched the percentages get higher and closer to 100%, I wondered what kind of Sacred Gear I had, if indeed I did have one. If I did have one, why haven't I awakened it up to this point? Surely I would have noticed that there is this latent power within me. I don't know why Bungie just didn't do this the moment I was born. It makes me think he wanted to hide this from me for one reason or another. And since I live with Issei who is the wielder of the Boosted Gear, I would have gotten a shivery feeling since that's how Sacred Gears react to each other when they are in close proximity.

Either way I was getting really excited. Sacred Gears were one of the most busted weapons in the DxD verse. It could make someone who's fodder into an overpowered power house depending on the type of Sacred Gear. If I had it my way, I would want one of the 13 Longinus, but that was very unlikely. I just hope I got something that was powerful, badass, and useful for me and my abilities. Depending on what I get, this could be a game changer when combined with my Gamer powers!


[Scan for Sacred Gear(s) complete!]

[You are the host of 1 Sacred Gear!]

'Nice! Which one do I have?'

[You are the wielder of The Secret Gear.]

'Secret Gear? What the hell is that? I never heard of that.'

[Of course you haven't. Hence the name Secret Gear.]

'So… what is it?' A Sacred Gear that is a secret? It sounds interesting. I wonder what it can do.

[Unfortunately I cannot tell you that. It's called the Secret Gear for a reason.]

'What? Wait, so you're telling me that I'm not allowed to know what my own Sacred Gear is?'


'That's fucking bullshit! First, I can't even know my own heritage or what my title, The Child of Destiny, means until I level up and reach a certain age. Now you're telling me that I can't know the abilities of my own Sacred Gear because it's a secret? I waited 17 years just to hear that?!'

I was angry and rightfully so. My entire life, secrets have been kept from me. My biological father left me on the Hyoudou's doorstep and only left a note. I haven't heard from him since. I can't learn about my heritage until I reach a certain level and then I still have to level up far more than that to know what my Destiny is. And now my own Sacred Gear, which is my birthright by the way, is being kept from me for a reason I can't even know.

I'm tired of things being out of my control. I'm going to take my Destiny in my own hands.

'Bungie, this isn't fair! I demand to know about my Sacred Gear and have the opportunity to use it! It's bad enough that you kept it from me for all of these years. But even when I ask for it, you're still keeping secrets from me. Enough of this! I am not asking, I'm demanding for you to give me my Sacred Gear!'

[You couldn't have access to your Sacred Gear earlier in your life because you were too young to use it. The weapon you hold inside of you is the most dangerous in the world. If you are too weak to use or let it out of control, things could get ugly. Also, it was for your safety, considering that if the wrong people found out about the weapon you possess, you and your family would have been in direct danger.]

'I'm not some defenseless little kid! I'm The Gamer! I have busted my ass for 17 years to be the strongest! You know I'm capable of defending myself. Look at how I was able to defeat Kuroka yesterday.'

[There will be much more dangerous enemies than Kuroka.]

'Then, I'll have to beat them as well! If anyone puts me or my family in danger, I'll just burn them down. And with my Sacred Gear, I'll make sure that I'll become the strongest ever. No one will stop me! I'm going to be the very best!'

I understood where Bungie was coming from. I really did. But he had to just trust me. I know there will be evil people who will want my power. But all that means is that I'm going to have to work harder and become stronger. Strong enough so that I can burn all of those who stand in my way to the ground.

[Is that so?]


[Okay, fine. I'll let you use the Secret Gear. But only on one condition.]

'What? I don't care what it is. I'll do anything if it means I can get stronger.'

[If that's the case, then you'll love this. You're going to have to download a DLC.]

'Okay sure, whatever, I don't care! As long as I get more powerful! Download it!'

[New DLC Download now commencing!]









[New DLC unlocked!]

[The Gamer's Lover system has been added!]

[Sexual Aura has been unlocked as a new stat!]

[You now have romantic and Sexual achievements to strive towards!]

Just hold on a second…

'Bungie, what is the meaning of this? What is this new DLC that you just added?!'

[I'm glad that you asked! To put it simply this new DLC has given you the ability to easily add women to your Harem as Lovers and earn rewards for when you engage in intimacy with them! The more beautiful the women you conquer, the better rewards you get! Rewards can vary from Stat Points, level ups, XP, Skill Disks, new powers and abilities, and much much more!]


[Here's how it works, along with STR, DEX, VIT, INT, WIS, CHA, and LUK, you now have a brand new stat called Sexual Aura, SXA for short. Sexual Aura entices women around you, making them want you more. This works especially well against people that have previously taken a liking to you, igniting their flame of need. At a high enough level, you could sleep with anything and anyone.]

So let me get this straight. I now have a stat that dictates how well I can seduce women? And I can continuously upgrade it just like my other stats? So the higher I upgrade it, the better I will be at…. Getting laid?

[Pretty much. It works just like the rest of your stats. If your STR gets higher, then you will be stronger. Same thing applies to SXA. You could be at a point where you can casually steal the hearts of literal goddesses if your SXA is high enough. Combine this with your Enhanced Libido perk, there will practically be no woman you won't be able to bed, besides your mother and grandmother of course. This is a very special edition to the Gamer system that was tailor made for you due to your affinities with being a Dragon and Lion Sage along with your heritage. Especially in a world like DxD where Harems are the norm, it is expected for a being as powerful as you are and will become to have a large harem with beauties of varying degrees. Mufasa and Igneel would definitely agree with me and support this DLC. With this power, you can have the greatest and strongest harem ever!]

I mentally sighed. At this point, should I expect anything less? I should have known Bungie would use this as an opportunity for its perverted tendencies. While this may be a dream come true for males all over the world, I don't like how it was just sprung on me like that out of nowhere. Well I guess I had it coming since I did say that I would do anything in order to gain access to my Sacred Gear. And I am a man of my word.

'So I can gain rewards for seducing girls?'

[Yes, like I said before, depending on which girls you conquer and add to your harem, you will receive very nice rewards. These rewards vary depending on the beauty and strength of the women you add to your Harem. There is no "upper limit" to who or how many women you can conquer regardless of their race, strength, beauty, or marital status. I previously stated that you have the potential to bed goddesses and even women above that level. The rewards for doing that are unimaginable, so I would suggest adding a goddess to your harem when you get the opportunity. Besides the fact that with this power, you're pretty much living the male dream, this will be useful for leveling up, gaining new abilities, and opportunities for wealth, power, and influence the more your Harem grows. So even if you're not a so-called "pervert", it is still beneficial for you and your goals. And you're in DxD. You might as well use that to your advantage. As you cultivate power, there is no doubt you will catch the eyes of many great and majestic women. So you might as well use this to the best of your ability.]

When Bungie puts it like that, it definitely makes sense. In the world I live in, generally the more powerful you get, the more female attraction you will receive. And as I hold the power of a Dragon and Lion inside of me, it's gonna be pretty much in my DNA. I mean, the girls in my school have all been checking me out. There's also Kuroka, Sona, and Raynare who seem to be romantically interested in me. Who knows who else I will attract? I guess I just gotta be careful with how I use this power since I don't want to end up with like hundreds of women running after me or something weird like that.

'Okay fine, as weird as this all may be, I made a deal, so I have no choice but to accept it. I remember you also mentioned romantic and sexual achievements to strive towards?'

[Indeed I did. Just like in any game, there are achievements or trophies you can strive for. Once you complete these objectives, you will be rewarded accordingly. Some of these may seem bizarre and difficult at first, but as you progress with your journey, it will come pretty naturally. You will get into some pretty spicy situations with your lovers and they won't be as bizarre as they seem now.]

[Here is a list of goals and achievements you can complete.]

[Get your first girlfriend]

[Go on a date]

[Makeout with a woman]

[Recieve your first blowjob]

[Lose your virginity]

[Give a woman oral sex]

[Perform anal sex]

[Fuck a Fallen Angel]

[Fuck a Devil]

[Fuck an Angel]

[Engage in a threesome]

[Fuck a heiress to a Devil House]

[Fuck a milf]

[Fuck two women who are sisters]

[Fuck two women who are mother and daughter]

[Fuck a Great Satan]

[Fuck a Yokai]

[Engage in a threesome with a Fallen Angel and Devil]

[Engage in a threesome with a Fallen Angel and Angel

[Engage in a threesome with a Devil and Angel]

[Engage in a foursome with a Fallen Angel, Devil, and Angel]

[Seduce a goddess]

[Seduce a virgin goddess]

[Seduce a married goddess]

[Seduce a Dragoness]

[Seduce a Dragon Goddess]

[Seduce a Valkyrie]

[Have at least 20 women in your Harem and fuck all of them at least once}

[Have an orgy with members of your Harem]

[Get engaged to your Harem]

[Marry your Harem and fuck all of them on the same night]

[And that's about all of the goals you have at the moment. It is possible to unlock more as you progress in your journey so always keep an eye out! The rewards for completing all of these achievements were intentionally not revealed so that it can be a nice surprise each time you complete one! Use this power well and cultivate the greatest Harem you can!]

As I scrolled down the list of achievements, I couldn't help but think that this was ripped straight out of the fantasies of a hormonal teenage boy. Some of it sounds standard, but as I got down to the ones towards the bottom, I began to raise my eyebrows. Orgy? What is this, Ancient Greece? I have absolutely no idea how I will be able to get over 20 girls in my Harem and have an orgy with all of them. It sounds exhausting and disgustingly lewd. But I am in arguably the most degenerative and perverted anime in existence, so I probably shouldn't be too surprised. But Bungie wasn't lying when he said it would sound super bizarre.

Either way, whether I like it or not, I'm going to have to deal with this. Bring on the Harem, I guess. And if it makes me that much stronger for my goals and ambitions, then I have no problem with seducing as many beautiful women as it takes. Because I made a promise to myself that I will become the best there ever was.

'Okay, you got all of your DLC fun out of the way. Now let me unlock my Sacred Gear!'

[As you wish…]

I felt a strong burning sensation igniting within me. And that's coming from me who's used to breathing fire. As it kept getting hotter and hotter, I saw the world beginning to slow down in time. The students walking by me now looked like they were walking in slow motion. I felt like I was in the matrix. Eventually, the world around me was completely frozen in time.

Golden energy bursted out of me as I yelled due to the adrenaline and slight pain.

[Secret Gear unlocked! You now have access to the Omni-Blade!]

There was something in my right hand. I looked down to see a sword that was about 5 feet long. The blade was a pristine red with a golden handle. The grip was rough and the sword was really heavy. But for some reason I liked it like that and it felt perfect to me. On the handle was a symbol of red Dragon and Black Lion. The Dragon was facing right while the Lion was facing left. They both glowed with power as the sword seemed to be reacting to my touch. I lifted it slightly and almost dropped to my knees from the sheer pressure and power that the blade alone gave off. It wasn't like anything I've seen before. I haven't even observed this weapon yet and for some reason I already know that this was a dangerous blade meant only for the strongest of the strongest. Thank God I had [Gamer's Mind] or else I would have fainted and bowed to the sword itself.


[Name: The Secret Gear- The Omni-Blade]

[Description: The Secret Gear is the Secret Weapon of the Sacred Gear system. A Gear of infinite possibilities. The gear has three core abilities: Power nullification of any target, the ability to acquire slaying properties for any race, and the ability to help bring out the full potential of other individuals (especially Sacred Gear users) and help them evolve. Of course, like all Sacred Gears, it requires training to handle the greater levels of its power and expand said power, along with creativity and desire to help it evolve and develop new abilities, but it is meant to be the Secret weapon of the Sacred Gear system. The Omni-Blade also has the ability to create Sacred Gears and gift them to people, regardless of race. It can also upgrade existing Sacred Gears within people and help evolve to levels never thought of before. There is nothing that the Omni-Blade can't cut through.]

[History: As it is called the Secret Gear, not much is known about it. Its origins and history is unknown and almost nobody knows such a weapon even exists. All that is known is that it was created by God of the Bible as the ultimate weapon of humanity and to help them reach their full potential.]

[Alert: The Omni-Blade is currently not at it's full power. It is currently incomplete and missing a piece. In order to gain the missing piece, you must get it from Archangel Michael.]

[Warning: This blade is the most dangerous weapon in the world. It has the power to destroy all of existence if used improperly. Simply holding and lifting the sword is impossible for most people due to the sheer weight that its mere presence and power carries. And if one is not mentally strong enough, they can go insane due to the backlash of holding such dangerous power. The Secret Gear is the most lusted after power and no one even knows it.]

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Bungie was not kidding.

[I told you that it was a big deal. Not even gods know of this weapon. And if they did, you bet your ass that they would do whatever it takes to make the weapon theirs. You wanted your Sacred Gear? Well, there you have it, big man.]

This is… this is insane. Does a weapon like this actually exist? Well it obviously does since I'm literally holding it in my hands. But Jesus Christ, it's so surreal. I have the power to slay Dragons, but this is just on another level. This sword has the power to slay anything. Not only that, but it can nullify the power of any target? Is my Sacred Gear some sort of insta win button or something? Why am I allowed to have access to this?

[Because you'll need it.]

That sounds scary. If I'm going to need a weapon this overpowered, that means whatever threats are going to appear in the future must be out of this world. I can create my own Sacred Gears and gift to whoever I choose? That sounds so stupidly busted. So if I wanted to, I can just give my brother, Issei another Sacred Gear on top of the one he already has? Making him even more overpowered? And if I can bring out the full potential of individuals, does that mean Issei would immediately get his Balance Breaker?

Again, why am I allowed to have something like this?

So many questions.

But it doesn't matter. It is what it is. I have it, it's mine, and I'm free to use it however I like. I said I wanted to bring my Destiny into my own hands. This is the perfect weapon for the job.

The Ultimate Weapon of Humanity.

The Omni-Blade.

And I am its wielder.

Well you know what they say, With Great Power, there must also come Great Responsibility. It's a good thing that I have [The Gamer's Mind], because there's no way a normal person would be able to process this amount of information and power at once. They wouldn't know what to do with it. And I can only imagine what would happen if any of the villains of this world got their hands on my blade.

Such a weapon shouldn't be real. There was nothing like this in the original anime or Light Novels. Why would the God of the Bible create something so dangerous? Even if He meant it as the "Ultimate Weapon of Humanity," how could He know that whoever ended it up with it would use it for good? What guarantee would there be that any person who received it would not go on an instant power trip? This weapon shouldn't have been created.

There's only one explanation that I can come up with for why it was.

My existence in this world.

When I was first born in this world, I was told that there would be drastic changes compared to the original timeline. And this so happens to be one of them. Why do these changes exist? Because I was reborn in this world. And just my mere existence can change everything. The Butterfly Effect at its absolute best.

So in a way, this is all my fault.

And I have to take responsibility for my decisions.

This makes me wonder about the future. Just how powerful will the threats be that God decided that a weapon like the Omni-Blade needed to be created and bestowed upon someone to be humanity's defender?

Now, I'm getting anxious. If I put it that way, then that means I have to be very careful from now on. Anything can happen now. Canon might have just gone out the window. Mean, just look at Raynare. She showed up much earlier than she is supposed to and she's way more powerful than I remember. The safety of my brother is at risk. Knowing what I know now and with my Sacred Gear now unlocked, she will no doubt sense it and probably tell her superiors about it. Or maybe she might try to take my power for herself, just like how she took Asia's Sacred Gear in the original timeline.

Maybe the smartest choice is to kill Raynare right now before she can cause any damage to anyone.

[The Gamer's Mind Activated!]

I took a deep breath, "Okay, let me calm down. I can't get too hasty. Especially when another person's life is involved."

I think the Omni-Blade is already getting to me. I was considering taking someone else's life before they had even done anything. I can't let the power get to my head. I can't allow it to corrupt me. Raynare hasn't killed anyone yet. And judging from her status, she doesn't intend to kill me… yet. The smart decision might not be killing her immediately. Maybe, I can bring her to my side. I do have the Omni-Blade which can unlock the full potential of individuals. And what does Rayanre want? Power. She wants enough power to be able to call herself the Supreme Fallen Angel. I can give her all of the power she wants. That would easily convince her over to my side. As long as I show her how much stronger I am and what I offer her. She already has the hots for me. So I could just put my Sexual Aura to use right off the bat and just seduce her. That would make it even easier. And with her, she can bring any allies that she wants over to my side.

And then I would have the Supreme Fallen Angel by my side.

That would be the way to prepare for the threats to come. Sure I can kill her now. A lot of people would probably do that if they were in my position. But like I've said before…

…I'm not like most people.

And that's why I'm in the position I'm in and not anyone else.

"Okay, it sounds like a plan. I'll approach Raynare myself and just bring her over to my side. I'll make sure she brings her friends as well. I just have to let her know that if she wants my power, she isn't allowed to hurt any innocent people. Then Issei and Asia don't have to die. They can still become Devils if they choose. Which they probably should, since that will make them more powerful. And then when that happens, Issei and I will grow stronger together as we accumulate more allies."

I smiled as I came up with my plan. It should work. I've been preparing for 17 years afterall. There are some things that I didn't expect and won't expect, but that's fine. I'm confident in my abilities that I'll get through anything. The only issue is that after I beat Sona in our chess match later, she'll most likely offer to me to join her peerage. But I can't accept that. I'm no one's servant. And I'll be restricted and I don't want any complications to arise with that.

I just gotta play it smart. But it seems like I'll have to reveal my abilities soon. Rias and Sona will be annoying to deal with since they will be suspicious of a guy with my power on their territory. But they're reasonable Devils. They'll understand I mean well. I'll even offer to help them with favors if they need it.

'Alright, l'm good,' I thought as the Omni-Blade disappeared. It went back inside my body as time slowly began to go back to normal. Will I stop time every time I pull out the Omni-Blade? If so, it's even more busted than I thought.

Time was back to its normal speed. The students all walked past me in the halls as if nothing ever happened. I turned around to head to my next class but I stopped in my tracks when I saw somebody in my path, staring at me.

It was a short white-haired girl with yellow cat-like eyes. She had a slight blush on her face as she stared at me in wonder. But it also looked like she was being cautious of me. Like she suspected I was armed with a dangerous weapon. At least that's what

it looked like to me. This was a character that I was pretty familiar with, but the same could not be said for her. Which is probably why she was being weary towards me.


Name: Koneko Toujou (Shirone)

Age: 16

Title(s): Rook of Rias Gremory, The White Cat

Race(s): Nekoshou, Reincarnated Devil

Alignment: Neutral Good

Level: 32











Background: Koneko, whose original name is Shirone, is the younger sister of Kuroka and [?]. Growing up with her two siblings, she was the one who had the closest resemblance to their mother, Fujimai, who was a very powerful Nekoshou. Thus, even though she was the youngest, her family deemed Koneko as the one with the most potential out of all of her siblings. And that's saying something, considering how talented Kuroka and [?] are. As a child, Koneko loved her family. But Koneko's human father neglected her and her siblings. He would rather work with his father and their research together. As a result, she didn't really get to spend much time with her father or grandfather growing up. She was very attached to her mother and siblings. Especially her mother, since Fujimai was someone that Koneko strived to be like. She was her inspiration. Koneko wanted to surpass her mother in Senjutsu. So, she and her siblings trained together as kids in order to hone their potential.

But it all changed on one tragic day. The day that both of her parents died in a terrible accident caused by one of her father's dangerous experiments. Koneko didn't know how she could live without her mother. But at the very least she still had her siblings. But not even that could stay the same. Angered by the death of his only son and daughter in law, Koneko's grandfather came to pick up the Neko kids and take them under his care. For a reason that Koneko still hasn't figured out to this day, Kuroka told her younger siblings that they had to run away before their grandfather could take them. She feared him. He was going to do something to them that Kuroka would not allow. But their grandfather caught on to Kuroka's plan. It's all a blur to her since it happened so long ago, but Koneko remembers Kuroka fighting their own grandfather to the death. She was not going to let him take her baby siblings alive. However, their grandfather's power was far too great for Kuroka to overcome. Kuroka had to make a choice. She only had enough strength to save one of her siblings. The other one would have no choice but to go with their grandfather. Kuroka chose Koneko. And they ran away from their grandfather as they left their only brother at his mercy. Koneko remembers the endless nights where Kuroka would cry and curse her own weakness and allow her younger brother to be taken by their malicious grandfather.

Koneko couldn't help but feel powerless to stop it as well. She didn't even try to stop him. She just watched as her grandfather tortured her sister. Se could't understand why a man would hurt his own flesh and blood. After that tragic day, she could only ever see her grandfather as the most evil man in the entire world.

Powers: Senjutsu, Youjutsu, Touki, Kasha

Strengths: Koneko is very talented when it comes to Senjutsu. Even more talented than Kuroka. From an early age, their mother declared that she would be the strongest Nekomata in the world. She inherited all of her mother's powers. Her freakish strength only amplifies her already amazing talent in Senjutsu. Koneko is usually very logical when it comes to situations, and would very rarely strike first. But once you provoke her… expect some broken bones.

Weaknesses: The death of her parents, as well as witnessing her own grandfather torture Kuroka right in front, and take away their brother from them as traumatized Koneko. She has problems connecting to people for this very reason. She fears that whoever she grows to love will be taken away from her. Just like her family. Due to this, she has been neglecting her Senjutsu training and doesn\t use her Nekomata mode unless absolutely necessary.

Opinion of Jeffrey: When Koneko saw Jeffrey for the first time, for some reason, she couldn't stop her heart from racing. She doesn't know what it is, but it seems like his aura alone entices her Neko instincts. She can sense his chi, and it's so high that it's scary. One man shouldn't have that much power. She witnessed what power can do to a man. Koneko remembers when her mother told her and Kuroka how female Nekomatas fall in love. They will know they found their mate the moment that she lays upon him. Female Nekomatas fall in love instantly. It's how her mother fell in love with her father. It looks like that's happening here. Which is what Koneko doesn't want to happen. She doesn't want to grow attached to a person only to lose them again.

Reputation: 80/100- Your aura alone scares her. It reminds her of the feeling of her grandfather's overwhelming power. She doesn't sense any negative emotions from you, but she's still cautious.

Affection: 85/100- Her Neko instincts are telling her that you're her mate. She doesn't want to listen to them though. She fears she'll lose you.


This is so much to fucking take in. Where do I even start?

So Koneko and Kuroka have a brother? Now that's a big difference from what I remember. Why didn't Kuroka's status tell me all this information about her past? What was different now compared to yesterday? It has to be the Omni-Blade. It seems as though it enhances everything about The Gamer system. I've gotten so much more information from that Observe than anybody previous. That's the only logical conclusion I can come up with.

But damn, my existence really has fucked this world up huh? So now Koneko and Kuroka have a brother that was forcibly taken away by their evil grandfather. That piece of information made my skin crawl. How can a man hurt his own family like that? He tortured his granddaughter? He caused them so much emotional pain in a time where they needed support and affection. The Neko sisters have gone through so much more suffering than I thought.

It makes me feel guilty in a way. It's because of my existence in this world that they went through that. They didn't have to go through that in the original timeline. I feel so at fault. But how could I have known? How could I have known that me alone would have such a negative effect on Koneko's life?

I had an urge to just hug the girl and pat her on the head lovingly. I want to let her know everything will be okay. I won't let anybody hurt her anymore. Kuroka did entrust me with her safety afterall.

But obviously that would be weird since Koneko just met me and is kind of scared of me right now. Well that didn't matter to Kuroka who literally licked my face and pushed her chest against me. But Koneko is clearly not her sister.

That makes me wonder, did Kuroka fall in love with me the same way Koneko is too? That would actually explain why she was so touchy with me even though we just met.

But the effect would hit Koneko much harder since I got the Lover DLC and Sexual Aura. I'm scared to see how it would make other girls react. I don't want to scare her, so I'll just be polite.

I smile at Koneko, "Hi there. You okay? You look like you want to say something."

Koneko's eyes widened. She then narrowed her eyebrows and rushed toward me with a closed fist at a speed that most people would miss if they blinked.

'Oh shit, this ain't good! Why is she getting violent?! I was just trying to be friendly!'

[Secret Gear Activated! The Omni-Blade is at your command.]

Just like when I first brought out the sword, the world around me began to freeze in time. I intentionally did this to make sure our little skirmish wouldn't cause any unnecessary damage or attention. How would I explain a white cat girl attacking me on school grounds?

I caught Koneko's fist with my left hand. I held the Omni-Blade tightly in my left hand. But I didn't make any move to strike her. I could never hurt her. I jut need to use one of its special abilities.

[Attack Nullified! Damage dealt:0]

I smiled at the pop up. That's gonna be such a useful power. Nullifying any target will make things so much more convenient and easier when dealing with more of the annoyingly powerful characters in this universe.

"I knew you weren't a normal human. If you were, you would at least have a couple of broken bones right now."

Koneko pulled her fist back slowly. She glanced at my sword. Her skin tingled at just the mere sight of it. I think if it wasn't for her expert control over Senjutsu, then she would be going insane. Simply drawing the blade is enough to completely freeze time all around. Which she probably noticed as well as she gasped at the frozen positions of the students around her.

"Who… What are you? How are you able to control this much power? It's insane. I sense too much strength from inside of you. That amount of power should make anyone go mad. Like him…"

She's no doubt referring to her grandfather. The most evil man in the world. Just what did he do to her and her family?

Koneko then slowly got closer to me. She was so short that she could barely reach my chest, if at all. She wrapped her arms around me into a hug?

"But you're different from him. He was cold and brutal. You're warm and soothing. Just being around you makes my heart beat out of control. This must be what Mom was talking about…"

I was confused. First she attacks me out of nowhere. Gets so scared by my power that she compares me to her abusive grandfather. But then says that I made her heart go crazy and now she's hugging me.

My life is getting crazier by the minute.

I didn't know what else to do but hug back. She purred. I won't lie that made me want to pet her head, but I restrained myself.

She looked me in the eyes. I can see traces of hearts in her irises. This is surreal. Is my sexual aura this strong? The girl is literally falling in love at first sight!

Koneko then reached up to grab my cheeks. She brought my head down closer to hers and proceeded to lick my face, just like how her sister did.

"I'm Koneko Toujou. What's your name?"

I smiled as I patted her on the head, "The name's Jeffrey Hyoudou! It's a pleasure to meet you, Koneko!"

She nervously looked at the ground, "I know this is going to sound tots weird… but Jeffrey, I'm in love with you. I know what you're going to say-"

"-It's fine. I understand already. Female Nekomata's fall in love as soon as they see their mate, right? That's why your heart beats so fast around me. Don't worry I've done my research."

My knowledge of her race seemed to have surprised her. She then smiled in what I can only describe as wholesome joy.

"Thank goodness… I thought you would be creeped out by me randomly hugging you.. And licking you. I'm young so it's hard for me to control my Neko instincts. And you just dial them up to eleven."

She then gave me a sad smile, "I don't know what to do about my feelings right now… its all so sudden. My instincts are telling me to pounce on you right now, but you would probably find that really weird, considering we just met and all…"

The poor girl is conflicted. She knows she has feelings for me but doesn't want to get too attached to me and then lose me. She doesn't want to feel empty anymore. Koneko lost everything. Her parents, her brother, and to her, her older sister abandoned her. And now here I come and she has no idea what to do about her feelings.

'I think I know what to do.'

"Listen to your feelings. Follow your heart. If you want to pounce me, go ahead. Nothing is stopping you. We are frozen in time. Nobody can stop us. Nobody can hurt you. Nobody. Not even grandfather."

Koneko gasps when she hears me say that. She's probably shocked that I mentioned her grandfather. But I needed to assure her that she won't lose me.

I raise my sword, "You see this blade. This is my Sacred Gear. It's called the Omni-Blade. It is the most dangerous weapon in the world. It has the power to cut through anything. You won't have to worry about losing me, Koneko. Because I'll cut them down with my mighty blade."

I slammed the sword onto the ground. It stuck to the floor perfectly and shook the whole school. Koneko felt the power behind it… and my words.

"Do as your heart desires~"

Koneko jumped on me and took my first kiss.

I heard pop ups coming up, but I ignored them. I was only focused on the sweet taste of Koneko's lips and tongue.

So this is how I got my first girlfriend.

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