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3rd Person P.O.V.

Peter woke up to a sleeping Harley, arm wrapped around the smaller boy protectively. Peter yawned, sighing and snuggling back into Harley's side. The southern boy was oddly comforting to him, even if they really hadn't know each other for long. Peter could already tell that this was not something he wanted to give up, and he decided he would try to get closer to Harley. He fell back asleep quickly, lulled by the consistency of the southern boy's soft breathing.

Harley stretched his arms, hitting Peter with his elbow by accident.

"Huh?" He mumbled, realization setting in a moment later. "Mm. Sorry." The sleepy apology went unheard, however, since the brunette was still passed out against his chest. Harley smiled, cuddling Peter while he slept. Everything was peaceful for a while, Harley holding the smaller boy while playing with his messy brown curls. Peter's calm expression broke, his brow furrowing and his jaw clenching tightly. Harley didn't notice at first, too lost in thought. But when Peter let out a soft whimper, he was back on alert, trying to wake the boy from his slumber.

"Wake up, wake up!" Harley shook him gently, Peter sitting up with a loud gasp, then a groan as he slowly leaned back, wincing.

"Ow..." he grumbled, letting out a slow breath. Harley looked at him with concern, head tilted.

"Hey... you ok? It looked like you were having a nightmare," he observed. Peter averted his eyes, shrugging.

"I don't know. I don't remember anything." That was a lie. Peter remembered his nightmare in vivid detail, and it scared him. For more than one reason.


No. No. No!

Peter fell to his knees, hands hovering over the blond's broken, bloody form. His normally kind blue eyes were dull and dead, much like the rest of him. Peter let out a loud howling sob, completely breaking down.

No, no, no... he couldn't be dead...

Peter shivered. He was still a bit shaken from the nightmare, but also... he wasn't too sure of how he felt toward the southern boy. He wanted to get closer to Harley, but felt himself pull away.

They were just friends. Nothing more.

So why did he feel like there was something he was missing?

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