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The group decided to stay inside the aquarium for a few hours. Evidently, the poor soul's death still weighed heavily on the kids. Frank grudgingly decided to let them be.

Andrea took in their surroundings and notice that it was quite spacious. She got up, only for Mitch to level a rifle in her face, "Where do you think you're going?"

She scowled, "Case the joint. Don't want any nasty surprises. Mine and my team's priority is to ensure the kids' safety until help arrives."

He sneered at her briefly before lowering the weapon, "Go on then, but tell us if there are any dinos. Tiff and I missed our honeymoon in Kenya for this, our trophies had better be worth it."

Andrea stalked away, taking Mariquetta, Sergio and Esteban with her. Soon, the four of them were slowly exploring the aquarium. Esteban spotted a door labelled, 'Research and Development'.

He gestured to Andrea and Mariquetta, before reaching for the doorknob. The Costa Rican native jiggled it and found the door unlocked. With that, he slowly opened the door, revealing a laboratory space.

The room was layered in dust though the lights were on. Mariquetta idly dipped a finger in a stray coffee mug before withdrawing it. Andrea turned to her and raised an eyebrow. Mariquetta whispered, "Someone left this place in a hurry and it looks like the place has been abandoned for a while."

Sergio had just finished raiding a nearby file cabinet. He stroked his chin stubble in thought, "Here… I've got an inventory of some of the animals on Isla Sorna. Let's see… Couple of T-Rexes, a pack of Velociraptors, a Spinosaurus, and a bunch of others I don't recognize. There's also something called Project E750. No idea what it is, but I have a feeling that boss and the others will want to find out."

The quartet pocketed the documents before performing a final sweep and fetching extra supplies. When they returned, Sergio dumped the supplies in front of the hunters' group. This included a number of stun sticks, a few boxes of cartridges, flares and even some food.

Frank grunted and motioned for them to rejoin their group. When they re-integrated themselves back into the group, Mason raised a questioning brow. Mariquetta relayed all the information they found in the lab.

After 10 minutes, Frank and the hunters herded everyone outside at gunpoint. Eventually, the group left the sanctuary of the lab and ventured outside. The eight children huddled close to each other as they walked, while their adult friends surrounded them.

A few hours later, they came across a small valley that was full of herbivores. Frank called over his team and barked, "Alright! New plan… Some of us have different agendas-". He eyed Mitch and Tiff with distaste.

"However, the assets are of no use to us if they're dead. What I propose is that half of us tranquilize them critters and grab some DNA. Then we give them a bit of a head-start before you big-game hunter can have your fun."

Tiff nodded as she, Mitch and a bunch of other men broke off. She ordered a few men to set up some tents and traps around the valley while the first group completed their mission. For the next few hours, the vicinity was quiet until a cacophony of bellows and heavy stomps filled everyone's ears.

Close to evening, Frank came trudging back with just over half a dozen men. The man was also dragging one of his fellow mercenaries by the ear. He growled, "I'll teach you to disobey a direct order, you asshole!"

With a loud grunt, he heaved the man in front of him and the man went sprawling on the ground. The hunter tried to scramble away, but Frank levelled his rifle and shot him in the back of his head, killing him.

Hap was furious, "There's kids over here you moron!"

Frank wheeled around to face him, eyes blazing, "Do I look like I give a shit? Besides, Gabriel here decided that it would be a good idea to charge in guns blazing. I specifically told him and everyone else that this was a stealth mission. The son of a bitch spooked the critters and cost me nearly my entire squad! The inevitable stampede also destroyed a number of samples."

Hap growled, "My point still stands! You could have gone somewhere else and offed him! Not traumatized a bunch of teenagers!"

Frank sneered, "Whatever… Anyway, it's too late for your little game-hunting. Let's just go down and camp in the valley."

That night, Yaz's eyes snapped open. She blinked away her sleep and was about to get up with she heard a growl. The girl froze and nearly screamed, but an already awake Kelly clamped her mouth shut.

They stayed silent as a large and familiar snout loomed over them and sniffed some bloody clothes hanging on a rope. Kelly mentally cursed as she completely forgot that all of them were nursing minor wounds from their previous adventures. The two stayed completely still as the beast's rancid breath softly ruffled their hair.

Suddenly, a manly scream echoed through the valley and that caught the curious T-Rex's attention. The dinosaur sharply lifted its snout, taking the entire tent with it.

Knowing that the gig was up, the two took advantage of the creature's momentary blindness to run away. The beast roared, and that woke everyone. Kelly and Yaz regrouped with their friends and they kept themselves far away as the remaining hunters tried to shoot the T-Rex.

However, in their panic, they fired wildly and the bullets hit anything but a T-Rex. Ben, clearly freaking out, screamed, "What do we do!?"

Nico began to back away, "Running would be a good idea."

They turned and ran, while the Rex reduced the hunters' numbers to nearly 15. It got worse for them when Mitch's foot got caught in a snare. The hulking dinosaur soon made short work of him.

Finally, common sense prevailed and the survivors began to run. Meanwhile, the dinosaur managed to get rid of the tent and lumbered after the fleeing humans. The group kept running until Rachel tripped and brought down Hap with her.

The T-Rex drew closer to the downed pair and Rachel screamed at the group to go on without her. Reluctantly, they turned and ran off while she and Hap stayed back to welcome their fate.