Do I have ever had any significant experience outside the lone knowledge of my family? Well, there are a lot. My biological father is DIO. Well, or Dio Brando, as explained by Jotaro himself. But since DIO seized the body of Jonathan Joestar into his own, I became a Joestar on the same time.

Do you think I'm going to be surprised with a Pikachu face? Meh.

By a way, I'm going to be serious. Really, I don't personally think about talking it, but there is one story that would remain to stay with me. Perhaps, forever. Yes, and I will have to tell about it.

That was a quite rainy day, and we both resided in the Kujo family household. Here, I had to watch over the old, maniac Joseph. Of course, Joseph Joestar, ya know. And not just me, but even Jotaro and Josuke. Aftermath, maybe others. Josuke did tell me that Jotaro had a daughter, but I didn't know her face either. Josuke said, probably he knew.

Ah yeah, we played cards with Josuke and Rohan Kishibe. Also included my companions, Guido Mista and Pannacotta Fugo, we all played for fun.

"This fucking rain won't affect us long." Rohan stood.

"Nijimura! How did it go?" Josuke shouted.

"Maybe an A can change that." I laughed.

"Hey hey hey. No stand using here!" Okuyasu Nijimura, Josuke's other friend mimicked what Josuke said before.

Betting? Meh. But we were trying to do the best and we did it hard. Today, in my trip to Japan, I had no fucking problem and it was good. I could see that coming.

I seemed to be … nah, I am too cool in playing cards. I won more than lost.

"Fuck that Giorno, you won again." Okuyasu wasn't happy. He just won one a game.

"Hahaha, and you finished last." Josuke meanwhile laughed hard to Fugo. For some reasons, Fugo finished last here, wow. He lost again as usual.

Mr. Jotaro wouldn't return until midnight, so we had to watch entire of the house. Joseph Joestar wanted to demonstrate that, but even when he was already 70s, he still maintained that fanatical face.

"OH MY GOD! It's broken again."

Yeah, that's Joseph.

Joseph Joestar, when he was young and when he fought DIO, certainly he was mad enough to win this. Even now, when he could not see it properly any longer, he could still maintain this behavior. I just wanted to ask, "What?"

He just broke down a wooden chair. Damn this man. So muscular. Worse, he was already old. So how was his real physical strength?

Suddenly, Koichi Hirose, the man whom I stole his money in Italy before, joined the room.

"Hey, an hour later, there shall be a soccer match in . Wanna watch it?"

" ? Which match?" Josuke asked.

"Well, I'd say … before going to the match, someone must go to buy some snacks." Koichi told: "So, please, pick."

When he first spoke "pick", I wondered what he would do. Suddenly, Josuke realized what would be, and quietly approached to all of us. He switched the cards every time, implying a possibility of …

Oh, I got it …

"Who get the Joker will have to go out and buy snacks."

Oh! Because we had Koichi, Okuyasu, Josuke, me, Pannacotta, Guido and Rohan, he gave to us additional seven cards, only one would be Joker. And he was like "Jesus, I would not get it".

"Let me pick first." Guido did. And he grabbed an Ace of Hearts card.

And each people started picking as well. Okuyasu got a K of Diamonds, Koichi got a 2 of Clubs. Pannacotta got a 10 of Spade. Huh.

And so, Rohan grabbed a Jack of Hearts. This meant, only me. And Josuke was holding a Joker, in addition to the unknown other card. But I didn't know, so I randomly picked, for fun.

Certainly, Josuke's face was tense. He certainly hated to hold the Joker card any longer. Definitely he disliked walking into this heavy rain. My face was tense as well. And we waited, waited, waited …

I picked.


Guido yelled when seeing the result. I, a master of card, had just picked …

"Wow, Giorno, you'll need an umbrella. Josuke survived final moment!" Pannacotta laughed: "Definitely a great experience, man."

Jesus, I just picked up Joker. Josuke held the J of Spade, so he managed to escape in the final moment. I felt a bit bitter now, but, why should I be afraid of such a weather. I lost, but I had to accept the fact. Fair display was better.

"Fine, I took it."

Yup. I knew that, right?

Guido Mista said that he would ensure the house to be fine, and I found his explanation acceptable. Actually, we're all stand users, so being afraid was not an option. We had been trained for it. We had fought bitter battles before, why should I be afraid of a small rain, right?

But certainly, rain gave me some memory …

I entered into a small shop nearby, where I bought several types of snacks. I tried to select the best for the taste of all the Joestars, including me. Enjoying football is also an art to do.

And, as I just enjoyed buying some under the rain, and when I started to take my umbrella, waiting for bus in order to return home, suddenly, I saw a flower here. The flower was initially nothing much, but it was a white rose, and something told me that, someone had just passed away.

Myself refused to follow it first. But then, my heart told me that, this story had something to remember for me, because it was similar to how Bruno Buccellati, Leone Abbacchio and Narancia Ghirga suffered before dying. It must be a disheartening death. In my opinion, it was worth to pay attention.

With my stand ability, I could turn something into a living thing to provide me the location. And I was quick to grab that flower, turned it into a butterfly.

"Let's find me the funeral. I need to pay a small visit here."

As just that, the little butterfly flied into elsewhere.

As I caught up with the bus, the butterfly always flied under my radar. I kept catching with it. And I knew what was waiting over.

The bus stopped in a point, where I stepped down and realized it was more emotional than I expected. When I first heard from Jotaro's about Noriaki Kakyoin, I must say it deeply ingrained. But I thought this story would rival that of great Noriaki.

Realizing the need of changing clothes, I was quick to revise my clothes and turned into a total black. With a polite manner, I knew how to deal with it. Overall, my name is Giorno Giovanna.

I could speak brief Japanese, thanked for my naughty mother, who I must say, a terrible woman.

"Gin Minowa. Sounds … interesting."

The piece of paper told so, a death little girl. Dying at the age of 11, I had to say, too young. Even when I had already been 18, I still grieved for the deaths of Bruno, Leone and Narancia. But this girl, Gin Minowa …

I came in, with a number of feelings ranged. I knew how would it go, I knew why. But definitely, I didn't want to face it immediately, in respect of their privacy.

Yeah, it was in a cemetery. And I knew that, too.


I entered into the cemetery, when most people had already left. A perfect moment to not disturbing was entering when nobody was there. I expected the funeral had come to end.

Burying people under the rain must have to be the most difficult job here. It had to be dealt in a different way.

When people had already left, I carried my umbrella and walked in. And I politely passed by those remaining. The butterfly was about to spot out the grave.



I heard the loud cries. Must have been too painful to see, leave alone entering. I could not just stand here to hear more from the crying sentiment, trust me. But with the experience I got, I knew I had headed to the right direction.

I quietly walked into the grave where I heard the crying. So I tried to move in, only to realize, two girls felt unconscious here. I could not say what's next. They wore maiden clothes, all white. In Japanese culture, this symbolized a funeral where they put someone to eternal rest.

Should I use the stand?


I did not think Gold Experience Requiem could be useful here. The death had left us forever, just let it go.

I remembered it well. I could have said nothing about it. And I learnt many life lessons until this. I also found that, once the butterfly went here, it meant, I had headed to the right direction.

I slowly turned to become a white rose again. A girl died young. Talents die young. Narancia had also died with the same circumstance, but he had grown up more than this.

Suddenly, I found the voice of someone from deep of soul. The Joestars, for some reasons, have an ability to see, listen and understand ghosts, this was why back in the United States where they live, a lot of stories surrounding the Joestars about this, and the Joestars seemed to have lived beyond with no fear.

One spirit appeared, where she revealed herself, was something would haunt me deep.

"Hahaha, thanks for your kindness, Sumi-chan, Sonoko-chan. By a way, you are the only stranger I found to have put back my flower here. Thank you for caring."

"Me?" I startled to hear: "What did I do for you?"

"I was reborn … My soul has been fated to slowly die, but I was reborn, thanks to them … and you … This is … what true happiness is. This … is how it should be … Don't worry. Please … give everyone my regards." Her spirit appeared even clearer for me. She had grey-colored eyes and matching hair, cut short with thin, longer 'tail' tied neatly on the back of her head. She wore a flower-shaped hairpin.

But this wasn't the only weird experience.

"Giorno, she will go with us and under watch. She will be reborn. Just like when we met each other the last time."

The voice was no difference. It was …


The voice was from Bruno Buccellati. He told me like he knew it'd happen. But why? And how?

"Don't worry, we'll see each other … in the next life."

Then, I saw the hand … no way. The hand of Buccellati, escorting the spirit of Gin Minowa. He talked to her like he was his dad. And he went on to move together, with Buccellati telling to Gin something before they went through.

For me, this special moment when I watched from the grave of Gin Minowa, an unknown girl whom I didn't understand her special ability was. But sure, I would never, ever, forget the moment Buccellati escorted the young girl away.

About the girl, she smiled, and she didn't feel any pain, even though her eyes had some leaky tears. And together with the spirit of Buccellati …

"Huh, so, this is why …"

I just bowed my head, realizing that, Bruno Buccellati had finally got his dream: to find a new life … on the other side of the world. In this moment, I could not feel more grateful to have befriended Bruno Buccellati, Leone Abbacchio and Narancia Ghirga. Just like when Jotaro Kujo befriended the late Noriaki Kakyoin, Joseph Joestar befriended Caesar Antonio Zeppeli and Mohammed Avdol, or Josuke Higashikata befriending Koichi Hirose and Okuyasu Nijimura.

I also felt solidarity for the two little girls who fell unconscious here.

Oh well, I was still carrying snacks, so I must not allow me to stay here anymore. The better, the more comfortable. I placed the white rose with the small banner "RIP".

"So, it's time to go back home. I don't want the Joestars to wait."

I hurried up, and got a return. Of course, walking slowly and kept up the pace, while showing no emotion. But certainly it disheartened me to see such a young death. If only she had had a chance to say …

"I, Gin Minowa, have a dream."

Suddenly, the final words came from here, the grave … but then, the only thing I saw was a cemetery, and two girls still fainted around. Better moving on, and stayed out of their affairs.

"GioGio! What the fuck take you so long? Huh?"

When I first came, this was what Okuyasu asked me. Oh yeah …

"Well, just another busy job. I thought it took me a quick run, but it wasn't. Besides, I just helped somebody for their private job."

"Dang it Giorno. Only five minutes before the game started. Do you want to watch football or not?" Guido disappointed a lot.

By this point, with the remaining Joestars and friends, even Mr. Joseph, who actually understood shit about soccer but seemed interested, I could not deny.

"Okay, snacks are here. Let's party."

"AHAHA! Let the game begin!" Joseph yelled as they turned on the TV, where a match was about to start. Unlike our place, the game seemed to have a bright climate, no rain. Of course, wasn't Serie A, but who care?

But I, Giorno Giovanna, must never forget the moment I visited a cemetery, where I found back some connection to the old, dearly days …

Be in peace, Gin Minowa.