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No one's POV

Cheering and and screams ran out throughout the roman gladiatorial like stadium. Seated are hundreds of people. From students of Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, ministry officials, or civilians who paid for a seat to watch.

After all this was the first time the Triwizard Tournament has appeared in hundreds of years. Why? Because the death toll was high and bloody. Rarely anyone won, it was a bloodbath.

Harry was sitting alone in the champions tents awaiting his turn to fight the beast that was waiting. Every first task the champions had to fight something deadly, and what did harry get?

He didn't get a dragon no, somehow they got their hands on a basilisk.

'How the fuck did they get a bloody basilisk!'

Harry was slightly panicking after all he managed to kill one at the age of 12 but still he alomst died!

"Dobby come to me." Dobby popped in and looked sad at his master and friend. "What can Dobby do for yous great master?"

"I need you to get a parcel in my trunk im gonna need it now." Harry calmly stated altho he was terrified. If what he was heared from Bagman the Basilisk was bigger and far more older than Salazar's. Whoever got that damn Basalisk, Harry was going to make sure they suffered.

Dobby popped right back in holding a parcel and a wand. Harry began to open the parcel and admired the armor the goblins crafted for him as a special order. Made of thick basilisk hide from the very same basalisk he killed. Adorning the dark green armor and silver trends.

The Potter-Syltherin coat of arms on his front and backside.

'Now i definitely look like a slytherin.' With his infamous green eyes, messy hair, dark green armor with silver trends, and his new basalisk fang wand with a core of freely given unicorn blood. Light and dark embracing.

Harry held up his old wand to his lips and kissed it gently, knowing this might be his last day alive. "Dobby i want you to go and take my trunk to my trust vault and tell the goblins to seal my vaults until i return. Or a new magical heir comes for the Potter-Syltherin."

Dobby looked tearful at his master, "Yes master, Dobby dos so." Harry hugged his last friend. "Good-bye Dobby."

Dobby popped away as the crowd cheered, Krum must've won.

"UP NEXT IS THE INFAMOUS AND ONE AND ONLY HARRY POTTER!" Bagman yelled out cheers and boos came out after his announcement.

Harry stepped out and looked around the stadium, and saw everyonr with mixed feelings. Joy at he would probably die, fear for him, disgust. Mindless sheep believing he wanted all this glory . Harry sneered at them. He let the enchantments on his hand fall as his Lordship rings displayed. Both Potter and Slytherin.

Some who saw the flash of light on his hand and the front and back part of his armor realized that Harry took upon his Lordship.

Dumbledore realizing Harry got under his grasp paled slightly at the sight. 'No! That boy has taken up his Lordships! No matter he will die by the basa...' it was then that Dumbledore noticed Harry didn't have his Holly wand but a fanged wand. 'What is this boy doing!?'

"Harry potter the fourth champion of Hogwarts will now face off the ministry Basilisk!"

Everyone paled the moment they heard basalisk. It wasn't an XXXXX class of magical creature for nothing! Kill with a single gaze, venom so poisonous it corroded anything it touched. Nothing can heal you from its venom unless you have fresh Phoenix tears.

Everyone in the crowd looked on worringly wondering where the mighty serpent was.

"There are wards to ensure no one from the audience is affected by its gaze!" Bagman decreed happily!

That did not calm anyone down. A heavy iron gate opened up opposite of harry and out came the basalisk.

Harry took his wand to his throat and spelled Sonorous. "Hello! You all know me as Harry Potter Golden boy, Boy-who-Lived, Saviour of Hogwarts twice over! You all bullied me but let me remind you of something! I'm not just that I'm also HARRY FUCKING POTTER LORD POTTER! PART OF THE SACRED 28 WHO FOUNDED BRITAIN!"

Everyone expected a match, not this. Everyone who treated Harry badly this year paled, Malfoy, Ron, Snape, Dumbledore, majority of Hufflepuff, lots of Slytherins, a few Ravenclaws and a quarter of Gryffindor and the reporters of the Daily Prohpet.

"I took up my Lordship weeks ago! And now as Lord Potter i am calling every debt owed to my family! AND I MEAN EVERY DEBT! NO MATTER HOW ANCIENT OR RECENT! I DON'T CARE ABOUT STIPULATIONS! Anyone who ever owed the Potter Family will now have 1 week to pay up whatever it is!"

The heirs of ancient, noble or both paled at the thought of their actions. They knew that their families and several other familes had been helped by the Potter family at some point and time. Their fortunes had been built from help by the Potter Family.

The Potters came during the Roman invasion and invade they did. Not just war but financially and socially integrating themselves into british society.

Dumbledore had paled even further the Black and Potter families were the main financial backing from the last war. Millions and millions of galleons was spent fighting Voldemort and his forces. Now he'd have to pay it all back, and he doesn't have that kind of money!

Harry cancelled the spell and looked back at the basilisk. Going at 130 feet in length, 20 feet in width Harry pointed his wand at the basalisk. "Piercer!" the spell shot forward and pierced the basalisks body and it shrieked in pain.

$I will kill you wizard!$" Harry growled, $Bring it you overgrown bastard!$"

Harry dodged to the side as the Basalisk went to bite him in half. Aiming his wand to the Basalisks body harry said his second spell, "Galant terrae!"

Columns of the earth rose up and slammed into the Basalisk slamming it against the wall of the colosium. Harry then transfirgured the bolder around him into bulls and sent them into the basalisk doing nothing more than punching.

The basalisk whipped his tail into the transfigured animals and slammed his tail into Harry slamming him into a bolder nearby.


The crowd cheered at the display of magical display.

Harry coughed up a bit of blood from, the armor protecting him from majority of the damage. Harry aimed at the sky and yelled, "lucendi percutiens!" A massive lightning bolt was summon Harry aimed it at the basalisk. It was said that spell could rival godly lighting far more potent than any other lighting spell!


The basalisk shrieked in pain and body charred slightly!

"$You insignificant human! I'll show you why I'm the KING OF SERPENTS!$"

The basalisk opened its maw and shot blasts of venom. Harry quickly summoned bolders taking the hit but quickly deteriorating! Harry opened his mouth to say another spell when the basalisk slammed into the barely holding bolder and into Harry slamming him into a boulder six feet behind him.

Harry fell out of the now caved in bolder and coughed up more blood as he felt it difficult to breathe.

The champions seating section

Krum, Diggory and Delacour stared wide eyed at Harry as he was slammed into the bolder. "Mon dieu, he cannt last long can he?" Diggory replied to the french witch, "I don't think he can he broke his ribs this time see how he is holding his side?"

Delacour noticed, "zis can't be legal?! Zat iz a XXXXX magical Creature! One ov ze deadliest one'z!"

Krum looked on at Harry and and gave a grim look. "He vill die, zose spells are taking a toll on his body. His body is not magically... matured?"

Diggory looked on, "He will die knowing everyone hated" Cedric tried to get Hufflepuff to listen but everyone was clouded with hatred.

"It iz time, the basalisk is surrounding him!" Delacour shed a tear, "to zink i called him a leettle boy. Désolé monsieur Potter."

"ITS ALL OR NOTHING NOW FOLKS! ITS THE ENDGAME!" Bagman yelled out in anticipation

The champions looked sick before thinking of one thing all together, "Goodluck Lord Potter"

Back to the stadium

Harry heaved as the basalisk surrounded him.

"$Give up human and ill kill you less painfully.$"

Harry gave the serpent an incredulous looks, "$Go to hell.$"

The serpent narrowed its vision and raised its head to strike Harry down.

"Hoot hoot!" Harry looked up and Hedwig flew to the basalisk and tried to gouge out the serpents eyes.

"Hedwig no! Get back! Damn you!" Harry yelled out as Hedwig managed to gouge out an eye before the basalisk slammed its head into the snowy owl killing it as it hit the wall.

Harry starred at Hedwigs unmoving body he felt his eyes trickle and sobbed as his loyal companion of four years died to save him. Harry screamed as his magic slammed into the Basalisk and slammed it into bolders and into the wall.

Harry's eyes took on a venomous dark green color and glared at the serpent. Everyone gaped at the power the Boy-Who-Lived was displaying.

Harry raised his wand at the serpent and conjured silver arrows and fired them into the basalisks body making it shriek.

Harry aimed his wand at the remaining bolders and transfigured them into spikes and aimed them at the basalisk. Some spikes missed and some found its mark at its tail and pierced it.

"INCREDIBLE DISPLAY OF MAGIC! HARRY IS WINNING!" Bagman shouted in joy as Harry beated the basalisk.

Harry aimed his wand at the Basalisk and fired fully powered Diffindos, Reductos, Bombarda hexes at the serpent and conjured swords to pierce it.

The basalisk wringed itself out of the way from some of the spells and rushed towards harry and sped towards him. The basalisk opened its maw to eat Harry and rushed faster towards him.

Harry ran towards the basalisk with a Winds Fist spell and jumped into the serpents mouth and shot the spell into the roof of the mouth. Destroying the basalisks skull and brain from the inside. Harry slide down the inside of the body and into the stomach.

Outside the Basalisk

Everyone sat there gaping in shock as the Boy-Who-Lived was eaten whole and the serpents head was torn apart.

Everyone sat there solemnly.

"I suppose thats the end of the first task. The three champions shall proceed to the 2nd task in February. . . lets have a moment of silence for the death of Lord Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived!"

Everyone sat silently, all of Harry's previous friends were crying as they thought of the betrayals. Ron for not beliving Harry and bad mouthing him, hermione for giving into peer pressure and leaving him when he needed her most.


Snape paled at those words when they all heard it and saw the sides of the basalisk ripping open from the inside out!


More spells were cast and more chunks of the basalisk came out revealing a bloody and carnage filled Lord Potter-Syltherin. He glared at everyone and hobbled to the basalisk nest and grabbed the golden egg.

Harry had a fang of the basalisk stuck in his leg and in one moment he grabbed the fang and pulled it out and he grunted slightly at the pain. Applying some medical spells to the wound he looked back at the crowd who were pale as a ghost.

Everyone believed he had died and now assume that he will because of the fang. Harry took the fang and spelled it unbreakable. He searched into the crowd and shot the fang into Mad Eye Moody using a banishing charm.

"Deal with it you fucks!"

Harry fell to the ground dead.


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