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Trigger Warning: There is mention of rape – Please do not read if anything triggers, upsets or offends you. Listed warning within the story, if you do choose to read, you can skip the part that depicts the rape.

Author's Note: This will be a short mini-story, it is also completely AU & OC. The song I used for Bellatrix is The Promise by Within Temptation.

Summary: Bellatrix Black is a singer; Hermione Granger is a young witch who has a crush. On a rainy night they spot each other, unfortunately events keep them apart. With the help of two witches, Hermione is introduced to her dream. Completely AU & OC. Mentions of Rape.

Deep Within

Part I

Golden Ray Theatre and the Silver Filigrees present, the talented Mezzo-Soprano voice of Madam Bellatrix Black.

The first show of the winter season begins on Saturday night at 18h00pm. Tickets available from fifteen Galleons, book now to secure your seat.

Hermione Granger stood outside the large theatre with her long time girlfriend, Katie Bell. "Look darling, you can finally meet her." Katie whispered jokingly as they both looked at the large poster of said singer. Hermione's eyes trailed over the attractive figure of her not so secret crush, a mane of long curly dark brown near black hair, full breasts and a slim waist. As her eyes trail further down, she takes in shapely legs and curvy hips, feeling the warm tingling in her spine at the sight of the beautiful woman, she lets out a sigh.

"My darling, your eyes are in the shape of hearts again." Katie giggled into Hermione's ear causing her to blush a brilliant shade of red. "I'm sorry love." Leaning into Katie's side with her head resting on her shoulder, Hermione cast a secondary look at the poster. "It's alright, I know it's only a fangirl crush." A kiss was placed upon her head as her girlfriend squeezed her closer. Walking closer to the ticket booth, Katie led Hermione over to the first available teller. "Two tickets please." Hermione moved away from Katie's side and over to the curio counter. Looking at all the small knick-knacks and wondering which one to purchase, she completely missed the form of her crush as she exited the theatre. "Find anything you like darling?" Shaking her head at Katie's question, she turned away from the counter and linked her arm through Katie's.

Along the way five young men stood in their way, taunting each other before spotting Hermione and Katie. Their leering stares and wolf whistles had both girls stepping closer to each other as they moved around the five men. "See ya later for some fun girlies." One of them hollered out. Hermione shuddered at their continued leering, even as the plumper of the five wagged his tongue at her with a wink. Holding onto Katie's hand for a bit of comfort, they walked across the street and closer to the restaurant they'd be having supper at. Arriving outside of Casa da Rosa, Katie led her through the doors and gave the maître d' her name under which their reservation was held. Once they were both seated the menus were placed upon the table for them to look at. "Hermione, my darling, what would like to eat?" Taking a look at the menu, she decided on the Chicken Enchilada while Katie stuck with a Portuguese Steak. After they'd settled with their glasses of wine, they started chatting over the show. "Tomorrow we'll meet up outside the theatre, I've got a meeting to get through prior to the time."

Hermione took a sip of her red wine, "Oh, of course love." Feeling a bit put out, but not wanting to upset her girlfriend, she decided to leave it. Having returned to their chatting, neither woman saw the arrival of Lady Black. "Your order Madam." Moving her arm out of the way, Hermione allowed the waiter to place her meal upon the table which was followed through with the placement of Katie's steak. Further across the restaurant a pair of dark chocolate brown eyes scanned the entirety of the restaurant, a soft sigh escaped her lips as she leaned her head in her hand. Bellatrix's eyes roved over the corner of the room, landing upon the slim figure of a young woman with caramel coloured wavy hair. Letting her eyes roam what little she could see, she found herself enjoying the view. Pert breasts with a stunning face, cheek bones that housed a gentle flush and a slim button nose, pinked bow shaped lips and "Sweet Circe."

Hermione could feel a warm tingling in the centre of her forehead, looking up she was drawn into a pair of twinkling chocolate brown orbs. A particular pair that she's only dreamed of looking into, a pair that belonged solely to one Bellatrix Black. "Babe? What's got your attention" Katie having noticed Hermione's expression, turned around to gaze in the same direction, only to find Bellatrix Black staring heavily in Hermione's direction. Growling under her breath, she turned her fiery gaze onto Hermione, "Hermione. I would appreciate it if you could focus on our evening together." Hermione tore her gaze away from Bellatrix and turned her eyes to Katie. "I'm sorry my love, it was not done intentionally, I felt someone looking at me and when I looked up, I found it to be her."

Twiddling her thumbs together in expectancy of Katie's jealous outburst, she looked down at her dinner plate and listened as Katie ranted, "I cannot believe you; do you find her more appealing than me? I'm your girlfriend Hermione, I've been with you since our fourth year! Six years! And in that amount of time, you've never once looked at me with a lustful gaze of that magnitude!" Hermione looked at her hands before looking up at Katie's furious expression, "I'm sorry my love, I promise it won't happen again." Katie stood up from her chair and glared down at Hermione, "Damned right you are! If you so much as stare unblinkingly at her tomorrow night, I will personally make sure you never see her again!" Hermione quickly placed a handful of Galleons onto the table and hurried after her girlfriend, both woman leaving their meals unfinished in their haste to exit the restaurant.

Bellatrix sat and watched as the other woman shook her pointer finger into the beautiful girl's face, her face pinched in anger as she raved at her heatedly. Then the woman that her eyes couldn't help undressing stood up and hurried after her, "Katie! Please wait!" Calling for her bill, she made quick work of paying before she too followed the younger two witches out of the restaurant. Pushing the door open and looking up and down the street, she couldn't see anything, it also didn't help that it had started pouring with rain. After stepping onto the sidewalk, she could suddenly pick up the faint sounds of a shouting voice, "No Hermione! I'm not listening to your excuses anymore!" Moving down the street in search of the two women, she couldn't hear anything until, "Then you can go to the concert by yourself! I won't sit there and watch as you eye fuck her all night!" A crack of thunder in the distance had Bellatrix jumping in fright, not wanting to remain on the street much longer, she apparated out of the Alley.

***Trigger Warning – Mention of Rape Below***

Hermione walked further down the street after Katie had left her standing in the pouring rain, she was also crying, which didn't help matters when she could barely see her own hand in front of her face. "Hello there girlie." A gravelly voice filtered through the rain, giving Hermione pause. "Fancy seeing you all alone." Turning to where she had heard the second voice, she heard a third follow somewhere to her right, "Where's yer lovely friend 'ey?" Hermione's scream was cut off when she felt a pair of hands grab her waist and another slap over her mouth, "Shush now girl, wouldn't want the entire neighbourhood to hear you." Her screaming was muffled behind his hand but a hurriedly cast silencing charm allowed the one holding her mouth to release his grip. "There, now we can have some fun, what do ya say boys?" Looking around desperately, she realised that she now couldn't see them or anything, not even the rain.

"No use lookin' round girlie, we've fogged up yer vision, don't want ya runnin' off to the Aurors now." Her skin crawled when she felt his breath against her ear. She soon felt them tearing at her clothing, her brain knew she was screaming but no sound resonated in the air, all she could hear was them laughing as they ripped her pants and knickers from her lower body. Struggling to get away from their roving hands, Hermione kicked her feet, "None of that now." A painful punch to her face had her ears ringing. Hands groped at her now bare flesh; her silent screaming was all she could do as they held her down. Punches were laid into her bare body over and over, followed by teeth tearing into her skin. "Hold her still." Suddenly she felt her legs being pulled apart and a heavy-set body came to rest between them.

"Look at her tryin' to scream." A voice to her left laughed, as he smacked her face, "No one's gonna hear ya girlie." Their laughter filled the air, her distraction was cut short when her body registered a brand new pain. Her struggles were abruptly cut short when a searing pain had tears spring from her eyes as her body screamed silently. By now a constant ache had begun to filter into her body as her attackers continually took their turns. After what felt like hours, she eventually passed out from the pain as her body throbbed and the tears she'd shed, dried upon her swollen cheeks. The last sound that she heard was that of their laughter as they left her under the cover of the darkened sky and heavy downpour.

***End of Trigger Warning***

Bellatrix stood with her back to the curtain, her hair in an elegant clasp behind her head. Eyes covered in a deep green and silver, lips painted a deep red. Her floor length dress was of a forest green that shimmered under the low lights of the stage. She could hear the first chords of her last song for the evening, she was sure that the young woman from the night before would be there for her concert but alas not a single sign of her; "Lords and Ladies, for our last song for this evening, please put your hands together one last time for Madam Bellatrix Black." At the sound of applause, the curtain slowly began opening. Turning around, she faced her audience one last time and at the strum of the bass guitar, she let her voice fill the auditorium;

On behalf of her love…

She no longer sleeps…

Life had no longer meaning…

Nothing to make her stay…

She sold her soul away…

I held you tight to me…

You slipped away…

You promised to return to me…

And I believed, I believed…

Looking over her captivated audience, she still couldn't see the woman that had taken her breath away. Sighing as she waited for the orchestra to bring in her next line, she closed her eyes and looked toward the ceiling as she started singing once more;

After the night he died…

I wept my tears until they dried…

But the pain stayed the same…

I didn't want him to die all in vain…

I made a promise to revenge his soul in time…

I'll make them bleed down at my feet…

Sometimes I wonder…

Could I have known about their true intentions?...

As the pain stayed the same…

I'm going to haunt them down all the way…

I made a promise to revenge his soul in time…

One by one they were surprised.

At the sound of the thunderous applause, Bellatrix let her eyes sweep the crowd, a soft smile upon her face as she gave a small curtsy. Bellatrix gave her audience a wave as the curtains started closing, rose petals fell from the ceiling as they continued to applaud for her performance. The curtains closed and she heard nothing further, thanks to the silencing charms imbued within the material. Turning back to face the stage crew, she thanked them for their work and walked off the stage. After changing from her evening dress and shoes, she made her way to the large fireplace so that she could floo home. She would be meeting with her sister, Andromeda, for one of their biweekly catch up sessions.

Hermione blinked a couple of times as the light pierced her sensitive eyes, groaning groggily as she raised her hand to rub at her face. "Good morning dear." Eyes roving across the pure white and clinical room until she spotted a tall slim woman with a mix of white blonde and dark brown hair and sparkling cerulean blue eyes. The woman handed her a glass of water which she slowly lifted to her dry lips, sipping a small amount to ease her parched throat. "Easy there dear, we wouldn't want you to choke." The woman took the glass away, turning away from Hermione and placing the glass back on the side cabinet before she turned back again.

"Now my dear, I'm your Medi-Witch, Narcissa Malfoy." Hermione looked at her healer, "How are you feeling?" Narcissa asked as she checked her chart. "I'm not sure, I feel okay. What happened? I can't recall much after my fight with my girlfriend." Narcissa placed her chart back in the slot at the base of the bed. "This may be hard for you to hear dear; you've been in the hospital for eight days. You were brutally attacked last week, you were also…" Hermione's mind flashed back to the night, pain filled her lower region, "Raped." She whispered as tears filled her eyes, she felt a hand being laid on her shoulder before arms encircled her body in a hug. "I'm sorry that you had to go through that my dear."

Hermione's sobs broke free of her chest as Narcissa comforted her as best she could. "We have some Thera-Wizards or witches available for you to speak to, they will be able to assist you with what's happened." Her body shook with her gut-wrenching sobs, Narcissa comforted her until exhaustion took over and Hermione passed out. Pushing her back until she was lying back down, Narcissa covered the girl's frame with the light duvet. "Poor dear, we'll get you help and have you feeling better again soon." Leaning down after checking the room, she placed a kiss upon the girl's forehead, unable to deny her maternal instincts. Leaving the room after warding the bed to alert her to the young witch waking, Narcissa headed for her sister's office.

Knocking on the door before entering, Narcissa came to a stop in front of the desk, "Andy, my patient woke a few minutes ago." Andromeda Tonks, Head of the Department of Thera-Wizards and Thera-Witches, looked up from her report at the sound of her sister's voice. "How is she doing Cissa?" Taking a seat across from Andromeda, Narcissa leaned back in her seat, "She couldn't recall the incident at first until I mentioned the attack, she burst into tears after acknowledging that she'd been raped." Sighing out loud as she removed her spectacles, Andromeda steepled her fingers. "It's going to be a long haul, after being assaulted by more than one attacker. I'll take this one personally Cissa." Narcissa nodded. "Andy, will you be able to join myself and Bella for lunch tomorrow? It's our weekly catch up session and she's in town this weekend." Andromeda pulled out her diary to check her schedule, "Unfortunately not Cissa, I've got a full day with patients tomorrow. Perhaps next time I will be able to join you dear sister." Narcissa looked slightly crest fallen but understood that her sister was a busy woman. "That would be lovely. Oh! Looks as though our little patient has awoken. I'll see you later Andy." Waving as she hurried from the room and back down to Hermione's room.

Narcissa slipped into the room unheard and waited as Hermione checked her surroundings once again, eyes landing upon Narcissa after a few minutes. "Hi." Stepping toward the young witch, Narcissa gave her a soft smile, "Hello dear." Hermione seemed to be toying with the corner of her duvet, "I'm sorry for my earlier outburst." Narcissa raised her eyebrow, "You've no need to apologise my dear, what happened is to be expected, after all you have been through a horrifying ordeal. I would be more concerned if you hadn't cried." Narcissa looked at her patient with a careful gaze, "Shall I have a bath drawn for you? I'm sure you're wanting to freshen up." Hermione looked at Narcissa with a grateful expression and nodded, "That would be nice, thank you Madam Malfoy." Snapping her fingers to call for a house elf, she ordered for it to have a bath drawn for the young Ms Granger. "I'll leave you to it, call for Pip when you're done and she'll come to collect me."

Hermione smiled her thanks and watched as Narcissa left the room, Pip the tiny house elf, helped Hermione into the bathroom and then the bath. "Thank you Pip." With a nod, the tiny elf left her alone to clean. Stepping into the tub of warm water, Hermione got to work on cleaning her body, rubbing at her flesh until it was red raw. She could still feel the lingering effects of her attackers on her body, looking down at her skin and seeing nothing but a perfectly pale skin, no blemishes, no scars and no markings depicting the assault. "Pip, I'm ready." Climbing out of the tub and placing the hospital robe around her shoulders, she waited for the house elf to call for Narcissa. Walking back toward the bed, Hermione instead decided to sit in the armchair that was next to the bed itself.

Bellatrix sat across from her sister as she sipped on her cup of tea, "I am sorry my darling sister, I am not readily focused on our luncheon today. Please forgive me." Narcissa ran a hand over her cheek as she looked toward her sister. "Tis alright Cissy." Bellatrix glanced outside the window, following a rain drop as it ran down the glass. "How is your show going?" Bellatrix kept her eye upon the rain drop as she answered, "It's coming along as expected. A number of my audience have been wanting me to stay longer." Narcissa tapped her fingers gently against the tabletop, "What's got your mind so preoccupied?" Narcissa jerked her head in Bellatrix's direction, a pink hue colouring her cheeks, "We had a victim of a brutal attack come in last week, she finally woke up yesterday. Andy will be taking her in as a patient for therapy to help her come to terms with the incident."

Bellatrix nodded, "Attack?" Narcissa shook her head as her mind stumbled over her words, "A rape victim, she was severely beaten as well. Not a single witness. She was found half dead, in a pool of her own blood." Bellatrix turned to look at her sister, who was now paler than the table cloth, "That poor girl, do her parents know?" Narcissa's eyes found those of her eldest sister, "No. Miss Granger's parents are unreachable, not even the Aurors could locate them." Bellatrix placed her tea cup upon its saucer and looked at Narcissa, "Enough about my current life Bella, what about you? Any new love interests?" A chuckle broke free from Bellatrix, "Not at the moment, though I did spot a very beautiful young lady on the night of my arrival in London." Narcissa leaned forward with a small grin.

"Tell me more." Bellatrix chuckled, "She was a vision, absolutely beautiful. Caramel hair, pink lips, cute nose and a pair of gorgeous honey coloured eyes." Narcissa giggled at her sister's expression, "She sounds beautiful indeed. Where did you see her?" Bellatrix leaned back in her chair and sighed, "She was dining in Casa da Rosa with a friend by the looks of it, before they got into a fight over something." Narcissa's eyes found hers as they widened, "When exactly was this?" Bellatrix looked over at Narcissa's suddenly alarmed expression, "Well that would be about seven or eight days ago, why?" Bellatrix frowned when Narcissa jumped to her feet with a yelp, "Oh dear Merlin!" Standing up, Bellatrix's frown deepened, "Cissy, what are you on about?" A soft cry came from her sister, "The girl you saw, she's my patient." Narrowing her eyes at her sister, "What?" Narcissa spun around as she looked at Bellatrix, "Hermione Granger, is the girl you just described, she is also the victim I was telling you about!"

Bellatrix's eyes widened when Narcissa grabbed her shoulders and pulled her close, "Who was the other girl? Did you get a good look at her?" Bellatrix shook her head, "No, I only know her name is Katie. Dark hair and medium in height, other than that I didn't catch any other details, I was a bit preoccupied by the sight of Miss Granger." Rushing to the fireplace, Narcissa threw a pinch of floo powder into the flames. "Auror Department, Harry Potter's office." Head disappearing into the flames, Narcissa waited for Harry Potter to answer her floo call. "Madam Malfoy, to what do I owe this unexpected call?" Leaning back slightly as she faced the young man, "You are still actively looking for the individuals involved in Miss Granger's attack correct?" He nodded in response.

"Does Miss Granger know of anyone with the name Katie?" Harry nodded again, "Yes, her girlfriend, Katie Bell. Why?" Narcissa's eyes sought those of the Auror, "My sister who saw Miss Granger the same night, informed me that she'd had a fight with Katie." Harry nodded and gave his thanks, "I'll seek out Miss Bell and speak with her, has she come through to the hospital to visit with Miss Granger?" Narcissa shook her head, "No, no visitors have come through to the hospital since her arrival." Harry scratched the back of his neck, "I've been too busy to stop by and with the rocky friendship we've had since she came out, I doubt my presence will help her." Narcissa could feel Bellatrix poking at her side, "I'm sorry Mr Potter, I've got to go, my sister is becoming impatient." He chuckled and waved goodbye as she disappeared from the fireplace.

"What's he got to say?" Narcissa leaned back on her haunches and looked up at her sister, "It seems that Miss Granger is involved with the other young lady, Katie Bell." Bellatrix looked around the room and huffed, "Why is it that every time I find a beautiful woman, she's already taken." Narcissa shrugged, "My sister, you shouldn't worry so much, the right one for you will come along." Bellatrix ran her fingers through the tail end of her ponytail as she turned around to face the large bay window. "Yeah Cissy, hopefully I won't be a hundred in the shade when she comes along." Narcissa giggled at her sister, "You'll be married to your witch before you're a hundred in the shade." Bellatrix whirled around to face Narcissa and grinned broadly. "Oh? Is that so? Why don't you go and find a beautiful witch for little old me then Cissy?" Narcissa gave her an incredulous look and shook her head.

"No. That will be all for you Bella. In case you've forgotten, I'm married and have a son." Bellatrix wore a naughty smile, "Come now Cissy, you're eager for me to be involved, why don't you find me a witch." Narcissa rolled her eyes and turned away from her sister. "Come off it Bella, it's not happening. Besides I wouldn't even know what to look out for." Bellatrix turned at the sound of the front door slamming. "Just find me someone like Miss Granger." Walking down the hallway until she reached the front door, "Hi Aunt Bella." Draco hurried passed her, "Bye Aunt Bella." Shaking her head at her nephew, she continued along her path. "I'll see you later Cissy." Calling out to her sister as she exited the house, Bellatrix disapparated with an inaudible 'crack'. Narcissa stood atop the stairs, looking down the long drive, a small smile upon her face.

Andromeda sat looking at her newest patient, a curious expression highlighting her features. Hermione was looking anywhere but at her, "Is there something wrong Miss Granger?" Watching the young witch before her, briefly look at her before casting her eyes elsewhere. "No Madam Tonks, well not really." Andromeda flipped her report open, "Is there any particular reason why you're avoiding looking at me?" A blush highlighted her patient's cheeks, "I'm sorry, it's just you remind of someone." Andromeda smiled, "Most probably my sister, I'm always mistaken for her." Now she was getting somewhere, Hermione's eyes lifted from the desk and looked her dead in the eye. "Sister?" At this, Andromeda chuckled, "Yes, Bellatrix."

Hermione felt her brain short circuit, her therapist was the sister of her crush, a woman she only ever dreamed of having, "Is there something wrong with me being the sister of Bellatrix?" Andromeda looked at Hermione to gauge her expression, "Ah… Er… Well no, it's just I'm a really big fan of her and the Silver Filigrees." Nodding she glanced down toward her report and cleared her throat, "Well now that we've sorted that little bit out, why don't we get down to what you're really here for Miss Granger." Pulling at a loose thread, Hermione bit her bottom lip in her nervousness, "Can't you just obliviate me?" Andromeda look at her with an expression of surprise, "No, dear Merlin no. Even if you are obliviated, your body will remember, you'll have issues with intimacy and not know why." Hermione picked at the skin of her fingers as Andromeda spoke.

"Can a potion not help?" Andromeda shook her head, "No. You'll still have issues when involved with someone and how then would you be able to explain why they can't touch you a certain way?" Hermione shrugged and flicked an invisible piece of lint off her robe. "Then I'll stay alone." Andromeda pulled her spectacles off her nose and rubbed at her eyes, "Miss Granger, that's not the answer, you need to be able to feel comfortable when you're with someone and not want to run away each time." Hermione was still playing with the loose thread on her robe, "I'm scared Madam Tonks, I'm truly scared." Andromeda nodded and wrote in the report, "That's the first step to recovery Miss Granger. We will get through this, it will be slow and it will be painful, but we'll get through it." Hermione looked up; eyes swimming with unshed tears as Andromeda leaned across the table to take her hand in her own, "Let it out Miss Granger, don't hold them in."

Bellatrix and Narcissa were sitting quietly together three weeks after Bellatrix's first show in London, by now Hermione had been released from St. Mungo's and news had already spread of hers and Katie's abrupt break up. "Have you seen her since her release?" Bellatrix looked back over to her sister at her question, "Actually no, not since I laid eyes on her in the restaurant." A nod of her head and Narcissa knew she had a plan, "Andromeda tells me she's progressing surprisingly well, something to do with her compartmentalisation of her thoughts and of course, her highly logical brain." Bellatrix wore a half smile, "So she's processing everything logically?" Narcissa gave a nod in reply, taking a sip of her wine before speaking again.

"Yes, she's made a lot of progress mentally but still violently flinches when touched unexpectedly and shies away from an expected touch, so Andy is still working tirelessly on helping her through that." Bellatrix sighed and leaned into her own hands, "And you're telling me all of this why? It's not like I'm involved with her or anything." Narcissa feigned a look of pure innocence. "Well that's actually why I'm talking to you, Andy reckons that with another person whom Miss Granger is not familiar with, she might be able to find a solution to helping Miss Granger move into her next phase of healing." Now Bellatrix was even more sceptical, "Nonsense Cissy, what is me being there going to help? Miss Granger will be even more freaked out with my presence, I'm more of a stranger than anything…" Narcissa nodded in her direction mockingly, "Yes exactly. That is why Andy wants you to visit with them, she'll not say anything to Miss Granger."

Bellatrix gave her an incredulous look, "What? Why?" Her voice level went up a pitch, "Andy wants to try and see how she'll react." Bellatrix pushed away from the table with an upset expression, "No. I will not be used like that, that girl has been through enough trauma." Folding her arms across her chest, she glared down at her sister, who sat completely unfazed by Bellatrix's reaction. "Please consider it Bella, it might help the poor girl and besides, don't you want to get to know her?" A deep growl rumbled from Bellatrix's chest, "Are you insane! My presence will undoubtedly cause her to relapse, especially if I pitch up as a surprise!" Narcissa picked up her wine glass and leaned back into her chair, "Sit down Bella, stop being ridiculous. Andy wouldn't have requested this if she didn't feel that Miss Granger could handle it." Bellatrix pulled her chair out and sat down, "I need to think on it, I'm not fully convinced but I'll give it some thought."

Narcissa and Bellatrix continued their luncheon, chatting the afternoon away. "Thanks for the lunch sister dear, if you decide to assist in whichever way you can with Miss Granger, please do let me know." Hugging Bellatrix tightly, Narcissa placed a soft kiss against her cheek and walked away from the table. Watching as her sister disappeared, Bellatrix decided to seek out some company for the night and she knew just the witch. Heading down to the owl office, she wrote a short note;


Meet me tonight, Black Manor, eight pm.


Standing in front of her mirror, in her black leather halter backless bodysuit, laces tied up from below her navel to between her breasts, Bellatrix finished lacing the thin leather cord over her right breast. Checking her appearance before turning around to check the back, Bellatrix smiled, she looked incredible. Her milky white thighs were on full display with only the thin piece of the body suit covering her womanhood from view, she twisted around slightly to make sure everything was in place. Her open back had four cords running from her backside up to her shoulders, each of them attached to the thin piece between her cheeks. "Perfect." Smiling broadly at her appearance, she flicked her wrist and was satisfied to hear the sound of the zipper sliding up, "Mistress Black, your guest has arrived."

Turning to look over her shoulder she found her house elf standing in her white toga. "Thank you Pippy. You may inform her that I will be down momentarily." Before stepping out of her bedroom, she decided to loosen the cords over her breasts, she allowed her nipples to be on full display. Walking along the hallway, Bellatrix kept an even pace down the stairs and continued with the same pace until she reached the foyer. What she was not expecting was to see her sisters and Hermione Granger, "Dear Circe! What in the name of Morgana are you doing here?!" Hermione's eyes were glued on her body, she could practically see her drooling. Andromeda and Narcissa both wore bored expressions, "Did we interrupt something?" Narcissa asked casually. "Actually, yes you did. I am expecting someone." And just as she finished speaking, she heard a woman's voice from behind her, "Well, well, what do we have here. Such a gorgeous pair of cheeks and oh my, a beautiful pair of legs that'll soon be wrapped around my neck."

Turning around, Bellatrix found Alecto, arms crossed and grinning madly, a very noticeable whip hooked to her waist. "Alecto love, go and get everything ready so long and I'll meet you upstairs shortly." Facing her sisters and Hermione again, Bellatrix found Hermione's furiously blushing face and her beautiful honey eyes were filled with pure lust and desire. Feeling her own cheeks warm at the youngers heated gaze, she turned to face her sisters instead and glared at the two of them, "Can you please leave, I do not wish to be occupied knowing that you are here." Feeling the hungry eyes lingering on her body, Bellatrix felt her nipples harden as her insides warmed. Clearing her suddenly dry throat, she turned on her heel and walked back to the stairs, knowing she was giving her sisters and Miss Granger a perfect view of her rear end and unable to resist, she swayed her hips seductively and turned to look over her shoulder, spotting her sisters knowing eyes and Hermione's enthralled gaze.