The wheels were turning in Mrs. Howell's head. She, unfortunately, wasn't able to get Gilligan and Mary Ann together, but had hope that it would happen someday. She just knew they would make an adorable couple for they had so much in common, and seemed to enjoy each other's company. Mrs. Howell would try again with them another time. Right now her focus was on the man of science, Professor Roy Hinkley, and movie star, Ginger Grant.

Those two seemed to have a lot in common as well. The professor and the starlet. It just had a nice ring to it. Mr. Howell had protested at first, but then gave in to make his wife happy. This time they were going to do it right. Instead of a dinner party at their hut, the millionaires had packed a surprise picnic. Mrs. Howell would ask Ginger, and Mr. Howell was in charge of asking the Professor.

Ginger was out in the jungle, picking flowers when Mrs. Howell walked up to her.

"Hello, dear."

"Oh, hello, Mrs. Howell," Ginger replied with a smile.

"Tell me, do you have any plans today?"

Ginger thought for a minute.

"No, none. Why?"

"Well, Mr. Howell and I were planning on having a picnic lunch by the beach, and wondered if you would care to join us?"

"Sure, I guess, but what about the others?"

"Oh, they know all about it. Consider this a thank you for all of your performances you've put on since we've been here."

Ginger smiled. "Well, gee, thanks, Mrs. Howell. That's awfully kind of you."

"Oh, think nothing of it, dear. I will come by your hut to get you around noon."


Mrs. Howell walked off, leaving the glamorous starlet confused. She had a funny feeling that Mrs. Howell was up to something. What, she didn't know.

Meanwhile, Mr. Howell was working on the Professor, who was in his hut, working on an experiment.

"What do you say, my boy?"

"That's awfully nice of you, Mr. Howell, but you and Mrs. Howell needn't go to all that trouble."

"Oh, it's no trouble at all. You deserve this for all the hard work you do. Consider this a thank you."

The Professor smiled. "I appreciate that, Mr. Howell. Alright, what time is this picnic lunch?"

"Noon. I'll come by and pick you up."

"Sounds good."

Mr. Howell left the hut to fill his wife in. The Professor, meanwhile, was confused. He had a peculiar feeling the Howells were up to something. What, he didn't know.

The other Castaways were confused a well, but they didn't care. Gilligan and Skipper figured as long as they got to eat it didn't matter if it was at the communal table or the beach. Although, they would much rather be eating in a nice restaurant or in their own homes. Still, at least they had food.

A red and white checkered blanket was set on the sandy beach, along with two place settings, and a couple of pillows to sit on, should the ground be too uncomfortable. The Howells had no intention of staying. There was a picnic basket placed in the middle of the blanket. Inside were sliced coconut and pineapple, some fish, banana cream pie, two bamboo cups, grape juice, napkins, and silverware.

Ginger arrived with Mrs. Howell. She was wearing her dress that had S.S. Minnow written on the side. Not two minutes later, Mr. Howell arrived with the Professor.

"There's only two place settings," The Professor said, arching an eyebrow.

"Yes, I'm afraid Mrs. Howell and I made a mistake. We planned on having our lunch in our hut today, not at the beach. We figured that out only after we packed the picnic basket. So, I'm afraid you two are on your own."

Before more could be said, the married couple quickly took off, leaving the Professor and Ginger alone. There was an awkward silence.

"Well… Shall we," the Professor asked, motioning to the picnic.

Ginger nodded her head and they both sat down to eat.

"This was planned, wasn't it," Ginger asked, pouring them both a cup of grape juice. "They planned to leave us alone the whole time."

"I don't doubt it," the Professor replied, cutting into his fish.

"But why?"

"Well, their matchmaking plans didn't work for Gilligan and Mary Ann. Maybe they're trying it with us."

Ginger's green eyes lit up at hearing this.

"How exciting!"


"Well, Professor, I've always liked you. Kind of. I mean, you're a nice man, you treat me with respect. Not like those leeches in Hollywood."

The Professor smiled.

"I'm flattered, Ginger, but I'm sure once we're rescued, you'll forget all about me."

Ginger hung her head low.

"I don't think so. Out of all of you, you're the one I'll miss the most when we do get rescued. I've known you only what, six months? I've been in relationships that only lasted two weeks or less. I've grown quite fond of you. Even if you don't feel the same way, I hope we can still keep in contact once we're rescued."

The Professor was not expecting this. Truth was, he was quite fond of her, too.

"Ginger, I have a confession to make. I haven't seen any of your movies. I haven't seen too many movies, actually. Only a few. I thought you were beautiful the moment I laid my eyes on you, and that was before knowing who you were. Now that I know you, I find you more beautiful than ever. Inside and out. I am quite fond of you, too, but I didn't want you to think I felt that way because you are an actress."

Ginger smiled.

"Oh, Professor. You don't know how good that makes me feel. It's okay you didn't see any of my movies. Maybe you can see them once we're rescued."

"It's at the top of my list."

The two friends continued to eat their lunch. Once finished, they cleaned up, and decided to head back to camp.

"Maybe when we're rescued, before returning to our regular lives, you will allow me to take you on a date," the Professor asked.

Ginger blushed at this.

"You mean it?"


"I would love to."

She leaned forward and surprised the academic by kissing his cheek.

The Howells were spying on them from their hut, and Mrs. Howell was absolutely giddy! She couldn't believe it! It worked! She started clapping.

"Calm down, my dear," Mr. Howell said, putting a hand on her shoulder. "They're not walking down the aisle yet."

"In do time, Thurston, dear. In do time."