"Mr. Angelo?"


"Mr. Salieri sends his regards."

To be honest, I knew my time is up. I knew Salieri will find me, one way or another. Every day in my life after I left that life behind, I always looked behind my shoulders wondering when it is my time to die. I didn't want to kill people that had done nothing wrong to the family, but that ended up being a mistake. That was the reason they came after me, and I know that as long as I live, the people around me would get hurt especially my family.

I wanted to keep Sarah and our daughter safe, so Detective Norman agreed to help us by putting us in the Witness Protection Program. I led a good life after leaving all that behind, even seeing my daughter get married to a good man. Even so, I knew it's not enough to throw Salieri off my trail and that he would have someone kill me behind the jail cell.

And I was right. When two men came in the front yard asking for my name, I knew I had to die to keep my family safe. As one of them has a shotgun pointed at me, I put up a small smile as I accepted my death. I think I'm ready to leave this world, so that my family will be safe. After I was shot in the chest and they stayed by my side, I knew of one thing.

Family is forever.

Author's Note: Just saw the ending of Mafia: Definitive Edition, and it's amazing. Instead of replying in a confused manner when his real name is being called in witness protection, Tommy answered Vito honestly and that he just smiled when Joe is about to shoot him with a shotgun. This means he accepted his death, knowing fully well that his family is safe.