Rated: G
Category: Drabble. Angst, Romance, Culmets.
Season: One, with Pre-Show Backstory Supposition.
Spoilers: "Into The Forest I Go"
Summary: Depending on the situation, identical stimuli can have widely varying effects on an organism. Especially one as advanced as Hugh Culber.
Note: Takes place when Paul first goes into the chamber in "Into The Forest I Go."

Paul had said it first.

To say Hugh had had mixed feelings was an understatement.

He'd come off a bad relationship, and he wasn't sure he wanted another one.

And yet…

He'd smiled, overwhelmed, and kissed Paul with all he had.

And the rest, as they say, was history.

A history Hugh didn't regret.

Even if that particular part was a running joke between them.

But now, those same three words, said in public – and at work, no less – they were no joke.

Back then, Hugh had been scared, but thrilled.

Thrill had won out.

Now, it was fear's turn.