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Name Blue-Eyed Avarice

Summary: "I wish I had noble goals for wanting to become the Hokage but truthfully, the Power, Fortune, Fame, Adoration, and Respect the Hokage gets? As Savior of Konoha, I'm only claiming what is rightfully mine and I will have it." Because of the Kyūbi, Naruto was robbed of everything but with the help of the Kyūbi, Naruto the Avaricious will gain everything or die trying. Naruto/Harem

Pairings: Naruto/Harem and many other pairings outside of this harem.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Humor, Romance.

Rating: M for Mature


1. So right now, I did tweak the ages. Naruto and gang will enter the academy at ten years old and leave the academy at age fifteen but the canon events (such as Wave for example) will not happen until Naruto he's out of the academy. While I do not usually mind the canon ages when Naruto becomes a Genin (Which is thirteen), with some of the things could happen in this fic, this would be somewhat best.

2. While I am unsure about Lemons for now, I am putting this warning up to let people know in case I do decided to do them but even if I don't, this story is a mature one all the same.

3. This will NOT be a story where the girls will be fawning over him. It will be the opposite really but that is the fun of it all.

4. This is NOT a crossover with FMA. I know the title might make it seem that way but putting this here just in case.

5. This is not an Evil!Naruto fic despite the premise. This is a more…Self-Centered, cocky and confident Naruto and that may be going against the grain when it comes normal harem fics where Naruto is the golden pure cinnamon bun but I think we can have a lot of fun with it.

6. Who will be in the harem? Hyūga Hinata, Sabaku no Temari, Inuzuka Hana, Uzuki Yūgao, Mitarashi Anko and a real slowburn with Fem!Kyūbi

Disclaimer (Naruto): The Following is a fan-fiction based on the anime/manga series NARUTO by Masashi Kishimoto Please support the official release. There, that's $300 bucks for the disclaimer. Pay up or be put down.

Blue-Eyed Avarice

Outcast: A person who has been rejected by society or social group.

Naruto wished he did not know what that word meant.

He wished with everything in his heart that he also did not know the words neglect, pariah, isolation, loneliness, and emptiness. Unfortunately for Naruto, these words were the best way to describe who he was and what he felt.

He was Uzumaki Naruto, the blue-eyed phantom of Konohagakure no Sato. While he still drew breath, everyone in the village treated him as a spirit. The villagers did not go out of their way to attack him but in many ways, Naruto wished that they would.

It would at least acknowledge that he existed. That he was someone and not just…there.

And so, the ten-year-old Naruto sat at the riverbed in the forest with a homemade fishing pole in his hand, trying to catch some fish for dinner. He felt a tug on stick he held and began to pull hard until a fish popped out of the water.

Naruto smiled at his success before it dwindled into a sad frown as he watched it wiggle for dear life.

"At least you'll be free from this life…As I will never be…" Naruto whispered tearfully as the fish soon became still.

Naruto gently placed the dead fish in a small bowl then went back to fishing as he hummed a faint, melancholy tune, his only company being the fireflies and crickets around him, unable to stop the crushing thoughts that invaded his mind.

It was then he looked back at the bowl where the dead fish laid.

There was one other word that Naruto wished he did not know, and that word was death. He did not mean to learn about that word. When he ran away from the orphanage when he was a six-year old, the caretaker had yelled about how she wished he were dead.

At the time, he was focused on escaping but when he eventually learned what it meant, he was upset at the time.

But now?

He understood and, in a way, he wished it would come to him. He did not want to die but was else was there? He did not have any friends, family, or anyone to care about him and everyone treated him like a living ghost anyway.

What was the point anymore?

This was his life.

A few nights ago, he was told by the Hokage that "Compared to the vastness of the world, man's existence is very insignificant," and Naruto tried to use that to push away his problems but after today, he realized something.

Naruto realized that no matter how insignificant his life may be compared to the universe; his existence was this: He was born alone; he was going to live his life alone in a world that denied his existence and he was going to die the same way.

Naruto took a shuddered breath as he felt that his heart was breaking within his chest. He tried to ignore this feeling to continue catching his dinner but after five minutes, he could feel the tears fall from his eyes as he started to weep.

What had he done wrong?

He was just a kid and yet everyone hated him and for what?

For nothing!

Naruto's shoulder slumped, the brief rush of anger fading away to sadness once again. What was the point of getting angry?

Why bother getting angry over something that would never change? This was his life and it was not going to change. So, despite the hurt that clung to his heart, Naruto continued to fish.

Once he gathered two more fish, Naruto started a fire, skewered the fish, and allowed them to cook. As he sat there, his eyes locked on the flames, he heard someone sit beside him. Naruto turned his head and tried to offer a smile before he looked away.

"Hey Jiji," Naruto whispered softly.

"Good evening kiddo," The Sandaime Hokage said as he gingerly ruffled Naruto's head. He reached into his robes and pulled out a brown envelope. "You weren't at home, so I came to look for you. This is your monthly living expenses."

"Thanks Jiji…" Naruto murmured as the man placed the envelope in front of him.

It was quiet for a moment, just the sound of the fire filling the area."So um…I heard you painted the town red today," The Sandaime said with a chortle but Naruto did not join in. Instead, he continued to stare at the flames.

"Everyone hates me…" Naruto told him softly, his voice barely going above the sound of the crackling fire in front of him. "Jiji…Why don't I have a mom or dad?"

The Hokage let out a soft sigh and replied "I thought I told when you asked this a year ago…Well. It happened some time ag-"

"That's not what I want to hear," Naruto interrupted as he looked to him, his ocean blue eyes sparkling with fresh tears. "You're talking about when the Kyūbi attacked and killed everyone. That's not what I want to know."

"Then what do you wish to know kiddo?" Sandaime asked him.

Naruto looked down and allowed the tears to fall freely once more. "I-I want to know…who were they? What kind of people were they? Did they love me? Did they even want me?"

Naruto heard the older man stand up with a sigh before he said "There's no use asking about that. It won't bring the dead back…"

"But Jiji!" Naruto exclaimed as he stood up only for the man to vanish in a swirl of leaves. Naruto's shoulders slumped before he sat back down and began to weep loudly.

Deep in gilded cell, a singular crimson eye opened as the echoes of Naruto's sobbing was heard before it narrowed in annoyance. "Again?" The voice questioned with a low, feminine voice.

This was the tenth time this week where she was awakened by this incessant crying.

"Enough of this foolishness…" She muttered. It was bad enough that she was sealed in this child with these bindings holding her back physically and spiritually, but she would be damned if she had to hear him cry again.

The figure took a deep breath before its eyes began to glow a bright crimson. The cries quickly ceased and moments later, a splash was heard outside of her prison.

Naruto did not know what happened.

One moment, he was in the forest and the next, he was in this…Where was this?

Naruto looked around until he found himself looking at the gilded cage where he saw the a single crimson eye glaring at him through the dark. "Um…Hi," Naruto said with a hesitant wave.

The figure narrowed their eyes. "It's bad enough I'm stuck in here, but your nonstop crying keeps waking me up. I'm trying to gather enough chakra"

"Oh, I'm sorry Nee-chan," Naruto apologized with a bow. "I didn't mean to, honest!"

The eye closed for a moment then reopened. "It's okay…" The hidden figure replied.

Naruto nodded before he approached the cage and as he did, he was treated to the sight of a dark-skinned woman who sat against the far end wall across from the gilded cell bars, with her left leg propped up while her right leg rested beneath it.

The woman herself had medium length hair that rested at the top of her back and spilled in front of her face, where the ends seemed to slightly braided. The color of her hair was primarily black in color, but the ending strands slowly faded into bright red.

From what Naruto could see, this woman had a tattered black cloak around her body but there was enough for Naruto to realize she was slim but muscular as well. What concerned him was that bright gold chains wrapped around her torso and two golden spears piercing through her right shoulder and left hip and through the wall, along with gold kunai embedded on various parts of her body.

He also noticed that while her bangs covered the left side of her face, he could see that she had tattered black wrapping around her left eye while her crimson colored eyes stared at him. Finally, Naruto glanced behind her and saw nine tails pinned high against the wall where nine golden katana stabbed into them.

The woman was exceptionally beautiful to Naruto's eyes, but he could sense the anger and bitterness flowing from her being. "Nee-chan…Are you okay? Do those hurt?" Naruto asked her.

"Does it look like I'm fine?" the woman growled out. Naruto stepped back in fear, which caused the woman to sigh. Naruto watched the eye soften slightly before it hardened once again before she answered with "Forgive my annoyance…I am just not used to these sorts of…accommodations…"

"Who are you?" Naruto asked.

"Who I am isn't important," the woman responded. "But I summoned you here because of your crying. Tell me, why do you cry?"

"I…I…" Naruto stammered before he shamefully looked down. "I'm tired of being alone…I was born alone…I've been alone…And I'm quite sure I'll die alone…But I don't even know why everyone hates me! They just do…And I'm sick and tired of it! I'm not a ghost! I'm a real person!"

The woman remained silent, but Naruto could sense that she was sympathetic to his feelings of abandonment and neglect. How he sensed this, he did not know but he could. "I asked Jiji…Um, he's the Hokage, who my parents were because after my prank, I saw a family and wanted to know something…anything but he just left me…"

"I can see why!" The woman barked suddenly. "Look at you! You are weak. You are crying every day about people who do not and will not care about you. Why waste your tears on them?"

Naruto remained silent.

"You know what people respect? Power. Not this simpering child bullshit," The woman continued. "You said you spoke to the Hokage right? Have you seen how people treat him?"

Naruto narrowed his eyes as he focused on his memories of anytime someone interacted with the Hokage while he was around him. He managed to find a lot of examples, where he noticed some key things. They bowed to him, they always deferred to him when he casted his judgement and most of all, everyone loved him.

Everyone respected him.

"Power and Respect," Naruto said softly.

"Let me tell you something. During my time before I got locked away in here, I had the Five Basics when it comes to life. Fortune, Power, Fame, Respect and Adoration of everyone. I had everything until it was ripped from me, but even though its all gone, I did not cry, nor did I give up in trying to seek it again. I will keep climbing and do all that I can until I can claim what is rightfully mine once again. You want to stop being alone? You need to do the same," The woman told him with a firm tone.

Naruto stared at her long and hard before he asked her "You said you had all of those things, right? Can you help me get that stuff too?"

The women gazed at him before she chuckled lowly, which then changed into a loud laugh all while Naruto looked on in confusion. "What make you think I'll help you when it was your kind that trapped me here?" She questioned.

"My kind?" Naruto asked softly.

"Yes. You humans…" She hissed out angrily.

"Humans…Aren't you a human?" Naruto asked.

"I am no human," The woman responded with malice seeping from her body. "I am the Mighty Kyūbi no-" Kyūbi let out a scream as platinum gold lightning shocked her body before her head slumped down, smoke rising from her body.

Naruto was horrified.

He had stood and talked the Kyūbi no Kitsune?!

But how was that possible? The Yondaime defeated the demon. "T-That can't be…" Naruto stammered out fearfully as Kyūbi panted softly and gazed up at Naruto, her eye weakened from the powerful attack that happened to her moments before.

"That idiot Yondaime and my previous container…Could not beat me…So he sealed me away again…" The Kyūbi panted out. "And guess where they sealed me? Inside of their precious little boy…"

Naruto stared at her in disbelief before he glanced down at the floor where he saw that his ankles were submerged in water, his mind putting together the pieces. The Kyūbi said that the Yondaime and her previous container could not defeat her, so she was sealed away into their son?

But if they sealed her away, how was he…

As if lightning struck his chest, Naruto realized the answer. "Me…They sealed you in me…." Naruto slowly said as he looked at her. "I…I'm the son of the Yondaime…And of your previous container?"

"And they say kids don't have a brain," She whispered harshly.

At first, Naruto wanted to deny this.

There was no way he was the Yondaime's son. The entire village would be treating him like a hero instead of like the ghost they made him be…right? But he could sense the truth from Kyūbi when she said these words and it only caused Naruto to shake in rage.

"I am the Yondaime's son…" Naruto repeated. "And yet I was treated like this?"

From the corner of his eye, he saw Kyūbi's head perk up slightly.

"The Yondaime sealed you in me. I should be a hero and yet I am treated like garbage. Like I'm nothing…" Naruto continued. "Hokage-Jiji…When I asked him, he said there was no point in bringing it up. He must know…So why didn't he tell me? Why did he let everyone treat me so terrible?"

"And how does that make you feel?" Kyūbi asked with curiosity.

"Mad…Madder than I've ever been in my life," Naruto answered as he started to breath faster, his fist clenched, and his teeth bared.

"Mad enough to destroy Konoha?" Kyūbi questioned.

Naruto wanted to say yes. He wanted to kill Konoha but then he stopped and recalled her previous words.

The five basics of life…

It was then he decided to calm down to an almost eerie degree.

"For as long as I can remember, Konoha has treated me like I'm less than nothing when the Yondaime…My father and my mother, sacrificed their lives to seal you into me…They saved Konoha and this is how they treat me?"

Naruto let out a low chuckle which then grew into a loud laugh, like the crazed one Kyūbi had given moments before, which caused Kyūbi to stare at him in surprise but there was a small grin on her face.

Naruto calmed down and let out a small sigh and a smirk. "It's like you said…Fortune, Power, Fame, Respect and Adoration. But while you earned them, these things are supposed to be mine…" Naruto told his prisoner as he looked to her with the widest grin. "I won't destroy Konoha because despite them deserving it, every single life in Konoha owes me a debt…" Naruto responded.

"It is time I stop crying and start claiming what is mine," Naruto said before he walked in front of the cage and said, "And that is everything in Konoha and the only way to get that…Is to become the very thing my father became and that is Hokage."

Kyūbi tilted her head thoughtfully as a small smirk began to form on her face. "So…That's your plan…" She uttered as she chuckled loudly. "This is quite interesting, but I doubt things will go well if you go out of here and claim you're the Yondaime's son. You could potentially get killed for treason…You should play it close to the chest."

"You're right. I need to keep this a secret…" Naruto said thoughtfully before he looked to Kyūbi. "And I know that I will need power, something you have in abundance…"

"That I do," Kyūbi confirmed as she leaned forward as best as she could, her smirk growing ever-so wider.

"Then help me. Give me the power I need to claim Konoha as my own!" Naruto shouted.

"Oh this is truly rich!" Kyūbi exclaimed with a laugh. "What could possible offer me other than freedom? And before you answer, what helped your mother's death was me being freed from her seal…"

"The way I see it," Naruto began. "You're sealed in me and it's because of you that I have this claim to Konoha which means Konoha is as much as yours as it is mine," Naruto countered.

Kyūbi eyed him carefully.

"You help me get the power I need; I'll do everything I can to grasp what is ours and if possible, we can even figure out find a way to free you without killing me," Naruto told her.

"How ambitious. Making a deal with a demon. If I accept, you better not back out of it," Kyūbi said.

"I am the savior of Konoha itself," Naruto said confidently. "My parents died to give me that title. I accept anything and everything you can throw me at. I need to claim what is rightfully ours. So what do you say? Partners?"

The Kyūbi eyed him down, as if she were weighing his words before she noted "Those blues eyes shine with deviousness and avarice…" She then grinned and added "The same thing that helped me grasp all that sought before that Uchiha ripped it all from me…Let us add one more thing."

Naruto narrowed his eyes thoughtfully, awaiting her condition.

"Your mother, Kushina, she was a kind woman and she was like a sister to me. Before I ripped from your mother, we were looking for a way to free me without killing her," Kyūbi explained, her voice taking a softer tone when referring to his mother before it returned to the low, rough tone that it had been since he arrived.

"But right when we were at the cusp, she went into labor and was soon attacked by an Uchiha who took me under control. I would not be in this position if not for the Uchiha that ripped me out from Kushina's body...I do not want Konoha. That is yours and yours alone. What I want is freedom and If we cannot find a way to free me from this seal without you dying then you hunt the Uchiha down and kill him in my stead. If you accept that, then I will gladly assist you in claiming Konoha," Kyūbi finished.

"I accept," Naruto said.

"Then I accept as well…Partner…" Kyūbi responded., "On my honor as a bijū, I will help you claim Konoha."

"And on my honor, I will help you become free and/or hunt down the bastard that put us in this position…" Naruto responded. "But…can I add one more thing?" Naruto asked, his tone become soft. "Well, it's more of request but um…Can you tell me more about my parents?"

Kyūbi's eyes softened as well and for a moment, Naruto watched a small smile appear on her face before she smirked.

"Help me get these blasted weapons out of my body and I will be happy too."

Captain Blues: Woo…And that is the end of this chapter. So, what did you guys think? The next chapter will begin Naruto's training with Kyūbi and his first day at the academy where he'll meet the rest of the future Rookie Nine.

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