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Blue-Eyed Avarice
Chapter Twelve

"Remove your sandals and make yourself at home," Naruko said as she led Sasuke into her and Anko's apartment. "Sorry if it's a little cluttered. My roommate tends to leave a disaster whenever she leaves for a mission."

Sasuke nodded and glanced around and the living room, which was littered with clothes and dull kunai. Sasuke slid his sandals off and sat down on the couch that was spared the mess of Naruko's roommate and watched as Naruko summoned two clones and motioned to the chaos that was left behind.

Sasuke was confused about why Naruko summoned these clones, but the clones began to pick up the discarded items to his surprise. "W-What in the world?" Sasuke breathed out.

"Kage Bunshin," Naruko said as she walked into the kitchen. "This jutsu allows the user to create solid clones. The best part is that when they're destroyed, the user gets their knowledge. Like I told Shino, It is busted."

"Very much so," Sasuke agreed.

Just how strong was the Uzumaki.

"So," Naruko said as she walked out of the kitchen with two glasses of grape soda in her hands. She handed one to Sasuke then sat across from him on another couch. "What brings you here?"

Sasuke grabbed the bag of Ichikaru's Ramen from the side and said, "The Uzumaki special. As promised." Sasuke held out the bag towards Naruko, who stared at him with surprise.

"Sasuke," Naruko began. "I can't accept that."

"That was the terms of our agreement," Sasuke told her. "If I were to lose, I would do whatever you ask, no matter what. Sakura told me what you did, and admittedly, It made me feel ashamed."

"Ashamed?" Naruko asked.

Sasuke nodded. "I treated you horribly, and had you lost, I would not have done what you did. I know that I would have relished the control. So for you, someone I treated so horribly the last few years to spare me that humiliation on top of my defeat when you had every right to enjoy the spoils of victory…It showed me you were the bigger person and was far more honorable than me."

"So, I decided that despite you reneging on our agreement, I will still follow through with it all the same. Because an Uchiha never breaks his oath. And if I can't keep my word, what good am I as a shinobi or a person?" Sasuke finished.

To Sasuke's surprise, he saw Naruko's gaze soften. He didn't expect to see her so sympathetic to him. "If you are serious about this, then I will be as well," Naruko said. "I expect you to do anything I ask, whether it be benign or life-threatening."

"Life-threatening?" Sasuke asked her.

Naruko remained silent for a moment, her soft gaze turning cold. "I want to be the Hokage, Uchiha Sasuke, and I will do anything to obtain that throne. I may have to fight for the throne, and I may have to kill for it. But I will achieve what I want. And if you genuinely want to do this, I expect you to be better than you are now," Naruko told him before her cold gaze turned soft again. "I'm giving you one more chance to back out. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"If I say yes, what will be done?" Sasuke asked her.

"Well, we can't have you be as weak as you are now," Naruko said. "I need powerful allies, Sasuke. I shouldn't have been able to defeat you as easily as I did today. I need you to at the level where you can give me a run for my money. And if you are to do this, I will give the keys to becoming stronger."

A glint appeared in Naruko's eyes as she added, "And you will need them to kill the one who destroyed your clan."

"And you can promise this?" Sasuke asked.

For a moment, Naruko stayed quiet before a smirk appeared on her face. Sasuke watched as she stood and said, "I believe a demonstration is in order…."

Sasuke watched as Naruko put her arms to the side, and slowly, a complex black and blue aura consisting of rippling, fire-like chakra began to flow from her body.

Sasuke held his chest slightly as a faint pressure began to beat down on his body. Suddenly, the chakra around Naruko became thick, causing Naruko to vanish beneath it, and with a burst of chakra that shook the couch Sasuke sat on, a grinning Naruto stood in Naruko's place, that same complex black and blue aura flowing around him.

Sasuke noticed that Naruto's nails and canine teeth had grown longer and sharper. Naruto's hair also grows longer and spikier, and the whisker-like marks on his cheeks had become broader and thicker.

Sasuke then took note of Naruto's eyes. Despite the shadow over Naruto's eyes thanks to his hair, Sasuke could see that there was a faint glow to the Uzumaki's eyes along with his pupils being slitted.

That pressure that Sasuke had felt before tripled, causing Sasuke to clench his chest as sweat poured down his face.

But when Sasuke stared into Naruto's eyes, Sasuke felt a wave of terror overcome him.

"Relax," Naruto gently told him. "I will not harm you. I promise."

"W-What is this?" Sasuke asked. "What is this pressure? Why am I so terrified?"

"That pressure you're feeling is my power, Sasuke," Naruto told him as the fire-like chakra began to fade away, leaving Naruto's body outline glowing in blue light. "In our fight, I could have killed if I fought with all of my might. Naruko isn't there to just help me train my chakra control. She's there as my handicap."

Naruto narrowed his eyes at Sasuke then told him, "I worked hard for this power, Sasuke. Endless days and nights training. Whether by myself or with the help of my sensei and I am still not strong enough to do what I need to do. Regardless, this is proof of my power. So take this as my promise. If you're dead set on working for me, I will make you as strong as I am now. But I will make you work for it. But if not, then the door is over there. I will not hold it against you. The choice is now yours."

Sasuke sat there for a moment to weigh his options.

On the one hand, Sasuke could walk away from keeping his word, forever shaming his clan and throwing away his honor but be free of whatever Naruto's plans were.

Or, he could go through with this and serve Naruto with every whim, but he would maintain his honor and become strong enough to kill Itachi.

The choice was obvious to Sasuke.

Sasuke slid off the couch and placed the bag of takeout ramen in front of Naruko before kneeling, wordlessly giving his answer.

Sasuke felt the oppressive pressure suddenly disappear, and when he looked up, Naruko was in front of him, a proud smile on her face. "You chose wisely," Naruko said with a smile. "Now, get up. No one kneels to me unless I ask or when I'm the Hokage."

Sasuke hastily stood and asked, "Great. So, what do I do first?"

Naruko observed him for a moment and said, "First, I want you to go home and get some rest. I need you well-rested for what I have planned. Got it?"

Sasuke nodded.

"Tomorrow, you will meet me at the front of my apartment at the crack of dawn. Make sure you pack well because you'll be gone for a while," Naruko explained.

"What about school?" Sasuke said.

"Kage Bunshin plus Henge," Naruko answered as if it was apparent.

"I see," Sasuke murmured.

"Also, be sure to get Shino for me as well," Naruko commanded.

"Understood," Sasuke said with a nod.

"Now go on, we have a busy day tomorrow," Naruko told him.

"Right. I'll catch you tomorrow then," Sasuke told her before he walked to her front door. He then paused and looked back at Naruko and said, "Thanks…"

Naruko smiled, and Sasuke walked out of the apartment.

"You certainly weren't kidding, Little Prince. He was certainly a changed person after your fight," Kyūbi commented as Naruko watched Sasuke leave her home.

"Humbled by ass-kicking. I do love that method," Naruko said before she looked at her right hand with a frown. "It seems I'm getting closer to having full chakra control. I was able to hold back most of my chakra from that release," Naruko muttered as she closed and opened her right hand. "Soon, I won't need this form. How long do you think, Sensei?"

"One more year, maybe less?" Kyūbi answered.

"I can live with that," Naruko said. "Now, let's get to the Forest of Death. We gotta try those two Taijutsu styles."

With a quick change of clothes, Naruko jumped out of the open balcony and ran through the streets to her location.

After traveling for forty-five minutes, Naruko stood in the middle of her training field in the Forest of Death, her black t-shirt and black sweatpants swaying with the breeze.

"Alright, Little Prince, let's get started on the Sekizuihansha and the Kaminoshikō," Kyūbi told her with a grinning tone.

"You've been hounding me about these styles a lot lately. What is going on?" Naruko asked.

"I want to see someone outside of those damned brothers using it," Kyūbi explained.

"Wait, so you know these Taijutsu styles?" Naruko asked.

"Intimately," The Kyūbi said. "Back when the world was in its infancy, there were two brothers. Suija and Enja. They wanted to be invincible gods and thought the way to do it was to battle my father, Ōtsutsuki Hagoromo."

"Ōtsutsuki Hagoromo?" Naruko questioned.

She felt Kyūbi smile. "I'll tell you about him later. Anyways, despite my father being weak after creating my siblings and me, he fought and trounced them but was impressed by their techniques. He taught his sons, and they taught theirs and so forth. The last ones I knew who knew the Taijutsu styles were the damned Kingin Kyōdai," Kyūbi answered.

"Interesting. So how did it get into the scroll?" Naruto asked.

"Well, after I defeated and swallowed the Kingin Kyōdai, I was able to absorb their knowledge of the two styles. When I was eventually sealed in Uzumaki Mito, I taught her both styles, and that led to her writing them in the Forbidden Scroll due to how dangerous each style was," Kyūbi explained. "And as much as I cared about your mother, her body was not as sturdy as yours and Mito's were, so I didn't bother teaching her those skills."

"I should have known with how hard you were pushing them that you had past knowledge of them," Naruko said. "Well, that makes me all the more interested in learning them. Let's do it!"

"Perfect. We're going to try something different. Typically, we would train in the mindscape, but I think for this lesson, doing it in the real world is a better idea to make a clone," Kyūbi told her

Naruko nodded and summoned a clone to stand across from her.

"Naruko-sama," the clone said with a bow.

"At ease," Naruko ordered.

The clone nodded and stood up straighter, her smile eager and ready to assist.

"Alright, Kyūbi-sensei, what's next?" Naruko asked.

"Just sit back and relax a bit. This is my first time trying this, so I'm unsure if it will work," Kyūbi told her.

Naruko nodded, and suddenly, her clone hunched over in pain, clutching her chest. Naruko turned to her clone with confusion as the clone winced in pain, wisps of crimson chakra flowing from her body.

"T-This hurts," The clone whined as Naruko felt another pulse of crimson chakra shoot out from the clone. The clone suddenly let out a blood-curdling scream as a burst of complex black, purple and blue aura consisting of rippling, fire-like chakra began to flow from her body as the clone fell to its knees.

Naruko felt guilty at the amount of pain the clone was going through, but after two minutes of agony, the screams of the clone died down, along with the aura of the crimson chakra, leaving the clone kneeling.

The clone's skin was tanner, and the clone's hair color had changed from bright blonde to a strawberry blonde.

The clone stood up and opened her eyes, to reveal purple irises and slitted pupils. She took a deep breath and said, "Success…."

Naruko blinked in shock as she watched the clone throw two rapid jabs, causing a small shockwave to shoot out of her fists. "Kyūbi-sensei?" Naruko questioned.

"It worked. I'm that damn good," Kyūbi said as she flexed her right bicep, her body outline glowing a faint pink as sparking particles of the magenta color floated around her.

Naruko's form morphed back into Naruto, the familiar blue outline ebbing and flowing against his body without hesitation. "How?" Naruto asked.

"Simple, remember those weapons you pulled out of me, which caused you to absorb quite a bit of my chakra?" Kyūbi asked, the particles and glowing outline fading away.

Naruto nodded.

"Well, when that happened, a link was formed between my chakra and what you absorbed. Even though my essence melded with your own, the connection remained. After you learned the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, I noticed throughout our time that when you create a Kage Bunshin, a copy of that link is made. I pushed my chakra through that copy and viola," Kyūbi finished with a flourish.

"Do you know how long you can push it for?" Naruto asked as he crossed his arms.

"No idea," Kyūbi answered with a tilt of her head. "I mean, this is the first time I've done this ever. Your mother did not know the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, and neither did Mito. You're the first."

"The guinea pig then?" Naruto snorted.

"My guinea pig," Kyūbi teasingly cooed, which caused Naruto to blush.

"Now, what I came out here to do," Kyūbi said as she lifted her right arm in the air and bent it while her left hand remained at her side. She then crossed her left leg in front of the right while keeping her hands open and flat. "This is the stance of the Kaminoshikō (The Way of Divine Thought). This style is all about speed, agility, and chakra control."

Naruto watched as Kyūbi switched the position of her legs three times before they returned to the original stance. "Summon another clone," Kyūbi instructed.

Naruto nodded and summoned a clone.

Kyūbi smiled and ran towards the clone before she leaped into the air and formed a bubble of magenta-colored chakra where she hovered. "This is the Kami no Tate (Shield of God)." Kyūbi fell to the ground and formed the shield around her again. "Hit it, clone," Kyūbi barked out.

The clone bowed, then ran towards the shield and performed a jab. The clone's fist bounced off the shield, which made Kyūbi smile. "This shield has water properties to it. Whatever attack strikes it, the shield matches it in strength. However, the amount of chakra control you have determines how many of those it can take," Kyūbi explained.

"If performed in the air as I did before, it allows you to hover for a brief moment in time," Kyūbi said before she held out her hand and snapped her fingers.

The magenta-colored orb broke apart into smaller spheres that had sharp liquid edges around them. The blobs of liquid floated around Kyubi before she fired the balls, causing each of them to hit the clone before it dispersed.

"This attack is known as Kami no Jūdan (Bullets of God)," Kyūbi introduced. "Depending on your chakra control, you can break down the Kami no Tate and use the remains to form the Kami no Jūdan or form the technique without activating the Kami no Tate. Are you with me so far?" Kyūbi asked.

"So far, so good," Naruto replied.

"Good. Next! Summon two clones on each side of me," Kyūbi ordered. "And you may want to step back."

Naruto nodded and summoned two clones as instructed before jumping onto a tree branch. Magenta-colored aura formed around her hands and feet with a quick spin. The aura flowed around her like water and sliced through the midsections of both clones, causing them to disperse.

Naruto then watched as Kyūbi performed two open-palmed jabs, causing the aura to extend at the apex of the strike before delivering a slashing-uppercut, creating a broader wave of chakra to follow her movements. Kyūbi landed on the ground then performed a low sweeping kick, a mid-sweeping kick, then finally a roundhouse, which caused the chakra to flow with each attack.

She then dashed forward and swiped her arm sharply repeatedly, each swing of her arms causing that broader aura to follow it before she twisted her body and delivered another open-palmed jab, which caused a sphere of water to shoot out from her palm and slice through the tree.

"Kami no Kanashimi (God's Sorrow)," Kyūbi introduced. "It creates a water-like chakra that surrounds your hands and feet. Each strike with Kami no Kanashimi causes cuts against your opponent's body, and if your chakra control is near-flawless, you can extend the chakra with each attack to pierce or slice through your opponent. This technique is essential to the Kaminoshikō."

Kyūbi relaxed her form and asked, "Now, what did you notice about the Kaminoshikō?"

"All of these attacks have water-like properties; you have to be fast and agile for the attacks, and it seems that they are used to keep the opponent at a distance," Naruto answered.

"Perfect," Kyūbi said with an approving smile.

"I think, for now, I want to perfect this one. Especially with Hinata's attacks in mind," Naruto said.

"I agree. Plus, this will be a perfect test regarding your chakra control. Once you get this done, which, knowing you, you will put your all into it, a year, the Sekizuihansha will come to you more naturally," Kyūbi told him.

Naruto nodded.

"We'll start the practicing Katas for now, and then tomorrow, we'll get into the full weight of it," Kyūbi instructed. Naruto nodded, and for the next four hours, Kyūbi and Naruto focused on the katas of the Kaminoshikō.

By the time Naruto finished, his arms and legs were numb with exhaustion. "I think we'll call it there," Kyūbi said, which caused Naruto to fall onto his back and pant heavily. The glow that outlined him had long since vanished, and his chakra was near depleted, but he had managed to get the basics down.

"You okay there?" Kyūbi asked as she leaned over to into his line of sight.

"Never better," Naruto replied with a grin.

"Good, Little Prince," Kyūbi said. "I could go for another few weeks, but I think I'm going to take a nap."

"Thanks for the training lesson. I hate that we weren't able to learn more about molding weapons from the chains," Naruto told her.

"We have plenty of time for that. It's no rush. But time to get some sleep," Kyūbi said before she closed her eyes.

The tan skin and the strawberry blonde hair faded back to the clone's original skin and hair color, but when the clone opened her eyes, her eyes were still purple, but the pupils were their standard shape.

"Nice job. You can go now," Naruto told the clone.

The clone nodded and then closed its eyes….but it didn't dismiss itself.

The clone opened her eyes in confusion. "W-What is going on? I can't dismiss myself," she whispered.

"What do you mean by that?" Naruto asked.

"I'm trying to dismiss myself, my lord, but I can't," the clone said.

"Try hitting yourself and see if that works," Naruto told her.

The clone nodded and punched herself in the stomach, only to lurch forward in pain. "Ah, that hurt," she wheezed out.

Naruto was alarmed now.

Typically, if a Kage Bunshin were attacked, they would disperse in a single hit, but this clone did not.

"What the hell is going on?" Naruto asked.

"What are you going on about?" Kyūbi asked.

"Lady Kyūbi, I am unable to disperse myself," The clone said out loud.

"Wait…You didn't disperse? You should have dispersed the second I left your body, clone. Wait…You can hear me?!" The Kyūbi exclaimed before Naruto felt a feeling of shock come from Kyūbi. "Wait…No, that can't be…" Kyūbi whispered.

"What the hell did we just do?" Naruto asked.

"W-What's going on?" The clone asked.

"D-Did we just create a Homunculus?" Kyūbi whispered with awe.

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