Chapter One

The walls were damp, every so often the drop of water can be heard hitting the ground. She couldn't tell if the rock wall was black or just the darkness of her cell made them appear that way. The only light that ever came in her cell was from a small grate above her head a few hundred feet above. The light only hit a spot on the dirt ground in front of her a few feet away, just out of reach of her skin. How she longed to feel the sun on her skin, the feeling of wind blowing through her now long hair. Six hundred and fifty-eight days, at least that's how many days she was conscious in the dark. The funny thing was the only thought in her mind was about a little under two years in the same exact room and she couldn't figure out what color the walls were. She almost laughed but she was above giving them the satisfaction that she had gone mad.

Her legs began to wobble, she sighed knowing that she couldn't stand for much longer and soon was going to rely on her arms to hold her up. Pink hair fell over her face as she put her head done and sighed, she had come accustomed to this little routine she had been doing for the past sixty-four days. She knew it was only a matter of time before they switched it up and she would have to find a new may to adapt to her torture. She stood a little on her toes to give her a little more of a stretch and grabbed the chains that have her wrists shackled to the cave wall. Wrapping the chain around each fist once for good measure she then hung using her arms to keep for up so her legs could rest. It seems a little extreme but it's better than having the shackles cut into your wrist as you hang hopelessly.

That what she was though, try as she might to keep up appearances, she was completely broken. They broke her down into nothing, she knew no one was coming for her. She lost her hope in her village and friends, in the time she was in the cave she realized she really didn't have friends to begin with. There was her childhood best friend, Ino, her "friend" that preyed on her insecurities as a child. Sakura knows she was no saint but her best friend preying on her biggest insecurity, doesn't really sit well as best friend material. One of the only two people she'd confidently say were her friends were shizune and tsunade herself. She knew tsunade had far more important matters in the village then to spend all that time looking for her lost apprentice. She told herself regularly that she understood and she couldn't be selfish, then some days she was beside herself with anger that no one had found her. Choji, shikamaru, shino, kiba, neji, tenten even hinata all only considered her a friend because Naruto, she wasn't going to fool herself into thinking she was likeable. They all hung around her because there was a time that they were always together. Naruto was the best friend she ever had, he was her true friend that never made fun of her and only saw what good she could do. She realized too late for him however how much he actually meant to her and he realized he was too good for her. Her heart ached thinking about his blonde hair and breathtaking blue eyes, she closed her eyes and let the darkness wash over her.

Flash back

Three ½ years ago

Team 7 stepped out of the hokages tower sai had a look of mild amusement as he looked ahead at his teammates. Kakashi looked deep in thought as he walked down the steps ahead of them, he was too bothered to even pull out one of his raunchy novels. He looked towards his blonde teammate, his hands were clenched and you could see the tension in his shoulder while he walked. I think hearing from the hokage that sasuke was no longer considered a lost comrade but rather a deadly threat in need of elimination was just too much for him to hear. It looked like he was ready to unleash on the next sad sap that looked at him wrong. His eyes drifted to his final teammate, he expected more of a reaction hearing that her childhood love was basically now to be hunted down like an animal. However he couldn't help just notice how relieved she looked, like instead she was being told he was back.

Thats when he noticed Sakura watching Naruto, like he was a bird ready to take off and never return. She kept her distance but remained close like she needed to say something, no there was definitely something happening between the two of them. Sai just didn't know what exactly. He shrugged and turned to walk his separate way from his new team and give them time to process things. Then the unexpected happened and naruto exploded.

"What is it exactly you find yourself needing from me Sakura?!"

Sakura looked surprised but quickly recovered. She went to open her mouth but Naruto was in front of her within an instant. His hand gripped her shoulders tightly and sakura couldn't help but wince.

"I-" Sakura started but was immediately cut off.

"What more can you possibly want from me! I trained and worked day and night for the past four years to keep my promise and bring home sasuke, then a couple days ago you came to me and asked me to give up my 'silly' promise. You didn't think it was silly when you cried and begged me like a pathetic fool to bring him home when he clearly cares less about you,"`Naruto screamed as he shook sakura. Kakashi quickly stepped in pulling sakura behind him and away from naruto.

"No kakashi she needs to hear how selfish she is. She is by far the most selfish person to have ever walked in this village, she knew how I felt and she used it to her advantage. Then she has the audacity to claim that she has feelings for me," Naruto began laughing. Sai made eye contact with kakashi and the same thought ran through their mind.

'Why now?'

"I'm actually trying to be happy and move on and she can see that. She can see that Hinata could actually make me happy and give me what I deserve and she just can't let that happen. You know what you deserve sakura? To be alone!" with that naruto turned and took a few steps towards the direction of his house. "Do me a favor and if you really 'love me' you'll stay the fuck away from me."

End flash back

Sakura awoke with a jolt, her arms had given out and she hissed as the cuffs dug into the skin of her wrist. She stood on weak legs before she heard the door to her cell open, she couldn't see but she could hear two sets of footsteps on the ground. This is what she dreaded and yet it was also the only thing that gave her a sense of hope. Hope that they might actually kill her today.

"Oh what to do with you today little leaf warrior," deidra laughed rubbing his chin mockingly. "What do you think Sasori?"