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Chapter One: Exhibition Day

Yuri had a faint smile on his face as he pulled off his skate guards. Today was going to be a good day. It was exhibition day of his third Grand Prix Final in a row, and he was performing as gold for the second time. It was the previous year that Yuri Katsuki had finally won gold in the Final, and he had performed today for the first time with Victor as his husband on the ice.

Of course, Yuri was disgusted by how romantic on the ice they were currently being, but he did care about his friends. Even if he would much rather jump off of a bridge than verbally admit it.

Next to him with the bronze winner this year who had already went; Otabek Altin. "You ready?" he asked his boyfriend. "I am. My grandpa is out in the audience today, and he hadn't been able to come to my competitions in person in forever. Luck was on our side that the Final wound up being in Moscow," Yuri said.

It was then that the Katsudon and Victor finished their routine on the ice, with Victor holding Katsudon in a dip. The audience erupted into cheers for this year's silver medalist and his Russian lover. They met in a kiss, then went off the ice hand in hand.

"You're going to make me puke," Yuri stated once they were off the rink. "We know you and Otabek do more when you're out of the public view," Victor said.

Yuri rolled his eyes and gave his skate guards to Yakov, who had been watching intently. "Skate now, Yurachka. Argue with Vitya later," Lilia intervened. Otabek smiled as he gave Yuri a brief kiss. The young Russian smiled back as he took a lap on the rink for the fans around him.

Every time he got on the ice to skate for these competitions, the applause filled his body with warmth and fiery excitement. He was finishing another season as a champion, and he grinned as he took his opening position. As he skated through this exhibition, it was almost effortless.

He took some time to pick faces out of the crowd. He identified several friends who he knew that weren't skaters. Some other skaters who hadn't made the podium had stayed to watch. Towards the end of his routine, Yuri was even able to smile at his grandpa.

But then, he saw who was sitting next to his grandpa.

His heart seemed to stop, and the world seemed to slow down. That was why his feet tangled after his final jump, and slammed hard into the wall.


Otabek, Katsudon, Victor, Yakov, and Lilia all sat together and watched intently. Yuri was a beautiful and ferocious ksater as he glided across the ice.

Otabek was already planning on ditching the banquet for a night of takeout celebration, a shower together, and lovemaking. Katsudon and Victor watched the teen who was now a lot more mature than he had been three years ago, smiling. Yakov and Lilia were both actually visibly proud of their student.

But all hell broke loose when Yurio lost his balance and slammed his face and elbow into a wall. And he didn't get up from the ice.

The silence from the arena was deafening. Once Otabek was out of the shock, he was able to skate onto the ice and out to his boyfriend. He knelt down and gently rolled his onto his back. He was unconscious, and the ice beneath his head was red. Otabek felt his own blood run cold.

He only let his Yuri go when the medical staff in the rink moved him to the side and got the eighteen-year-old onto a stretcher. However, Otabek followed them. "Let me go with you! I'm his boyfriend!" he pleaded, his voice louder and more desperate than it had ever been in recent memory. The paramedic nodded, and let the Kazakh skater ride along in the ambulance.

It took very little time for Victor and Katsudon to find Yuri's grandpa Nikolai and slip out to follow, as Yakov and Lilia had to deal with the forming press mob.


"Got any twos?"

"Go fish."

Victor picked up a card from the stack. After getting to the hospital and waiting for a few hours, Katsudon went on a fast-food run and brought back dinner for himself, Victor, Otabek, and Nikolai. He had also brought back a deck of cards.

Although the couple had taken to sitting down and playing games, Otabek was silently pacing and waiting, and Nikolai was beyond concerned about his grandson. To save them from any further agony of waiting, and nurse came to them. "Here for Yuri Plisetsky?" she said.

Immediately, the four men perked up. "He's my grandson, yes. Also here to see him are his boyfriend and two friends. Is he alright?" Nikolai asked.

"He's alright. He suffered a nasty concussion and a clean break to his left arm. He'll need a few days to rest and recover from the concussion and the cast will last for eight weeks, but he'll be just fine. We didn't let you see him because we couldn't get a proper gage of his mental health until he woke up, which he did about twenty minutes ago. You can follow me to see him, but you need to be quiet. After all, he's still sore and disoriented," the nurse said.

Then, the party of four followed her.


Yuri still seemed dazed where he was waiting in his hospital room. There was a large bruise above his left eye, and his left arm was resting in a white cast on a pillow. In the crook of his right elbow was an IV of pain medication and fluids.

Otabek walked over and gently rested a hand on his back. "Yuri..." he breathed. Slowly, the Russian looked at him. His focus was dazed. "Beka...?" he managed to say.

It was relieving that he was still coherent. "I'm so grateful that you're alright," Otabek sighed in relief, pression a kiss to his cheek.

"It was awful, Beka..." Yuri trailed off. That was concerning, but only Katsudon and Victor seemed to have that thought. Nikolai's expression read that he knew what was so awful. "What was so bad?" Otabek asked.

Then, Yuri gave him the explanation for his sudden wipeout.

"I saw my mom in the crowd today."

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