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Chapter Ten: A New Picture

"I stilil don't see why you had to come and stay with me. I've been fine on my own every day so far."

"Well, every day in the past, you weren't overdue."

Yuri rolled his eyes, not quite having a reply. That, or he just felt too bad to really combat Nadya, who was sarcastically bantering with him. Indeed, Yuri was now a day past his due date, suffering more false contractions by the day and feeling his baby's head pressed down into his hips.

Although Otabek didn't want to be away at the moment, he had to meet with a sponsor two hours down the road. If he missed this meeting, he would lose more than just the sponsor he was meeting with now.

So, he put on a suit and called around to have someone stay with Yuri. Nikolai's bad back had flared up on him once again, so he was out of the question. Katsudon and Victor were at an invitational skating event, so they were axed as well.

That left Nadya. Once she was there, Otabek kissed Yuri and kissed his stomach before leaving. So far, the mother and son had been fine together, watching some mindless TV programs in the living room. Up until Yuri felt the familiar calling card of a false contraction.

To his surprise, he felt Nadya's hand rub his lower back. "Focus on your breathing. It helps a lot more than if you pant to breathe as normally as you can until it passes," she advised.

Yuri tried to follow her advice for the next minute and a half, until his muscles relaxed. "Dammit, I hate those Braxton-whatevers..." he muttered, not even bothering to recall the proper name.

"At least you're doing better than I did with them. You raised a lot of hell, even before you were born," Nadya recalled. Yuri smirked. "I'll keep on raising hell. But right now, everything feels so tight, I have to stand up and take a few steps, or something..." he said. Nadya helped him stand, concerned.

But right after Yuri was upright, he felt something pop inside of his belly, and more liquid than he expected gushed out form between his legs.

"...I feel like I'm going to vomit," he managed to say, eyes still trained on the puddle beneath him. He looked away when he felt his phone be snatched from his pocket. "I'll call Otabek. Then, I'll take you on to the hospital," Nadya said. Her expression was surprisingly calm for what was going on.

Yuri rested his arm across his stomach, still uneasy. "I'm trusting you on this, Mom."


That was perhaps the longest two hours of Otabek's life.

When his phone had gone off during his meeting, the sponsor representative let him step outside of the room to answer. He was a stoic person on-face, especially in matters of business. But when he came back inside, the worry was so clear across his face that when he explained that he had to leave for an emergency, the representative said that he could go without even mentioning rescheduling.

And with that, he floored it to the hospital, praying hoarsely that Yuri would wait until he arrived to deliver. Every worst-case thought popped into his head as he sped down the road, completely disregarding any sort of traffic laws.

Once he got to the hospital and found out Yuri's room number, he forced himself to bat away those awful thoughts. Yuri was strong, and his pregnancy had by all means gone well. He would be alright.

Would he?

Otabek got to the correct room in the maternity ward and wasted no time going inside. Yuri seemed to be rest between contraction, several monitors and wires attached to him. Between how sweaty he was and how exhausted he already looked, he seemed utterly done with this whole ordeal.

Nadya wiped a damp cloth on his face and neck as the doctor did her examination between Yuri's thighs. "You're only at a four right now," she said. "A four?!" Yuri echoed in disbelief. Before he could reach forward and punch the doctor, he spotted Otabek, who was standing in the doorway still.

"He's been asking about you ever since we got here. He's been staring at that clock between his contractions, trying to time when you would arrive," Nadya said as the Kazakh walked inside. Otabek slipped off his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves, then gave Yuri a hug that lasted into his next contraction. His fingernails unintentionally dug into Otabek's skin as he forced himself to breathe through it. The whole time, Nadya was speaking softly to him in Russian. When it passed, he relaxed.

"Do you want me to stay or go? I know that you've wanted Otabek the whole time for obvious reasons..." Nadya trailed off. "You can stay. Spasibo for being my coach." Although Yuri's words were between him catching his breath, he clearly meant every part of it.

Otabek held Yuri's hand and rubbed his lower back. "Can you keep Nikolai updated on everything? And Katsudon and Victor too, they'll want to know. They'll probably come by after the invitational," he said.

Nadya took Yuri's phone and began calling numbers. "You got it."


After nine hours, Yuri was very much done with labor and wondering just how bad death was.

Nadya had been kicked out by the hospital staff to wait with Victor and Yuri once the time of the actual delivery drew closer. As it turned out, the older skaters were dressed in sweatpants and hoodies, ready to wait it out. Nikolai had expressed his support over the phone.

Now, the seemingly endless waiting game had reached its climax. "Yuri, you're ready to push. I can see its head right now. How much pressure are you feeling?" the doctor asked, getting him to fit his heels into the stirrups. "A lot," Yuri said, his voice filled with distracted nervousness.

Until Otabek kissed his cheek and gave him a gentle side-hug. "You can do it. We're so close now," he said. At any other time, Yuri would've made a smart remark on how it was less of a "we" and more of a "he" in this situation. But he bit out a curse as a contraction wrapped around his lower back and stomach, the pressure between his hips immense as he began pushing.

And for the next half an hour, that was what the world shrunk down to. A process of Yuri pushing and trying breathe, his hand crushing Otabek's especially hard when he began to crown. But as memorable as such nightmarish pain was, it was all forgotten when Yuri suddenly felt a release, an end.

The doctor held up a messy, wailing little baby. "You had a boy," she announced warmly. Immediately, Yuri held out his arms and let his instincts be satiated when his baby boy was gently laid on his chest.

"My God... you're so perfect..." he mumbled, watching as his baby calmed once he was in his daddy's arms. He felt tears mix with his sweat, but he didn't care. His baby was finally here, resting soundly now on his chest.

Otabek found that love, happiness, and pride were all surging through his body. He didn't bother wiping away his own tears as he gave Yuri a kiss, not tearing his eyes away from his baby. "I'm so proud of you, Yuri... I love you so much," he said.

The doctor came over to them, a hospital bracelet and a marker in her hand. "Before I do some basic checkups on his," she said, "does your sweet baby boy have a name?"


Out of respect for yuri's need to rest, the hospital's policy of keeping the baby in the well-baby nursery for monitoring, and the want to make this a true family moment, Yuri and Otabek didn't actually have any visitors until the next day. Victor, Katsudon, Nadya, and Nikolai all came the morning after and were delighted to see that everything going fine.

Yuri was relaxing in bed, his baby boy in a blue cap and blue blanket in his arms. Otabek was sitting next to him in the bed, still formally dressed. Victor, every ecstatic, was the first to reach to the bedside. It was a wonder he didn't sing-song his arrive with everyone-perhaps Katsudon had talked some sense into him for once.

"He looks a lot like Otabek," he noted. Yuri smiled, gently played with a loose tuft of his baby's hair. Black hair, complimenting a skin tone that would definitely not be as pale as Yuri's. But his sleeping eyes were the color of jade. "One of the reasons he's so perfect," Yuri said.

"What'd you guys name him?" Katsudon chimed in. "We decided on Maxsim Erasyl Altin-Plisetsky," Otabek said proudly. "That's a fine name for my great-grandson," Nikolai said. When Yuri's doctor came into the room, Nadya gave her her cell phone.

"Can you take a picture of all of us?" she asked. And so, the doctor took a picture of them all together. A picture of them that one could tell had a lot of care between the people in the picture.

A picture of a family.

The End

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