'What a nice day.' A nice day, same as the last. The car is running smoothly, the sky is a lovely grey overcast, and the reactor hasn't melted down yet. Truly a nice day. The morning traffic is light today, Piano-man is playing and I remembered breakfast today, mmmm.

The exit comes up- and I take it. I exchange pleasantries with the gate security man, and wonder if he enjoys his job.

'Mmmm, the fact that I work as someone who occasionally handles Uranium, and I'm bored, hmmmmm. Should I go back to the restaurant? The free movies were nice. And the food, uuuuhhhhhhaaaaa….'

Pondering this as I put on my Radioactive protection suit, I Think of the delicious taste of steamed potstickers, how they taste squishy, oily, smell slick and go down nice.. and the sause they came with, delicious!

'OOOooohhhh, can't forget the Pablano burger with bacon added! I wonder what those peppers taste like, I really should try one, something for later.'

My inner monalog about the different mouth-feel of milkshakes from different restaurants is interrupted when I am asked to change the Uranium pellets.

"Oh! That's today! What a nice surprise."

My co-worker beside me says;

"If it truly was a surprise, you wouldn't have this job."

"HA! My mind is a wonderful place, I forget things so I can surprise myself with them later! I wouldn't have forgotten this day; it is an excellent distraction from the shear-absolute-boredom I feel for this job."

". . . Why are you here then?"

"The cool suits! And the money. Seriously, it is ridiculous how little I actually have to do here and get payed $23 an hour?! Oh! By the way, what's your name?"

"I'm not telling you, I've told you four times already you're just fucking with me at this point."

'Darn. I wish I cared; this conversation is such a nice distraction.'

"Well whatever, I need to change the core."

As I watch my asshole of an associate leave, I wonder what the best way to murder him would be… Eh, don't care. The cart for the Uranium pellets is collected, and off I go! To the opposite side of the facility! I wonder what the person that designated this particular position a cart-repository, was smoking.

'So de-centralized, such a waist of time. Lovely workout though.'

The elevator seems slow today, that puts me on edge.

'Oh dear. Something interesting is going to happen today, I hope I'm not hallucinating again.'

I feel excited and on edge, and it occurred to me,

'This is what the crewmates in Among Us feel, all the time!'

GOD I love my random thought tangents. Hmmm, the vents around the place are a bit small though, but the sizes vary the closer or farther you get to the main AC units, I wonder where the main AC units are? I should find that out.

The trip through the facility to one of the containment vaults goes smoothly, no sudden odd jobs to delay me, no blockages in the halls, all is as it should be. I still can't get over the fact everyone in this part of the plant looks like the yellow crewman, ah, truly, it's the little things that get one through the day.

The code for one of the vaults is imputed, the door opens, and I see the barrels of uranium.

'So many locks, so many latches, so much security for this special rock. So interesting.'

I shut the vault door, open a barrel to check the pellets, ok! Looks like they are where they should be! Nothing stolen! What an odd step, why don't we just-CRACK.


The open barrel full of uranium falls from my numb fingers, as my spine decides to break itself mid-heft.


'What the fuck?! What the fuck!? what the fuck?'

It hurts, my spine collapses in on itself, It hurts, my body gets painfully itchy, It hurts, I am getting smaller, my suit is going to suffocate me! I scrabble at my head piece, then remember the zipper at the back.

'My gloves are too big, their getting in the way!'

I try to take them off, trip over my suit, and fall.


'That doesn't feel right! What is happening?!'

I am so much smaller, my gas-mask has fallen off my head, I can stand on all fours in my suit, my gloves came off, my boots came off, I'm twitching on the floor, my skin feels like it's ripping itself apart!

'It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!'

I thrash, I scratch, I dimly register a tearing noise, followed by more, they sound wet, I get an arm and my head out of my suit before the pain becomes too much, and pass out on the spilled uranium pellets.