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"Hey" = Speaking

'Hey' = Thinking

'Hey' = Memory

"Hey"= Sacred Gear/ Communication link/ Tailed Beast

Chapter 1: Little Soldier Boy

Dimensional Gap…

Ophis, the Infinite Dragon God, the Ouroboros Dragon, floated in silence as she was in the fetal position sleeping.


Ophis, in her dragon form, defeated another pathetic being who tried encroaching her turf.

'Weaklings…' She thought as she settled down. 'None who have challenged me can defeat me, so why don't they just leave me alone?'

She closed her eyes, only to open them again when she felt a strange power enter her home.

'I guess I have another opponent.' She thought as she spread her wings and took flight.

As she neared the person, she caught a glimpse of what they looked like.

He was tall, had pale skin and hair, a goatee, and wore white clothing with black markings here and there. His eyes had a strange ripple pattern to them and he had two horns protruding from his forehead along with a mark in the middle.

Ophis sped forward, ready to kill this man, only to be swiftly evaded, the stranger not once attacking.

"HOLD IT!" he stated loudly, his tone not aggressive. "PLEASE WAIT, I AM NOT HERE TO START TROUBLE."

Ophis… stopped.

"Human, why are you here?" Ophis demanded, not lowering her guard.

"My name is Hagoromo Otsutsuki, and I am a traveler."

Dream End…

Ophis opened her eyes as she felt something enter her home.

'Hagoromo?' She thought as she recognized this chakra signature, her eyes widening with hope. 'But… he died. How can this be?'

She sped off towards the person who entered her home, her heart holding desperately to the desire to see Hagoromo, her lover, again.

But what she found wasn't the Creator of Ninsho.

What she found, was a seventeen-year-old boy with blonde hair, whisker marks on his cheeks, a tattered outfit with orange pants, a beaten and bloodied body, and a severed left arm floating next to him.

The left hand floating next to the boy had a black moon tattoo on its palm, where the boy's right hand had a white sun on it.

'This boy.' Ophis thought as she started to tear up as she recognized him. 'Ashura…'

"Who are you?"

Ophis heard this in her head.

"My name is Ophis, and I am here to help." Ophis said aloud as she touched the boy and the arm, draining the chakra from the arm, transferring it to the boy, causing the moon mark to appear in his left hand. "I shall give him new life in my world."

There was a bright light and within an instant, the boy was gone.

'I am sorry Ashura, but I can't raise you.' Ophis thought sadly as she felt her dreaded rival, Great Red appear again. 'I have an annoying lizard to fight, so until he is dead, I can't see you.'

Kyoto, Japan…

"Sir, another human village has been successfully raided." A commander said to the leader of Kyoto, Iroh, and the Princess of Kyoto, Miko.

Iroh was a Kyubi with dark graying hair and a slight balding head. He wore Chinese styled armor that was red and dark maroon. On the chest plate of his armor was a white lotus badge that had been passed down from Ruler to Ruler, showing their status as Ruler of Kyoto.

Miko, in contrast, had bright blond hair, five tails, and had a monocle on her eye. She wore a traditional miko garb with her shoulders exposed. Her stomach was slightly rounded to show she was pregnant.

"Good," Iroh stated calmly. "Were there any complications?"

The commander sadly looked at his comrade, very hesitant to report what came next.

"Sir, we are sad to report… Prince and General Lu-Ten was killed during the raid." The commander said in reluctance. "He died protecting us from the other raiders."

Iroh was visibly disturbed from this announcement.

'Papa.' Miko thought as she gasped from the news of her brother dying.

Iroh, who was known as a ruthless man towards his enemies and a kind soul to his comrades, broke that day.

Miko stepped up and comforted her father.

Iroh stood up, his tears streaming down his cheeks and into his beard.

"I, Iroh, hereby step down as Kyoto's leader." He said shakily as he removed the White Lotus pin. "Miko, you are the new leader."

He placed the pin next to Miko, who was in shock.

"Papa, please, think about this." She begged before Iroh left the room, unable to stomach it anymore.

He walked through the field, grabbing some items before making his way towards a special area.

At the border of Kyoto, a small cliff over looked its borders with a single cherry blossom tree.

Iroh sat down, and with one hand, he set up the picture and lit some incense.

"My son…" He muttered sadly as he stared at Lu-Ten's photo.

There was a sad silence, the wind pulling some of the blossoms from their branches.

"Leaves from the vine, Falling so slow, Like fragile tiny shells." Iroh sang softly as he looked at the picture of his now dead son. "Drifting in the foam. Little soldier Boy, Come marching home. Brave Soldier boy…"

Iroh choked a bit.

"Comes Marching Home…" He finished as he touched his chest, clenching the armor piece. "My little Soldier boy."

Iroh's ears twitched at the sounds of footsteps nearing him, causing him to stopped singing, and stand up, prepared to fight.

His eyes widened at what he saw.

A human woman, beaten and bruised wearing tattered clothes. She had large patches of burned flesh covering her bleeding legs, her long hair matted down as she weakly walked forward, her eyes looking forward bit not seeing anything.

In her arms was an infant, one Iroh couldn't see, but he could sense chakra in the child.

'A human and a hanyo.' Iroh thought as he rushed forward to the woman.

She looked up and saw Iroh.

She smiled but started to collapse.

"Woah, please, take it easy." Iroh said in concern as he gently placed a hand on her back.

"Please…" She begged. "Please… take care of him… I beg you…"

She held the child out to Iroh.

Iroh saw the child's face.

It was a baby boy.

He had tan skin, and his small cheeks had three whisker marks.

'So, he is a hanyo.' Iroh thought as he took the child from their mother. "I will. I promise."

Using the last of her strength, the woman smiled before collapsing to the ground, her blood soaking into the earth.

'I can't leave her here.' Iroh thought as he held the child. 'I shall bury her nearby, but first, I need to take…'

He unfolded the blanket from the child's head.

Iroh expected to see a pair of yokai ears atop the babe's head, but he didn't have any.

All he had was a pair of human ears.

Iroh checked his fingers.

'No ears, no claws…' Iroh thought in awe. 'He is a human child, but he has chakra.'

The baby moved a bit, before he yawned as he opened his cerulean blue eyes.

Iroh felt a sense of fatherly love grow for the child.

'This child… is the same as me.' Iroh thought as he looked towards the cherry tree, seeing Lu-ten's picture. 'He lost someone who he loved.'

Iroh became weepy eyed.

'Lu-Ten, is this… could this be a coincidence, or is this destiny that we would meet child?' Iroh thought as he held the child close, his beard brushing the child's skin as he cried.

The baby smiled a bit at this as he grabbed Iroh's beard.

'Now he needs a name.' Iroh thought through his tears and the twinge of pain in his face.

Skip, Seven Years…

"Naruto Uzumaki, are you paying attention?" Iroh asked gently as he sat before said child with a book.

"Yes!" Naruto replied, grabbing the book before him and pretending to read.

Iroh sighed with a smile as he closed his book.

"I think that is enough for today." Iroh said as he stood up.

"YAY!" Naruto shouted joyfully as he shot from the chair, only to run into Iroh's tails.

"Hold it, young man." Iroh said with a chuckle. "How do young men walk?"

Naruto pouted before he collected his composure and straightened himself out.

"Good, now you can go." Iroh said, nudging Naruto forward.

Naruto walked out of the room, and once he was out of sight, he took off running, thinking Iroh wouldn't notice.

Iroh smiled proudly as he heard Naruto's feet hit the floor of the compound.

'He sure is energetic.' Iroh thought as he left the room, and headed towards the throne room.

He entered and saw Miko wearing a more elegant kimono, fitting her status as Ruler of Kyoto.

"General Iroh." Miko said respectfully to her father.

"You don't have to act like this when it is just us, daughter." Iroh responded.

"I know, but we have to conduct business." Miko replied.

"I understand." Iroh said as he and Miko started talking business.

Meanwhile, Naruto made his way through the compound, looking for someone in specific.


Said boy was tackled to the ground.

"Tama!" Naruto laughed as he hugged his jumper.

She had blond hair, and two tails. Her eyes were amethyst. She wore a miko outfit.

"Tamamo, what have I said about jumping Naruto." Yoshimaru said sternly as he helped the children up. "He is a human, so you could easily hurt him."

Tamamo pouted and stuck her tongue out at her dad.

"Naru is strong Papa." She said as she clung to Naruto, who didn't mind the contact with her. "He is my husband!"

Yoshimaru laughed as he ruffled their hair with his hands.

"I know, I know, just don't repeat that in front of Mama, okay."

At these words, Naruto became sad.

"Does Lady Miko hate me?" He asked randomly.

"What, no, Miko doesn't hate you." Yoshimaru said as he knelt before the boy. "What would make you say that?"

Naruto shifted under Yoshimaru's concerned gaze.

"Every time she sees me and gramps, I… I can feel her anger. She has these… these… these…" Naruto stammered as he tried to explain this to Yoshimaru. "It hurts and I don't like this feeling I get from her."

Yoshimaru looked shocked and bewildered.

'He has chakra, but can he sense negative emotions?' Yoshimaru thought as he rubbed Naruto's head. "No, you are probably imagining it, kiddo. Now, let's go to the park."

Naruto immediately cheered up at this statement, taking Yoshimaru's hand before he, Yoshimaru, and Tamamo went to the park.

That night, Yoshimaru walked beside his wife.

"Sweetheart," he said, drawing her attention as the setting sun glowed through the hallway. "Can we talk?"

"Sure, what about?" Miko asked.

"It's about Naruto." Yoshimaru said, seeing the visible crease in her brow.

"What about him?" Miko asked in a light tone of irritation.

Meanwhile, Iroh prepared to go to the cherry tree again while putting a Pipa around his shoulders.

"I don't need an escort." Iroh told his attendant.

"But, General Iroh…" The attendant stuttered. "Lady Miko said…"

Iroh chuckled before he put a gentle hand on the attendant's shoulder.

"I was the previous ruler, so let's say I am telling you I don't need an escort." He said, not in a threatening tone, but a playful one.

"Of course, sir." The attendant replied, admitting defeat.

Iroh grabbed his satchel as he headed for the door.

'Hm…' He grunted as he caught something in the corner of his eye.

Tamamo and Naruto were glancing over the wall at Iroh, thinking he didn't notice them.

He left the compound.

'They are following me.' He thought as he smiled.

"You don't need to hide, Naruto, Tamamo." Iroh called out.

"Drat, he found us out." Tamamo pouted.

Naruto didn't say anything as he and Tamamo walked towards the former Ruler.

"If you guys wanted to come with me, you could have asked." Iroh said as he lifted the two children up onto his shoulders with a hearty laugh. "Alright, let's go."

"Where are we going?" Naruto asked as he felt Iroh take off in a run, something he was accustomed too.

"Somewhere special." Iroh replied, jumping high in the sky, making the two kids scream as they clung to him.

Iroh laughed as they landed.

"DON'T DO THAT AGAIN, GRAMPS!" Tamamo and Naruto shouted into Iroh's ears.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry." Iroh snickered.

He walked the rest of the way, once more returning to the cherry tree. This time with Naruto and Tamamo.

"Why are we here, gramps?" Naruto asked curiously as he and Tamamo sat down, watching Iroh set up Lu-Ten's picture and incense sticks.

"I am celebrating my son's birthday." Iroh said as he moved his pipa, tuning the stringed instrument before sitting down. "It is an important day."

Iroh lit the incense and then strung his instrument.

"Happy Birthday, my son." Iroh said sadly, which caught Naruto and Tamamo by surprise. "If only… I could have helped you."

They had never seen their strong grandfather be sad before.

"Leaves from the vine, Falling so slow, Like fragile tiny shells." Iroh sang softly as played the pipa softly in tune with his song. "Drifting in the foam. Little soldier Boy, Come marching home. Brave Soldier boy…"

Iroh choked a bit.

"Comes Marching Home…" He finished as he continued to play.

Tamamo and Naruto stood up and hugged Iroh as he teared up, his cheeks and beard becoming wet.

'Lu-Ten.' Iroh thought sadly as he remembered playing with his child as a young boy all those decades ago as a gentle wind blew across the trio while the sun set turned the sky orange and violet. 'I miss you so much, and I know, you too would have loved Tamamo and Naruto. They are my treasures, just like you, Miko, and Yoshimaru.'

Skip, one year later…

"PAPA!" Tamamo screamed as they lowered Yoshimaru's body into his grave.

Miko stared lividly at her husband's grave as they started to fill it with dirt.

'All of this…' She thought as she glared at Naruto, who stood besides Iroh crying. 'Because of that boy…'


One year ago,

"It's about Naruto."

"What about him?"

Yoshimaru was not impressed by his wife's tone.

"He is worried you hate him." Yoshimaru continued.

Miko gave no reply.

"What I think of him doesn't concern the matters at hand." Miko replied after several tense moments. "We are currently having a struggle against the northern tribe of yokai here in Japan, so we need to focus on that.'

"Sweetheart, you can tell me why you are so angry." Yoshimaru urged. "You don't have to hide it from me."

Miko gripped her arms as she started to shake in anger.

"He took my father…" she stated through grit teeth and fangs. "Lu-Ten died, and then he adopts that brat Naruto, forgetting me and Lu-Ten."

Two days ago,

Yoshimaru prepared to go on his regular patrol of the border.

"Papa/Yoshimaru." Tamamo and Naruto said as they ran to him, hugging his legs.

"Hey, you two." He said with a giant grin as he hugged them back. "Okay, come on, I need to go."

"But, papa, you said you would play with us today." Tamamo pouted, giving him the best puppy-dog eyes that she could muster.

"Sorry, kiddo, but that will have to wait until tomorrow, okay." Yoshimaru replied as he gently removed the children from him, handing them over to Iroh.

Yoshimaru walked to the throne room, and bid farewell to his wife.

"Sweetheart," he said before he left, standing in the threshold. "Please look after Tamamo and Naruto."

End Flashback…

Miko could not stop this intense anger she felt building up within her.

First her brother and father, and now her husband.

"Leaves from the vine, Falling so slow, Like fragile tiny shells." Naruto started to sing, catching everyone off guard. "Drifting in the foam. Little soldier Boy, Come marching home. Brave Soldier boy… Comes Marching Home…"

Miko watched the boy, her heart wrenching itself as he sang her father's song.

'That… little bastard!' Miko thought angrily as she gripped her chest, her heard aching as she started to break down, the loss of her husband chipping away at her emotions as she held her crying daughter.

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