Chapter I - Frozen Lake

Raijū* was prowling through the woods, enjoying the full moon when he saw this.

He loved being out on the open air, exploring the forest. Then again, he used to come to this forest quite often, now. Being a werewolf who was magically connected with a forest and night, since the day he was born, meant that forest was just like a second home for him.

Suddenly Raijū heard a girl crying, he looked through the branches of the trees, there was a small brunette girl sobbing near a big hole in the ice. Where she had come from, he had no idea. This part of forest is no place for children.

He swivelled his ears back and forth, sniffing the air as he glanced around to make sure that she isn't really alone. But there was nothing. The only scent that filled his snout was the richness of the surrounding foliage and the girl's natural scent, a combination of jasmine and honeysuckle.

The werewolf recognized the smell of Mary. A girl from the nearby village of Hawthorne. People called her Flee, because she could jump and run so fast. And she was his believer.

'Where are your parents?' Raijū thought.

On cue, a brown haired woman had come out from the forest.

"Mary!" She get down on her knees, and then pulled her close "Thank goodness you're okay. We were looking everywhere for you."

"I'm sorry, Mom." A girl was still crying. "I had a dream that he back. And I wanted to see if..."

"I understand, honey." The woman assured her. "But you can't come out here all alone. Me and your father, we were worried about you."

" I'm sorry."

" Look, now that you know about this, Mary... don't do this again, okay?"

" I promise."

" Let's go back home, then, darling."

The girl seemed reluctant but then nodded, stood up and walked away with her mother.

Raijū was curious and went over to the hole in the ice, since he could see through darkness he was able to see a tall lanky male body, he had brown hair and was wearing a cream shirt with a brown cloak and skinny brown trousers that reached to just above his ankles, his eyes were closed and he looked peaceful. The young boy was obviously dead.

'It's sad how easy it is to finish a journey in the Circle of Life.' A werewolf thought, looking at a dead body.

Familiar scent took Raijū by surprise as a someone stepped out of the shadows.

So he slowly lift his head and he see a tall woman with the silver scythe in her hand, standing on the other side of the lake. She had glowing red eyes, grayish skin and waist-length, voluptuous white hair. She wearing a ankle-length gown. The dress had a sky dark purple bodice, a black skirt and a knee-length cape; all accented with gold. The bodice had a hourglass neckline and ends in a "V" shape at her waist. The skirt had a black hem and a pale red stripe down the front. The dress had long grey sleeves, as well as black puffy sleeves attached to a dark purple undershirt.

"Omisha the Grim Reaper.*" Raijū whispered and gave her a little bow.

The woman bowed to the werewolf like an equal, like she did once in The Great Spirits Prom.

"Do not be afraid, boy. Your soul will be free soon." Raijū said as Omisha was moving towards hole in ice.

But before she could do anything, something else happened.

The moon shone brighter, Omisha then stop in mid-walk on the ice and cocked her head at Moon as if to say, "You sure about that?"

Less than one minute later, she vanished into thin air.

The werewolf feel the magic in the air and look at lake. Through the water Raijū saw the boy's hair turn white, and his eyes open to reveal surprised ice blue ones. The moonlight intensifies almost magically, and the ice above begin to spider-web and crack. Then the boy was slowly lifted out of the water, Raijū retreated to the shadow of the trees but still watched.

The boy was lowered gently onto the ground where he proceeded to look at his pale hands and then the full moon. He carefully treaded across the ice until he hit something with his feet. He looked down, and at his feet was a wooden staff. Curious, he picked it up. Almost immediately the staff begin to glow a arctic blue in his hands.

Raijū watched interested as the boy turned the staff and ice shot out of it.

'Ice power. So, you are the winter spirit.' Raijū thought, as the boy touched a few trees with his staff sending frost up their trunks. Then he swinged the staff again, more confident, as he begin to run across the frozen pond.

One more swing, and a gust of wind swirled him high up into the air. A boy floated for a moment only to fall back down to earth and into the trees.

He just giggled as grabs hold of a tree branch before pulled himself up to see a small town off in the distance. Then he started rather unsteadily flying to a town. Raijū stands perfectly still, waited a few seconds and then walked toward the village.


The boy tried landing soft on the edge of the village, but it was a rocky one. And yet, he just stand up and brushed himself off, still smiling.

"Hello. Hello! Good evening, ma'am. Ma'am." He tried to talk to woman.

The woman just walked past a boy, not noticing him.

"Oh! Ah-ah excuse me, can you tell me where I am-" The boy gasped, almost dropping his staff when the villager just passes through him.

The werewolf watched as the teenage boy tried and tried and tried to talk with the locals, however a boy was for them just unseen ghost as they repeatedly walked through his body.

And a few seconds later...Shaken, the boy turned and retreated into the forest.

Raijū for some reason that just evade him, followed the boy.

Author Note and other information:

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*Raijū is a legendary creature from Japanese mythology. Its body is composed of lightningand with the form of a white and blue wolf or dog. But in this AU he is werewolf and powerful lightning spirit. And, for the record, Jack's sister was Raijū beliver but Raijū never met Jack, and doesn't know that he is part of Mary's family.

* Omisha is my Oc, and she'll be recurring character. Her name is a Hindu Girl name, and this name meaning is Goddess of Birth and Death.

Little is known about Omisha. She was the first child of Father Time, and can be documented as being alive as long as the oldest ancient race. Omisha often has a blank neutral facial expression with. She has a tendency to talk in a rather monotonous and dry tone of voice. Despite her typically flat demeanor, she deeply loves mortals and shows a deep concern for kids when their life are put in apparent danger.