Just when Diana thought she could get away with her actions in the swamp for the night, karma came for her when she noticed a strange man with blond hair and wearing a blue suit appearing in front of her direction on land. He proceeds to pull out an eyeball that has a fuse lit.

"777 Tools of the Demon World: Evil Bomb!"

He then throws the object below her feet, and it exploded which destroyed her boat. She is sent flying on the land he is standing. Her assailant started approaching her with a creepy smile on his face that he usually kept.

This is Neuro Nogami, and she is in a world of trouble from him.

"Looks like the mystery is solved," he started.

"Mystery? What are you talking about?" she asked, standing up from the ground. She puts up a fighting stance as she knows fully well she is about to have herself a fight with this guy.

"I feed on mysteries as sustenance, and you are one of them," he pointed his right index finger at her.

"Are you mocking me?!" she is getting angry on what he is declaring her as.

"Call it whatever you like," he replied snidely.

"Why, you...!"

She used the new watch Octavia Paine gave her to zap this guy, but he dodges the energy beam without any effort. When she does it again, he dodges the beam again.

Next, she runs up to him to fight him head-on. She tries to land a punch on him, but he quickly blocks it with his hand and tosses her aside.

"Fast... Okay, enough fooling around," she said before trying again to fight her assailant directly. This time, she does a flying kick. Not that it did her any good since he is able to dodge that as well, causing her to crash into a tree.

"Okay, you've had your fun. Now it's my turn," Neuro said.

"What are you?" Diana asked while looking scared. She quickly gets a hint that this guy is not human.

"Perhaps this will answer your question," Neuro said as his head turned from human to a bird resembling a toucan or parrot.

"Y-You're a demon!" Diana realized. What's more is that the negative energy coming from her is being released.

"That's right. Itadakimasu..."

She screamed with fright as the demon detective started consuming her mystery, weakening her in the process.

As for Martin and Billy nearby to hear this...

"Diana?!" the former realized as he and his alien friend run to the source of the scream. They found Diana, but she looks weakened.

"What is this?" Billy is surprised to see her state.

"The result when I consumed a person's mystery," Neuro said as he appeared in front of them.

"What have you done to her?!" Martin asked in his rage on what this guy did to his stepsister.

"I consumed her mystery, and she is left weakened as a result," was his reply.

"You consume mysteries?" Billy asked him.

"You're a demon, aren't you?" Martin realized.

"That's right," Neuro confirmed as the spiky blond-haired boy puts up a fighting stance. "Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you. M.O.M. hired me to find Diana, and the mystery has been solved."

"M.O.M. hired you?" Martin is surprised by this statement.

"That's right," Neuro confirmed again. "Here's my card," he gives him his card. "My name is Neuro Nogami. I'm a supernatural detective. Call me when you have a case that you'll find difficult to solve."

In an instant, his arms turned feathered-like as he uses them to fly away from the area.

"That is one unusual encounter," Billy commented.

"I just don't get one thing," Martin said next.

"Huh? What is it?"

"Why did that guy gave us a card that said Katsuragi detective agency?"

In the skies, Neuro is flying his way back to Japan.

"I'll let those two figure out what that card means on their own," he said in a trolling manner.

Author's Note: My second Martin Mystery and Neuro: Supernatural Detective fanfic. What do you think?