"Alolan Heat"

"Ahhhh," Hilda sighed happily as she felt the heat of the Alolan sun warm her skin just as the cool ocean breeze caressed her. "This is exactly what I needed."

The teenager practically spun in delight as she stood on one of Akala Island's pristine beaches, feeling the sand beneath her feet and the warmth of the sun above. As much as Hilda loved her home region of Unova – she had saved it enough times to prove that – so too did she love the feeling of the tropical sun on her skin. Unova was many things, but certainly not tropical, not like Unova, and, beautiful as her home region was, it was sorely lacking in the features that made Alola such an attractive destination for Hilda, with its rolling beaches of sand, clear blue waters, and warm, tropical air.

For all of Unova's majestic beauty, it was temperate at best, and usually relatively cool, only experiencing true heat during its summer months. Even then, Hilda was certainly it had never been as hot as it was here in Alola, enough that she could feel herself sweat just form being under the warm sun, a sensation that was largely alien to her and thus very welcome.

Having thwarted Team Plasma's plans for world domination and successfully become Champion of the Unova region, Hilda had left her home region a little over a week ago in search of yet another adventure, never one to sit around for very long. Now that she was here, however, the Champion of Unova intended to take her time exploring the wonders of Alola as she took on the island challenge with a brand new set of Pokémon, hoping to once again become the very best just as she had back home.

Hilda was likewise dressed appropriately for the island heat, having swapped her shoes for a pair of sandals and ditched her usual white top with its sleeveless black jacket to instead wear a flowery yellow Alolan shirt, unbuttoned in the front to reveal her black bikini top, providing onlookers with a tantalizing gaze of her cleavage while leaving the rest of her torso bare. It fit well with the girl's trademark short-shorts, already so tiny they hugged her thighs and greatly emphasized her rear, perhaps the most treasured of her bodily assets.

Between the shorts and the bikini top, Hilda had noticed more than a few men looking at her out of the corner of her eyes since arriving in Alola, a fact she was quite proud of and hoped to take advantage of in the near future. Her stylish new sunglasses came in handy here, hiding her eyes as she strolled the streets of the island towns, allowing her to discreetly check out some of the local men even as they checked her out in turn.

With the warmth of the sun on her skin, the heat of the sand beneath her feet, and a familiar shiver of excitement running down her spine, Hilda definitely felt she had made the right choice in coming to Alola to begin her globetrotting adventure.

The young woman was shaken from her appreciation of the island heat, however, when she heard an animalistic growling in the distance. Recognizing it as the sound of a Pokémon, Hilda smiled and immediately set off down the beach, already reaching into her bag for a spare Pokeball. The beach was wide and long, with great stones and rocks jutting out of the sand here and there, the perfect place for a Pokémon to hide, and Hilda was intend on finding and catching whichever one was making the sounds she heard. The fact that she appeared to be completely alone on this particular beach would only make her job easier still!

The brunette could already feel her adrenaline racing as she ran through the sand, kicking up grains and clouds of it behind her as she went. The growling sounded louder and more bestial the closer she got, and soon Hilda was throwing herself behind one of the giant stones jutting out of the beach in hopes of catching the Pokémon by surprise. With her back resting against the large stone and an empty Pokeball in her hand, Hilda slowly crept around to look at her prey, gasping when at last she spotted it.

An Incineroar. A wild Incineroar!

The mighty red-and-black feline was in the center of what looked to be a ring of the giant, jutting stones, growling to itself as it practiced its fierce form of combat. The bipedal tiger roared as it punched and kicked and slashed, expertly tearing apart the stones around it as quickly as it could, not stopping even for an instant to take a break or catch its breath. Its eyes darted from stone to stone, as though sizing up its victims, and the belt of fire around its waist flared with life.

"ROOOAAARRR!" the Incineroar shouted as it launched itself at one of the stones, quickly wrapping its muscled arms around it and then tearing it straight out of the ground in a tremendous display of brute strength. Hilda watched with wide eyes and excitement in her heart as the creature then lifted the jagged boulder above its head and threw it into the ocean with all its might, landing almost half a kilometer out and breaking the calm waters with a mighty splash.

"I have to have it," Hilda proclaimed breathlessly, her heart pounding in her chest and her bare legs already wobbly with excitement. "I need it, I need it, I need it!"

Despite her short time in Alola, Hilda knew wild Incineroar were remarkably rare, even in their earlier form as Litten, which could only speak to the strength and wiliness of the one before her. Its brute strength, its confident stride, the look of killer instinct in its eye, all served as testament to the Pokémon's abilities, and Hilda knew, with her experience as a Pokémon Trainer, that she could mold all of that into the most powerful Incineroar the islands of Alola had ever seen. She simply had to catch it!

There was just one problem: Hilda didn't have any Pokémon nearly strong enough to face it.

A true adventurer through and through, Hilda had deposited all of her Unovan Pokémon upon arrival in Alola and had set about creating a brand new team from the local Pokémon as part of her journey through Alola. While this certainly provided her with a challenge and encouraged her to learn more about the local Pokémon, it unfortunately also meant that none of the Pokémon in her party were particularly strong at the moment, most having only been caught a day or two prior. There was no chance she could go up against this Incineroar, this fiery but honorable force of nature, with her current team.

"But I can't let it get away!" Hilda hissed to herself as she continued to watch the beast train its body and mind to grow ever stronger, quite literally wrestling with the surrounding environment as though at war with the world itself. "So, what do I do…?"

Luckily for Hilda, a solution presented itself only seconds later when the Incineroar finally came to a stop and turned to look right at her. In her excitement, the teenager had crept out from behind her hiding place and was now half-standing, half-crouching in the sand along the edge of the Pokémon's makeshift wrestling ring.

Despite the heat of the sun and sand, Hilda felt her face grow pale. "Um…oops."

But Hilda's luck held out that day. Instead of growling angrily or unsheathing its murderous claws as the girl had been suspecting, she watched on as the Incineroar instead faced her and sniffed the air between them, unleashing a burst of steam from its nostrils. Then, as Hilda watched with both wonder and surprise, something long and hard began to emerge from between the Incineroar's legs, something so warm it practically radiated heat.

Hilda knew what it was almost immediately, having had quite a bit of experience with Pokémon anatomy during her adventure back in Unova: it was Incineroar's cock. Almost a foot long, thick, and oddly ridged, the Pokémon's swollen dick pulsed with need as the Incineroar stared at the young woman crouching along the edge of its ring, with clearly only one thing on its mind.

That's when Hilda remembered there was more than one way to catch a wild Pokémon.

Moving slowly to ensure she didn't startle or enrage the creature, Hilda stood back up on her own two feet and then slowly undid the zipper on her tiny denim shorts, blushing wildly all the while. A moment later, she took hold of both her shorts and the black bikini bottoms she wore underneath, and then pulled them straight down to her feet, bending over slightly as she did so. Leaving her bikini top and unbuttoned shirt on, Hilda then turned around and got onto her hands and knees, presenting both her glistening cunt and her perfectly round ass to the Incineroar, which watched on with great interest and even greater arousal.

"Come on…" Hilda called to it soothingly, smiling as she saw the Incineroar's cock pulse in anticipation, even going so far as to wriggle her naked ass a little in invitation. "I don't bite, big guy. And I know you want to…"

The Incineroar was upon her almost immediately, and Hilda felt her eyes shoot wide open as she felt its fiery hot cock pressing against the slick lips of her adolescent pussy.

Now, this wasn't Hilda's first time with a Pokémon. Such couplings were actually fairly common among Trainers, particularly female ones, though it was a subject not discussed in polite society and largely kept under wraps in general. Hilda was no different in this regard; she had fucked several Pokémon during her journey through Unova, most commonly with the Pokémon in her own party as part of their bonding exercises, but also occasionally with wild Pokémon when she was in the mood for something rough and meaningless. As such, she was experienced in the matter, and knew what she was doing, even as she felt Incineroar push its fat cock inside her and bury itself deeper and deeper within her warm folds.

But nothing had ever prepared her for this.

"UHHNNN!" Hilda cried out completely unintentionally, the scream practically pushed out of her lungs by the force with which Incineroar penetrated her from behind. The girl gripped at the hot sand beneath her uselessly as she felt the Pokémon fill her to the brim with its cock, her legs already shaking. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck...!"

The Incineroar was not only unusually large for its size, both in length and in girth, but it was also remarkably, incredibly, devastatingly hot! Like the hot Alolan sun or the baked sand beneath Hilda's hands and knees, the Incineroar's cock burned with a tropical heat, as though liquid fire ran through its pulsing veins, singing the inside of her body and sending wave upon wave of both pain and pleasure crashing over the young woman. Hilda could feel herself begin to sweat already, not yet form exertion, but from the sheer heat of the Incineroar sheathed inside her.

When at last the Incineroar began pushing and pulling its monstrous cock in and out of Hilda's tight, young cunt, it did so with deep and powerful thrusts, each and every one of them practically pushing the air right out of the girl's lungs. Hilda held on for dear life and bucked her hips as best she could to accommodate the fat intruder slamming itself into her tight little pussy, fighting to keep breathing as she dealt with the largest and hottest cock she had ever taken.

"Oh, Arceus…!" Hilda whined aloud to no one, wincing and squeezing her eyes shut as she felt Incineroar's thrusts begin to pick up in speed, each and every one of them feeling like a fiery club being shoved into her pretty little hole. The Pokémon was already so deep that she could feel its barbed balls pushing up against the lips of her pussy, feel every ridge of its cock stroking her insides as it thrust in and out of her. "Huh! Huh! Huh! Ohhhh….!"

The Incineroar, meanwhile, was quite busy enjoying itself, having even more fun breeding with the beautiful human than it had practicing combat. The girl was amazingly tight, even painfully so, her little cunt wrapped almost agonizingly firmly around the Pokémon's ridged cock, her own juices doing little to ease the situation. The little whines and whimpers she made as it thrust in and out of her likewise only encouraged the ferocious tiger, leading it to smile proudly as the girl's entire body shook and shuddered beneath its weight. Wrapping its clawed hands around Hilda's hips and keeping its fierce eyes on her beautiful buttocks, the Incineroar soon began thrusting harder and faster still into the girl, eliciting only louder and more wonderful sounds as it drove itself deeper and deeper into her adolescent body.


It wasn't long at all before the sound of naked human buttcheeks slamming against furred Pokémon hips began to drown out the sounds of the ocean nearby, with Incineroar driving itself into Hilda with deep and powerful thrusts that caused her ass to bounce against its muscled hips. Every thrust caused the teenager's perfect ass to bounce and shake, only arousing the creature further, pushing it to go harder and faster, harder and faster, as though trying to claim sovereignty over the maiden's entire body.

"Nuh! Nuh! Nuh! Nugghhnn!" Hilda groaned loudly as she felt Incineroar slam itself into her pussy again and again, filling her with its heat and causing her entire body to writhe in dangerous and desperate pleasure. As painful as it was feeling the tiger's monstrous cock buried inside her, so too was it pleasurable, and soon the ecstasy of being so warm and so full began to overshadow everything else. "Yuh, yuh, yes! Yes! Like that! Fuh, fuh, fuck me, Incineroar! Fuck me!"

And despite being a wild Pokémon with no obligation whatsoever to do what the young Trainer asked of it, Incineroar obeyed, its sharp teeth glistening as it tightened its grip in Hilda and began slamming into her rougher and wilder still. Hilda screamed and cried beneath it, her hands and knees burning from the heat of the sand beneath her and her cunt practically shouting in both pain and pleasure as the Pokémon's ridged cock drove itself in and out of her, forcing her to feel each and every inch of it as it stroked her burning insides.

The longer they fucked, the wilder the two became, and soon Hilda was giving as good as she got, urging Incineroar on not only with her words but also with what little action she could do while so completely and utterly dominated. She bucked her hips wantonly, meeting the Pokémon thrust for thrust, and moaning loudly every time she felt it bottom outside of her. She arched her back and threw her head backwards in pleasure, even as her arms and legs shook uncontrollably. In her current position, Hilda's plump breasts likewise began to bounce back and forth majestically, covered as they were by her thin black bikini top, largely unseen by the Incineroar busy fucking her brains out, but providing a beautiful view nonetheless.

How long Incineroar pounded the living hell out of Hilda, she never knew, only that the pleasures she felt from its size and heat inside of her drove all over thoughts out of her mind. She was still there on the beach, of course, on her hands and knees with a huge Pokémon fucking her from behind, but she was also in the sky, in the water, in the heat of the sun itself, experiencing all of Alola as a 'representative' of Alola itself experienced all of her. She felt the sweat on her skin, the slapping of her ass against Incineroar's thrusting hips, the bouncing of her breasts in time their sordid movements. She felt it all, all and more, so much her vision began to blur and her body grew weak and every nerve ending in her body shouted out at once…

"UHHHNNN!" Hilda moaned loudly and wantonly as she experienced her first orgasm since arriving in Alola, her eyes rolling into the back of her head and her tongue lolling out of her mouth as she fell backwards into a void of pure white pleasure. The girl's entire body shook and squirmed as her orgasm tore through her, even as Incineroar continued to slam its monstrous cock in and out of her tightening cunt.

For a few wonderful, perfect moments, Hilda felt only heat, and nothing more.

How much Incineroar truly understood about what was happening was unclear, but it was plainly obvious it recognized a female orgasm when it saw one, as the tiger grinned its proud and snarky grin upon feeling the human girl writhe and squirm on its cock. It fucked Hilda all the way through her orgasm, still enamored by her beautifully bouncing buttocks as it slammed into her again and again, driving itself deeper and deeper into the teenager's quivering womb. Such actions only seemed to lengthen the girl's orgasm, leaving her sweating and shaking weakly, barely clinging to consciousness.

Indeed, when at last Hilda felt Incineroar pull its fat cock out of her needy cunt, she had no idea how long it had been or what she had been doing for the last few minutes. All she felt was the sudden absence of heat inside her, the loss of what had previously been stuffing her so warmly and wonderfully full. When at last she found herself able to actually turn her head, Hilda was mildly surprised to find her arms had given out and she was leaning face-first into the sand with her ass in the air and her entire body covered in glistening sweat.

"Y-You stopped…" Hilda spoke weakly, looking back at the Incineroar as it stroked its fat cock, revealing it was positively covered in her girlish juices and literally steaming, a testament to the fire burning within. "Why…?"

The Incineroar merely looked right back down at the girl and smirked cruelly, still stroking its fat cock. That was when Hilda knew she was in trouble.

The girl gasped as she felt Incineroar reach over her with its own free hand and then tear her shirt to threads, ripping of her bikini top shortly after, leaving her entirely naked save for her baseball cap and sandals. She gasped again a moment later, a little louder this time, as she felt Incineroar place its foot on the back of her head and force her back into the sand, thereby leaving her bent over with her ass in the air. Its free hand then took hold of Hilda's ass, spreading apart her wonderful cheeks in order to expose her puckered asshole, which proved to be the next destination for its monstrous cock.

"H-U-U-U-U-HNNNN!" Hilda screamed, a mixture of both pain and pleasure bursting from her mouth as she felt Incineroar place the head of its fiery cock against her anus and then push until it was once again burying itself inside of her. Her entire body shook and writhed as the monstrous tiger forced itself into her rear, evidently intent on claiming the poor girl every way it could. "Oh, aaahh! Haaahh! NNNN! Oh, Arceus…!"

Just as Hilda had never experienced such a large or fiery hot cock in her pussy, so too had she never experienced anything even slightly close to it in her ass. Tears burst from the girl's eyes as Incineroar forced her face into the sand and pushed inch after inch of its sweltering meat into Hilda's bowels, so delightfully and dangerously warm that the Champion of Unova was afraid she was going to burn into cinders right then and there.

True to its nature, Incineroar didn't wait even an instant for Hilda to adjust to the sensation of having half of its fiery hot cock buried in her ass before it began thrusting in and out of her, the girth of its dick enough to keep her quivering cheeks spread so it could ream her as it pleased. It was tough going at first, with the teenager writhing and squirming in both pain and pleasure beneath the Pokémon, and her rectum squeezing tightly around its cock like a vice grip, but Incineroar was never one to give up.

In that way, it and Hilda were quite alike.

Despite the burning sensation consuming her ass and quickly spreading throughout the rest of her naked body, Hilda forced herself to once again begin bucking her hips with Incineroar's powerful thrusts, her entire body shaking and her beautiful butt bouncing as she took more and more of the tiger's ferocious cock. Even with tears streaming down her face and the upper half of her torso forced into the baking sand, Hilda give as good as she got, not only taking her pounding like a good girl, but fighting to milk as much pleasure out of it as she could.

"Mmm, mmm, ngghh, yeah!" Hilda whimpered loudly into the beach, gripping the sand beneath her uselessly as she bucked her girlish hips like a bitch in heat. Incineroar's cock was so large and so sweltering that it felt like it was going to tear her poor ass apart, but Hilda reveled in the delicious mixture of pain and pleasure, wanting nothing more in that moment than for Incineroar to fuck her ass like no one ever had or ever would again. "F-Fuck! Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck my hot ass! M-Make me yours, Incineroar! Fill my ass!"

Whether Incineroar understood what Hilda was saying or not, it complied as though it did, slamming its cock into the teenager's bountiful ass harder and faster as she moaned and groaned into the sand beneath it. She bucked her hips and arched her back and whimpered beautifully, arousing the Pokémon even further, encouraging it to demolish the girl's ass and claim her heat for its own, now and forever.

Soon enough, Hilda was shaking and writhing about in agonizing ecstasy beneath Incineroar as it drove its cock deeper and deeper into her burning bowels, filling her with its monstrous heat. The girl desperately reached back as best she could, as though trying to grab hold of Incineroar's hips or spread her own cheeks further, but her arms merely flopped around uselessly, every nerve ending in her body consumed by heat and pleasure. Thankfully, the sight of the Pokémon Trainer twitching and shaking beneath it gave Incineroar an idea, one it implemented presently.

One moment, Incineroar's foot was on the back of Hilda's head, forcing her face into the sand; the next moment, she was free, and she felt herself being lifted out of the sand as Incineroar grabbed both of her useless arms with its own clawed hands and yanked her back up, forcing the girl to arch her back almost painfully hard as it continued to drive its cock in and out of her quivering anus. With Incineroar holding her up but restraining her arms at the same time, it was able to push its cock even deeper still into her tightening bowels, forcing more moans of pain and pleasure to come bursting out of her mouth as it fucked her rotten.

"Uhn, uhn, uhn, uhn, uggghnnnn!" Hilda moaned loudly as she felt Incineroar pound into her with renewed vigor, its clawed hands wrapped around her arms as it held her up. Her face and breasts were covered in sand, but soon even this was being shaken loose by the ferocity with which the Pokémon was reaming her ass, burying itself deeper and deeper into her intestines. "Mmm, mm, ngghhh! Oh, Arceus! Harder! Fuck me harder, Incineroar! Fuck my hot ass harder!"

As Incineroar obeyed once again, its pace growing quicker and more ferocious with every thrust, Hilda's freed breasts began to bounce up and down wildly and wantonly, providing a wonderful show for anyone lucky enough to have been watching. The girl screamed and cried in pleasure as she bucked her hips and arched her back, her ass bouncing against Incineroar's thrusting hips as her naked tits juggled up and down so hard they hurt, but in the absolute best way possible.

"RRRRRR…!" Incineroar growled dangerously, grinding its sharpened teeth against one another as it continued to demolish the teenager it was buried to the hilt inside, its cock so swollen it was painful, even with Hilda's tight ass wrapped perfectly around it. It merely gripped her arms harder, slammed into her harder, forcing the girl to throw her head back and moan loudly as she took each and every inch of the Pokémon's cock in her ass, her tits bouncing like those of a bitch in heat and begging for more.


As Incineroar's thrusts grew harder and more powerful, so too did the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh, drowning out all other sounds on the secluded beach. The tiger was pounding Hilda with all its inhuman strength, using the arms it had thrown a boulder into the ocean with to hold her back as it thrust into her tight and burning ass as quickly as a Rapidash could run down a hill. The teenager's ass bounced wildly and almost painfully hard with every thrust, and the girl unleashed moan after moan of ecstasy as it fought to finish inside her.

"UHUHUHUHUHUHUH!" Hilda began whimpering and moaning repeatedly, all thought driven from her head as Incineroar fucked all sense out of her. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head again, and her tongue was lolling out of her mouth, her entire body quivering and in desperate need of the pleasure only this mighty tiger could provide. "OH, OH, OH, OH, OHHHH…!"

Utterly restrained, with her entire body sweaty and shaking, and with a powerful Pokémon forcing itself deeper, harder, and faster into her tight ass with each and every thrust, Hilda felt heat like she had never experienced before, both within and around herself, so hot she felt herself losing control yet again…

It was so good, so perfect…so hot!

With one last cry of ecstasy, Hilda came for the second time since Incineroar first penetrated her, her empty pussy tightening around nothing as she felt the Pokémon thrusting itself balls-deep into her warm and welcoming ass. She writhed and squirmed and all but collapsed, held up only by Incineroar's strong arms, her limbs going limp and her world going white.

Hilda's second orgasm ultimately served as the catalyst for Incineroar's, and it wasn't long before it began pumping its ridged cock into her ass roughly and jerkily, as though running out fo time. Finally, with one last roar of triumph, Incineroar buried itself to the hilt in the screaming teenager's adolescent ass and unleashed everything it had been holding back.


For Hilda, Incineroar's orgasm was the icing on the cake of her own sexual experience, and one she enjoyed every bit as much as the monster firing its seed inside her. The girl sighed happily and quivered with pleasure as she felt stream after stream of fiery hot cream burst out of the Pokémon's cock and flood her tight bowels. She felt every drop of Incineroar's juices as they filled her ass to the brim, setting her body and mind aflame, burning her with a passion greater than any she had ever imagined. Hilda had never before felt such heat, such wonderful heat, filling up each and every inch of her insides, and she moaned and whimpered as Incineroar's volcanic seed quickly began to overflow and come spurting and drooling out of her asshole, stuffed full as it was with the tiger's fat cock.

Hilda was so lost in the heat and pleasure of the moment that she barely noticed when Incineroar finally pulled its softening cock out of her tender ass, followed shortly thereafter by more of its seed as it oozed out of the girl's anus. With the Pokémon no longer supporting her, Hilda collapsed into the sand, entirely naked, covered in sweat, burned inside and out, with boiling hot cum leaking out of her stretched asshole and down towards her equally sore pussy.

Having done what it had set out to do, Incineroar was ready to turn and leave, but hesitated for a moment in order to savor the sight of its latest conquest. Beautiful even it had first found her, Hilda was even more so now, lying in the sand with its seed oozing out of her, completely and utterly exhausted. Her bare ass was just as tempting now as it was when Incineroar first saw it, and it was only its own exhaustion that kept it from leaning over the girl and entering her once again for yet another round.

Again, it was only for a moment that Incineroar hesitated. But a moment was all Hilda needed.

Before the beast was even aware of what was happening, Hilda spun around as quickly as she could – quite a feat considering how tired she was – and tossed the Pokeball she had been hiding in her baseball cap. Incineroar only had time to widen its eyes in surprise before it was sucked into the Pokeball, its form shrinking before it disappeared within. With Incineroar gone, the Pokeball fell to the sand below.

It rolled once.

It rolled twice.

It rolled three times.