Kate leaves her office and disappears.

She is reportedly found Dead overdosed in Hong Kong drug den.


Kate leaves her office and disappears.

She wakes up in a strange world with many changes

The cold of the room awakens her, she lifted her head. She saw only a dull gray wall. This was not her apartment; this was not her room. Sitting up slowly a second thing became shocking apparently, all she was wearing was a ridiculously small thin white pantie, nothing else. Looking around the gray room she saw a door with a large shinny plate that look like a mirror on it. Standing she walked over and looked into it.

It was her with changes, some big, some small. Starting at the top her hair it was much longer reaching to her mid-back. The color was different, and slightly redder with traces, and streaks of blond in it. Her eyes, they were enlarged, she was on drugs. Eyebrows trims and shaper perfectly. On to her chest, her nipples now they had rings, and were hard. The scar from the bullet was gone, and so was the scar on her side. The rest of her body look trim and fit. Sitting down on the cot she tried to think back to remember. Then she had a thought.


Her work for the day was done she was going for her car. She was on her cell talking to her husband. "Rick I'm at my car I have a flat. I Called AAA and I will be late. Love you." She dropped her keys as she bent down, she felt a sting in the neck at the same time , and everything went black till now.

A speaker in the wall came alive.

"Good morning Miss Kate are you feeling ok this morning?'

"I am cold, where am I?"

"You are home.?"

"How long have I been 'home', this is my home?"

"I am not programmed to tell you that. It is time for you to

be cleaned and fed. Please go out the door and turn left

and follow the drone to the cleaning station now."

She did as she was told and left the room the drone led her to a room and directed her to enter. It was a shower and as she went in water started to flow it was temped, and she saw soap, and shampoo were arranged on a shelf to her right. She washes her long hair, body and saw a toothbrush, and past and took advantage of both. To the right of the shower area was a drying area, it was a warm air unit that blew air onto her body. She had to fluff her hair around to get it to dry somewhat.

The wall speaker director told her to open the next door and enter, that she did. In that room she found a bench with generic panties, bra, dress, and a hairbrush. After dressing and taking her time brushing her long hair out, she asked the wall speaker

"What next wall"

"Open the door with the blue star and follow the drone Miss Kate."

She did and there was a drone with a flashing lite that led her down a long hall to a door with no handle.

Standing there she was inpatient for something to happen then the door slid open. Stepping into the room she found there were two couches with three people seated on one and no one on the other.

"Come in Miss Kate and have a seat on the couch."

She did that.

"I do not know you, but you keep calling me Miss Kate, I am

Mrs. Richard Castle. I am not a Miss."

They held up a picture of her in a skimpy bra and a tiny thong beside an unknown man cuddling him tightly with his hand in her thong.

"Is this you"

"Yes, but I do not know where you got that picture."

The man next to him lifted a second photo up. It was of her naked spread on a bed naked, with a man sitting between her legs and what looks a white liquid flowing out of her wide vaginal slit.

"Is this you also.

"Oh, my fucking god. It is me, but I never did those things."

"Oh, but you did Kate, and much more. You were an extremely

popular high-class whore in Hong Kong finance circle for

seven months. The fact that you were high on special drugs was

not wildly known. When you got pregnant your popularity dropped

to special group who enjoy 'Pergo sex'. All that dropped when you

had the accident. That when we acquired your body, and mind."

"MY body, and mind. You sound like I was dead."

"You were clinically dead. We came in and procured your body

for science and brought you here. We purchased you.

Technically we own you."

"You can't own people, it against the law. Its slavery."

"Your right you cannot own living people, but you can own

dead people. Kate you are legally dead."

He held up a form it was an official death certificate that stated the Kathryn H. Beckett-Castle. DOB 10/23/1977, died on 12/23/2011, of massive drug overdose in Hong Kong.

They also show her a New York Times obituary stating that the missing NYPD, Captain, missing for over a year, was found in a hotel room suffering from a massive narcotic overdose. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Her body was cremated and flown back to the US for internment in the family site. She turns pasty white and passed out.

One hour later she awakens again back in that gray room with a slight head ach. Turning her head to the left she saw a man sitting in the chair beside her cot. He reminded her of her husband Rick.

"Are you awake Kate?"

"I'm not sure, awake or dead."

"Hard to tell right now. You are awake, but Technically you are dead.

You wake here."

"Funny I do not feel dead, I look in the mirror and I'm different.

Somethings have change. My hair is longer different in color,

my scars are gone. My eyes look like I am a long-time drug user.

Am I a drug user even now?"

"Technically you are we put them in your food and drink. Most are vitamins, the other are to increase healing. Yes, we also tranquilizing

you, you're a very volatile person when agitated."

"What turn me, change me, from a happily married wife to a high class

pregnant whore in Hong Kong?"

"Drugs and drugs reeducation. They kept you high and on special drugs,

in your mind you were in fantasy nothing was real. You could

do anything without consequences, that what led to your

overdose. Your pregnancy, multiple sex, and drugs, an overdose,

a miscarriage led to your apparent death, You were found in a

hotel room with two naked men who had OD. You were in the

middle of a miscarriage, bleeding all over the place.

The local police panicked declared everyone dead and

order morgue vans to take the bodies away. Our company had

a contract to collect cadaver's, were in that same building

so, we offered to take one. The police chose to give us you as

you were a foreigner.

They took all your paperwork declared you dead. They

even sent ashes to your husband.

We were surprised to find you were still barely alive. We were

just starting a trial program of drug therapy to rehab sick bodies, mainly the old and homeless street people.

We started you on it. It took almost nine month to detox you

off the drugs they had you on. We have kept you on medication

that block your memory. We found when you remember you feel

terribly upset and very feisty, and hard to control. You will note

we did some cosmetic surgery on your scars. It a new treatment of the skin cells, and below. Due to your sex career and miscarriage, a large amount of corrective surgery was needed in you vaginal

area. I know normally you would be embarrassed by this but after

seeing the pictured you must realize you were a whore and you

whole sex organs were a mess. Our first thought was a total

hysterectomy was our only course to save you. But we had a

tremendous young doctor who had an idea that she could rebuild

everything without killing you. Well you were already legally dead

we gave her a go ahead. We have no idea if it works except you have

periods every twenty-eight days and that all we know. You have had

no intercourse for thirty-four month since surgery. What other

question do you have?"

"How long have I been gone from the day I left my office at the 12th?"

"Five-year, four month, and ten days."

"What is to become of me."

"Tomorrow a member of the CIA will be here to speak with you. After that

I'm not sure."

"Can I go to my room now?"

"You have a new room and Andy will take you there. It has some of your

things but not your old life things."

Her new room was nicer Spartan, by nice it had a true bed and a window. She saw some things on her chest of draws. It was a Wedding picture of her and Rick, it made her cry. There was picture of her mom and dad, when younger. There was nothing else personal in the room. She rested and showered and went to bed.

In the morning she woke up and checked her chest of draws, and found several pair of low-cost panties, and similar bras. In the small closet she found two sun dresses and two pair of shoes, in her size. A nock on her door alerted her of her breakfast. It was better than before but still somewhat bland. No coffee, but tea, no milk. After breakfast she sat and read a book that was left on her nightstand. She missed it last night. She was shocked by the title, and the author. The title was 'LOST HEET' chapter two by Richard Castle. It was a mystery of Nikki HEET going on a secret mission and Rock being unable to find her. He told the tail as help solve crime across the country is his search for Nikki with no success. She was so into the book it took a second for her realize that someone was standing in the room with her.

"Helo Kate."

"Oh helo, I was reading and was in another world."

"Do you remember who I am Kate?"

"No, I do not."

"I'm Jackson Hunt, your father in law. Richard father."

"OMG, I now remember you, I'm so, so sorry."

"It ok Katie, we have been looking for you for a long time.

We never looked for a dead body. Rick never believed you were dead.

He had the ashes analyzed and they were not you. The police in

Hong Kong refused to help, they were under a lot of pressure to not

help. They sent hundreds of picture of you working as a whore.

They when they found you and the two dead diplomats dead in

the hotel room, they tried to shift it all on you.

"What happens to me now Jackson. You said Rick has seen all the photos

of me in all the sex acts with so many men. He divorced

Meredith for one. How does a hundred count. Beside I

have been gone five years."

"Kate, we have to take this one step at a time. Physically you are almost

one hundred percent (100%). Emotionally you are less than 50%.

We are going to have you stay here, with a shift in program to

Physical Fitness. As We are going to have Psychologist talk

to you twice a week. You need this before you are ready to rejoin

the real world."
"Can I ask where in the real world am I?"

"Katie right this minute you are Willington, New Zealand."

"I'm a long way from home, and Rick. I am scared I will never go

home to him."

"Katie some immensely powerful men, or man wanted you out of the way.

He also wanted to punish you and Rick. He punish you by

making you a high-class whore and sending the photos to Rick.

I cannot imagine how it affected him to see his beautiful young

wife having sex with two men at the same time smiling and seeming to be unsatisfied, wanting more."

"I do not remember those things. I have seen the photos, but it does

not seem to be me. I don't feel a thing."

"Kate they are still giving you meds to block those memories. They are

going to wean them off, so you will start remembering things that

why the shrink will be with you three days a week. When they come

back, they will hurt, but you have to let them out, or they will eat you

alive. Kate, I love you as does Rick, but you have to do this without


Good luck and when they think you are ready,

I'll come for you LOL"

She was left alone for the next year. Receiving only cards at holydays, her birthday and a large one with roses on their anniversary.

The time with the Psychologist was both enlightening, and terrifying, and very painful. She remember her time as a whore, being passed from man to man like a piece of meat. She remembered having things stuffed up in her vagina. One time she thought she remembered a man, who looked like a judge she once saw in court put his hand and wrist up her ass. He made a fist and then pulled it out. The pain made her pass out, when she woke up, she was covered with feces It had taken her months to gain control of her mind, so she realized it was not her fault, it was the drugs they had her on.

Today was the anniversary of her being taken. Seven years ago (7years), she went to her car and disappeared. She was told she was going to be leaving today but nothing else. So, with her bag packed she stood in her room waiting.

There was a soft nock and the door open and Ralph one of the attendance came in.

"Miss Kate please come I'll take your bag, they're here for you."

"Thank you, Ralph, for everything you have done for me."

"It's been a pleasure Miss Kate."

He led her to the front entrance ware the administrator was waiting.

"Kate you are leaving, and I think you will not need us again.

It you ever need us please call; a car is waiting for you to

take you on the way to your new life.

They walked to the door, and sure enough there was a stretched limo waiting. The strange thing that caught her eye was it was pure white; most limo out here were the typical black. Walking to the can the chauffeur opened the door. Inside it was dark so she could not see in from the bright light to the dark car. Disregarding that she slipped inside, and the chauffeur shut the door. When the door shut the lights went on full and she could see that that someone was in the car with her.

"Aren't you going to say helo beautiful?"

"Rick, it you. You came to see me."

"No Kate I came to take you home. I told you I would love you

forever and I have never changed my mind."

Without saying a thing, she propelled herself across the car into him. He grabbed her and locked her into the most passionate kiss he had held for seven years.

"I love you; I love you; I love you I will never leave you again/"

"Baby you did not leave you were stolen from me. I'm taking you home."

"Where is home now Rick?"

"New York City the new loft, our new life."

"With your new dead wife, with her pictures still on the web on all the

porn sites. I do not think that a good idea."

"Kate the people who were responsible for what was done to you have

been exposed and punished. The truth behind the pictures has

been exposed also. Almost if not all of them have been destroyed.

You have to come back into the real life. I realize your life as

a NYPD detective is gone, but can we start a new life as my wife

and spend time together?

"It going to be hard on both of us, but I will try, if you will.

I have only one big question for you. What is my name now, after

my death?"

"It the same as it was, Kathryn H Becket-Castle I went to court and had

the death nullified and had everything restored to your name.

You may not want it, but NYPD has seven years back pay, and

benefits waiting for you. I think it would be a great baby fund."

"Who having a baby Rick?"

"I thought we could work on that."

"Rick did I tell you that my sexual pluming is all brand new, never used

before. Technically I'm a virgin down there."

"Then I will wait till I get you back to our loft to break in the new


"Well Ricky if I am right with my timing it will be prime time if you

get my meaning."

"Call me Captain obvious on that. Driver could you speed up some

we have a hot date."

Nine months late on page six, above the fold was a picture of Rick, Kate and

Baby Lilli. They were a beautiful family.