For the next couple days, Chloe floats through life lightly, happily. Blissfully content with the fact that Beca is going to break up with Jesse…sometime. There's a nagging doubt in the back of her head, that crawls up like bile into the back of her throat every now and then. She's choosing to look at the positive though. Beca will be hers soon. Beca is choosing her.

After the third day since their conversation, she starts to get antsy again. It's only been three days though. Maybe Beca hasn't had a chance to see him yet? She doesn't know his schedule, she does know Beca's though, and she's had ample opportunity to take the leap. She chooses to stay blissfully unaware of the situation.

When it hits the week mark, Chloe finally is realizing that Beca might not actually do it. She has a hard time understanding why, when a week ago they sat on Beca's bed, confessing that they both still have feelings for each other. Beca told her that she wanted to break up with Jesse. They almost kissed…again. So to say she's a little confused would be an understatement. She has noticed that there's been something a little off about Beca for the past couple weeks. There's something wrong, something that she's not telling Chloe.

She knows she's pulling a cheap card by doing it this way, but it's the only way she can think to get Beca alone for a few minutes, "Beca?" she calls out into the auditorium during Bella's rehearsal.

Beca's head snaps up from the conversation she was holding with Fat Amy.

"Can you stay after for a few minutes, I need to speak with you?" Chloe says it as professionally as she can, she doesn't want to raise any suspicion amongst the girls that this is for something more personal.

"OOO, someone's in trouble," Amy immediately taunts and Beca's face turns red.

"Shut up Amy," the brunette quips before meeting Chloe's eyes and responding, "yea, I can stay."

Aubrey gives Chloe a suspicious side eye, obviously she's the only Bella who knows what's going on between the two. She wants this conversation to take place almost as much as Chloe does, "that was bold."

"She's still avoiding me," Chloe explains herself quietly as she watches the girls fumble through their tired choreography for the 20th time today, "I had to."

"I just hope she's finally honest with you," Aubrey says almost solemnly, "you need to move on."

Chloe didn't want to think it, but she's right. She does need to move on if this "thing" she has with Beca isn't going anywhere.

"You know, that little hobbit has done nothing but cause trouble since she showed up," Aubrey huffs, crossing her arms over her chest, "she's constantly trying to undermine me in practice and competitions and now she's stringing you along like a sad, leashed puppy."

Chloe tries her hardest not to say something she'll regret to the blonde standing next to her, but there's a hair of truth to what she's saying , it does feel like she's stringing her along, but Chloe finds herself standing up for the freshman anyways, "Don't Bree. Beca has been SO good to me this year, she's been there for me through it all."

Aubrey spins to look at Chloe, and Chloe carefully meets her gaze.

She looks hurt and it makes Chloe instantly regret her words, "I would have been there for you if you let me. You chose her over and over again Chloe. You didn't give me a chance to be there for you."

"You've been out of your mind this year Aubrey!" Chloe does snap at that one, "You're so obsessed with winning that I barely recognize you most days! Excuse me for thinking you wouldn't be available."

Chloe may have said it a little louder than she had intended, the two best friends have garnered the attention of all the girls, who are all standing with their mouths hanging open at the little display.

Aubrey brings a hand for her forehead, rubbing her temples vigorously, "Practice is over. Don't expect me to give you another free pass like this," she waves her hand dismissively at the girls, who are already starting to file out. Except for Beca.

Beca approaches the two older girls carefully, like she's not sure if there will be a repeat explosion, "I know this is probably none of my business…"

Aubrey gives Beca a sharp look, "Actually Beca, this is your problem. You two need to fix your shit."

The blonde grabs her bag and starts heading for the door.

"Wait Bree," Chloe puts out a hand to stop her.

"We'll talk later," Aubrey doesn't even stop for a second, she's already halfway to the door.

Chloe's eyes finally meet Beca's. The younger girl looks confused, but at the same time, completely aware of what the problem is.

"I owe you an explanation," Beca says softly.

Chloe shakes her head, "I can't do this anymore Beca. I don't need an explanation. When you are serious about this, come and find me, but don't expect me to wait around for you."

Now it's Chloe's turn to grab her things and leave. She can already feel hot tears stinging her eyes. That wasn't what she was planning to say, but her little blow out with Aubrey changed her plan entirely. Chloe wants to be patient and kind and talk to Beca to figure out where the hesitation is coming from, but at the same time, she's tired. A part of her regrets not sticking around to hear her out though.

She can hear Beca faintly behind her, "Chloe wait…"

It takes all her willpower to push the door open and leave, instead of staying and hearing the brunette out. When the cool air hits her face, she finally lets her emotions go. Angry tears stream down her cheeks. She's mad at Aubrey, mad at Beca, mad that nothing has ever seemed to go her way. The only good thing that's happened lately was her mom checking into rehab. That in itself is a whole other topic that she's barely let herself think about…

When Chloe got back to the house she went right up to her room, hoping to avoid her angry best friend. They have their issues to work out but she's too upset about Beca at the moment to think about it.

This whole situation is a mess. It makes her wish that she had just kept her mouth shut, just continued to quietly pine over Beca. Instead she had to tell the freshman and look at the mess it got her in.

Chloe's currently in a large Barden hoodie and sweatpants, wrapped up in a blanket on her bed. She's been trying to sleep but her mind just won't shut off. At first she doesn't hear it, but the second time there's a faint knock at her door, her head pops out from under the covers.

Presuming it's Aubrey, she sits up and quietly answers, "Come in."

When the door opens, it's definitely not Aubrey. The site of Beca in her doorway steals her breath out of her throat, she's the last person she expected to be on the other side of that door.

"What are you doing here?" Chloe asks in disbelief, as she shoves the blankets completely away from herself and fully sits up.

"Aubrey let me in, she said you were up here," Beca replies so softly Chloe can scarcely hear her.

That barely answered her question, "But why Beca? Why are you here?"

"I did it. I broke up with him," she can tell now, from Beca's face, that she has indeed been crying, her eyes puffy and cheeks red and blotchy.

"What?" she hardly believes it's true, after all the time it's taken.

"I broke up with Jesse," Beca closes to door behind her and slowly makes her way into the room.

Chloe's not quite sure what to say, she wasn't expecting Beca to break up with her boyfriend any time soon. She wasn't expecting her to do it at all.

"Do you really want to be with me Bec?" she's not able to filter herself before the question is out, but she needs to know, with how hesitant the other girl has been and how upset she looks standing in Chloe's room right now.

Beca's eyes meet hers as she answers in a truly genuine tone, "Yes."

"Then why did it take so long?" Chloe swings her legs over so her feet are dangling off the side of the bed.

Beca takes the move as her invitation and sits down next to the red head, "I guess I have some more explaining to do."

Chloe nods, "Tell me what's wrong Bec."

Beca sighs deeply before talking, "When I came out to you, when you came home with me for Christmas, I wasn't entirely truthful."

"Ok…" Chloe can't really tell where this conversation is going, but she assumes it will lead to some sort of an answer.

"I said I dated girls in high school," Beca's eyes fall to the floor and she takes another deep breath, "well, it was actually more like one girl and it was a mess. She was great…it was everyone else. We were public about it and the people in our school weren't exactly accepting. We had mean notes slipped in our lockers, name calling through the hallways, anything you can think of that's hateful, it probably happened to us. My mom and stepdad were supportive of us, but my dad wasn't. He and the step-monster damn nearly disowned me. I'm still not sure if my dad was ever ok with it, or if she just brainwashed him."

Chloe reaches a hand out to lay on top of Beca's, she meets Beca's glassy gaze with sympathy, "I'm so sorry that happened to you Bec."

Beca nods slightly and continues with her story, "We broke up my senior year because I couldn't do it anymore, I couldn't take the judgement. When I started dating Jesse, it seemed like my redemption with my dad, not that I would ever do anything just to please him, but things felt a little less strained. When I graduated and started college, it was my chance to scrub everything clean. I would no longer be Beca the dyke."

Beca takes a long, deep, shaky breath. She lets a few stray tears fall, they land on Chloe's lavender blanket, leaving a dark, salty purple mark behind. Maybe Chloe shouldn't have been so pushy…she hopes she hasn't made Beca do anything that was uncomfortable for her.

"Then I met you," Beca smiles slightly, at the mention of the red head sitting next to her, "and everything changed. I knew I liked you from the moment we started talking. I just wasn't sure if I could do it again. Could I handle the name calling, the judgment and the strain on my relationship with my dad, especially because he's the sole reason I'm at Barden."

"I had no clue Beca," Chloe mutters in disbelief.

Beca shakes her head, "I didn't tell you anything, I should have. You deserved to know why I've hesitated."

"This isn't high school anymore though Bec," Chloe's not sure if it's the right thing to say, but she has to let the younger girl know that she won't face the same thing here at Barden, "no one is going to be slipping hateful notes in your locker. You are free to be yourself…all the Bellas have your back…our back, even Aubrey."

"I know that, now. It took me a while to figure out if I could do it," Beca seems to have perked up at Chloe's encouraging words, "but I knew I had to, because I want to be with you Chlo, so much."

"What about your dad?"

"Screw my dad," she shakes her head, "our relationship is already bad right now, might as well put the icing on the cake. He hates that I want to be a music producer…plus he's still pissed at me for shattering that window at the semis."

Chloe can't help but smirk, remembering the night Beca went to "jail", "So this was a pretty big decision for you…you really do want this?"

"More than anything," Beca replies simply, now a smile on her face, the remainder of her tears already dried on her cheeks.

"And Jesse is definitely no longer in the picture?" Chloe can't help but ask one more time.

"Not at all."

"Well in that case," Chloe smirks and slides in closer to the brunette.

Beca meets her halfway, and their lips are on each other's in a matter of seconds. Somehow this kiss is better than their first one. This time Chloe can feel how genuine it all is, the way Beca's lips move so freely and passionately against hers. They pull away quicker than she'd like. Beca's cheeks are a slight shade of red, but this time it's not because she's been crying.

"I really want to keep kissing you," Beca says sweetly, but in a way that makes Chloe's insides melt, "but I have to ask you this first…will you go out with me tonight?"

She's not sure what she thought Beca was going to ask, but she wasn't exactly expecting that question for some reason, "Yes, of course."

"Ok cool," Beca replies softly before leaning in again.

Chloe reconnects their lips quickly, and this time there's a new feeling she can't quite put her finger on. Maybe it's desperation, neediness…dare she say love? All she knows right now is that she could spend the rest of her life kissing Beca Mitchell. The way the other girl is kissing her back, Chloe has a suspicion she feels the same way.