From the Desk of Sharper

"Possible-y Utah"

So, Kim and Ron, now finally together after the events of So the Drama, are going on their very first vacation with the rest of the Possible family (and as BF and GF). And nothing can go wrong...right? Right?

This fic (obviously) takes place between Seasons 3 and 4.

The fanfic is rated T for some language, some scenes of reckless driving, a couple of drug/alcohol references, some crude/sexual humor (including brief male nudity for comedic use), and some comic action violence. And as is the case with Stoppable Family Vacation , these driving stunts that James will engage in this story should NOT be attempted in real life, whatsoever.

Kim Possible, characters and settings, are created by Schooley and McCorkle and (c) by Disney. Any OC I create is my own.

Chapter 1 - Aftermath

(May 6, 2006, Middleton High Gym)

Kim was resting comfortably in Ron's arms while her high-heels clicked on the gym's hardwood pine floors amidst the burnt bottom of her prom dress. The two of them had foiled what was probably Drakken's magnum-opus scheme that he ever devised: the Lil' Diablos. He and Shego were extremely close to success, not only because of the successful molding of Nakasumi's designs and the technology from the Hephaestus project, but also because of the improved Synthodrone designs, especially on one Synthodrone 901, codenamed "Eric" , to gain the attention of Kim and keep her distracted for the Prom while Drakken took over as the Bueno Nacho head honcho , no thanks to the mass amount of wealth he acquired from his mom's extremely successful cooking empire. And Kim, stung by the betrayal of Eric, nearly gave up.

Yet, it was the confession of love from Ron when they were tied up that gave Kim the strength to fight back and shut down Drakken's plan once and for all.

And now, here they were, dancing the night away with the wonderful music. There were still around 100 students in the gym, down much from the crowd of 350 just a few hours ago.

"KP, I am never going to let you go..." Ron said with a smile, slow-dancing with his now-BFGF.

"And same here as well, Ron!" Kim replied, holding him tight.

"That first kiss we shared was so wonderful!" she added.

"There's many more where that came from!" Ron replied. "This is the bon-diggiest night of all nights!"

"Couldn't have said it any better!" Kim said. "Now why don't we take a seat?"

"Agreeing with ya, KP!" Ron replied. The now Team Possible couple sat down at one of the tables. Monique and Jessica was there along with her prom date, Steve Foley.

"Hey, guys!" Kim said with a grin and a wave.

The three friends waved back.

"Hey, baby girl! You and Ron totally brought down the house!" Monique exclaimed.

"Thanks, Monique!" Kim giggled, "You should've seen the look on Bonnie's face!"

Monique laughed, "Yeah, she was in jellin' world alright!"

"We've been waiting for you two to get together!" Jess agreed.

"Really?!" Kim wondered, surprise at what one of her MHS cheer-mates said.

"You really think that?" Ron questioned as well.

"Of course!" Monique replied. "It's the subtle things that the two of you did. Clinging to each other."

"Little favors in the locker..." Steve added.

"And the love note you sent earlier this year in homeroom prior to the Middleton Days festival!" Jess said.

"To be fair, that was under the Moodulator incident!" Ron replied.

Kim looked at him oddly.

"But I did manage to save it!" Ron added, "It's still in my nightstand!"

"Nice save, Ron!" Kim smirked.

Bonnie, still stung from the cheering the other students gave to Kim and Ron a mere hour ago, sat down at the table with Brick right next to Kim and Ron.

"You two disgust me..." she huffed dismissively.

"Hey, Kim and Ron! Nice moves back there!" Brick complemented the new couple, though he said this not more than four feet from his girlfriend.

"Oh, shut up, Brick!" Bonnie snapped, "I do not need your complements to the loser couple!"

Barkin then came onto the platform where the DJ was at. The DJ immediately stopped the music, indicating he had something important to say.

"OK, everyone. I hope at least some students remained here at the gym for the crowning of the Junior Prom King and Queen and her Prom Court." Barkin explained at the mic. "The person who was supposed to announce the winners gave out her voice during a 17-hour production of all four of Wagner's Ring cycle operas, so I will have the dubious honor of doing that."

Rob Reeger then began to make faces and an imitation of Barkin's voice, beginning with "OK people..."

"Reeger..." Barkin sighed, "...can you cut it out?"

Rob stopped what he was doing.

"Thank you, class clown." Barkin said, wishing that this would bring order.

"But I thought I was the class clown!" Ron exclaimed.

"No, you are Mr. Accident-Prone Boy who nearly destroyed our beloved Golden Bone, thank you very much." Bonnie retorted.

Barkin simply yelled. "Would you people BE QUIET?!"

This cause a loud feedback that irritated everyone's ears. And the chatter became silent.

"Now that I have everyone's undivided attention, it is time to honor Middleton High's Junior Prom court." the oft-subbed teacher explained, "As per the tradition of our school, students chose 5 boys and 5 girls to be a part of the Prom Court!"

He then took out a 4x6 card containing the student's names.

"The five boys selected to Prom court 2006 are as follows: Steve Foley, Jason Morgan, Tiny Masterson, "Big" Mike Collins, and Jamarcus Hall."

All five students stood up and walked onto the platform. Jess, obviously cheered for Steve while Tara cheered on for Jason.

"And now, the five girls chosen for Prom court are as follows: Crystal Sanders, Jessica Appleton, Monique Smith, Tara Queen and Hope Pendleton.

Kim cheered on for her girls as they all came onto the stage and accepted their sashes and bouqets of roses.

"It is now time to announce the Junior Prom King and Queen!"

Bonnie scoffed at Kim while hugging Brick, "It's all a formality, Possible! Me and Brick are going to be crowned and you are supposed to obey us!"

"Bonnie..." Kim uttered, "'s not supposed to hold any importance at all."

"Last time I checked, your name was on that ballot." Bonnie countered. "Along with Marcella's name...which escapes me."

"I don't actually remember what her last name was." Brick added.

"Even if I do lose, it's so going to be no big!" Kim said with a slight chuckle, "Not only did I save the world, I have managed to gain a handsome...and dorky...BF!"

"Ooooh! I like the sound of that, KP!" Ron replied.

"I don't give a rat's rear end about what that stupid blue troll was planning. And I don't give a rat's rear end about you making mushy sounds with Stupidable" Bonnie sneered.

Kim shot her a look of annoyance for Bonnie calling Ron that.

"You're going to bow before me when I get that crown!" the brunette demanded.

"I am NOT going to bend the knee to you, Rockwaller!" Kim shouted.

But Bonnie ignored her and replied, "Now would you just shut your mouth? Barkin's about to announce the winners!"