Chapter 3 - Surprising the DrsP

(45 minutes later)

Kim looked around and saw that only 20 students still remained in the gym.

"Um...where did everyone go?" she asked.

"Maybe it's getting a bit late." Ron answered.

"Late..." Kim muttered to herself and then she gasped.

(Flashback, Six Hours Ago)

James cleared his throat and exclaimed, "Let's get a few things clear right up front."

Eric, without hesitation, replied "Oh, you read my mind, sir. Now, Kim explained that her

normal curfew is 10 o'clock but on special occasions and

rescue missions, you extend that to 11. I'd feel better

if we stick with 10."

(End Flashback)

"Rufus?!" Kim exclaimed.

Rufus came out onto the table and saluted.

"What time is it on the Kimmunicator?" she asked.

Rufus got out Kim's Kimmunicator from her handbag. It read the time: 12:18am.

Kim gasped, "Oh no!"

"What is it, KP?" Ron questioned, alert.

"I promised Dad that we would be back by 11pm and it's after midnight!" Kim exclaimed, "Oh no...he's definitely going to kill me for sure! I'll just send him a text on my phone, letting him know that me and Ron will be back at the house!"

"And there's the other little thing..." Ron interrupted her.

"Ron...must you compile the sitch a bit more?" Kim groaned.

"Sorry about that, Kim. How are we going to get a ride home?" Ron said. "We used the last bit of your brother's rocket fuel to get from BN HQ to the gym."

Kim then looked at Jessica, Monique and Tara on the table.

" aren't coming to the post-prom party at my house? It has plenty of room!" Jessica insisted.

"Sorry, Jess." Kim replied, "I gotta get home to the 'rents. Maybe when Senior Prom comes around, we can do that."

"Okay, sounds like a good idea." Jessica replied.

"And I came in one of the stretch limos." Monique added.

"So that pretty much leaves Tara." Kim replied, eyeing the blonde's set of car keys.

"I got my drive's license last week, so I'll be more than happy to drive you two back to Mr. Possible's house!" Tara insisted on the request.

"Then that sitch has been settled!" Kim said, "It's been a long night for me and Ron and we do need to get back home."

(35 minutes later)

Tara's car drove the couple back up to the Possible house, which still had the FEMA-blue tarp on its roof from the Diablos.

"Thanks for the emergency ride, Tara!" Kim smiled with Ron in the backseat, wrapping his arm around her back. He also put his baby blue prom coat, around Kim's shoulders.

"A bon-diggety ride, to be exact!" Ron agreed.

Tara replied with a grin, "It's the least I cand do, Kim, after you saved my puppy from the storm drain a couple weeks ago!"

"So not the drama, Tara! I always help people in need!" Kim agreed.

"Night, Kim. I'll probably see you on Monday at chemistry class." Tara said, putting her hands on the steering wheel.

"Same here!" Kim said. Both she and Ron got out of the back of the car.

Tara started up the car and drove out into the dark of the night.

"So...ready to break the news to your 'rents?" Ron asked, offering his hand.

"You know I am more than ready, Ron, even though I am probably going to be grounded for being late due know...all that's happened tonight." Kim said, taking a deep breath, and grabbing Ron's hand.

The two, holding hands, walked up to the front door of the house. Ron knocked on the door three times.

The door slowly opened, showing James.

"Hello, you two!" James said before opening the door fully, showing them holding hands.

He paused for a moment at this sight and said, "I guess I have a great many questions to ask."

"You do, Dad. Where is Mom, by the way?" Kim asked.

"She is in the den, Kimmie-cub."

"OK, sounds good!"


The couple and James all walked into the den where Ann was waiting for them. She was in her teddy bear pajamas and bunny slippers.

When she saw both Kim and Ron holding hands, her eyes widened with joy and she began to squeal.

"James! You have to check this out! Kimberly and Ron are..."

"Yep, Mom! Me and Ron are officially BF and GF!" Kim proclaimed. "And I won as Junior Prom Queen!" she added, pointing to her crown and sash

"I'm very excited for you!" Ann exclaimed "Did you manage to get your first kiss?"

"Actually, Mom, we did! Monique was the one who took the pic!" Kim grinned, taking out her digital camera from her handbag. She scrolled the about 60 pictures she took during the dance. She got to the one where Kim and Ron kissed for the first time.

" two are so sweet in that pic!" Ann smiled.

"I totally like this!" James exclaimed, seeing the photo with satisfaction.

Then something came to his mind.

"What happened with Eric?" he asked.

"Ron, should we give him the long version or the short version?" Kim questioned to her new BF.

Ron and Rufus yawned and were rubbing their eyes. "Me and Rufus are about to crash."

"So short version of the sitch it is." Kim replied. "As it turned out, Dad, Eric was nothing more than a fake."

"We both meant that very literally..." Ron interjected.

"He was a Synthodrone created by Drakken to keep me distracted from his Diablo plot." Kim explained.

"And as it turned out, he was a liar too!" Ron exclaimed. "He claimed that he liked naked mole rats!"

Rufus then chittered angrily.

"Eric got a taste of his own medicine." Kim smirked, "Rufus bit him and he shriveled up like a prune with the scrambler in his hands. Destroyed the tower as well!"

"So Drakken not only managed to steal the Hepheastus project for those toys, he also nearly broke my daughter's heart?!" James growled, raising his fist at the blue tarp covering his roof.

"Yes, but thankfully, when the chips were down and I nearly gave up, Ron 'fessed his feelings for me!" Kim smiled, "And thanks to him, we stopped Drakken's scheme once and for all!"

"That's very good to hear." James said, "Now I think we should all go to bed. It is past 1 in the morning."

Kim then yawned, "Agreed, Dad!"

"I guess I'm going to be heading back to the ol' Stoppable abode!" Ron said.

"But first, a little good-night kiss for the road!" Kim grinned, giving Ron a kiss on the lips.

"Night, KP! This has been the best night of both our lives!" Ron replied with a wide smile across his face.

"You can say that again, Ron!" Kim giggled.

(20 minutes later)

Kim, now alone in her bedroom, began to yawn.

"Now...time for sleep..."

But before she could get into her bed, both Jim and Tim appeared.

Jim began, "Hey Kim, did you get..."

"...infected by the cootie monster?" Tim finished.

"No, I haven't, Tweebs!" Kim muttered, "And shouldn't you two be in bed by now?"

"It's the weekend! We usually stay..." Jim began

And Tim finished, "...up later than usual!"

"Now if you don't mind, we are..." Jim then began his next sentence,

"...going to work on our inventions." Tim added.

"I have the earplugs on standby just in case." Kim said, pointing to the earplugs on her nightstand. "Oh and Tweebs..."

Jim and Tim stopped for a moment at what their sister was about to say.

"Thanks for helping me and Ron out back there!" she said with a smile to the two. "Now good night!"

With that, the Tweebs left her behind and Kim turned out the lights, reflecting on the most eventful night of her life.