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Warning(s): AU. Genderbending. Female Sora. Female Riku. Male Kairi. Mentions of violence. Possible Swearing. Possible instances of OOCness.

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Premise: Pieces of Light

Long ago all the world was connected, and a warm light covered it.

The people all loved the light, and, at length, they began to fight over it.

Darkness was born in the people's hearts.

The darkness swallowed many hearts and much light, and before long, it had spread far, and the world disappeared into the darkness.


The sound of the rolling waves soothed young Sora, as she sat in the warm sand watching the sun dip just past the point where sea met the sky. She was tired and downtrodden after being shown up by Riku yet again. This time it'd been in a simple race. Seriously, she still liked Riku, they were best friends and all, but why did she have to be so good at everything!

The two had gone their separate ways for the day. Before leaving the island, however, Sora wanted to go wave-watching.

She told Riku...that a voice was calling her. At the time she wasn't lying, it was soft, hypnotic, even. The silver-haired girl only scoffed at her, though, claiming she hit her head too hard when she fell off that ramp during the race. Sora huffed and stormed away like the child she was.

Neither Sora nor Riku could have guessed how this turn of events would have impacted them later on.

A flash of red caught her eye; she turned to get a better look and shot up at what she saw-

"A boy!?" She whispered, shocked. She took off in a frantic dash towards the shoreline of the beach. Where a boy had just washed up onto the damp sand, still half submerged, with scorching fiery red hair, undertones the same burnt orange as the sunset behind him capturing the last streams of glimmering light in vibrant ruby hues.

"H-hey! Are-are you...okay!?" Sora stammered, struggling to keep her cool. How long had he been like this? Did he…come from a different world?

"Who…are you?" Sora asked, voice softer now. She knelt down beside the mysterious boy, seeing that his eyes weren't even open yet.

"Where did you come from….?"


Light. His home had been full of vibrant, warm and inviting light.

The light had illuminated the area around him, bathing him in its warm, comforting embrace. And for a moment that was enough for Kaito; He had the light. He had his grandmother, and his grandfather. He was home.

What more could he have wanted?

"Kaito listen to me." His grandfather would say, looking at him with those burning molten eyes. "You are young now, but do not let those foolish tales your Grandmother weaves deceive you. Your light-it is so powerful. It should be channeled along with an equally powerful source of darkness!" Kaito blinked, something akin to hurt flashing through his eyes while looking up at his grandfather.

"Darkness? But...but I…" Kaito started to say, but he let his gaze drop once more, not wanting to fight with one of his precious people.

So he shook his head, pushing such sad thoughts away, and he painted on a smile while holding out his little hands. The riceball he had made into the shape of a deformed head, proudly displayed in his hand. "I-...I made this! So that way you can continue to work hard, and think of me and Grandma while you do." The little boy insisted, beaming when he saw the slow smile spread along his grandfather's lips.

He felt fingers comb through his short auburn hair, pushing it away from his eyes. He smiled watching his grandfather take the makeshift riceball and carefully set it on the desk before turning back to him, kneeling, and holding young Kai by his arms looking into his eyes.

"You are a truly wonderful boy, Kai. And someday you and I will-" The old man stopped himself, his hand stilling in his grandchild's hair.

"Grandpa, what's wrong? You look...sad."

"Because our time together is almost at an end. We will have to say good bye very soon, but don't worry," he smiled again. "Even if we should get separated...your light would bring us together again."

Kaito felt something warm beneath his fingers. 'Sand?' He thought feeling it slip between his fingertips with ease.

He could numbly register a voice, it sounded close by. With great effort, albeit weakly, his lashes finally fluttered open, his senses clearing a little more from their befuddled state. His eyes were a perfect spring sky, to just call them a simple shade of blue was like saying the sun was yellow. Sufficient but not accurate to capture the burning myriad of emotion swirling around.

"Who...are you?" It was a girl. He saw short almond-colored hair. He couldn't quite make out her eyes though…

"I-…" His voice cracked, and he felt himself shiver when another wave rolled on top of him.

"H-hold on!" The girl stammered, scrambling for a moment. "I-I'll get you outta the water first, yeah, that's a good plan." She muttered, mostly to herself, looking around for something. Kaito couldn't fathom what at the moment; he was a little too tired to worry about it.

He felt warm hands grab onto him, dragging him away from the shoreline with as much gentleness as the poor girl could manage. Even if, in Kaito's opinion, it wasn't very much. Still, it was kind of adorable the way her face flushed, and how she rambled to herself over her next course of action.

Kaito was surprised when he found himself being cradled in the mystery girl's lap. Strands of damp auburn hair clung to his face, and his body shook from the cold. He let out an audible sigh of relief when something- a blanket?- was being draped across his shoulders.

He felt his eyes starting to drift close, the adrenaline pumping through his veins starting to finally wear off.

"Where did you come from…?" The girl asked, only he didn't have the strength left to answer.

He succumbed to the sweet bliss of unconsciousness. A voice whispering in his head, over and over.