"Come along now, in steady order… keep the column intact."

Soldiers of the Imperial Brigade were marching steadily in unison with the rest of the army of the Empire Of Leerium in the rear guard. Men of principle, tenacity, and above else, loyalty to the Sovereign were some among many troops sent to claim new lands for the Empire. Nier Kelujira, a newly promoted captain was top of her class at the Officer's Academy in the Capital City of Lardani. She was young for her rank, too young some thought. Average in appearance, she had an oddity about her.. She had black hair, uncommon for the people of the Empire. Due to her oddity, she was instantly recognizable among friendly forces.

As the army marched, they were travelling in foreign territory, where as of now were sticking on the main road that was flanked on both sides will opaque fields of wheat ready to harvest. Moving to the steady beat of the drums, the soldiers continued in their columns until they had reached their first target.

The first obstacle in the way of the army was the Keep of St. Marquine, it was the hold for the local protectorate, and needed to yield in order to ensure future supplies were not harassed when facing with the siege of the Provincial Capital of the province they were in.

As the battle lines were drawn, and war drums echoed through their encampment. The volunteer, and levied brigades from the outer reaches of the Empire, along with a mercenary contingent were set to scale the walls and capture the ramparts. The Imperial brigade along with two brigades from the inner lands of the Empire were set as reserves and were tasked with intercepting those who would flee.

Damn, I wanted to get into the fray with the rest of them, its idle here just waiting. Nier thought as she and a few other officers view the beginnings of the assault on the Keep.

With the initial push, the mix brigades of the Hinterland's 57th and the Moore's 49th were rushing toward the walls. Archers of both brigades covered the assault with volley after volley of fire, as the mercenary contingent followed closely behind. It was hard going at first, but then after a time they began to push back the defenders and capture the right side of the ramparts.

Well looks like we have a total victory, though it is a bit odd considering there being less enemy troops than anticipated. As she pondered why the enemy had a lack of troop inside, horns not of the Leerium army could be heard to the backs and right side of the reserve troops.

"It's a trick! Quickly to your feet, you there trumpeter, sound the assembly!" Nier roared seeing the banners of the enemy fly high and flutter in the wind. Soldiers quickly rushed to their posts though on seeing the mass of enemy troops on the horizon, the inner mixed brigades began to flee. Their captains attempting to rally them to little success, while all of the Imperial brigade had readied for the impact, only half of the inner brigades remain along side of them.

"Form shield wall! Pikes overhead! Quickly!"

The reserves of Leerium repositioned so their shields faces the opposing force, ready for the impact that curiously enough had not begun yet. As the men hold, anticipation, and nervousness began to infiltrate the men's minds.

What are they up to.. Pondered Nier, until one of her men shouted.

"Look! The formations are parting miss!"

As the formations opened, large bombards were rolled into place. They trained down on their positions.

"Break Formation! Fallback! NOW!" Nier shouted.

"To late!" Yelled her aide.

The impact of the artillery ripped the fleeing men apart, not before one of the rounds crashed near her, throwing her into the air, as she descended, not wanting to see her surroundings she closed her eyes. Sound, sense, and feeling cease to occur, only the feeling of falling until she heard a thud, and an audible groan from below her.

As she opened her eyes, she was in a small room filled with books, and bits and pieces of unknown entities. She was no longer wearing her field uniform but rather clothing that was unfamiliar with her. As Nier shifted, what she feels was a criminally soft bed and next to her was…

As she turned she was met with the empty stare of a dead fish… but on further analysis it was another…

"Oh um!" She quickly shifts from the stranger's bed and on the floor.

He moves to face her, unable to say anything.



Unable to find the words they both stare at each other until the stranger's door is swung open.

"Ohayoo Onii-Chan! Rise and…shine?"

The newcomer turns to the stranger and tilts her head.


"I-I don't know myself honestly." he stammers.

Nier rises to her feet and Hachiman does the same.

"Who are you." he Inquires.

"I'm….I'm…." Who am I?

I just read a book by Glen Cook called The Shield bearer, and I was not sure what to do with all the things it brought floating in my head, and as I do not write in anything besides here for fun, I kind of did a spontaneous Isekai that will most likely not continue. An update for the other fic will be made in a week's time.

Feel free for feedback, criticism, and the like as I'm curious to know. I've been trying to write isekai, or something like it for awhile now to no avail so I suppose expect more of these oddities in the future as it will come and go, but again the main fic will be. I generally make these papers at least 1k long but this falls short by a margin, so it this were to continue it will be more in length. If I do not see an update for fics I tend to pump out something like this to push something new out. Okay then, its around 1k now, hoped you liked it and have a lovely day!