In the deep recesses of space, a large black shadow flies past our Earth's moon. Its large spear shape sails across the void like an arrow. Inside the ship on a large bridge stood an imposing figure all in red robes, his white hair brushed back and a long scar jutting down his cheek. He had his eyes closed in concentration, searching for what brought him this far from home.

Suddenly his meditation was broken, "My lord, we have been scanning the planet for hours on end and there's been no activity of any kind from Europe at all. I don't mean to question you my lord-" "Then don't" growled the red robed figure as he tried to regain his concentration, but the officer pressed on "-but there is no evidence that he is even ali-"

suddenly a chime from one of the computers goes off and the questioning officer strides over to one of the techs and asks "What is that?" the young officer looks up and he says "Sir, we found him" the red robed man opens his yellow eyes and smiles. The officer looks back at him and said, "Orders my lord?" The man walks and raises an eyebrow saying in an intimidating tone "I shall have my trusted apprentices keep an keep an eye on him and when the time is right, I will have them bring him before me, understood?"

the officers all nod and two red hooded apprentices with their faces hidden emerge from behind the leader and exit the room, they have a boy who lived to find.